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Dis is fake. Humans did not evolve, they were made by god. Apes started out as apes and humans stated out as humans. 10 months ago +2
Okay thats something I understand XD 10 months ago  
lul wut 10 months ago  
Mk then 10 months ago  
Boo 10 months ago  
Thats a lump of wood dumb dumb 10 months ago  
Awesome 10 months ago  
Looks kewll 10 months ago  
Badass 10 months ago  
Did you not watch Batman Vs. Superman? 10 months ago  
Wont ruin me and my body forever 10 months ago +1
Ur cool but id prefer candy XD 10 months ago  
Another vegan made this 10 months ago +1
What is this "Kinky" you speak of 10 months ago  
Wut!? Thats crazy I didnt know that 10 months ago +1
Game all day every day 10 months ago  
Another vegetarian weirdo im guessing? 10 months ago  
Badass :P 10 months ago  
Never tried B wish I could but im on a diet 10 months ago  
Unless it makes a time paradox if you meet your other self, like in the Mr. Peabody and Sherman movie 10 months ago +1
Cute, Fat, and stupid 10 months ago  
I would never suvive without internet 10 months ago  
Depends if they are okay with it 10 months ago  
You can always go without a face, that actually works ive seen people do that 10 months ago  
Cube survival. Minecraft ripoffs trigger me greatly 10 months ago  
depends 10 months ago  
Whatever you have your opinion I have mine, move along people 10 months ago  
Whats your problem 10 months ago  
Still what does what you just said have to do with what im talking about? and also, Delphox can also beat ice, so your arguement is invalid 10 months ago  
Already have A 10 months ago  
Git wreked 10 months ago  
I wish I had the game so bad ;~; 10 months ago  
Just dont throw it 10 months ago  
Depends... If its something fun then increase. If its scary or boring then decrease 10 months ago  
Okay then 10 months ago  
Rings 10 months ago  
I dont have a favorite hisorical character. *Sees dead bird* Okay theres my favorite. He was alive in the past so it counts XD 10 months ago  
I also love symmetry lol 10 months ago  
Wait I read it wrong XP Some of those skills I wouldnt need sooooo yeah 10 months ago +1
Neither. A is going overboard while B would give me diabetes and serious weight gain 10 months ago  
or at least keep it at home with you untill the next day 10 months ago  
My body is... well... XD 10 months ago  
I need to know if its awquard so I can shut da fvck up and get out of there 10 months ago  
Squirtle should be on that first spot instead of charmander 10 months ago  
And? What does that have to do with what im talking about 10 months ago  
Pika mew! 10 months ago  
I could be a transformer that turns into a robotic dragon. way coooler 10 months ago  
Yay parkour just got a lot more fun 10 months ago  
Futuristic shiz 10 months ago  
Thats how some movies are kinda. They show you what is happening now and then they slowly put together the past so you know why/how things happened. Exept this is a little weirder 10 months ago  
ikr 10 months ago +1
Math? Ain't nobody got time fo dat 10 months ago  
Sell it for 4 dollars. Buy something else and sell it for 6 dollars. (You see where im going with this) 10 months ago  
I only know ugtugnururjfi 10 months ago  
I had leftover spaghetti from cheescake factory 10 months ago  
Do you know how many times ive died because of lag in splatoon!? 10 months ago  
THATS A GIANT DAMN SODA XD 10 months ago  
Thats a dayum smol snake 10 months ago  
Not cancerous 10 months ago +1
;-; *Claps slowly* Amazing 10 months ago  
Another vegan weirdo im guessing made this question 10 months ago +2
I am infuriated 10 months ago  
THE POWERS! Honey Lemon's element bag was amazing I would love to have that irl 10 months ago  
Exactly. But I think what they meant by "Hottest" was as in heat. But I might be wrong 10 months ago +1
at night 10 months ago  
Bruh thats easy 10 months ago  
ONE PUUUUUNCH! 10 months ago  
In that case I liked Rumble World 10 months ago  
Ohhhhh XD 10 months ago  
Dont know/remember any games that came out in April that I liked 10 months ago  
The car that is better for me is the one I like 10 months ago +1
Deal with it 10 months ago  
Says Ness. 10 months ago  
Duh 10 months ago  
I saw pastries XD 10 months ago  
Smh dun car 10 months ago  
Yes you do son, yes you do. 10 months ago  
Ill take it in a bag 10 months ago  
I dont really need A 10 months ago +1
Doesnt smell as much 10 months ago  
Id rather not live in a world where the only thing I lnow is stealing and strippers 10 months ago  
ALLAHU AKBAR!?!??!?! EVERYONE RUN 10 months ago  
True lol 10 months ago  
Disabilities wont matter. Ill still love her the same 10 months ago  
Lol 10 months ago  
They asked me why. I said, "Wynaut" 10 months ago +1
I see 10 months ago  
my god XD 10 months ago  
Obviously. 10 months ago  
I wont care either way. (Unless she gets pregnant or some crap like that) 10 months ago +2
That pic is disturbing (For A) But whatevs still its a no 10 months ago  
lel 10 months ago  
Wait... I could save the wings and have a beautiful decoration! But still, butterflies are too pretty to kill 10 months ago  
I get lonely mk XD 10 months ago  
Wait... does that count my head hair!?! NOOOOO 10 months ago  
Cheeks. bag. lip protector (For me). 10 months ago  
Shoot me 1st 10 months ago  
Yay I get her psp! XD 10 months ago  
I dont masturbate anyways 10 months ago  
Just dont breathe on people lol 10 months ago  
skepp 10 months ago  
skipp 10 months ago  
It'll be a super clean tub 10 months ago  
Dunno wut dat iz 10 months ago  
Do it on the non-sharp part 10 months ago  
Then I could spit it out quickly 10 months ago  
gummies 10 months ago  
Doesnt specifically say u actually have to 10 months ago  
Smh 10 months ago  
Already did when I was a baby XD 10 months ago  
Doesnt have to be THAT cow 10 months ago  
Skip 10 months ago  
RINSE IT!!!! 10 months ago  
Unless they mean... THE OTHER KIND OF WORMS... 0_0 10 months ago  
Gummy worms and im good 10 months ago  
Its kiiinda part of life 10 months ago  
Bruh 10 months ago  
Trolololollololoollololololololololol 10 months ago +1
You are a monster. *Hold up bible* OUT OF THIS HOUSE! 10 months ago  
What in the litteral f.ck? 10 months ago  
At least you have a small chance of escaping since your not locked in anything 10 months ago +3
Its called Zelda Breath of the Wild my dearest child XD 10 months ago  
._. 10 months ago  
no 10 months ago  
Every dei 10 months ago +1
Which came first tell me that 10 months ago  
Both 10 months ago +1
Depends on how they are treated and stuff 10 months ago +3
BOWS!!!!! YEEEESSSSSSS 10 months ago  
Duh 10 months ago  
misclick 10 months ago  
No thx 10 months ago  
How gay was it? 10 months ago  
all dem geys (No offense lol) besides that probably little kids and stuff. I wanted to see it but my parents are against gay content so smh 10 months ago  
That way you could know what clothes to buy and stuff 10 months ago +3
It depends on what they like... if its sports im out have fun yo guys XD 10 months ago  
Im that one person who responds to everything ASAP 10 months ago  
Doi 10 months ago  
That face tho XD 10 months ago  
Misclick. I meant to choose Shoot myself 10 months ago +2
Voodoo is witchcraft. Even if I wanted to I wouldnt because its just wrong 10 months ago  
For me its the other way around lol 10 months ago  
My gf says im hot... But I dunno XP 10 months ago +1
So... only 2? okay then XD 10 months ago  
Scarry af tho 10 months ago  
Its link, ya dumbass 10 months ago  
Ill slip into my bed at night. PERFECT COUNTER! XD 10 months ago  
Misclick. Ive always wanted someone who is just like me.... (I get lonely playing mario party by myself XD) 10 months ago  
I just watched it last night lol 10 months ago  
I dunno either of them irl soooo 10 months ago  
Im already 1/2 american lol 10 months ago  
Pocket sand XD 10 months ago  
Sounds fun to use 10 months ago  
SONIC IM COMING XD 10 months ago  
Actually im pretty sure thats a larvae 10 months ago  
Hell no 10 months ago  
misclick. Spiders are scary 10 months ago  
Halloweentown was awesome! 10 months ago  
nah 10 months ago  
It was a kids bible... and It was a little shorter thn the real one but it still counts 10 months ago  
A's quote is false. 10 months ago  
Someone gets it!!! 10 months ago  
cuter looking 10 months ago  
Am I the only one who plays Xbox online and actually does what im supposed to do to win??? 10 months ago  
Say herro to my ness. 10 months ago  
Paralyze and then side smash. Goodbye Ike 10 months ago  
*Remembers the bullet train song* naw im good. XD 10 months ago  
Id go back before I lost my phone nd make things right XD 10 months ago  
Two words: Pikachu. Hat. 10 months ago  
I should mention: im not making questions on weekends because im busy on those days 10 months ago  
Ikr 10 months ago +1
BRUH 10 months ago  
nvm 10 months ago  
when you were born in 2005, id like to say otherwise lol 10 months ago  
Still nah. 10 months ago  
ITS TIME TO ACE MATH 10 months ago  
no emo 10 months ago  
pop or electro idk 10 months ago  
Misclick 10 months ago  
Not as cancerous XD 10 months ago  
NOBODY HAS TO KNOW 10 months ago  
Men with makeup is gross 10 months ago  
The fanfics. THE FANFICS. THE. FANFIIIIIICS 10 months ago  
I just put him outside and tell him not to do that. 10 months ago  
YEEEEEESSSSSSS 10 months ago  
yeeeessss 10 months ago  
School supplies are easy to get anyways 10 months ago  
I d'wanna have a beard 10 months ago  
I already have a gf XD 10 months ago  
Its still a problem. And if I fix all da problems in the world (Key word "All") then I will get robux anyways, plus I would have fixed much more important things too. LOGIIIC 10 months ago  
Oh yay ^^ 10 months ago  
Here. *The list says "Accept Christ as your lord and savior" and, "Get baptized"* 10 months ago  
I havent been baptized yet tho... better get on it 10 months ago  
Gods not dead hes surely alive 10 months ago  
I dont use roblox much soooo... also if I could fix all the problems in the world, not having enough robux would be one. LOGIC, KIDS! 10 months ago  
Switch? CLICK!? *Loud af snap noise* XD 10 months ago  
Xbox and cats. Nintendo would have won my vote if it was in one of these 10 months ago  
I was 63 but smh 10 months ago  
UMMMMMMM XD 10 months ago  
I do this anyways XD 10 months ago  
Reeses scrape the roof of my mouth idk why... Also y there no ctc!??! I NEED THAT CTC XD 10 months ago  
*Thinks of hillary clinton dying* Good-bye. 10 months ago  
that pic tho *Dies* 10 months ago  
I could save people/myself from shootings! or..getting hit on the head with a ball 3 times at church... 10 months ago  
We,, are the crystal gems! we'll always save the day! and if you think we cant, we'll, always find a way! thats why the people, of this world, believe in, Garnet Armrest (XD) and Pearl. AND STEVEN! 10 months ago +1
YOSHIIII *Imitates tounge sound* 10 months ago  
duhhhh 10 months ago  
Less cancerous (Maybe) 10 months ago  
Itll be my gf. XD 10 months ago  
*Trump is/ Trump's 10 months ago  
No, Hillary Clinton is an ass. 10 months ago  
WERE GONNA BUILD A WALL 10 months ago  
Im gonna relive the time I tripped and fell. It was horrible 10 months ago  
these r funny 10 months ago  
duhh 10 months ago +1
My sadness embodied would be a smol blob of pure sighs and boredom 10 months ago +1
Id have almost no respect XD 10 months ago  
If I know the answers, why would I need to ask anything? 10 months ago +3
In an arcade. BEAT HIM! WITH GAMES XD 10 months ago  
could actually help me with mah life. The other is kinda part of life soooo :/ 10 months ago  
bruhh 10 months ago  
bruh 10 months ago  
Doi 10 months ago +1
Bottoms up XD 10 months ago +1
bruh 10 months ago  
Well it depends on wether or not you clean it well in the shower and.... *Pukes in mouth* mk ima stop talkin 10 months ago  
Id get done with school for once XD 10 months ago  
Tokyo here I come 10 months ago  
*Whatever 10 months ago  
She can heal me and shizz 10 months ago  
Less noticeable and shiz 10 months ago +2
DUH 10 months ago  
take it off! take it off! ah, ah. take it off! take it off! (Shake it off reference) XD 10 months ago  
Then me and my gf would have something else in common XD (Not that thats a problem lol) 10 months ago  
YAAAAASSSS 10 months ago  
????? 10 months ago  
If it aint broke dont fiddle with it 10 months ago +1
All that should matter is that it was answered correctly 10 months ago  
put something on to cover your tounge 10 months ago  
-_- 10 months ago  
A is weird af 10 months ago  
god didnt cause the big bang because big bang isnt what he made.... 10 months ago  
neither 10 months ago  
wait no wrong one 10 months ago  
Not gay :v 10 months ago  
Im not any of those things really soooo XD 10 months ago  
Thats what im doing, see. XD 10 months ago  
Whats a "Wisdom"? XD 10 months ago  
.-. 10 months ago  
kinda 10 months ago  
duhh 10 months ago  
... 10 months ago  
open da windoe 1st 10 months ago  
1-$5 10 months ago  
everyone does.... at least those who follor god 10 months ago  
bruhhh 10 months ago  
im male so neither 10 months ago  
*more fun 10 months ago  
bruhh 10 months ago  
??? 10 months ago +2
XD 10 months ago  
ikr 10 months ago  
Im too much of a goofball around other people 10 months ago  
DAB XD 10 months ago  
blegh 10 months ago  
Bruh 10 months ago  
so does this one lol 10 months ago  
Eminem is trash. Drake has a music video that has turned into a gif that I love. Its a landslide here XD 10 months ago  
DUNNO 10 months ago  
looks adorable XD 10 months ago +1
Silent Hill is scary af 10 months ago +1
Did you know that I correctly answered an extremely advanced question that would be required to go to a really good college I forgot the name of 10 months ago  
Cover dem with posters and a big ceiling fan 10 months ago  
A pic of my cat ;3 10 months ago +1
DUH 10 months ago +1
I live on the second floor of my house... I couldnt live life XD 10 months ago  
Dortio Tocos for me 10 months ago  
bruh 10 months ago  
Crabs wont kill you 10 months ago +1
2 reasons: One, I can clean it well before I use it, and 2, it says "Not likely" meaning it could still be a hot guy/women 10 months ago  
It wont keck me in the gut 10 months ago  
I hate cleaning 10 months ago  
Jump out da window XD 10 months ago  
11 (12 In a few months) 10 months ago  
21 SAVEG XD 10 months ago  
My gf is a few months younger that me. It still counts XD 10 months ago  
???? 10 months ago  
Im already handsome XD 10 months ago  
Typo? XD 10 months ago +1
Make my hair 1% darker brown. XD 10 months ago +1
So... nothing changes? XD 10 months ago  
Bruh 10 months ago  
*sarcasm* 11 months ago  
paper cuts are really rare... ive only goten 1 in my life... and like 20+ things i my eye XD 11 months ago  
I leik rice 11 months ago  
it doesnt say where u have to kiss them 11 months ago  
... 11 months ago  
about 3 times 11 months ago  
So nothing happens? XD (Im not exactly fat but still XD) 11 months ago  
If my family read my history, id get my ass kicked to the curb. XD 11 months ago +1
Cant loose what you dont have amiright 11 months ago  
Oh damn XD 11 months ago  
I NEEDS LOVE!!!! 11 months ago  
Challenge accepted. XD 11 months ago  
No sleep yay! XD 11 months ago  
My best friend is my gf XD 11 months ago  
My dreams.... are... um...... 11 months ago  
who said the aliens were bad? 11 months ago  
God is already real, soooooooo 11 months ago  
So.... nothing happens? XD 11 months ago  
Woop am gangnam style! woop! woop woop! XD 11 months ago  
Stay still, they dont eat you unless you panic and shizz 11 months ago  
Im an albatrouz! XD 11 months ago  
Im 11 so nothing happens XD 11 months ago  
I love ninjas! So stealthy, with dem swords!!!! AND DA THROWING STARS!!! 11 months ago  
Shih tzu plz ^^ 11 months ago  
Im good at arguing XD 11 months ago  
Put it on my foot no one will see it XD 11 months ago  
Amurica: Land of da free, home of da brave 11 months ago  
Screw duh vacation I wan mah gf ^^ 11 months ago  
Okie lol 11 months ago  
idk 11 months ago  
I dont understand. What is this "Outside" you speak of? Is it a game? If not ill pass. 11 months ago  
Me XD 11 months ago  
Good one XD 11 months ago  
Id rather have to kill elmokitty 11 months ago  
Bruh what kind of question is this??? 11 months ago  
Herro paychecks every month... IT ME XD 11 months ago  
Omg 11 months ago  
That cat is strait up adorable X3 11 months ago  
One word: Phone. XD 11 months ago  
What can you guess from the pic? 11 months ago  
Love the siner hate the sin is what my parents say 11 months ago  
*Claps slowly* You my friend are amazing 11 months ago  
I dont go to starbucks much... 11 months ago  
FIND DA CURE! XD 11 months ago  
Doi 11 months ago  
I'd ask for the power to summon money. XD 11 months ago  
...No. 11 months ago +1
So you think that the earth just *POP!* came to life? Thats what I call a fairy tale. Who made the big bang do you think? Please tell me im dying to know your horrible opinion. 11 months ago  
Both cause diabetes 11 months ago  
One word: Spin dash. XD 11 months ago  
Yes, Sonic Colors. XD 11 months ago  
Is this even a question? 11 months ago  
MLP is pure cancer 11 months ago  
:D 11 months ago  
waaaay too big 11 months ago  
Ehhh 11 months ago  
I have one so we would have something in common XD 11 months ago  
50/50 11 months ago  
Maybe a little informal 11 months ago +1
The other looks messy 11 months ago  
Huh? 11 months ago  
.-. 11 months ago  
I would love her but ccmon my mom says that and she spends 2+ hours in VS when we go to the mall XD 11 months ago  
I never drink soda 11 months ago  
dafuq? 11 months ago +2
I don leik tight shiz 11 months ago  
I might make a fool out of myself, but football is boring :/ 11 months ago  
If it was my gf then I would be like a human shield XD 11 months ago  
Wut? XD 11 months ago  
I wouldnt be able to go to church otherwise... 11 months ago  
Runny nose? HELL NO! 11 months ago  
wait... NO I COULD SUMMON MY GF!!! or I could just summon a plane and fly to where she lives... XD 11 months ago  
That motorcycle looks amazing 11 months ago +1
GIMME DAT BLUEBERRY 11 months ago  
Abadoned places are lonely and they scare meh >.> 11 months ago  
SMH 11 months ago  
I dont like hot wings so ill never be angry :P but B's pic looks good I need a link to that XD 11 months ago +1
??? 11 months ago  
Im like rock: I dont care bout' chow opinion XD 11 months ago  
He looks cool-ish 11 months ago  
I haz gf 11 months ago +1
wait I read it wrong XD 11 months ago  
As long as I can take control if I need to 11 months ago +2
Im on a diet so that power would be bad 4 me... also yay I get to move stuff XD 11 months ago  
so.... nothing happens? XD 11 months ago  
Cream cheese is like a sweet frosting 11 months ago  
I love Jack in P.O.T.C he was hilarious XD 11 months ago +3
Wait... I could make my parents forget about my gf! then I could get my phone back YEESSS XD (Bottom line I picked the worng one) 11 months ago +1
so.... nothing changes? XD 11 months ago  
lol good one 11 months ago  
once you grow up, say bye bye to daddy and daddy XD 11 months ago  
Lel 11 months ago  
Id rather watch Pokemon thanks XD 11 months ago  
GIANT ROBO MECH!!!! YAAS XD 11 months ago  
VIDEO GAAAAAAMES 11 months ago +3
I only played Star Fox 0 but meh 11 months ago  
yeah it is dumbass 11 months ago  
Bricks hurt 11 months ago  
The other looks like the equivalent of pure cringe 11 months ago  
Delphox could kill Blaziken... cause' ya know psychic beats fighting 11 months ago +1
smh 11 months ago  
Jesus isnt a pokemon... sooooooooo 11 months ago  
The other is... um... .-. 11 months ago  
If you cant see hear or speak, all you can do is lie down and hope nothing happens 11 months ago  
Gimme a ditto so I can have anything :P 11 months ago  
The pokemon movie XD 11 months ago  
Sailor moon, Pokemon, and Yu-gi-oh! (Yes those count XD) 11 months ago +1
I don wanna see everyone as hostile 11 months ago  
I have a gf ya know XD 11 months ago +2
EGG AND CHEEZ XD 11 months ago +3
Exactly. 11 months ago  
#TeamMoon 11 months ago +1
Exactly why I hate it. THE PORN IS EVERYWHERE I SAY 11 months ago +1
Lets see... we already have about 3 other lion pokemon... but only one giant bat... Which is more original tell me? XD 11 months ago +3
Id rather jump off a plane 500ft above ground, thanks. XD 11 months ago  
Skip 11 months ago  
lol I see 11 months ago  
howabout I end the the life of the person who made this 11 months ago  
*Forever 11 months ago  
skipp 11 months ago  
Smh 11 months ago  
Piranhas are small. and only 1? nothin to worry bout lol 11 months ago  
YAAAASSSS 11 months ago  
Purify it 1st howbowdah XD 11 months ago  
OH GOOD IDEA XD 11 months ago  
ANYTHING BUT OBAMA 11 months ago  
Yay! XD 11 months ago  
I liked the chronicles of narnia ^^ 11 months ago  
*Facepalm* 11 months ago  
Id rather look like a 11 year-old boy, thanks. XD 11 months ago  
I need to know if I will get my phone back from my parents. XD 11 months ago  
... 11 months ago  
Do it lightly. also make sure there is someone to catch him/her 11 months ago  
Chances are, my gf wouldnt care, cuz shes bi and we both like a gay ship so no harm done 11 months ago  
Furries. Why. Must. You. Do. This. To. Me. 11 months ago  
because they are a bum. Why the f*** would you run over your dog!?!?!? 11 months ago  
@[email protected] 11 months ago  
my best friend is my gf... sooooooo 11 months ago  
im not gay, sooooooooo 11 months ago  
Selena looks nice :P 11 months ago  
@[email protected] 11 months ago  
Humans r animals so im good XD 11 months ago +1
@[email protected] 11 months ago  
..? 11 months ago  
Howbout kiss my ass 11 months ago  
Pudding! 11 months ago  
2 words: Atomic. Bomb. 11 months ago  
Boi 11 months ago  
*Chokes you with the force* YOU WILL DIEEEEE 11 months ago  
I get to fly places 11 months ago  
The handcuffs make it hard amiright XD 11 months ago  
They arent ugly so im good 11 months ago  
Screw tests! also it say "Most" so I still have to keep goin... 11 months ago  
Nope. 11 months ago  
Pika! 11 months ago  
I can still have fruit! 11 months ago  
she looks funny XD like my gf 11 months ago  
Whales are majestic. Birds poop on your new shirt. 11 months ago  
No thugs, stores are open, u dont have ta go to sleep in a few mins, seems legit. 11 months ago  
lmao XD 11 months ago  
1,000,000 Is enough, I dont need to risk it 11 months ago  
My hair is too good XD 11 months ago  
Id rather look like an 11 year-old boy, thanks. XD 11 months ago  
Gimme dat bleach! XD 11 months ago  
I prefer water, thanks. 11 months ago  
Id rather drink water, thanks. 11 months ago  
I could be famous for being wealthy 11 months ago  
Wait... NO HELL NO I-I F...ED UP!!!! 11 months ago  
Same 11 months ago  
No preggy 4 me XD 11 months ago  
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