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I like logic

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Would you rather Remember everything you have learned or Tell the future 9 months ago 22 votes 3 comments 0 likes

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Ikr 9 months ago  
Baby polar bear can kill when it grows up 9 months ago  
Ikr 9 months ago  
Human centipede? What is that? 9 months ago +1
Other way around. And the college doesn't have to be famous 9 months ago  
It's not who but what 9 months ago  
Yep, and we were not even meant to be here. We are just objects coincidentally moving 9 months ago  
Ya 9 months ago  
I'd be dead anyway I wouldn't care. And besides, what if I was innocent 9 months ago  
You fools don't know how bad being raped is 9 months ago +1
The explanation makes it so biased anyway 9 months ago  
Dude ur logic is on point 9 months ago  
You could be ugly while u are young 9 months ago  
True that 9 months ago  
Jump out 9 months ago  
Ur so right 9 months ago  
Killing Hitler would cause many geniuses to not exist. Think about that 9 months ago  
Ya. You are part of society 9 months ago  
Then why would you pick the other? 9 months ago  
Exactly why you pick the other 9 months ago  
He was a colonel he had no military experience 9 months ago  
No one would eat the human 9 months ago  
Me too 9 months ago  
Not really. Think about it differently 9 months ago  
One of the best questions. Either way it causes pain for both people 9 months ago  
It would terrorize me to be home all that time 9 months ago  
It could be dexter 9 months ago  
I wouldn't know it's a serial killer 9 months ago  
They wouldn't say that 9 months ago  
Sorry I thought u picked other one 9 months ago  
They will suffer anyway from grief later in life 9 months ago  
I don't want my kid to experience the long lasting pain 9 months ago  
I know right! 9 months ago  
Then why did you vote 9 months ago  
Exactly my logic 9 months ago  
Ya 9 months ago  
Ya, me too 9 months ago  
You would have no power being immortal. You cannot die so you would be in a coma for the rest of your life at some point. Remember, immortality does not come with power 9 months ago  
Didn't say you would not suffer. That's a fallacy 9 months ago  
You will drive yourself crazy trying to know truths 9 months ago  
Make people think u are telekinetic by controlling them 9 months ago  
So did you 9 months ago  
Why do u have 2000 likes? 9 months ago  
Not guaranteed 9 months ago  
Haha 9 months ago  
That's like saying samsung stole apple's pattern and Apple stole microsofts pattern 9 months ago  
Instead of repeating a quote, explain it 9 months ago  
Ur awesome 9 months ago  
Ur awesome 9 months ago  
It is everywhere fool. You apparently haven't heard that trump became president 9 months ago  
U suck. It's not funny 9 months ago  
Racism covers more people. I'm not being sexist just practical 9 months ago  
Very hard 9 months ago  
True. I guess I picked wrong option 9 months ago  
Standing is healthy, and you can't travel by sitting unless in car 9 months ago  
It's better to live in the moment than sadly regretting not doing you fav things more 9 months ago  
So true 9 months ago  
Books are healthy 9 months ago  
Not driving makes you carsick 9 months ago  
More food at buffet 9 months ago  
Ur cool 9 months ago  
No not quite because it can't buy love 9 months ago  
Ya 9 months ago  
That was one time, and besides, the odds are the same 9 months ago  
Flights are boring unless first class 9 months ago  
I've never used controller and I already know it's better 9 months ago  
A spouse is a husband or wife 9 months ago  
What if the hot spouse if rich 9 months ago  
Do u want to be tacked now or later? lol don't take seriously 9 months ago  
And vice versa 9 months ago  
If you have wealth you can achieve fame and vice versa 9 months ago  
And no one said you could take his money for being a jerk 9 months ago  
No one said you are rich 9 months ago  
N one said you had an extra pair of keys 9 months ago  
I know right. And right wing also does not mean fascism 9 months ago  
I am left wing because I actually want to move forward, and trump is getting in the way of everyone 9 months ago  
This is a cruel world 9 months ago  
I hate that men have more power and so I'm just going by what I alseady am 9 months ago  
True 9 months ago  
R8 is not great. A single rhyme costs a dime 9 months ago  
Can't stop war 9 months ago  
Legs matter more. I picked the wrong one 9 months ago  
You have to be naked when invisible 9 months ago  
Rather learn than fail grades 9 months ago  
Shut up 9 months ago  
For example you use towel to dry off. U use more water to wash towel 9 months ago  
So is shower 9 months ago  
X ray vision is OP 9 months ago  
Eo 9 months ago  
Best comment yet 9 months ago  
No, you can still love them. Make money however u want as long as it's right, regardless of what others believe 9 months ago  
If you were your enemy you would not say the same 9 months ago  
Ur a fool. Let people believe whatever they want to believe. If u we're not Christian u would have a different idea 9 months ago  
You didn't vote 9 months ago  
I highly bet you don't have a job. And also, look at the facts 9 months ago  
I'm not doing either I don't want to be sexist honestly 9 months ago  
Oh God(get it?) 9 months ago  
Pollution is abusing animals. 9 months ago  
What type of coma? 9 months ago  
Me too I'm 14 9 months ago  
Harsh, man. I wonder what your friends would say 9 months ago  
Dude Ur awesome 9 months ago  
U suck 9 months ago  
Nof that easy 9 months ago  
No such thing as a perfect world, only humans have made that term 9 months ago  
I'm not worth the worlds time. The world has made itself a knot that only infinite power can fix. And I don't have that power and nor am I worth it 9 months ago  
You'll fall in love with people you can't be with 9 months ago  
Would you rather have food or time 9 months ago  
Size is more powerful 9 months ago  
Ur so right 9 months ago  
But also crazy asteroids that can kill you in an instant 9 months ago  
Nope, not at all 9 months ago  
People do evil stuff and the public should know about it and make some change happen 9 months ago  
I hate wiki leaks it's illegal anyway 9 months ago  
Dude that's so funny 9 months ago  
U suck 9 months ago  
AZ and Alabama are racist man 9 months ago  
People can believe what ever they want 9 months ago  
Not true if district attourney 9 months ago  
You could steal from bad people 9 months ago  
People who win 9 months ago  
U suck so hard man 9 months ago  
No, but everyone should have an opinion 9 months ago  
No 9 months ago  

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