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Would you rather J-Hope or Suga 3 months ago 84 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather BTS Jimin or BTS Jin 4 months ago 94 votes 5 comments 0 likes

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I like both you can vote more than like 3 times on this site 3 months ago  
I know I ma having trouble doing just that... 3 months ago  
sorry A is NOT J-hope, that's jimin...I was thinking of jimin at the time, that's why he's there... 3 months ago  
u needdd help 3 months ago  
blood ? 3 months ago  
wtf is your problem?! 3 months ago  
no 3 months ago  
www.wtf.com 3 months ago  
mom walked in on me when I got to this question. she slowly back away out of my room. FML. 3 months ago  
Me 4 months ago  
Satisfying 4 months ago  
The woman in the pic isn’t ugly, she isn’t smelly, and she isn’t fat....she’s obese 4 months ago  
Hum... why did I orgasm to that comment... 4 months ago  
Either way I die there is no loophole for this one... 4 months ago  
Anus 4 months ago  
Anus jole 4 months ago  
I don’t have to eat the puss 4 months ago  
What the fork 4 months ago  
Y is this a question 4 months ago  
Then your p*ssy 4 months ago  
Get views on YouTube... 4 months ago  
I don’t have hair on my body just my head, . 4 months ago  
Sex isn’t everything 4 months ago +1
What’s dip spit 4 months ago  
I don’t like strippers they ar disgusting 4 months ago  
//www.rrrather.com/view/1151#comment4207578 4 months ago  
Robbie rotten 4 months ago  
//www.rrrather.com/view/4729#comment4207576 4 months ago  
Aww why come on... this is just 4 months ago  
This will never be talked about again. 4 months ago  
It will taste just like 4 months ago  
Did this some acros you and you decided to take it out on your fellow rrratherians? 4 months ago  
I like sucking better and I don’t have a penis 4 months ago  
No sex 4 months ago  
I’m 12 I don’t need sex. If you never have sex in the first place, then why would you need it? 4 months ago  
Gummy worm soup... 4 months ago  
5 n 4 months ago  
The pics are creeoy 4 months ago  
The sandpaper hand affect me how? 4 months ago  
I think you know... 4 months ago  
Does this person even know WHAT blue waffle is...., 4 months ago  
The poop will come out every time 4 months ago  
It’s just a one time thing, 4 months ago  
It sounds fun... happy 4 months ago  
Trolling every time. 4 months ago  
I feel like a 7 year old made this question 4 months ago  
The pic for A is totally different from what two girls one cup really is about... 4 months ago  
Ok...WHY TF IS THIS HERE?! 4 months ago  
I don’t want salmonella 4 months ago  
Why the diarrhea questions? 4 months ago  
Whatever. At least I’m not committing incest. 4 months ago  
What if my sister is a consenting 9 year old?! 4 months ago  
Then just wash it down with milk 4 months ago  
The hey never said anything about sex,.. 4 months ago  
I have both so... 4 months ago  
Time to never stand up. 4 months ago  
They never said size. 4 months ago  
Why is this a question? 4 months ago  
I don’t want to have a daughter that has sex all day every day. It will put a bad name on me. 4 months ago  
Uhmm... I should have skipped this... 4 months ago  
Yeah they did. 4 months ago  
yeah me as well 4 months ago  
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! 4 months ago  
I have no comeback for that... 4 months ago  
I FVCKKING HATE YOU YOU B*TCH U STEAL MY YOONGI!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 months ago  
Kills your GF...HOW U LIKE TO TALK SHIT NOW, BITCH?!! 4 months ago  
I like jimin 4 months ago  
comment! 4 months ago +1
I speak english, french, spanish and korean. 4 months ago  
I have never had to wear any one, but the A pic looked kinda creepy and when I saw torture i immediately clicked it 4 months ago  
what the hell 4 months ago  
Well I don't give a sh*t who the fvck u are. 4 months ago  
nega 4 months ago  
rap monster 4 months ago  
it will cause drama 4 months ago  
why kill? 4 months ago  
idk who the other one is... 4 months ago  
the pic is just wtf !!!!!!!!!!!! 4 months ago +1
wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwww... 4 months ago  
9% are skilled...to do unbelievable things with cereal... 4 months ago  
the color tho... 4 months ago  
how is this tech?! ewww... 4 months ago  
are u army? 4 months ago  
how does it relate to tech? 4 months ago  
this is NOTtech... 4 months ago  
they are basically the same thing...and made by the same people... 4 months ago  
i hate apple 4 months ago  
SO IS CANON! 4 months ago  
i hate apple 4 months ago  
neitherrr 4 months ago  
HOW IS THIS TECH?! 4 months ago  
wattpad!!!! 4 months ago  
tetris sucks. 4 months ago  
android. 4 months ago  
i dont use my twitter 4 months ago  
sonic!!!!!!!!! 4 months ago  
i already lived more than 4 years on earth... 4 months ago  
why women only? 4 months ago  
pineapple, coconut, grapefuit. 4 months ago  
canada 4 months ago  
idk these people... 4 months ago  
It isn't rape if i consent to it... 4 months ago  
neither 4 months ago  
then i can't lsten to kpop... 4 months ago  
i wear it both ways... 4 months ago +1
neither. roman creeping me out. 4 months ago  
who tf is danie- oh. 4 months ago  
lemme see how much they fail... 4 months ago +1
just live life... 4 months ago  
wait...what?! 4 months ago  
I already have a nice name AND I am beautiful 4 months ago  
Neither, because the way their uniforms are. they are sexualizing women! 4 months ago  
they both suck... 4 months ago  
yes 4 months ago  
ew eew ewwwwwww 4 months ago  
unfortunately I cannot get head.... 4 months ago  
im 12... 4 months ago  
ummm...wtf...?! 4 months ago  
i like my bodyparts... 4 months ago  
I will have to at some point... 4 months ago  
Someone's a smartass... 4 months ago  
even though i am a girl, it would still hurt. 4 months ago  
I am a guy with a vagina. just with boobs, and long hair and Estrogen. A lot of it. 4 months ago  
did a six year old write this?! 4 months ago  
*drink a cup of liquified maggots 4 months ago  
wtf 4 months ago  
put some sugar in it 4 months ago  
skip wtf 4 months ago  
skip like wtf 4 months ago  
body shame skip 4 months ago  
major trypophobia... 4 months ago  
Is this even a question? 4 months ago  
not too bad. i mean for a girl, it kinda hurts... 4 months ago  
i just clicked bcuz the image is hillaryous. 4 months ago  
neither... 4 months ago  
wtfiteaqdtptbtatq?! 4 months ago  
ugh. 4 months ago  
ohmygod... 4 months ago  
I don't need sex. 4 months ago  
Was the person who did this question mentally troubled?! 4 months ago  
i will bare the pain 4 months ago  
better than jumping off cliff... 4 months ago  
I GET IT!!!!! 4 months ago  
what the...?! 4 months ago  
I have cried for an hour before... 4 months ago  
why the f***k is this a question? 4 months ago  
he's far away... 4 months ago +1
that chance was missed...never happened. 4 months ago  
You people make me sick... 4 months ago  
um... 4 months ago  
i live without them anyways, it's instagram nowadays, and snapchat nowadays 4 months ago +1
what's a shyscraper? 4 months ago  
the snakes are dead. 4 months ago  
Is this even sensable question?! 4 months ago  
neither 4 months ago  
Hey, we can try get a long... 4 months ago  
just hover 4 months ago  
wtf 4 months ago  
it was an accident 4 months ago  
he's HAWT! 4 months ago  
ewwwwww escargot... 4 months ago  
ewwwwwwwwwww escargot... 4 months ago  
I Like lisa from blackpink... 4 months ago  
im 12 4 months ago  
BTS 4 months ago  
u cant upload things from instagram on a pc 4 months ago  
South Korea is more fun... 4 months ago  
wtf fam,.. 4 months ago  
already am... 4 months ago  
i hate ketchup by itself though... 4 months ago  
money doesn't matter when it comes to things i love doing... 4 months ago  
get caught doing what?! 4 months ago  
is this even a question 4 months ago  
kpop 4 months ago  
wtf... 4 months ago  
no finance probs... 4 months ago  
i died doing something creative... 4 months ago  
ican buy more... 4 months ago  
i like celebrating other people. 4 months ago  
i am already sorta blind... 4 months ago  
What's with the Hitler photo? 4 months ago  
I don't have a significant other... *hint* *hint* 4 months ago  
Why twilight? 4 months ago  
flying is kinda creepy... 4 months ago  
there are no lambos in 1950 4 months ago  
there won't be as much coldness 4 months ago  
it's nice and warm... 4 months ago  
im not spyderrr... 4 months ago  
this is hard... 4 months ago  
ice cream... 4 months ago  
That one made me cringe hard... 4 months ago  
...So when I sleep? 4 months ago  
I only go to McDonald's anyways, I don't go to the movies much... 4 months ago  
ohmygod theyareeverywhereicanteven 4 months ago  
B is not even a cliche... 4 months ago  
OBVI 4 months ago  
This is already happening... 4 months ago  
its more appropriate. 4 months ago  
coffee is gross, tim hortons always gimme decaf. -.- 4 months ago  
what are these even? 4 months ago  
i get paid to learn its a win win sitch. 4 months ago +1
WTF?! 4 months ago  
WHY IS THIS A QUESTION?! 4 months ago  
fvck fries, i barely eat them... 4 months ago  
As long as it's not Kim jong cock, im okay. 4 months ago +1
coconut is nasty af 4 months ago  
i sacrifice my left hand... 4 months ago  
um...mermaid!!! 4 months ago  
idc really... 4 months ago  
*gaddafi 4 months ago  
they both won anyways... 4 months ago  
im in canada, so this wont effect me 4 months ago  
Hey man, that would be an awesome job 4 months ago  
looks isnt very 4 months ago  
yeah, why tf is this a goddamn question? 4 months ago  
wtf? 4 months ago  
and viddy shut down 4 months ago  
the f*** is viddy? 4 months ago  
why does it look like a troubled middle school student wrote this?! 4 months ago  
the girl in the pic doesn't have an ugly face... 4 months ago  
I am gonna ignore this question 4 months ago  
that's a little nasty... 4 months ago  
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