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don't have one 6 months ago  
Nerf gun 6 months ago  
I BEILIVE I CAN FLY, and die 6 months ago  
Popularity is useless 6 months ago  
Disney lannd 6 months ago  
get a new car 8 months ago  
this is racist 8 months ago  
10 years at a time 8 months ago  
kill it 8 months ago  
Bill cipher would wreck 8 months ago +1
What 8 months ago  
A jar of flower 8 months ago  
id wish for jimmies stuff 8 months ago  
Is this even a question 8 months ago  
misclick 8 months ago  
pocket knife 8 months ago  
Pull it out 8 months ago  
i have 8 months ago  
A house sized lion?! 8 months ago  
What if you're a lawyer 8 months ago  
learn it 8 months ago  
Jean shorts 8 months ago  
HA HA 8 months ago  
I would speak Haiku 8 months ago  
infinite food 8 months ago  
get a new job 8 months ago +1
Peeta doesn't die 8 months ago  
Territory war is awesome 8 months ago  
already do 8 months ago +1
If they're evil, couldn't they turn against you 8 months ago  
mmm, nuka cola 8 months ago  
Im a tiger 8 months ago  
Run 8 months ago  
Shorts and shirt 8 months ago  
Use tranquilizer gun, knock them out, move them to my enemy's house. 8 months ago  
already do 8 months ago  
Both 8 months ago  
There are only two people in the neighborhood 8 months ago  
2017! 8 months ago  
Same thing 8 months ago +2
can be the same thing 8 months ago  
My powers would extend my life 8 months ago  
I try to study but end up looking at memes 8 months ago  
Spit it out 8 months ago  
I ride a unicorn on a rainbow 8 months ago  
Beanie 8 months ago  
Puppets 8 months ago  
Kill it 8 months ago  
Steak included? 8 months ago  
FORZA 8 months ago  
Disneyland 8 months ago  
Misclick, it definently can 8 months ago  
So, be smart, or be smart 8 months ago  
It looks like a dragon 8 months ago  
What is this question? 8 months ago  
Rooster 8 months ago  
Pants shaped towel 8 months ago  
gaze into the psychedelic eye 8 months ago  
wASH IT OFF 8 months ago  
Im 12 8 months ago  
Yes, an opocolyps 8 months ago  
Crawl 8 months ago  
both 8 months ago  
It would be tiny 8 months ago  
oh the pranks 8 months ago  
I will never fly 8 months ago  
Ive been attacked by 1 once 8 months ago  
My descendants would have nightmares 8 months ago  
Like iron man 8 months ago  
IM 12 8 months ago  
The viperfish are actualy small 8 months ago  
I have flint and steel 8 months ago  
book: Jason from beyonders, Movie/tv show: The flash, Video game: Master chief from halo 8 months ago  
I'd die tomorrow 8 months ago  
These 23% are idiots 8 months ago  
I just wanted hte banana 8 months ago  
A climbing gym 8 months ago  
Golden state warriors 8 months ago  
The giants 8 months ago  
Full house 8 months ago  
How does jewlery do that 8 months ago  
M$NEY 8 months ago  
I do live in the desert 8 months ago  
Its only once 8 months ago  
iliketoeat, that is disturbing 8 months ago  
I am short 8 months ago  
I have glasses already 8 months ago  
I'd become the flash 8 months ago  
I know 8 months ago  
This has happened many times 8 months ago  
Its asking would you rather get fat, or get fat 8 months ago  
Those jokes are what made me chose this 8 months ago  
I'd rule the house 8 months ago  
I'd just stay home 8 months ago  
I think that baby is actually cute 8 months ago  
This is a stupid question 8 months ago  
Sharks 8 months ago  
It never said you couldn't have both 8 months ago  
That hamster looks like a dying rat 8 months ago  
Screw you shady 8 months ago  
Michelle? 8 months ago  
being the star of a losing team makes it all your fault that your bad 8 months ago  
I am already one 8 months ago  
Disguise it as a hat 8 months ago  
A comedian, like Joey Gladstone 8 months ago  
Shot with cap gun 8 months ago  
What's boxing day 8 months ago  
Without water your dead 8 months ago  
All the animals in australia try to kill you 8 months ago +1
Id make chocolate ice cream 8 months ago  
If you were smart, you'd work out 8 months ago  
i wouldn't be illeagal 8 months ago  
White chocolate is not actually chocolate 8 months ago  
I f i wreck one, i have 9 backups 8 months ago  
SKIING 8 months ago  
If there is a darth vader m&m involved, yes 8 months ago  
Im a 12 year old male 8 months ago  
Seven yearolds are smarter 8 months ago  
I do this often 8 months ago  
I already have one 8 months ago  
i always dance instead of walk 8 months ago  
Do 4 stupid contest then go into the olympics 8 months ago  
My butler would sleep in the cellar 8 months ago  
I want to murdder that 28% 8 months ago  
Trump did 8 months ago  
Im 12, so i'd drink dr pepper 8 months ago  
Im a loser with true friends already 8 months ago  
Im both 8 months ago  
Lottery winners spend it all within a week 8 months ago  
I want to be that cat 8 months ago  
after 50 times, you'd hate it 8 months ago  
Completley numb for a week would suck 8 months ago  
Microphone 8 months ago  
I'd go on a boat 8 months ago  
im the oldest 8 months ago  
i just want the $20 8 months ago  
I don't need to enhance my looks 8 months ago  
I'd bail them out 8 months ago  
Wingdings 8 months ago  
Shave 8 months ago  
i will kill this 41% 8 months ago  
Disneyland 8 months ago  
Id be a hated dictator 8 months ago  
Gandalf will come 8 months ago  
Instagram 8 months ago  
Tofu 8 months ago  
Iphones people 8 months ago  
Wolverine rules 8 months ago  
Coming soon to the summer Olympics, ROCK CLIMBING 8 months ago  
I wouldn't get caught 8 months ago +1
Wolves eat owls 8 months ago  
I'm already the eavesdropping expert 8 months ago  
At least they got something 8 months ago  
I wont be starving 8 months ago  
i want to live 8 months ago  
I love climbing 8 months ago  
PIZZA 8 months ago  
I'd much rather go on a fly 8 months ago  
Controllers for melee weapons 8 months ago  
Ive seen it already 8 months ago  
49ERS!! 8 months ago  
I think canadas neat 8 months ago  
Not that kind of lambo 8 months ago  
Robotic arms all the way 8 months ago  
I've got plenty of these 8 months ago  
IM A MAN 8 months ago  
Both 8 months ago  
Thats nasty 8 months ago  
Xray vision is just bad 8 months ago  
i want a deathmatch 8 months ago  
My wife would have a really good job 8 months ago  
Did she marry a horse? 8 months ago  
$100 is to much 8 months ago  
They're the same 8 months ago  
Peace and quiet 8 months ago  
Camp 8 months ago  
Alaska is cool, litterally 8 months ago  
Calls are more reliable 8 months ago  
Oh the pranks 8 months ago  
That face though 8 months ago  
Have good thoughts 8 months ago  
Im 12 8 months ago  
Terrorist car accidents 8 months ago  
Games are interactive movies 8 months ago  
I'd buy what I really want 8 months ago  
I could educate myself 8 months ago  
Both 8 months ago  
I cat is bad enough 8 months ago  
If my friends hate HIM, then i'm gay 8 months ago  
What's the difference 8 months ago  
Whos natalie 8 months ago  
A law of no laws 8 months ago  
Longer weekends 8 months ago  
Driving high is illeagel 8 months ago  
DR PEPPER 8 months ago  
I am a kid 8 months ago  
If it were those stupid aliens from signs 8 months ago  
I use none 8 months ago  
Only if I had the dirt bike 8 months ago  
No shyscrapers ever 8 months ago  

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