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Would you rather Stay a kid or become one forever or Grow up! 1 month ago 63 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Eat Cocoa Puffs or Eat Count Chocula 3 months ago 103 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather know That your not better than anyone at anything or That your better than everyone so no one likes you 5 months ago 36 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Do I text my ex boyfriend back plus,he cheated (He texted first) Why not maybe he wants to explain to you what really happened or No!! Because he will keep texting you 7 months ago 57 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Chose your death or Let faith chose 7 months ago 66 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be a winner at everything except a long life or Be a loser but have everything you’ve ever wanted 7 months ago 58 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... and even if you do have one Adopt a puppy or Adopt an kitten 7 months ago 55 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Kill your mum or Kill your pop 1 year ago 147 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Color or Grayscale 1 year ago 322 votes 7 comments 0 likes

Kellyje645 has posted the following comments:

Nowife 3 weeks ago  
Baby me babs 3 weeks ago  
His wife 3 weeks ago  
Missclick 3 weeks ago  
Lay down the facts 3 weeks ago  
Damn you Einstein 3 weeks ago  
Stand up for what’s right 3 weeks ago  
My brother is lonely and bitter 3 weeks ago  
For A, everyone has 1 billion to 80 billion dollars and I have 1 mil to 100 mil 3 weeks ago  
Gummy 3 weeks ago  
Me dieing 3 weeks ago  
Martin Luther king 3 weeks ago  
Jokes on you I don’t have that much money 3 weeks ago  
Best life ever!!!!!!!!! 3 weeks ago  
Why not?.......................................(still thinking).................................(thinking)...................(thinks about life decisions)..................................................... was........................................SURE WHY NOT!!!!!!!!!! 4 weeks ago  
IN a school 1 month ago  
I would just blindfold you though and not tell you I’m naked for the two hours we’re having sex 1 month ago  
True 1 month ago  
Shut up (says in a joking way) 1 month ago  
So should we date or what? 1 month ago  
Ehwww 1 month ago  
Be 1 month ago  
Ha ha thanks for voting 1 month ago  
Wow 1 month ago  
OMI 1 month ago  
Teen is not an adult(just kidding be what you want) 1 month ago  
Me too i can do whatever I want 1 month ago  
You did hater 1 month ago  
Same 1 month ago  
Why they have to be black 1 month ago  
Me 1 month ago  
E 1 month ago  
Plastic fake tattos 1 month ago  
Hardest question yet 1 month ago  
Just die 1 month ago  
Meth. 1 month ago  
Scientific metho 1 month ago  
I can tspell 1 month ago  
I get hella nervouse 1 month ago  
Racist dick 1 month ago  
Holy sh*t YES 1 month ago  
Well if you think about is a non-fictional sounds really really really bad...........DANG IT I wanted to prove you wrong 2 months ago  
Thx 2 months ago  
Yes 2 months ago  
Ha thx for voting 2 months ago  
Netflix and chill 3 months ago  
My secrets are non existent I’m an open book 3 months ago  
I’m mediocre on this because I don’t loke a guy with a lot of piercings but one or two is fine 3 months ago  
As long as it’s not a child 3 months ago  
Grey is a nice color 3 months ago  
Shut your mouth 3 months ago  
Perfect tv show 3 months ago  
I’m to pretty to go to jail 3 months ago  
No more shaveing 3 months ago  
She says “I wouldn’t go out with you if my life depended on it” I say “way to show you don’t like someone” *in a creepy way” 3 months ago  
Why? Are you sexist 3 months ago  
What’s your name again? MY NAME IS FLLLLLLLOOOOOO 3 months ago  
No this is KELLY 3 months ago  
All 3 months ago  
Middle Latino? She’s badass 3 months ago  
Third wheel or single group 3 months ago  
*in deep voice* “I am BATMAN” 3 months ago  
I would become the flash 3 months ago  
Will the fire hurt the girls? 3 months ago  
Yes it is 3 months ago  
I would lose my mind either way 3 months ago  
My mom says “Kelly go get some real friends” then I say “ Mom!!” “Jerome is real” 4 months ago  
No answering 4 months ago  
Is fine as hell 4 months ago  
Archie 4 months ago  
Roni 4 months ago  
Why make someone else suffer 4 months ago  
I’m cold and distant 4 months ago  
Not answering 4 months ago  
In my dreams 4 months ago +1
So romantic 4 months ago +1
I would become a whore 4 months ago +1
Girls, have you ever seen a teenager boy as a hipster #cute 4 months ago  
I could cheat on that person with option A then give option A money. Then break-up with option B and have a HAPPY LIFE with option A 4 months ago  
To my mum this morning 4 months ago  
Hella funny 4 months ago +2
My crush is on this web 4 months ago  
You could always cheat 4 months ago  
142 is really young 4 months ago  
First kiss tells a girl if you guys were meant to be 4 months ago  
I would not care, hell I would elope 4 months ago  
That means she’s confident in herself that equals great sex take it from me 4 months ago  
That would be mother-trucking cool 4 months ago  
Relationships last because of arguing but not to much 4 months ago  
Wrong one 4 months ago  
Wtf 4 months ago  
All of you 75% are lying including me 4 months ago  
Only if I really love him 4 months ago  
Frozen sex.... oh ice powers 4 months ago  
I’m straight as pop 4 months ago  
Clicked the wrong thing 4 months ago  
Not about the looks 4 months ago  
I’d be rich 4 months ago +2
*cried myself to sleep* 4 months ago  
Opps I meant to say “let fate chose” 4 months ago  
Alexw,usmanc,American_Jedi,Sodium,SebaxU for option A 5 months ago  
It’s called books 5 months ago  
Be a freak or a freaking cool fire man 5 months ago  
Wrong one if A I won’t smack a gentleman 5 months ago  
Can you wear a bra 5 months ago  
And you... 5 months ago  
gg usmanc 5 months ago +1
I am 5 months ago  
I would die 5 months ago  
Yes. would you rather have a bag full of money or expensive bags? 5 months ago  
And 3 years in jail 5 months ago  
1 is enough 5 months ago  
Not hot.......... cute 5 months ago +1
You don’t know what Twitch is? It’s where people live stream gaming,vlogs or :etc. It’s basically fake YouTube 5 months ago  
A lie 5 months ago  
Can I have no kids and have a good husband 5 months ago  
More rewarding 5 months ago  
All woman already look good 5 months ago  
Your stupid 5 months ago  
I can’t live with wrinkles 5 months ago  
Their not drowning at the same time 5 months ago  
Glee 5 months ago  
Most likely to happen right now 5 months ago  
Both Taylor Launtner here I come 5 months ago  
Where’s there 5 months ago  
He’s still a person just put the n a blind fold and imagine Taylor Launtner 5 months ago  
My older sis and my mom also my dad 5 months ago  
We got a kitten because kitten was most popular at that moment 5 months ago  
It’s not my fault I’m British 5 months ago +1
You will eventually become the best of friends. Then kill yourself for dumping your old friend because you realize how stupid your new friend is. 5 months ago  
So you love freedom huh 5 months ago  
“It’s all about the money money money. Who cares about the price tag. I’m the richest person on earth. 5 months ago  
So.......beast boy 5 months ago  
What is that supposed to mean #ursexist 5 months ago  
If you murder your family you’ll be famous and on the news for at least a week 5 months ago  
Yes because it makes them feel like they HAVE to be a woman you don’t have to be beautiful. 5 months ago  
And cold 5 months ago  
Opps option C 5 months ago  
A car is easier to steal than a house. also if the house is that expensive than it has high security. 5 months ago  
Animalist 6 months ago  
That is true 6 months ago  
Wrong one! Because if there was no divorce there would be a lot of abuse to children,men and woman. 6 months ago  
Had sex 6 months ago  
Go to WAR!!!!!!! 6 months ago  
Both 6 months ago  
Snow White was the real servant 6 months ago  
I would kick them Girl: Kick boobs Boy:kick penis 6 months ago  
How about a pretend gun 6 months ago  
Kelly 6 months ago  
No where 6 months ago  
Wtf is wrong with the pics 6 months ago  
Sally lu 6 months ago  
Both 6 months ago  
Not blood related 6 months ago  
White/British or Black/American 6 months ago  
Maybe 6 months ago +1
Fvck this hot sh*t 6 months ago  
Garbeg 6 months ago  
WTF is Viddy? 6 months ago +1
You are crazy 6 months ago +1
They did not say what kind 6 months ago  
F*ck this racist things 6 months ago  
Pizza 6 months ago  
And scenes 6 months ago  
Imagine what the people look like 6 months ago  
No girl would press yes 6 months ago  
No passengers 6 months ago  
Hulk smash me 6 months ago  
:p :D 6 months ago  
-) 6 months ago  
So hot 6 months ago  
I pick sexy for me 6 months ago  
I’m homo 6 months ago  
Pic on right is so hot 6 months ago  
Oops I voted 6 months ago  
Sex! 6 months ago  
He’ll still be my son because I raised him 6 months ago +1
Skip 6 months ago  
Love me enough to get me surgery 6 months ago  
What’s the difference? 6 months ago  
The difference please? 6 months ago  
79 is young 6 months ago  
How old 6 months ago  
Shot with Nerf guns 6 months ago  
Wow 6 months ago  
So many people winning the lottery 6 months ago  
Nerf!! 6 months ago  
Become the FLASH 6 months ago  
Banana peels are sour 6 months ago  
Gummy brAins 6 months ago  
Racist 6 months ago  
WOW 6 months ago  
I would cheat 6 months ago  
Would melt 6 months ago  
I’m a girl but it still hurts if you boys don’t know cause I do 6 months ago  
They rest of life.......that means it never stops.But if your sneezing that’s not to bad 6 months ago  
Blacks hot 6 months ago  
Ummm... 6 months ago  
When you stand up to fast you get nausea 6 months ago  
Gummy 6 months ago  
With nerf 6 months ago  
My secrets are about sex 6 months ago  
A tiny structure 6 months ago  
They said death 6 months ago  
I’m here 6 months ago  
It’s no 6 months ago  
You skip questions 6 months ago  
I can tell you skip questions 6 months ago  
Then why’d you vote “No because he will keep texting you 6 months ago  
Ass 6 months ago  
Rude 7 months ago  
Yep 7 months ago  
Fine 7 months ago  
Your right 7 months ago  
Whatever hater 7 months ago  
I’m a girl 7 months ago  
Hipp 7 months ago  
Never said I can’t skip to the last 5 sec 7 months ago  
Almost everyone has the same butt(not) 7 months ago  
Your funny 7 months ago  
Honestly your so right it’s me asking if your a boy or a girl 7 months ago +1
Perv 7 months ago +1
Boo 7 months ago  
So original kelly 7 months ago  
Wow 7 months ago  
What?your ridiculous and I do bite 7 months ago  
I did not ask a question I’m telling you,because you know your wrong 7 months ago  
WTF 7 months ago  
Have you ever heard of Snow White she took an red apple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 months ago  
You can watch videos on you computer(s) 7 months ago  
Did you know google hires lazy people because they figure out problems faster.WTF did I just say,well whatever I said it’s true 7 months ago  
No you did not,if you did prove it 7 months ago  
Did you 7 months ago +1
Dose it matter 7 months ago  
Better than nothing 7 months ago  
Where do you get these pics 7 months ago  
I had no choice 7 months ago  
That’s my life 7 months ago  
Hs 7 months ago  
I would type cute boys age 13-15 7 months ago  
A slut can be a man 7 months ago  
WTF this must of happed to them or someone that know 7 months ago  
They are not your friends if they don’t respect your relationship 7 months ago  
You would not die 7 months ago  
They never said we could not date 7 months ago  
Free food 7 months ago  
My friends would back me up 7 months ago  
Your dead ether way 7 months ago  
Hi 7 months ago  
Shut up stupid little b#[email protected]$ 7 months ago  
Outies are rare 7 months ago  
True 7 months ago +5
Why would you live in an cottage if you are rich 7 months ago  
If they treat you like a nobody you are not their friend. 7 months ago  
Green is happyness 7 months ago  
If your cute and smart you could have a great boyfriend/husband and a good job 7 months ago  
What’s Viddy 7 months ago  
It does not matter 7 months ago  
Common sense 7 months ago  
No name is dumb and no person is ugly,unless you had plastic surgery 7 months ago  
Nobody will see it 7 months ago  
Ha 7 months ago  
WTF? I would kill myself if I was a choice B 7 months ago  
She will make friends eventually,right? 7 months ago  
Why?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 months ago  
It’s still poop and it could give you an disease 7 months ago  
Inshuriken would be painful and mayo would have you on the toilet for a couple of day and a lot of toilet paper.You could end world hunger 7 months ago  
If they don’t kill me,it’s fine 7 months ago  
You can do any thing with a wand,you can summon a LIGHTSABER Dude 7 months ago  
Ice is hotter because the radiation giving off of it is heat.Also your body heat is making it feel cold 7 months ago +1
The magic school bus is really cool you can do anything.If you chose B you would probably get shot down easily. 7 months ago  
Good question 7 months ago  
Did you know a horse’s but is 95% cleaner than your whole body? 7 months ago +1
Neither please 7 months ago +1
You could cure cancer 7 months ago  
If you have more time more time to make money 7 months ago +1
If their were no problems I would rule because if I did not rule...that would be a problem 7 months ago  
I have nothing to say but this 7 months ago  
I chose my answer because you can wish for a great paying job and a nice home and nice furniture and food.BAM!!!!!!!! 7 months ago  
I have not seen Harry Potter. 7 months ago +1
I chose wrong because it would be murder...but on the other hand it’s still murder even if it’s not an human 7 months ago  
It is I let my puppy vote for me...she’s smart 7 months ago  
So right 7 months ago  
I love Collins, but not like that 7 months ago  
The noodles cups are less messy 7 months ago  
I know so awesome 7 months ago  
That is rude to say 7 months ago  
I saw a question like that and I copied,I admit it and I’m not afraid to. 7 months ago  
I just wanted to post something and I had no train of thought. 7 months ago  
I would but... NO 1 year ago  
Hope you like the question 1 year ago  
You guys don't live. In Alaska! Me too 1 year ago  
Just make a waffle and put blue food die in the dough. It really taste like a regular waffle 1 year ago  
My grandmother died in 9/11 1 year ago  
The last time I told somebody I love them with this morning to my mom 1 year ago  
Jaden Rodriguez 1 year ago  
Your worst enemy is more likely to steal your boyfriend 1 year ago  
At least you're still remembered 1 year ago  
Both suck 1 year ago  
Playing tennis riding bikes and playing with my little brother 1 year ago  
I know right everyone has made a Decision that they end up regretting afterwards 1 year ago  
This is random 1 year ago  
I'm 11 and a girl 1 year ago  
I'm 11 I do not know what these things are 1 year ago  
Agreed 1 year ago  
Aren't you wealthy if you have fame 1 year ago  
What the hell 1 year ago  
Rhymes do 1 year ago  
Saw Netflix and clicked 1 year ago  
Had sex ether way 1 year ago  
What kind fuc king question is this 1 year ago  
Idiot 1 year ago  
Nobody likes tv any more 1 year ago  
And I am using a iPad right now ha ha ha!! 1 year ago  
So right 1 year ago  
The cousin was hot and I am a straight girl!!!!!!!? 1 year ago  
Nothing about sex sex sex no no no 1 year ago  
Don't worry you could chose a boys butt or a boys chest or abs 1 year ago  
*Draws hot boyfriend* 1 year ago +1
Heck a dog is so cute 1 year ago  
Still had sex 1 year ago  
Same dam thing 1 year ago  
I do not defy gods rules 1 year ago  
they did not say we couldn't bring a parachute. They did not say we couldn't bring a parachute 1 year ago  
My best friend is my crush 1 year ago  
Good for you i love gay people 1 year ago  
That's racist saying that only black people leavev when they get a girl pregnant 1 year ago  
I like Justin Bieber 1 year ago  
Screw your mom 1 year ago  
Wrong one I guess 1 year ago  
I picked the wrong one when I was scrolling up on my iPad I clicked kill yourself 1 year ago  
Thanks for the def 1 year ago  
I'm not sure about licking your foot 1 year ago  
What is that supposed to mean 1 year ago  
To much to read 1 year ago  
Whatever American_Jedi 1 year ago  
Sorry North Korea so sorry but I care about my love ones and I don't know any of you 1 year ago  
My best friend is my crush ahh. I can't even tell the name because he is 1 year ago  
If they hated him they they are not my friends they would support me and tell me that they love him or at least hide it(like if you agree) 1 year ago  
Probably a mistake 1 year ago  
Why is this relationships 1 year ago  
A relationship is not about sex 1 year ago  
Maybe.I don't even know sorry 1 year ago  
I picked this because he movie was good 1 year ago  
Me too 1 year ago  
Ronald McDonald is creepy 1 year ago  
Lesbians that is REALLY COOL 1 year ago  
Foam bullet 1 year ago  
maybe 1 year ago  
They are just puppies 1 year ago  
KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 year ago  
Preach 1 year ago  
I just picked 1 year ago  
Me to 1 year ago  
I'm am a girl 1 year ago  
Me too 1 year ago  
Me because walruses don't have penis 1 year ago  
They did not say how much Is in the cup. 1 year ago  
They did not say where The fog will be 1 year ago +1
Agreed 1 year ago  
That is what I was going to comment 1 year ago  
They did not say I could not bring anything like a parachute 1 year ago  
They did not say what kind of bullet a foam bullet(like if you agree). 1 year ago  
Ok not true 1 year ago  
I hate secrets like if you agree 1 year ago  
i am almost 10 and if I did have keys or a cell it would be keys 1 year ago  
Maybe like if you agree 1 year ago  
I AM a vegan 1 year ago  
I really don't 1 year ago  
I do not know what these shops are 1 year ago  
Who do you think made us your freaking stupid 1 year ago  
Me too at first 1 year ago  
AT least you agave some help 1 year ago  
You guys should sign up instead of being guest 1 year ago  
What does it matter you still die either way!!! 1 year ago  
Preach 1 year ago  
I don't wear jeans either 1 year ago  
Birthdays are better because you go to special places 1 year ago  
I am Christian I am not liking 1 year ago  
Rude 1 year ago  
The sign language would be fun 1 year ago  
What is up with your username 1 year ago  
At least you will be remembered!!!!! 1 year ago  
I do not but I chose rain 1 year ago  
Good one 1 year ago  
I picked the wrong one your right!!!!!! 1 year ago  
Me either 1 year ago  
Happy 1 year ago  
Agreed 1 year ago  
Let me please agree this person must be the 1 year ago  
This is gross 1 year ago  
So cute 1 year ago  
Whoever thought of this question go kill yourself with your bare hands. PLEASE!!!!!!!!(like if you agree with this comment 1 year ago  
You have my thumbs up 1 year ago  
This is not a hate comment 1 year ago  
You people are selfish 1 year ago  
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