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I am running for president 2016, FUCK DONALD TRUMP, AND THE REST ;)

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    1738 11 months ago  
    lol my ass 11 months ago  
    your mom was so cool 11 months ago  
    Nlgga you like 5 11 months ago  
    Gay 11 months ago  
    in yo dreams, mofo has to be like 200 11 months ago  
    Then you're a virgin 11 months ago  
    Yes 11 months ago  
    "Pluse" -FireStorm12285 2016 11 months ago  
    Omfg, great idea- NOT POSSIBLE NERD 11 months ago  
    Maybe he offended yo mom, dont be so salty 11 months ago  
    yeah he isn't 11 months ago  
    Your mom was awesome 11 months ago  
    Not gonna work you ho 11 months ago  
    gay 11 months ago  
    Idk is it? 11 months ago  
    Your mom died when she saw me 11 months ago  
    you live in the Philippines bummer, can't spell 11 months ago  
    Then you're a virgin 11 months ago  
    Gay 11 months ago  
    Not funny 11 months ago  
    Can you read 11 months ago  
    Your mom was the best 11 months ago  
    In yo dreams 11 months ago  
    In yo dreams 11 months ago  
    No, you are 11 months ago  
    no you're the real stupid one for commenting that, stupid is a bad word, and if you say it, you can go to jail when I'm president fuccker 11 months ago  
    Die 11 months ago  
    Gay comment 11 months ago  
    ^ 11 months ago  
    what if you is white slut 11 months ago  
    Yes it will retard 11 months ago  
    retard alert 11 months ago  
    Deez nuts are gone 11 months ago  
    At least I'm not where you are, imagine that, a gay little 8 year old, gimme a break 11 months ago  
    Ayye 11 months ago  
    comment of the century 11 months ago  
    Dees nuts 11 months ago  
    Gay 11 months ago  
    Like yourself retard 11 months ago  
    I would 1 year ago  
    He it is 1 year ago  
    lol shut up 1 year ago  
    Yes 1 year ago  
    True 1 year ago  
    Yey 1 year ago  
    Truth 1 year ago  
    wow 1 year ago  
    No 1 year ago  
    *Hillary 1 year ago  
    No I don't 1 year ago  
    Course it's the real me 1 year ago  
    :D 1 year ago  
    I'm not joking 1 year ago  
    No, you are the idiot 1 year ago +1
    tough 1 year ago  
    is it too late now to say sorry? NO KYS 1 year ago  
    FU√áK 1 year ago  
    Misclick 1 year ago  
    So would I 1 year ago  
    People give me 6s 1 year ago  
    Like both 1 year ago  
    Gtfo off this site you seven year old 1 year ago  
    ^^^ 1 year ago  
    ^^^ 1 year ago  
    Sorta idk 1 year ago  
    Can I be the first to say, I read IT ALL 1 year ago  
    *diez 1 year ago  
    Shit ima boutta be rekt by a 74 year old 1 year ago  
    niga, are you even alive 1 year ago  
    To MAKE ME PRESIDENT 1 year ago  
    Duh 1 year ago +2
    TO SEE ME BECOME PRESIDENT 1 year ago +2062
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