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    Nukes and Donald trump 9 months ago +1
    I'm batman 9 months ago  
    Homecoming 9 months ago  
    What if their in both 9 months ago  
    I'm a one man army 9 months ago +2
    Has arceus (God Pok√©mon) 9 months ago  
    Magic trick 9 months ago +1
    Have the power of all the powers I want 9 months ago +1
    If I am really smart a can build cybernetic limbs 10 months ago  
    If theirs no marriage then their is no divorce 10 months ago  
    What if it's a sibling kind of love 10 months ago  
    Infinite knowablge equals infinite power 10 months ago  
    Well that mermaid should be hot 10 months ago  
    If it's hitler then I would get a shotgun 10 months ago  
    I could have saved harambae 10 months ago  
    I could bang anyone I could without them even knowing 10 months ago  
    Wait a minute where is my spouse 10 months ago  
    One word Zillo Beast 10 months ago  
    Have you seen the clone wars episode and played the mission in battlefront 2 10 months ago  
    If it's before the Death Star and after the the rise of earth malek 10 months ago  
    Big fan I am 10 months ago  
    If the number of troops are equal the troopers would win 10 out of 10 10 months ago  
    He helped Asoka with maul on mandatory during the attack and the second in command took over in battlefront 2 and during operation nightfall ( attack on the Jedi temple) 10 months ago  
    Their was a ancient madalorn the first one in the Jedi order who crafted the darksaber 10 months ago  
    Troll Master 10 months ago  
    I love the yes and no pictures especially yes just imagen how good chicken in a galaxy so advanced taste like 10 months ago  
    I can't chose 10 months ago  
    Clone wars tv show anikan 10 months ago  
    Boba feet is a clone 10 months ago  
    Force Chokes the people who voted Greddo 10 months ago  
    Grey Jedi 10 months ago  
    "You need to answer this question" 10 months ago  
    Most arc troopers are ether put into eleite squadrons or are leaders Ex: Captian Rex of the 501st legion (Anikains Squad) 10 months ago  
    Commandos are one of the best (after arc troopers) soil dears including the clonearmy 10 months ago  
    Can I be a commander of when the galactic empire just got formed 10 months ago  
    Their are shadow scouts 10 months ago  
    Th only creature better is the zillion beast restraint to everything except chemical gas 10 months ago  

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