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    No 7 months ago  
    No 7 months ago  
    No 7 months ago  
    No 7 months ago  
    Stags get their antlers interlocked with other Stags and starve to death, so yeah. 8 months ago +1
    I just want a job... 8 months ago  
    Hitler? Is that you? 8 months ago  
    Chewbacca and yoda. 8 months ago  
    That's why I chose the smile 8 months ago +4
    Long live skullcandfy 8 months ago  
    You... you know the real ninjas were Japanese right? 8 months ago  
    It could be pool of jello shots? 8 months ago  
    History Major here. 8 months ago  
    Says you, Dick-Bukkake. 8 months ago  
    Both. Both? Both. Also is the drunk puppy drunk on love? 8 months ago  
    Sorry fam 8 months ago  
    The dog is way cuter. 8 months ago  
    Bosnia is lit af. 8 months ago  
    neither. 8 months ago  
    IDGAF 8 months ago  
    We just solved a 100 year problem guys. Good job. 8 months ago  
    It's a pirates life for me. 8 months ago +1
    All the dog 8 months ago  
    Woah oh, we're halfway there. 8 months ago  
    Condoms anyone? 8 months ago  
    Both please! 8 months ago  
    Maybe I do like attention... 8 months ago  
    Oh no, my nerd brain is having a catastrophic failure.... 8 months ago  
    schadenfreude 8 months ago  
    I like dogs 8 months ago  
    PC MASTER RACE!!! 8 months ago  
    If you know everything then you know how to gain power. 8 months ago  
    Time for Legos losers. 8 months ago  
    As a girl, I like that I'm part of the preferred majority. 8 months ago  
    Not if you're not religious 8 months ago  
    ... why would I want to chose between necrophilia and beastiality when I can have Ron... 8 months ago  
    My younger self was much more optimistic 8 months ago  
    I already do this anyway 8 months ago  
    Dude, Rob Zombie. 8 months ago  
    Orson Welles 8 months ago  
    My friend had a similar dream. Only instead of a unicorn it was a 4th dimensional space camel... 8 months ago  
    No sea sluts 8 months ago  
    Jews make great bagels 8 months ago  
    De fark? 8 months ago  
    Lol, Romney 8 months ago  
    At least you get food in prisons. Plus no rent! 8 months ago  
    Baby monkeys don't grow up to rip your face off. 8 months ago  
    My dreams are too weird to watch... 8 months ago  
    Either one sucks... but I'd senead o'conner the eff out of it. 8 months ago  
    If I can freak people out with my floppy tongue, I'm in. 8 months ago  
    Or Brad Pitt tbh. It's not worth the pain of stupidity. 8 months ago  
    I don't need both ears for the internet 8 months ago  
    I'd curse people tbh. 8 months ago  
    We all get old and crotchety sometime. 8 months ago  
    Dude, yoga is BA. 8 months ago  
    May the odds ever being your favor losers. 8 months ago  
    Yeah, I prefer animals over people... 8 months ago  
    Lol basic whites girls have spoken... and they're the minority. 8 months ago  
    Oh God help us. Nolo 8 months ago  
    Lol, I've played fallout, I know what to do. 8 months ago  
    Truth is, pain is short term, being an anus is forever. 8 months ago  
    I don't want people to be making love to dogs and stuff... 8 months ago  
    Oh lord how I'd like to rewind. 8 months ago  
    At least it's not a clown... 8 months ago  
    Twilight, Really? Sparkly vamps and love struck puppies or world of magic, umm duh. 8 months ago  
    Doctors can be sued for malpractice 8 months ago  
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