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    Lazy douchebags 2 months ago  
    Console Peasants 2 months ago  
    Im offended im a male goddamn it 2 months ago  
    Bulgaria is horrible i rather live in Australia 2 months ago  
    Aliens are cool duds 2 months ago  
    Bois unite 2 months ago  
    Who ate cookie dough when they were kid leik dis commint pliz i niid likeis 2 months ago  
    Australia is the best country ever to exist 2 months ago  
    I can reset the pc to factory without having to get to the desktop 2 months ago  
    Sit on the Pc all day is what i do Jk i leik going outside too 2 months ago  
    Its gonna be like 1 sec 2 months ago  
    I download movies fer free yeweyuyreuther 2 months ago  
    PC is lyf 2 months ago  
    I dont even have a crush but i leik selecting stuff 2 months ago  
    Heh emm i like myself i dont even have kids so ... heh 2 months ago  
    Time for Drifting 2 months ago  
    Well my BFF is a male so i rather get friend zoned by my crush i she is an a**hole i hope she gets run over by a semi truck 2 months ago  
    I will play with them 2 months ago  
    It dosen't stop me for asking more wishes ? id wish for Millions of Supercars sell some of them Profit 2 months ago  
    Sadly i wont be able to get a Goddamn Nissan Gtr but i will get FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD 2 months ago  
    I download them for free so i rather have starbucks than sh*tty songs 2 months ago  
    Puppies for Lyf 2 months ago +1
    #AfricaDosen'tMatterInEurope 2 months ago  
    Hope i dont hit a plane heh 2 months ago  
    The sniper is a spy! 6 months ago +1
    None of them 6 months ago  
    Greece is poor 6 months ago  
    CYKA BLYAT IDINAHUI 6 months ago  
    My friends will make the movie either fun or amazing 6 months ago  
    Kids are annoying 6 months ago  
    I dont really smoke 6 months ago  
    Im always down 6 months ago  
    COKE FOR EVERYONE 6 months ago  
    Im alrady hairy 6 months ago  
    Well but usa turned on UK and thats why UK hates this stupid county 6 months ago  
    Ewww console 6 months ago +1
    I will film and upload the porn to pornhub ;) and fap all day long 6 months ago  
    Choosed the wrong one 6 months ago  
    Im so bad at climbing 6 months ago  
    I dont want a drunk wife plus i can understand her the german is so hard to learn 6 months ago  
    Ewww whats a controller 6 months ago  
    So offensive to males 6 months ago  
    I want to lose my phone cuz i hate when IT FU***** RINGS AND WHEN SOMEBODY TEXTS ME! 6 months ago  
    BULGARIA FK yeah 6 months ago  
    Make love not war 6 months ago  
    Audi is a gilrs car 6 months ago  
    I cant play Cs go without a hand and i dont move that much so i rather lose my left leg 6 months ago  
    Aliens arent bad infact they can be frendly with us nothing that they live on other planet and dont know anything about us 6 months ago +6
    MURICA FK YEAH 6 months ago  
    Hey atleast i can shoot it with a Deagle while i cant shoot in water well i think it possible but the bullet will travel a short distence 6 months ago  
    i love to stay in the bed for 10 hours is that enough (Cut my life into peices and store it away) 6 months ago  
    5 years of dreams yo 6 months ago  
    PC is love PC is life 6 months ago  
    I always did sh*t by myself i dont need anyone 6 months ago  
    You can really troll somebody with that 6 months ago  
    Well if you are outside you can still chop trees and build sh*t right ? 6 months ago  
    The earth will die one day so i want to see my grandpa in heaven 6 months ago  
    Win compliations are the worst fails are the best XD 6 months ago  

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