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I am Cassara, I like the horror movie slashers, containing: Freddy Krueger, Chucky, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, Pinhead, Michael Myers, etc. I do not mean like love. Yeah, I love Myers, Krueger, Chucky, Voorhees, and Ghostface.

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    I wish I could've put the younger one, because my father died when I was 7. but, That could Affect something If I tried bringing him back. 11 months ago  
    HERMIONE 11 months ago  
    UNICORNNN 11 months ago  
    Duh 11 months ago  
    MonkEYS ARE ADORABLE 11 months ago  
    .. what if it's a wet dream.. DEAR LORD JESUS CHRIST SAVE ME 11 months ago  
    Fite me 11 months ago  
    hEARING AIDS THO 11 months ago  
    Wizards can turn themselves into ninja's >-< If they have magic, THEN YES THEY CAN 11 months ago  
    already do 11 months ago  
    duh 11 months ago  
    I Could teleport to my online best friend, Kaya! 11 months ago  
    I really want this to be true, But it sadly isn't and never will be true. But OI, I CAN TALK TO MY FISH, HAMSTER, DOG, AND CAT NOW 11 months ago  
    FREE ITUNES FTW 11 months ago  
    HAKUNA MATATAAAAA 11 months ago  
    1. Hide from the zombies 2. Cut their head off and torso off idgits. More people would die in WW3, Then in an apocalypse. 11 months ago  
    LOL 11 months ago  
    I would never cheat. 11 months ago +1
    I'm sorry, I cannot HANDLE Killing A HUMAN. One of us, Sorry puppies. 11 months ago  
    But Pausing you could pause when you were about to die (if you knew it), and then get out of wherever your death was and then unpause it. 11 months ago  
    Harry Potter FTW! 78% of it and 22% for twilight. 11 months ago  
    I don't have a phone, I have an iPhone. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 11 months ago  
    I don't have a cell phone 11 months ago  

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