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    radio shack had an ok model till they went all cell phone crazy 1 year ago  
    it's.... THE BLUR! 1 year ago  
    looks like that's a floor based thing, I like the desktop part of the regular 1 year ago  
    I have no preference for nationality, but the US is moderately less poisonous (have you SEEN the stuff over there?!?) 1 year ago  
    it definitely depends 1 year ago  
    love shack, Baby love shack! 1 year ago  
    what does that have to do with church? 1 year ago  
    better leg prosthetics 1 year ago  
    um, join the fun? 1 year ago +2
    Dolphin, because I already have reasonable land ability. 1 year ago  
    these are in past tense..... 1 year ago +3
    you could never acheive peace with money alone 1 year ago  
    I have just enough knowledge to make up for it. 1 year ago +2
    cloth 1 year ago  
    better working environment 1 year ago  
    wish for a superpower? 1 year ago  
    this individual has problems 1 year ago  
    to make the questions equal it'd be "killed" or "devoured" "by aliens" 1 year ago  
    it's more a matter of better controls than more controls I think. 1 year ago  
    one could move ones... body parts through a fire quickly with little to no damage, but very few probably have one that would reach those blades... 1 year ago  
    it would probably hurt less than normal, like reverse swallowing pills? 1 year ago  
    to all those who are talking about heaven an hell here, The Bible shows that the original intent for humans was to live on earth forever. I'm not sure why heaven and hell are being brought up 1 year ago  
    a certain level of ocd could help, you'd be more compelled to keep clutter down, and keep the environment around you clean. 1 year ago  
    biased question is biased. as was pointed out in one of the comments below, there are many people who are not christian that oppose gay marriage. Although the Bible tells us that homosexual(actions) are sinful, it also tells us that Christians are to be "no part of the world", so, not becoming involved in such debates over the actions of a government. I see no reason from the perspective of an agnostic government that it would make much difference either way. 1 year ago  
    this is verifiably not true, the text of modern Bibles is exceptionally close to the original text. there is an overwhelming amount of material that all agrees on the original wording of the passages in the Bible. 1 year ago  
    prison house rap, yo. 1 year ago +1
    depends on the malignance of the computers 1 year ago  
    seriously, this author needs intervention. 1 year ago +1
    I take the stance of a concientious objector, which has often landed people in jail (always does, for 2 years in south Korea, they probably just kill you in NK.) 1 year ago  
    this could be worded much better. 1 year ago  
    best of the worst, or worst of the best? 1 year ago  
    the first implies something seriously at issue, whereas the first is mostly just an uncomfortable scenario. 1 year ago  
    Lucifer isn't in the Bible either, btw (the one known as satan is only given titles -satan meaning deceiver.) 1 year ago  
    Love is selfless. The Bible doesn't even teach that hell exists though (the words translated hell either refer to the grave, or to a literal or metaphorical version of the giant burn pile outside the city of Jerusalem) 1 year ago  
    I suspect you'd answer differently if it was: kill 1 random person, or 5, including yourself. 1 year ago  
    depends on the material. 1 year ago  
    the person posting these is disturbed, and should seek counselling 1 year ago  
    I suspect prosthetic outer ear replacements could be very good, and not too obvious. 1 year ago  
    the things that some people encounter are not the spirits of dead people [Ecclesiastes 9:5,10], they are posing as such. but also won't cause the same amount of trouble for people who don't play their games and beleive their lie (I have not encountered any of that activity... but have heard from sources that I have reason to believe) 1 year ago  
    Tarantula's are not very poisonous, irc. also, bigger spiders are easier to spot. 1 year ago  
    salt is a necessary nutrient for survival, whereas sugar is simply an energy source. 1 year ago  
    cremated I assume? 1 year ago  
    how wicked this is, yet human lives are of far more value. 1 year ago  
    8%.............. 1 year ago +1
    this is the same hubris that has resulted in so many failed nations and miserable policies in this world. Each person thinking himself better fit to lead others than someone else. Hasn't every president has thought the same thing? Have not dictators across history had the same thought? (no offense directly to this commentor, rather towards the idea itself) 1 year ago +1
    a gorilla doesn't have the body structure for kung-fu 1 year ago  
    Just because it implies less gore (I know nothing about these games) 1 year ago  
    I don't like to vote on public policy issue questions... since I don't get involved either way, but I honestly would prefer all tobacco&nicotine production just stopped (barring patches and stuff that would help wean some addicts off it I suppose) 1 year ago  
    only because it would mean sadness on the part of my parent(s) (plural if you include the non-biological father) 1 year ago  
    ugh, wrong one >. 1 year ago  
    seems like a no-brainer to me. 1 year ago  
    just about anything can kill you in large enough quantities(unless you would always pass out before an OD?). also, could potentially lead to stupid decisions that get you killed, in some circumstances. 1 year ago +2
    lesser of two evils thing here. 1 year ago +2
    fashion is meaningless to me, good quality clothing is really nice though. 1 year ago  
    just think of the ecological impact of losing birds for a moment.... only one part of which is an explosion in insect population. (hope you like ticks folks!) 1 year ago +1
    ditto 1 year ago +1
    the second one looks slightly less hazardous. 1 year ago  
    So warm and tasty.. Also, that looks like miso soup, which is really good if done right. 1 year ago +1
    Lemons are so good! It's hard to find really sour foods (that arent also justgross for some other reason) 1 year ago  
    Size options for aliens 1 year ago  
    because that teacher should never be like that with students, completely wrong way to teach. 1 year ago +5
    ahhhhhhhh, peace 1 year ago  
    I hate moving, it's so hard... 1 year ago  
    married, so blind dates.... no so good 1 year ago  
    you'd reach a spicyness plateau where it'd no longer be that bad. 1 year ago  
    a total of 0 even likely habitable planets confirmed anywhere but here. Life is also so improbable to have occur by chance that there are several steps that, the probability is so low it is beyond the statistical likelyhood by which scientists estimate something EVER happening.... anywhere in the universe. 1 year ago  
    "but nothing happened" 1 year ago +1
    australia has so many scary critters 1 year ago  
    so many nice older folks :) 1 year ago  
    I know a really nice elderly housing unit :) 1 year ago  
    just... tape it up? if you wore the right clothes it'd be unnoticable (assuming either way you're a guy) 1 year ago  
    for who to see? 1 year ago  
    haughty private school kids.. >.> Homeschool beats both though. 1 year ago  
    I do wish writers would consider both genders, etc when writing and choosing pics. 1 year ago  
    seen all the star wars I want to see, I'd rather see something new 1 year ago +5
    better prosthetics for legs 1 year ago  
    I actually kind of like that song 1 year ago  
    took me a seond to get this ;) 1 year ago  
    1st = death 2nd = ...probably pretty pleasant 1 year ago +2
    MMMMmmmmmm food.... 1 year ago  
    OK, this really needs to be clarified: This has NOTHING to do with the Bible, it's like a fanfic of a fanfic. Only Archangel in the Bible is Michael, who is associated with Jesus. Under his father (Yahweh or Jehovah are preferred pronunciations) Jesus leads the heavenly forces against Satan and those who support him(just a title, meaning deceiver. His actual name is unknown, other titles are Belial*good for nothing* and Devil*slanderer*)No lucifers around. after removal of the Sinful world of mankind's making, God's plan is to restore the Earth as a new home for Faithful Humans. All this time has been necessarry to show that He has more right to rule than humans do. super shorthand version of revelation's tail end. 1 year ago +2
    not how it works folks, that atheist is more acceptible to god than the people who do not do good deeds, and who misrepresent him. 1 year ago  
    so cute! small puntings followed by a closed door. 1 year ago +1
    hmmm, extra artificial colors? no thanks. 1 year ago  
    I don't hate beiber, but same thing all the time?? also, even music all the time? I like silence sometimes. 1 year ago  
    I'm at home, and I'd rather be human than inanimate object. Gender immaterial. 1 year ago  
    burning is just about the worst way to go 1 year ago  
    I like well written songs, and boy that looks tasty. 1 year ago  
    not supporting does not mean opposing, but rather any support of. I try very hard to take a fully nuetral stance on politics, political issues, and world affairs for this reason. 1 year ago  
    bleh, fame. 1 year ago  
    there are plenty of other things to give money to that are just as important. 1 year ago +2
    WHOA, Racist question is Racist. I don't care if it's trying to point something out, wroooong waaay. 1 year ago  
    racism promotes issues that contribute to starvation. 1 year ago  
    not far till tomorrow right now :) 1 year ago  
    sounds pretty awesome to me 1 year ago +1
    living > dying 1 year ago  
    what use are incredible fire powers really good for in normal society anyway? you'd probably still spend most of your time on the web! You might get a job at a steel mill, or as a welder? 1 year ago  
    I am a Christian that supports the Biblical instruction to only have relations with your marriage mate, but neither non-abortive birth control, nor intercourse for pleasure are condemned by it. Additionally, readily available birth control would probably result in quite a few societal benefits. (including lowered abortion rates.) 1 year ago +5
    Life begins at conception. 1 year ago  
    I couldn't take action to kill another human. 1 year ago  
    how about finding truth. much better 1 year ago  
    it's hard to ride something underwater... 1 year ago  
    again, legs have better prosthetics. 1 year ago  
    middlemen generally reduce the efficiency of everything. (even with no... other issues) 1 year ago  
    ohh, that's a good one :') 1 year ago  
    weight can be gained and lost, some features don't change so simply. (also, plus size isn't obese, it's not a big deal.) 1 year ago  
    so many people mistake creation and science as opposites, yet they are not. Scientists have no clue at all how life originated, they haven't been able to reproduce most of the steps that would need to be taken for life to originate -even in a controlled laboritory environment. The odds of even a single RNA molecule forming by chance ANYWHERE IN THE OBSERVABLE UNIVERSE are so small as to be an incredible stroke of luck. even then there are MORE steps that have odds just as bad, and they all need to happen in the same place. I know that many religious individuals use illogical reasoning, but if the bible itself is carefully studied... it's supposed flaws dissappear. BTW, all the so-called "missing links" that were discovered more than a couple years ago, have been disproven, quietly... very quietly. 1 year ago  
    they can be funny like this one :) 1 year ago  
    there really isn't any benefit to being an atheist at the moment, excepting teachings that lead you to foolish actions. (prosperity churches for instance) 1 year ago +1
    PUNT! although, you may be able to just break off it's needle. 1 year ago  
    whooooaaaaaahhhh, very bad for a woman! causes serious medical issues. and on the flip side, that abuses freedom of religion. 1 year ago +1
    mosquitoes don't have diseases where I live 1 year ago +4
    please reword this comment :( 1 year ago  
    I'd like to live, thank you. (you can still get the allotment of necessarry amino acids from some vegetative sources.) - also, veggie burgers are better than normal ones. 1 year ago  
    22% hasn't watched the TV show. 1 year ago  
    I hate being cold, but guest from the UK has a funny point ;) 1 year ago  
    a monarch has the potential to be both much worse than, and better than a democracy. it depends on the king. (trouble is, most kings have been pretty bad ones.) 1 year ago  
    witches and talking scarecrows? nope. 1 year ago  
    revenge helps no-one 1 year ago  
    sometimes it takes more strength not to fight. They rarely solve any problems. 1 year ago  
    if you could read minds, then you'd be able to know if you upset someone and why. You could make amends in places where someone may have just given you the cold shoulder. 1 year ago  
    the "I'd like it" response implies that what they are doing is acceptable to you... there are things that I would NOT want my spouse to do. that would still be rape. 1 year ago  
    aliens potentially have intellect, therefore could be reasoned with. (not that they exist) 1 year ago  
    more comprehensive gun ownership and tracking would potentially reduce criminal gun possession, without banning them for law-abiding citizens. 1 year ago  
    not that unusual, or incriminating really. 1 year ago +1
    sense of touch is really important for basic survival, taste is less so. 1 year ago  
    Ghosts don't exist, but who knows what sort of nonsense could be in there. 1 year ago  
    that looks so good 1 year ago +2
    less expensive than a plot 1 year ago  
    already am 1 year ago  
    I was thinking of the enamel problem until I saw the author's comment. 1 year ago  
    yeah, proms are overrated 1 year ago +2
    with only 10 mins in between, it wouldn't be much crying 1 year ago  
    the truth can only lead to better understanding, and in turn, better decisions. 1 year ago +1
    no big deal if you're an adult. 1 year ago  
    once it gets to a certain temperature, that snowsuit might actually HELP. 1 year ago  
    I wouldn't like that sort of event anyway 1 year ago  
    less issues if you can actually be attracted to the opposite gender, also, married. 1 year ago  
    hobbit holes =) 1 year ago  
    it's so cute! It'd probably cause all sorts of property damage :( The sugar gliders are actually nocturnal, and take a lot of care. They need companionship. 1 year ago  
    depends on when God steps in to end mankind's mismanagement of things. Left to our own devices? definitely. 1 year ago +1
    less clothing issues 1 year ago  
    being warm is important to me :) 1 year ago  
    I can't figure out what #2 is. that looks like.... rice? 1 year ago  
    you can add a skirt or pants to the pink one, and it covers your top a little better... more modest. 1 year ago +1
    neither... both look like barns to me. 1 year ago  
    I'm not sure I got the wording of the second option though... 1 year ago  
    this question makes a very valid point: what you think about reality does not determine the outcome, it is what the reality IS. if you were an athiest and popped up in heaven, you'd be non-atheist pretty quick. also, +1 to guest from mass. 1 year ago  
    I hate the pressure of brick&mortar stores. 1 year ago +2
    not much time left in this year, but as Jesus said 'as for the day and the hour, nobody knows... only the father in heaven knows' 1 year ago  
    I got bullied some in school, not much though, mostly because I didn't respond to people's negative comments. Just ended up getting left alone. 1 year ago  
    I'd rather not be crushed to death, tyvm. 1 year ago  
    more awkward for men than women... 1 year ago +4
    venom would seep into your circulatory system pretty quick, you might not be attacked by the sharks. 1 year ago +1
    animals don't have much to say, it's mostly just basic drive instincts. so you'd be able to tell when they're hungry? Also, stop trying to loophole, go with the intent of the Question. 1 year ago  
    pain is preferable to humiliation. 1 year ago  
    dead or dead? (i'm assuming they are discounting places with lava, and labrotories.) 1 year ago  
    not many more awesome ways to go, really. 1 year ago  
    a single parent household is less complete than a childless one.. it would be very hard for the living mate for the rest of their life, and the child would not have it easy. 1 year ago  
    even if it's standard size, it's not that bad. The salt would hurt though. 1 year ago  
    Matt 24:36 ‚ÄúConcerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels of the heavens nor the Son, but only the Father." - Not one prophecy in the bible has failed, I'm not going to bet against it. 1 year ago  
    lower chance of death? 1 year ago  
    Tomatah is likely localised to some specific accent bubbles (boston, or some southern US areas.) 1 year ago +3
    I'd assume it would be low enough emissions to not be a health risk, but still not all that useful in most places (x-rays detect dense objects, not let you see through clothes folks.) 1 year ago  
    I'm assuming it's Pay/Annually. also, the watermark on the pic makes it look like the dirt is steaming. 1 year ago  
    ok, you don't get to choose, it's RANDOM. so just imagine the possibility of people working in say, doctors without borders, or your local animal shelter dying. I couldn't CHOOSE option A even if it was 1 person I disliked, I'd sit there in front of the choice till I passed out. 1 year ago  
    question isn't clear about timeframes, or if it's a recurring thing. 1 year ago  
    Someone Ressurected will still die again (lazarus), Most of these questions are clearly answered by the Bible (not what religions teach) and, no. Fictional characters don't count, they were never alive. 1 year ago  
    that picture is so cute! 1 year ago  
    China has some rather unfavorable policies that I'd rather avoid. 1 year ago  
    texts are ignoreable, and don't imply action on your part. 1 year ago  
    I'd just stay home 1 year ago +1
    monogamy + other birth control works pretty well. 1 year ago  
    there is some decent food in carnivals, whereas the theater food will probably kill you by then. 1 year ago +1
    My sibling would be more difficult to rescue than my spouse, so given the option, I'd always start helping the spouse first. 1 year ago  
    I havean aversion to fame, not a draw to it. (though I suppose this doesn't necessitate fame) 1 year ago  
    these seem to go together...? 1 year ago  
    Trees don't think, so....... 1 year ago +1
    Bears are monstrously strong. 1 year ago  
    I'm married.. so, regardless of ability, seduction is not an interest. 1 year ago  
    100 Million is chump change when you're talking a cure for a major disease. 1 year ago  
    Heels are really impractical. 1 year ago  
    I'd be saving my spouse :') 1 year ago +1
    burning is waaaaaaaaay more painful 1 year ago +1
    methinks it would be time for a bit of thinking? what makes them an enemy if they love you? (assuming non-romantic love) 1 year ago  
    The question should be worded: Save up, or borrow. 1 year ago  
    I like my current job. 1 year ago  
    These questions bug me, that is NOT x-ray vision. X-Rays essentially detect density, you'd see bones, teeth, and accessories. what they mean is the airport scanners installed in the US. (also, they mean *able* to hold breath) 1 year ago  
    nerves are better than craziness 1 year ago  
    only if it's their fault though. 1 year ago  
    rain :( 1 year ago +1
    the question implies success. 1 year ago  
    way better than something so slimy... 1 year ago +1
    escalators are fun. (and some elevators make a high pitch noise that gives me a headache.) 1 year ago +4
    braces only do so much : / 1 year ago  
    boot could suffocate you, and since the fence is ridgid, there is, almost guaranteed, an angle you can back out at 1 year ago +1
    depends on the gas... 1 year ago  
    Mmmmmm. Pickles. 1 year ago  
    as long as no permanent damage is done. 1 year ago  
    every time this comes up: Leg prosthetics are better than arm ones. 1 year ago  
    some of these pics are painful to see 1 year ago  
    I'm surprised chocolate didn't put me in the minority 1 year ago  
    any celebrity to me is just... some person. 1 year ago  
    neither seems good... unless the ice cream is on demand? then It'd be free ice cream for life I guess 1 year ago  
    um, horrible pain and death vs some pain? 1 year ago  
    the muscle size would go down over time, an abnormal head size won't change 1 year ago +1
    there is more potential benefit from the ocean than underground (basically knowing mineral deposits) 1 year ago  
    simple math, 5>1. your inaction is also an action, and the question implies you have the time and ability to choose. 1 year ago  
    for the sole purpose of being more visible to other drivers. 1 year ago  
    losing your digits is way worse than losing your already inanimate hair. 1 year ago  
    not the sort of kiss one should push for... I've heard stories of awkwardness. (also, kissing at TEN ?!?!? O_o) 1 year ago  
    tongues heal much better. 1 year ago  
    I wouldn't want to cause any harm. 1 year ago  
    that would be so cute :) (except for the kicking them part) 1 year ago  
    plastic might kill you, paper is actually broken down by your body. (even though it's probably not digestible) 1 year ago  
    come on, respond to the intent of the question people >.> 1 year ago  
    both embarrasing, but falling in the lobster tank is a whole other level of odd. 1 year ago  
    Not sure who these two are 1 year ago +29
    that would be so crowded and loud... 1 year ago  
    Not afraid that often anyway, and it can be a good motivator sometimes, eh? Also, I'm tired half the time I'm awake : / 1 year ago  
    cars can be in secluded places, whereas, unless you are an employee... 1 year ago  
    car crash is faster. 1 year ago  
    dodge ball is less likely to injure you, and less gross 1 year ago  
    key word here is accidentally. 1 year ago  
    I really don't like parties much anyway. 1 year ago  
    not a fan of parties as big as the pics indicate either way. 1 year ago +1
    modern inventions that middle class (1st world) individuals have, would have been so coveted in 1776 so as to be worth billions. 1 year ago  
    poisonous things scare me . . . Also, it's so hot :( 1 year ago  
    leg prosthetics are much better than arm ones 1 year ago  
    stealing hurts the general economy, at every level, thereby raising taxes. (not to mention the damage caused to people and property in the act) 1 year ago  

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