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WHy is my name 45 cuz 50-5 is 45 thats quick maths

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Would you rather Play Play on your gaming PC for a day or Watch boring programs on your TV for a day 11 months ago 69 votes 9 comments 0 likes

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i will die either way XD 10 months ago  
You have to do this for a day and dont use toilet or nothing for the whole day XD 11 months ago  
I already scam in cs go heh 11 months ago  
I dont rent i download heh 11 months ago  
Iphone zombies 11 months ago  
im 12 years old so heh 11 months ago  
Im a dude but hey there are hot famous girl persons (this makes no sense whatsoever heh) 11 months ago  
I have tinnitus so it wont be that quiet but somehow my tinnitus helps me relax for some reason XD 11 months ago  
As a male im offended 11 months ago  
Im offended 11 months ago  
Fack Fack Fack Fack Fack Fack Fack Fack Fack Fack Boom done 11 months ago  
Everyone gonna see my big C0ck 11 months ago  
I hateiero homos 11 months ago  
Iphone zombies 11 months ago  
As a Bulgarian i think E.U is broken enought 11 months ago  
Gonna ask that princess out when she grows up heh 11 months ago  
My Grandma isnt annoying in fact she is the woman that raised me from birth! 11 months ago  
*Drinks Pepsi while selecting* 11 months ago  
Osama is dead 11 months ago  
Im gonna film that sh*t and help these girls with my big C0ck 11 months ago  
Console Peasnts 11 months ago  
Bulgaria is horrible now it was better in the 90s WHEN I WASNT EVEN BORN BUT MY DAD TOLD ME EVERYTHING AND I WASNT ABLE TO SEE ANY OF THAT BECAUSE IM BORN ON 19 june 2005 thank you. 11 months ago  
Kids in 2020 be like:Dad can you buy me this Iphone XII *Checks wallet* Sorry son i only have for an Iphone 7. Man wtf is wrong with you i want IPHONE 12 YO BICH get outta here. Me:Removes belt from Jeans and u know whats next XD 11 months ago  
Aliens are my only friends :( 11 months ago  
I grew up eating cookie dough XD 11 months ago  
Easy My pc is trash throw it out and ask my dad to buy me a gaming one and boom easy profit 11 months ago  
If you dont pee in the shower.... Forget you exist 11 months ago  
Gonna ask a the Predator to come and save my ass we are good friends with him 11 months ago  
Getting paid to play on your PC seems legit 11 months ago  
Whats a book? 11 months ago  
*Sees a homo eyeballing yer boi* *Goes to Homo* *Makes Eye Contact* *Slaps that bich* 11 months ago  
I would like Bulgaria to have such a nice president 11 months ago  
Its catchy XD 11 months ago  
These girls and their netflix Gaming is life 11 months ago  
Computer is my life my friends are a$$holes from top to bottom 11 months ago  
I can be in wheelchair but nothing is stopping me from gaming 11 months ago  
I dont care about what they do i care about myself 11 months ago  
I will buy good PC and a good car for my dad and leave the other money for something else 11 months ago  
Slap the shi* outta them 11 months ago  
The pic says it all 11 months ago +1
Me and my brother get into fight and sometimes yell at each other but He is my blood and there is no one better than him 11 months ago  
I want to go to the Sun because MANS NOT HOT 11 months ago  
I hate justin and i hate rebecaa but SHE IS MORE FREAKING ANNOYING THAN YER AVRAGE JUSTIN BEIBER 11 months ago  
Whats Earth ? 11 months ago  
Fu*ing 9 year olds 11 months ago  
Google if filled with viruses because of me but im suprised that firefox is doing great job 11 months ago  
They are gonna see me playing on my pc until my parents come home and until i get a 7 day cooldown BECAUSE OF FREKAING RUSSIANS 11 months ago  
You know when you play coinflip in cs go betting sites and you have 10 precent losing and you lose yea sad life 11 months ago  
Im already a kid XD 11 months ago  
Offended im already in friend zone with my crush 11 months ago  
Rip Mikey :( 11 months ago  
I will wish my grandfather was still alive and my crush being my gf forever and all of my family members be immortal 11 months ago  
You can get anyting you want from amazon Like from A TO Z thats why that Thing (sry i forgot it my england is bed) that goes from A to Z is for 11 months ago  
My bro tells me i snort like that when i sleep sooo yea 11 months ago  
Ahoy m8 11 months ago  
If they dont bite and hit you like in L4D IM GONNA SLAP EM UP 11 months ago  
Slap them both and find another girl XD 11 months ago  
I leik babies and i leik puppies i used the wheel decides for you to help me doe XD 11 months ago  
HEH 11 months ago  
Yea i agree 11 months ago  
Get something wrong while the teacher asks u a question no problem! wait for ur friend to say the right question then rewind and easy A XD 11 months ago  
Bro im 12 years old and im 54 kilos and my mom is 37 and she is 43 kilos DX 11 months ago  
EY Ey ey yeyeyeyeyeyey listen.... Its not my problem that AFRICA is freaKING poor man its they problem its not EUROPE'S PROBLEM OR ASIA'S PROBLEM YE ? 11 months ago +1
Mind reading+Me=Pass exam 11 months ago  
I have a phone but i dont use it that much so ye 11 months ago  
Time is money XD 11 months ago +1
Lazy douchebags 1 year ago  
Console Peasants 1 year ago  
Im offended im a male goddamn it 1 year ago  
Bulgaria is horrible i rather live in Australia 1 year ago  
Aliens are cool duds 1 year ago  
Bois unite 1 year ago  
Who ate cookie dough when they were kid leik dis commint pliz i niid likeis 1 year ago  
Australia is the best country ever to exist 1 year ago  
I can reset the pc to factory without having to get to the desktop 1 year ago  
Sit on the Pc all day is what i do Jk i leik going outside too 1 year ago  
Its gonna be like 1 sec 1 year ago  
I download movies fer free yeweyuyreuther 1 year ago  
PC is lyf 1 year ago  
I dont even have a crush but i leik selecting stuff 1 year ago  
Heh emm i like myself i dont even have kids so ... heh 1 year ago  
Time for Drifting 1 year ago  
Well my BFF is a male so i rather get friend zoned by my crush i she is an a**hole i hope she gets run over by a semi truck 1 year ago  
I will play with them 1 year ago  
It dosen't stop me for asking more wishes ? id wish for Millions of Supercars sell some of them Profit 1 year ago  
Sadly i wont be able to get a Goddamn Nissan Gtr but i will get FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD 1 year ago  
I download them for free so i rather have starbucks than sh*tty songs 1 year ago  
Puppies for Lyf 1 year ago +1
#AfricaDosen'tMatterInEurope 1 year ago  
Hope i dont hit a plane heh 1 year ago  
The sniper is a spy! 1 year ago +1
None of them 1 year ago  
Greece is poor 1 year ago  
My friends will make the movie either fun or amazing 1 year ago  
Kids are annoying 1 year ago  
I dont really smoke 1 year ago  
Im always down 1 year ago  
COKE FOR EVERYONE 1 year ago  
Im alrady hairy 1 year ago  
Well but usa turned on UK and thats why UK hates this stupid county 1 year ago  
Ewww console 1 year ago +1
I will film and upload the porn to pornhub ;) and fap all day long 1 year ago  
Choosed the wrong one 1 year ago  
Im so bad at climbing 1 year ago  
I dont want a drunk wife plus i can understand her the german is so hard to learn 1 year ago  
Ewww whats a controller 1 year ago  
So offensive to males 1 year ago  
I want to lose my phone cuz i hate when IT FU***** RINGS AND WHEN SOMEBODY TEXTS ME! 1 year ago  
BULGARIA FK yeah 1 year ago  
Make love not war 1 year ago  
Audi is a gilrs car 1 year ago  
I cant play Cs go without a hand and i dont move that much so i rather lose my left leg 1 year ago  
Aliens arent bad infact they can be frendly with us nothing that they live on other planet and dont know anything about us 1 year ago +6
MURICA FK YEAH 1 year ago  
Hey atleast i can shoot it with a Deagle while i cant shoot in water well i think it possible but the bullet will travel a short distence 1 year ago  
i love to stay in the bed for 10 hours is that enough (Cut my life into peices and store it away) 1 year ago  
5 years of dreams yo 1 year ago  
PC is love PC is life 1 year ago  
I always did sh*t by myself i dont need anyone 1 year ago  
You can really troll somebody with that 1 year ago  
Well if you are outside you can still chop trees and build sh*t right ? 1 year ago  
The earth will die one day so i want to see my grandpa in heaven 1 year ago  
Win compliations are the worst fails are the best XD 1 year ago  

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