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Would you rather (By Bigdee Male 28 minutes ago)

Would you rather (By Bigdee Male 31 minutes ago)

You notice a hole in your clothing and decide to sew it up. After threading the needle, how would you break the necessary length of the thread off the spool? (By elisae FemaleSilver MedalGold TrophySuper Star 2 hours ago)

Which is more tolerable? (By conan3 MaleBronze MedalBronze Trophy 3 hours ago)

conan3 says For option A, you cannot skim.

How much of your day do you normally spend outdoors? (By elisae FemaleSilver MedalGold TrophySuper Star 6 hours ago)

Which fetch mode would you rather use? (read desc.) (By Nintara MaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper Star 8 hours ago)

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Nintara says The Sylladex is the inventory system in Homestuck. Most player-controlled characters have a Sylladex to store and retrieve artifacts from, which consists of two decks of cards: the Captchalogue Deck and the Strife Deck. | A: Captchalogue cards are arranged in a stack, and the player can only use or otherwise interact with the one at the top of the stack. The top card may also be combined with the previous card if doing so is logical (or if the objects can be physically forced into one another), or use it with the previous card. If an object is picked up while the Sylladex is full, the item at the bottom of the stack will be dropped. | B: The first item is captchalogued in the Root Card. Any more items that are picked up are Branches attached to an existing card and, like the root itself, may have up to two branches of their own (making this a binary tree). Branches with no further branches of their own are called Leaf Cards. Cards are sorted alphabetically: they join the left branch of an existing card if they come alphabetically before that card, or the right branch otherwise. Nothing has been shown to demonstrate what happens if she has two identical objects. The only cards Rose may access are the root or leaf cards; intermediate branches can only be accessed by moving them to the root or leaf positions via the optional auto-balancing feature, which (like an AVL tree) rearranges the tree whenever it becomes too unbalanced. If she uses the Root Card, all of the items below will fall out of the sylladex, which is why she has set it to Leaf instead of Root.

Which would you rather try to do while drunk? (By MustaKrakish Gold MedalGold TrophySuper Star 13 hours ago)

MustaKrakish says A is after a rave and you are a little less drunk but you did some stuff (ingested some questions pills) that you're not sure what it was but you feel weird, partly in a good way but also in a way that you're not sure of. B is before the rave. B: your friend will do your makeup and rave paint. For both: consider it as if it's already too late to do neither. It doesn't matter if you're sober, straight edge or too young to try this stuff. Picture are random because Google doesn't have specific enough of results to match the description of the details. In B you are drunk and don't care what you look like but still want to wear that outfit.

Are you excited for Kingdom Hearts 3? (By berrycherry FemaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper Star 14 hours ago)

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