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B is decent but A sounds great 6 days ago  
misclick 6 days ago  
never b 6 days ago +1
wonder woman and besstboy 1 week ago +1
both good though 1 week ago  
both 1 week ago  
i did A before i typed well 1 week ago  
both suck 1 month ago  
D 1 month ago  
C 1 month ago  
idk 1 month ago  
g 1 month ago  
sadly imposs rn cause browns are 0-2 1 month ago  
d 1 month ago  
a 1 month ago  
d 1 month ago  
c 1 month ago  
tough but c 1 month ago  
E 1 month ago  
D 1 month ago  
a 1 month ago  
oh god i think c 1 month ago  
B 1 month ago +1
e 1 month ago +1
WAS GONNA SAY C BUT A 1 month ago  
a 1 month ago  
I MEAN C 1 month ago  
oh oops 1 month ago  
99% sure you've told me this before, B edit : D 1 month ago  
d 1 month ago  
don't seem like you'd listen to e or a but a's New album isn't earrape so e 1 month ago  
e 1 month ago +1
misclicked hard 1 month ago  
a is sickening 1 month ago +2
C 1 month ago  
d 1 month ago  
probably a 1 month ago  
ez 1 month ago  
sike 1 month ago  
love both but when did ranch lose and how is ketchup third place, how odd 1 month ago  
zoinks 1 month ago  
lovvve buffalo sauce 1 month ago  
s o d i u m 1 month ago  
stupid question imo 1 month ago  
tough but deadpool 1 month ago +1
yeet 1 month ago  
i love bob marley 1 month ago  
yeet 1 month ago  
although i hate to say it yes b is better HOWEVER I haven't tried 'a' but I will soon 1 month ago  
o f c o u r s e 1 month ago  
ok a is losing im pissed 1 month ago +1
probably 1 month ago  
easy 1 month ago  
too lazy and i don't come on too oftenn 1 month ago  
b sucks 1 month ago  
love ranch 1 month ago  
caramel sticks to my teeth and isn't all that great 1 month ago +1
anything but a 1 month ago  
both are good 1 month ago  
yes 1 month ago  
love this sh*t, sriracha isn't even that good 1 month ago  
yeah 1 month ago  
thank god b is finally done for, shouldve been gone longggg ago 1 month ago +1
yeah 1 month ago +1
what usmanc said 1 month ago +1
misclick 1 month ago  
thanks for making me hungry 1 month ago  
never heard of either. is this some europe thing 1 month ago  
at this rate this tourny will go on for approx 54ish days 1 month ago  
should've rigged it 1 month ago  
B is gonna win 1 month ago  
wtf how did 1000 island beat blue cheese 1 month ago  
both look like pedophiles 1 month ago  
thomas the dank engine 1 month ago +2
dank af 1 month ago  
love this 1 month ago  
yess 1 month ago  
depends 1 month ago  
tough 1 month ago  
oh true 1 month ago  
Spawn and Sonic 1 month ago +2
yeah 1 month ago  
ryu and boo-rad 1 month ago +1
probably botw or pubg or some random switch game 1 month ago +1
'a' looks good and is probably gonna be better than the jetpack and future bullsh*t that bo3, aw, and iw have. can't wait 1 month ago +1
MP solos 1 month ago +1
tough 1 month ago  
^^ 1 month ago  
let me be in it xx 1 month ago +1
loved this 1 month ago  
moves like jaguar 1 month ago  
oh sh*t that'd be grand 1 month ago  
debatable 1 month ago  
hell yuh 1 month ago  
yeet 1 month ago  
Global warming aint no hoax 1 month ago +1
thanks 1 month ago  
gym is pretty stupid 1 month ago +1
interesting 1 month ago  
eAsY 1 month ago  
nobody gives a damn 1 month ago  
drowning seems more painful 1 month ago  
Ravenclaw 1 month ago  
both are very believable 1 month ago  
it's been dead 1 month ago  
yeah 1 month ago  
that's be rad 2 months ago  
insert in 2017 we'll have flying cars meme here 2 months ago +1
less spooky 2 months ago  
obviously? 2 months ago  
this wouldn't fucck up your life at all 3 months ago  
*sigh* rip me 3 months ago  
valentine's day 3 months ago  
more frequent? i think 3 months ago +1
ooh 3 months ago  
who's your character of choice 3 months ago  
easily 3 months ago  
hell yeah 3 months ago  
me too 3 months ago +1
depends, but actions can be more reliable 3 months ago  
misclick, what's the point in living if you're alone. hell, what's the point in living if we're gonna die 3 months ago  
add my gender, a helicopter :,) 3 months ago  
one usually 4 months ago  
happy day of birth 4 months ago +1
I didn't know that 4 months ago  
what usmanc said 4 months ago  
who 4 months ago  
tldr 5 months ago  
scare it 5 months ago  
gotcha 5 months ago  
ohyus 5 months ago  
does that relate to the question 5 months ago  
lit 5 months ago  
who 5 months ago  
eh 5 months ago  
who 5 months ago  
wow you still do these tournaments xD 5 months ago  
I barely even come on. sure I don't care honestly 6 months ago  
Hardly ever eat lunch anyways 6 months ago  
15 ;) 6 months ago  
Fun Times, Goodbye World 7 months ago  
rip 7 months ago  
easily the best song on the album 7 months ago +1
great question... 7 months ago +1
add AnonymusDuck on steam!! 7 months ago  
kys 8 months ago  
TERRIBLW 8 months ago +5
B got repetitive 8 months ago  
love it 8 months ago  
Easily 8 months ago  
guest from Massachusetts 8 months ago +1
died last year 8 months ago  
NEVER A 8 months ago  
J Cole , Big Sean, Wiz 8 months ago  
love this one tbh 8 months ago  
"Off my best users overall list" XDDDD 8 months ago +1
Zacharius and Sarah 9 months ago  
Hell yay 9 months ago  
Good luck! 9 months ago  
continue this series pls 9 months ago  
Tough but i love drake 9 months ago  
definitely 9 months ago  
Tough 9 months ago  
Way cuter 9 months ago +1
^ 9 months ago  
I bet some retard would listen to anaconda 24/7 xD 9 months ago  
obviously 9 months ago  
whoever I liked more 9 months ago  
sure ™ 9 months ago  
screw makeup 9 months ago  
Thanks :) 9 months ago  
yeah 9 months ago  
ye 9 months ago  
I joined but I'm not here 0_0 9 months ago  
Tough one 9 months ago  
I'd be happy if I was given a million and able to keep half 9 months ago  
I only go on occasionally 9 months ago  
dam 9 months ago  
More money 9 months ago  
he's a young good player and has a good future 9 months ago  
yeah 9 months ago  
Definitely 9 months ago  
my blankets 9 months ago  
jrob196 definitely 9 months ago  
both are good 9 months ago  
^ 9 months ago +1
Would be dope as long as I survived 9 months ago  
Sure 9 months ago  
B is boring 9 months ago  
lol im trying and i think it's working, I only go on like once a week whereas last year I was on 2-3 hours per day 9 months ago  
Better chance of survival maybe, tough 9 months ago +2
._. 9 months ago  
Even tho I suck ass 9 months ago  
Wut 9 months ago  
okie 9 months ago  
Sorry friends 9 months ago +1
Den murder dem 9 months ago  
I can live without bacon 9 months ago  
Better known I think 9 months ago  
Fvck.. 9 months ago  
yeeee boii 9 months ago  
"get politically aware cunts" ~ Ilovefreedom 9 months ago +4
that's not gay retard 10 months ago +3
one of the best call of duty games 10 months ago  
it was lit 10 months ago  
totally 10 months ago  
About 4 times a week 10 months ago  
Coyote or a Black Widow 10 months ago  
perfectly fine 10 months ago  
Dank 10 months ago  
Drink bleach 10 months ago  
._. 10 months ago  
did you watch it? 10 months ago  
xD 10 months ago  
What jadenl said 10 months ago +1
Wanted to watch it 10 months ago +2
Hate people who do B 10 months ago +1
xD 10 months ago  
Can't wait for the movie 10 months ago  
Sweet 10 months ago  
How big are the woods 10 months ago  
Captain America Civil War 10 months ago +1
Halo good tho 10 months ago  
Sure 10 months ago  
15 or above 10 months ago  
Hi 10 months ago  
Depends 11 months ago  
Nice 11 months ago  
These questions are pretty dope 11 months ago  
Yay 11 months ago  
Both are cool tho 11 months ago  
Squirtle 11 months ago  
MindlessPie 11 months ago  
Except child marriage 11 months ago  
dislike both but the lesser of two evils 11 months ago  
Cool question 11 months ago +2
both are good songs 11 months ago  
yay 11 months ago  
hey, better than i could've made a question 11 months ago +1
O sh*t 11 months ago  
you're right 11 months ago  
Nice question 11 months ago +2
Don't vote at all if you're voting for 3rd party candidate, they ain't gon win 11 months ago  
live in walmart 11 months ago +1
Neither 11 months ago  
-_- 11 months ago  
Fucck off mate 11 months ago  
The question wasn't "Do you wear contacts?" 11 months ago  
Oh lord 11 months ago  
Any one but B 11 months ago  
You can't put yourself in more than twice lmao 11 months ago  
xD they're the same person 11 months ago  
Way worse 11 months ago  
Tru 11 months ago  
You can't put urself in 4 times 11 months ago  
You can't put yourself in 3 times haha 11 months ago  
Not A 11 months ago  
A would probs hurt way worse 11 months ago  
Not B 11 months ago +1
Unintelligent man of African American descent 11 months ago +2
Homepage 11 months ago  
You're not keemstar 11 months ago  
T-t-t-tt-tt-otally 11 months ago  
Sometimes says Virginia 11 months ago  
Well both are effin morons and both will ruin the country 11 months ago  
Sometimes 11 months ago  
Better than Crooked Hillary, but option C Gary Johnson 2016 11 months ago +1
Cowboys 11 months ago  
Hell ye 11 months ago  
Pissed the Dodgers lost 11 months ago  
Saw Rihanna clicked Rihanna 11 months ago +2
Didntknow you've been abused 1 year ago  
Neither 1 year ago +1
Totally 1 year ago +1
Misclick, already does exist 1 year ago  
xD 1 year ago +1
cocky basterd 1 year ago  
Been in love / Broken a heart / Been heartbroken / Kissed / Had a gf / Been cheated on / Been stung / gotten all a's / Been bullied / Been a bully / Felt insecure / Been ignored / Been embarrassed / Cried myself to sleep / Stayed up all night / Smiled / Laughed / Fake smiled / Hated myself / Hated someone / Wanted to die / Am depressed / Always been clean / Seen a therapist / I ACCEPT MYSELF :) 1 year ago  
Aw :( 1 year ago +1
Ik the person in your picture is you, it's gay as fucck 1 year ago  
There scientific evidence to prove you're a gay fuucckboy 1 year ago  
Heaven 1 year ago  
Anyone but A 1 year ago  
Both 1 year ago  
Neither 1 year ago  
Hillary - "it's awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not running the law." Donald - because you'd be in jail 1 year ago +7
lmao 1 year ago  
Misclick 1 year ago  
Fucck Harambe 1 year ago  
why tho 1 year ago  
Tough 1 year ago +1
Fucck yeah 1 year ago +1
Sorry whoever 1 year ago +1
Dope 1 year ago  
UK pls 1 year ago  
Young, Wild, and Free is the sh*t 1 year ago  
Never 1 year ago +1
One more vote 1 year ago  
Rekt 1 year ago  
S T O P 1 year ago  
With my family/friends 1 year ago  
Hella duh 1 year ago  
Better than Crooked Hillary 1 year ago  
Misclick, almost every day 1 year ago  
Ello 1 year ago  
I'd kill myself, like bruh this is literally hell on earth 1 year ago  
Somebody trying to murder a completely innocent person / family 1 year ago +1
Fudge 1 year ago  
Misclick, I'd do it for 10 mil 1 year ago  
CoD 1 year ago  
He's awesome 1 year ago  
Neither 1 year ago  
Neither 1 year ago  
Your theory makes sense 1 year ago  
Half European 1 year ago  
Hell yeah 1 year ago  
Take a look at the jenners and the kardashians 1 year ago +1
Badass 1 year ago  
Omg same 1 year ago +1
No this IS PATRICK 1 year ago  
Wanna talk on tweeter 1 year ago  
QUEEN 1 year ago  
It's been boring 1 year ago +2
RIP 1 year ago  
@ alexw front page this dude's questions 1 year ago +1
Noice question m8 1 year ago +3
Fucck yeah 1 year ago +1
Duh 1 year ago  
I miss blockbusters 1 year ago  
MASTER SERGEANT 1 year ago  
It's been like this for like a month, idk why 1 year ago  
Niceeee 1 year ago  
Was a guest for like 2-3 months 1 year ago  
Don't care honestly 1 year ago  
Iconic 1 year ago  
This should win the whole tournament 1 year ago  
Hell yeah 1 year ago  
Ehh 1 year ago  
Hmm 1 year ago  
Obviously 1 year ago  
Duh 1 year ago  
Definitely 1 year ago  
What friends? 1 year ago  
csgo 1 year ago  
Hell yeah 1 year ago +1
A bit overrated but a good show 1 year ago +1
I have a chance of survival still 1 year ago  
That_Person ftw 1 year ago +3
Almost all the time 1 year ago  
Sure 1 year ago  
One of my favorite Queen songs 1 year ago  
I feel like throwing up on teh tea cups 1 year ago  
Harry Potter for sure idk what else 1 year ago +1
Fries 1 year ago  
Hell yeah 1 year ago  
Both are asshats who have no clue how to rap 1 year ago  
Saw B, clicked A 1 year ago  
Jesus solos for the 3rd time 1 year ago +1
I miss the old miley 1 year ago  
U sure? 1 year ago  
AJ solos 1 year ago +1
Red & Purple 1 year ago  
Fries are the only good thing about it 1 year ago  
Smart 1 year ago  
Halo 1 year ago  
Ohmigod 1 year ago  
Lol dayummm 1 year ago  
Hold up did I make it to the next round? 1 year ago  
She's awesome 1 year ago  
This site is bullshiit 1 year ago +1
Already am 1 year ago  
Charity AnonymousDuck, Torture Chupacabra, Imprison SovietMario, Kill POpCoRn 1 year ago +2
Tough 1 year ago  
If I was a girl I'd go lesbian no homo 1 year ago  
Really? 1 year ago  
That_Person solos 1 year ago +3
Obviously 1 year ago  
Right there with ya 1 year ago  
Jesus could kill everyone on the fucckin earth if he wanted to 1 year ago  
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