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    i AM geez 7 months ago  
    what if u dont love anyone? 7 months ago  
    i hate kids 7 months ago  
    i dont have kids and i hate kids 7 months ago  
    awww both are cute 7 months ago  
    my house needs 12000 or something! 7 months ago  
    im ae$exual 7 months ago  
    im ae$exual soooo... 7 months ago  
    whats a [email protected] $eptum!? 7 months ago  
    kill them 7 months ago  
    OMFG!! 7 months ago  
    i dont like babies so why would i have one? 7 months ago  
    i dont have a least fave color soooo 7 months ago  
    doesnt mean u cant be rich 7 months ago +1
    what does ce|ibacy mean? 7 months ago  
    i hate kids 7 months ago  
    i dont have balls 7 months ago  
    huh? 7 months ago  
    hmm never tried these before 7 months ago +1
    i dont really like my mom she drones on and on and on and on and on and on and on... 7 months ago  
    i dont have one 7 months ago  
    im only anyway 7 months ago  
    hmm i hate my parents but prob gonna be successfull 7 months ago  
    i dont have one so i win ^^ 7 months ago  
    brake -_- 7 months ago  
    EW NONE I HATE BABIES 7 months ago  
    get some MORE money 7 months ago  
    uh... o.O 7 months ago  
    whats happening in the other pic it looks like EVERYONES in trouble -_- 7 months ago  
    thats an EMERALD 7 months ago  
    same questions -_- 7 months ago +1
    human centipedes are gross 7 months ago  
    ull die anyways 7 months ago  
    i have a crowbar >:) 7 months ago  
    im ae$exual 7 months ago  
    if u kill the cops WHY AND HOW would u end up in jail????!!!!???? 7 months ago  
    huh? 7 months ago  
    cod lol fishes 7 months ago  
    im both so 7 months ago  
    nerd guy lol 7 months ago  
    wut im ae$exual 7 months ago  
    im a girl 7 months ago  
    puppies and kitties so cuuuttttteeeeeeee 7 months ago  
    why would i have a friend that is ugly? 7 months ago  
    my classmate's SISTER does this -_- 7 months ago  
    lol i dont have friends 7 months ago  
    i dont have friends 7 months ago  
    hmmmm i dont have friends 7 months ago  
    the pics got mixed up -_- 7 months ago  
    im ae$exual 7 months ago +2
    i hate kids anyway 7 months ago  
    i dont have friends yay 7 months ago  
    fishies!!! 7 months ago  
    THEY'RE BOTH ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 months ago  
    aawwwww cat pikachu 7 months ago  
    MEEEOOWWW CUTE KITTIES!! =^-^= 7 months ago  
    i AM dominant ^^ 7 months ago  
    I HATE KIDS 7 months ago  
    why do i care who my family and friends pick? 7 months ago  
    KITTY!!!!! =^-^= 7 months ago  
    im more of an assassin type ^^ 8 months ago  
    ARGH 8 months ago  
    not again stupid question 8 months ago  
    she looks nicer 8 months ago  
    i dont smoke sooo... 8 months ago  
    idk who they r 8 months ago  
    lawl 8 months ago  
    NNOOOO ITS THE LAST ONE 8 months ago  
    u can make something u actually WANT 8 months ago  
    OMG 8 months ago  
    i like my house and i hate going out anyway ;) 8 months ago  
    CEREAL killerz XD 8 months ago  
    i dont care about pther ppl 8 months ago  
    i dont have a kid... 8 months ago  
    ewww cannibals 8 months ago  
    I BELIEVE I CAN FLYYYYYYYYY 8 months ago  
    um o.O 8 months ago  
    i dont have a spouse 8 months ago  
    my friends are boring and i mostly hate my family 8 months ago  
    my worst enemy 8 months ago  
    i dont have real friends >:) 8 months ago  
    i dont have a pocket... 8 months ago  
    wut does dis meen 8 months ago  
    XD XD XD XD 8 months ago  
    i hate both 8 months ago  
    i hate babies so none 8 months ago  
    AARRGGHHH NO UGHHH 8 months ago  
    i hate sports 8 months ago  
    whats this and that i chose a random one 8 months ago  
    dat 4% are idiots 8 months ago  
    snooreeee 8 months ago  
    XD XD XD XD DUH PIC IS SOOO FUNNY 8 months ago  
    i like both 8 months ago  
    i dont even DRIVE 8 months ago  
    my dad is WAY nicer than my mom and having 2 of him is great 8 months ago  
    i hate babies 8 months ago  
    i dont have a partner 8 months ago  
    WTF is a Gynecologist Or Urologist 8 months ago  
    i am alone 8 months ago  
    ??? 8 months ago  
    i dont have a fave sport 8 months ago  
    pies 8 months ago  
    my mom wants to get cremated... 8 months ago  
    i like fighting 8 months ago  
    i dont have $ex 8 months ago  
    i hate both 8 months ago  
    i do hoard 8 months ago  
    i dont care about other ppl 8 months ago  
    im a girl 8 months ago  
    AAA 8 months ago  
    i dont have a partner haha. 8 months ago  
    i dont like being strong 8 months ago  
    UH WAT 8 months ago  
    u can erase 8 months ago  
    mew, mew =^-^= 8 months ago  
    AAAAAAAAAA 8 months ago  
    i dont HAVE $ex 8 months ago  
    i hate cliffs since i cant fly 8 months ago  
    i have a crush... 8 months ago  
    i dont cheat anyway 8 months ago  
    lose some fat 8 months ago  
    my face is nice already 8 months ago  
    I DONT WANT A RULER PPL 8 months ago  
    IDK 8 months ago  
    its bigger so i can track the bandit easier ^^ 8 months ago  
    i like SNOOOWWWWW 8 months ago  
    i hate dating 8 months ago  
    IDK 8 months ago  
    Tronald Dump 8 months ago  
    IDK 8 months ago  
    i DONT cut my hair 8 months ago  
    ooopppssss clicked the wrong one 8 months ago  
    haha i hate my family and my friends are boring. prob solved! 8 months ago  
    tronald dump 8 months ago  
    ill just by noisy back! ;) 8 months ago  
    i think theyre the same ppl in the pics 8 months ago  
    plastic surgery, ppl! 8 months ago  
    i could rule it :) 8 months ago  
    i wont freeze anyway 8 months ago  
    like a boss 8 months ago  
    im not peaceful and want my bells XD 8 months ago  
    no more periods hate them 8 months ago  
    im not romantic 8 months ago  
    idk who they r 8 months ago  
    im not GOING to have one -_- 8 months ago  
    i hate coffee 8 months ago  
    I DONT PLEAD 8 months ago  
    chocs love them both 8 months ago  
    SNOWZ 8 months ago  
    NOOO NOT PUPPIES 8 months ago  
    my dads nicer 8 months ago  
    uh hello im a GIRL and accidentally clicked the wrong one 8 months ago  
    i dont have a bf!! 8 months ago  
    i hate kids and i dont have a bf :) 8 months ago  
    wtf. i dont have $ex 8 months ago  
    i HATEHATEHATE moving 8 months ago  
    GLASSES, PPL! 8 months ago  
    im gonna get bonked on the head -_- 8 months ago  
    haha i dont have $ex so haha. 8 months ago  
    eew i dont make love im ae$exual 8 months ago  
    haha blow them up 8 months ago  
    i DO have superlong hair. 8 months ago  
    i hate brushing. found an alternative. :) 8 months ago  
    uh wat im girl 8 months ago  
    I HATE BABIES 8 months ago  
    ooo, grim reapers! 8 months ago  
    whats duh diff? 8 months ago  
    APPLES! *chomp* 8 months ago  
    haha i dont have any sibs 8 months ago  
    Im not going to HAVE a baby. so haha. 8 months ago  
    like living alone 8 months ago  
    eww i hate babies 8 months ago  
    i hate cars cuz they run u over 8 months ago  
    Midnight >:) 8 months ago  
    beavers XD 8 months ago  
    i hate kids 8 months ago  
    i dont want to be kissed its just $exist 8 months ago  
    my dad is a nerd XD 8 months ago  
    TRONALD DUMP!!! 8 months ago  
    XD 8 months ago  
    this is me XD 8 months ago  
    DUH IM APOTHI$EXUAL/AE$EXUAL 8 months ago  
    i hate sleeping 8 months ago  
    eww ur lungs would turn black eww 8 months ago  
    i dont WANT a bf 8 months ago  
    there not THAT bad 8 months ago  
    hate college 8 months ago  
    i like to be alone ;) 8 months ago +1
    FOOOOOODDD 8 months ago  
    MONEEYYYYYYYYYYYYY 8 months ago  
    uh hello-IM a woman 8 months ago  
    i CAN be anorexic sometimes. 8 months ago  
    my MOM did this i was like EEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW 8 months ago  
    SORRY I DONT HAVE FRIENDS 8 months ago  
    LASER HAIR REMOVAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 months ago  
    uh what? 8 months ago  
    SNOOOOWWWW 8 months ago  
    i dont HAVE friends! :) 8 months ago  
    i keep getting migraines :( 8 months ago  
    i like to have light skin color 8 months ago  
    HAACCCKKKK ANNOYING PPL!!! 8 months ago  
    haha kick their @$$ 8 months ago  
    i HATE the world but LOVE my prop 8 months ago  
    waich tv on comp DUH 8 months ago  
    wtf?? 8 months ago +1
    HATE DATING 8 months ago  
    i would look nicer DUH 8 months ago  
    oldheads 8 months ago  
    FLUFFY ADORABLE WOLFIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 months ago  
    WHAT ice is XD 8 months ago  
    I HATE TRAVELING 8 months ago  
    wtf!? 8 months ago  
    idk 8 months ago  
    then i could MURDER THEM 8 months ago  
    im good at school, which i HATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 months ago  
    po-ta-toes 8 months ago  
    at least they wont bug me anymore since im a grown-up 8 months ago  
    weird. 8 months ago  
    at least i wouldnt need to work 8 months ago  
    just jump in the river duh. 8 months ago  
    just something-i dont HAVE a son 8 months ago  
    wtf 8 months ago  
    i KNOW who "likes" me and its annoying 8 months ago  
    ugh i HATE my eyesight and i have to wear GLASSES. gonna get contacts :) 8 months ago  
    MY HAIR IS A MESS 8 months ago  
    yee 8 months ago  
    I LOVE RULING THINGS 8 months ago  
    MEEEEEEEE-Im rich but miserable 8 months ago  
    cant talk in german... 8 months ago  
    hate both 8 months ago  
    Person from Ohio-ME NEITHER!!!!! 8 months ago  
    i dont HAVE a true love, just a crush. :( 8 months ago  
    make new keys duh 8 months ago  
    Hey Popof-I knew about $ex when i was a kid... 8 months ago  
    I want to make my own island thing :) 8 months ago  
    GIRLS RULE 8 months ago  
    JUST HUNT U IDIOTS 8 months ago  
    robotic leg duh 8 months ago  
    then i could MURDER THEM MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 months ago  
    i like being by myself 8 months ago  
    I HATE SCHOOL 8 months ago  
    i dont LIKE $ex 8 months ago  
    SO HARD 8 months ago  
    eww, $ex 8 months ago  
    uh... 8 months ago  
    dont HAVE a bf 8 months ago  
    just a cold and i seem to be 80 percent immune to sickness. weird. 8 months ago  
    yeah IF there WAS a lion in a jungle i would just climb a tree and throw poison dart frogs at it. prob solved! :) 8 months ago  
    i DO do that -_- 8 months ago  
    nuuuuuu not kittens but i hate babies 8 months ago  
    I. NEED. TO. LOSE. WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! altho im not fat... 8 months ago  
    oh well. 8 months ago  
    i would nevernevernever be weird 8 months ago  
    eww groins 8 months ago  
    im not a nneeeerrrrrrddddddd my dad is tho 8 months ago  
    i AM popular 8 months ago  
    would punch them in the face... 8 months ago  
    oh then kill them then write on their will O.O 8 months ago  
    dont HAVE a religion 8 months ago  
    im obsessed with Natalies... 8 months ago  
    i was AWESOME when i was 10! 8 months ago  
    books make my eyes and back and neck sore 8 months ago  
    um wat? 8 months ago  
    XD 8 months ago  
    i like eating be myself 8 months ago  
    like alaska SNOOOWWWW 8 months ago  
    i dont use face but mom does 8 months ago  
    oh, how i hate sleeping. 8 months ago  
    this is me, option B HAHA THAT RHYMES!!!!! 8 months ago  
    I DONT POLLUTE 8 months ago  
    i like eating but im ae$exual 8 months ago  
    then i would be singing ALL DAY 8 months ago  
    I GET TO SLEEEEPPPPPP 8 months ago  
    haha 8 months ago  
    i hate chances 8 months ago  
    i DONT have a son 8 months ago  
    SO HARD LOVE BOTH 8 months ago  
    only 2 games that i rlly like 8 months ago  
    i dont like family theyre SO ANNOYING 8 months ago  
    cant choose 8 months ago  
    all my friends are crappy 8 months ago  
    yeah i would laugh at him and post it on instagram or something 8 months ago  
    so hard 8 months ago  
    meow, meow 8 months ago  
    meow, meow 8 months ago  
    yee 8 months ago  
    i dont mind being single 8 months ago  
    i like singing 8 months ago  
    i LIKE being alone so no one can bug me and bug me and bug me and bug me and bug me and bug me... 8 months ago +1
    idk 8 months ago  
    um... 8 months ago  
    huh? 8 months ago  
    um... 8 months ago  
    WTF 8 months ago  
    im ALWAYS sleepy 8 months ago  
    i like work since me and my friends work at an awesome animal rescue we planed on since elem! 8 months ago  
    i dont HAVE sibs so MEEEEEE 8 months ago  
    hee hee i can make myself a pair of wings!!!! also, whats with these oxymorons? 8 months ago  
    i dont LIKE to go anywhere! so food it is :) 8 months ago  
    lol i can control them depending on how im feeling 8 months ago  
    i stick to my mansion! :) (yes i have one) 8 months ago  
    i LIKE singing 8 months ago  
    I hate space... 8 months ago  
    I LOVE SNOW 8 months ago  
    Whos Rebecca Black? 8 months ago  
    Whats liberty? NO ONE IS EVER JUSTICE FOR ME 8 months ago  
    What the- 8 months ago  
    Meh. 8 months ago  
    Ugh I might get a tan! 8 months ago  
    I could stay on my property FOREVER! :) 8 months ago  
    I DO have nightmares all the time -_- 8 months ago  
    I LIKE SNOW 8 months ago  
    Huh? 8 months ago  
    Dawgs I don't mind them. 8 months ago  
    XD wish for some powers SO OBVIOUS 8 months ago  
    I'm a$exual/apothi$exual 8 months ago  
    i like living in the wild anyway... 8 months ago  
    my brain already DOES that. 8 months ago  
    my mind already DOES do that 8 months ago  
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