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Me is a meMe loving Tyrannosaur from America. I will add more here, or koalas will start eating toasters!

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    Already live in Indiana. 8 months ago  
    She would prolly like gayy pornn like how men like lesbian pormn. 8 months ago  
    Ohhhh... Hentais! 8 months ago  
    My cock 8 months ago  
    Male... and only the fast food kind 8 months ago  
    Justin Beaver 8 months ago  
    Not homo and most people on here are males 8 months ago  
    Facepenis 8 months ago  
    Women are gods! 8 months ago  
    If I'm on the front or if it's with my crushes... 8 months ago  
    56% of people are gayy 8 months ago  
    Condom* 8 months ago  
    Slowpoke penis is better 8 months ago  
    I EAT ZE BRAS 8 months ago  
    I NEED WOMANN 8 months ago  
    Weenie the penis 8 months ago  
    Pikamew! 8 months ago  
    Do fish count? 8 months ago  
    Just watching a Pakicetus... 8 months ago  
    Wtf 8 months ago  
    I live there 8 months ago  
    Both 8 months ago  
    Neither... 8 months ago  
    Fame will get you wealth! 8 months ago  
    I'm a man but women get it better. 8 months ago +1
    Acid can melt you 8 months ago  
    Turtles are NOT deaf! 8 months ago  
    Read minds so I know who is crushing on me haha. 8 months ago  
    Hates both, snow don't pour on you like anvil though... 8 months ago  
    Easy 8 months ago  
    Who said she couldn't save the offspring? 8 months ago  
    Fell from great heights but survive falls with no pain. 8 months ago  
    Minceraft 8 months ago  
    Penis 8 months ago  
    Girls win 8 months ago  
    Duhh 8 months ago  
    Rap battle! 8 months ago  
    Made me cum twice! 8 months ago  
    Not my best fap 8 months ago  
    Pupper* 8 months ago  
    Arianna Grande 8 months ago  
    #EndFathersDay 8 months ago  
    The power to reproduce and to evolve to resist natural selection. 8 months ago  
    I punched Travis261 because of a rrrather question. 8 months ago  
    Have sex by 20 8 months ago  
    Someone who likes me 8 months ago  
    Wonder what my power is?.. 8 months ago  
    Grand Theft Auto 8 months ago  
    Echidnas have four-headed dicks 8 months ago  
    This was made by girls btw 8 months ago  
    Rebel 8 months ago  
    Malicious advice mallard! 8 months ago  
    MEENIS THE PENIS 8 months ago  
    I'm male here 8 months ago  
    My penis is purple now 8 months ago +2
    No one said you can't brush em 8 months ago  
    It tastes like pussy and booty! 8 months ago  
    Penis 8 months ago +2
    Penis 8 months ago  
    Eassssy 8 months ago  
    Because she is female and I'm male and I'm straight and koalas eat toasters and llamas look like Pink Sheep and penguins are swag and there is also Homie Dolphin. 8 months ago +1
    Then I know which girls like me! 8 months ago  
    I'm a boy not homo 8 months ago  
    Not gay here! 8 months ago  
    I'm not gay! 8 months ago  
    Who said they couldn't be muscle? 8 months ago  
    I'm male I like touching women! 8 months ago  
    If you seed them each time! 8 months ago  
    Blood tastes good 8 months ago  
    Rape is the best crime... 8 months ago  
    I have a dick 8 months ago  
    A male made this 8 months ago  
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