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hello... come closer! im going to tell you a fact. chuky is based on a true story!!!! haha yep! the oringinal is called robert. owned bye a kid who would talk to him every night. the mother heard a diffrent voice talk back. is it robert? and sometimes robert would run around at night. when the mom freaked out she throw him in the bace ment. they boy forgot about robert, became a man and moved out. and thats when robert attacked the new girl who moved in. SEVEN TIMES.

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Do you like would you rather? i put grandmas becuz its funny no or yes 1 year ago 101 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Chucky is real. exsorits is real. your real ??? what are you trying to say?? your confuseing me or really those movies are real!!!! 1 year ago 99 votes 22 comments 0 likes
You here a knock on the door. you are taken bye a ugly nerd. you see a hot girl claiming to be single, do you date her. or say your not single pilotly and ask what she needs nicely 1 year ago 121 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Are you a fan of ihascupqwake like me??? yes! or nah. 1 year ago 121 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Witch is ATTULLY a true story. chuky or exsorits 1 year ago 82 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Wellcome to coises after all! this is the game show where you can win one milloin dollars! do you think chuky/childs play could be real. yes or no! 1 year ago 60 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Do you love your boy friend/girl friend? your secret save with me! yes! or no! shhhh 1 year ago 104 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather smallow a mouth full of hot soase or do your homework 1 year ago 74 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Do you have a lot of dogs? yes or no 1 year ago 128 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Who is a better youtuber? ihascupqwake ( very funny, entertaning, naturaly pretty ) or ldshadowlady ( has pink hair, adventurios, brittish ) 1 year ago 88 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a hero or be a villan 1 year ago 109 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather save your kids ( pretend you have 100 ) in a fire or save your puppys ( pretend you have 100 ) in a fire 1 year ago 87 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather sucseed at sports or sucseed at gameing 1 year ago 106 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat spinish at brestfeast and eat ice cream at night or eat ice cream in brestfest and eat spinished at night ( pretend you hate spinished so much ) 1 year ago 93 votes 11 comments 0 likes

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this one is easy. it would be way to hard to do all 2 weeks ago  
with shoes 1 year ago  
so happens all the time 1 year ago +3
dont want to lose meh eye balls 1 year ago  
im hungry... mind as well eat some french frie hair 1 year ago  
im a nice person 1 year ago  
must saved the world 1 year ago  
dont use twitter 1 year ago  
is a sky scraper like a dude who scraps the sky??? ok i will just tell the dude to hold my toes 1 year ago  
does not say what type of snake it is 1 year ago  
i talk alot too so we would be bffs 1 year ago  
what is wrong will kids??? 1 year ago  
what do you mean stand up to fast? let me try it. not that bad 1 year ago  
i have a HUGE blatter 1 year ago  
watch and learn 1 year ago  
quicker death... and you can swim 2 inches away from safty 1 year ago  
neither 1 year ago  
i will not die right??? 1 year ago  
at least he has a chance to die 1 year ago  
frog legs yummy 1 year ago  
and a 50/ chance of haveing happy ness 1 year ago  
yay! im a kid who likes clown! help me kill my enimie : ) 1 year ago  
ehhh its better 1 year ago  
i love the usa 1 year ago  
in the head painlessly 1 year ago  
yeah a rote riler that tryed to kill me for 5 years 1 year ago  
fly while liveing inderwater 1 year ago  
dont jughe me 1 year ago  
ask for deh money 1 year ago  
whats with the dvds 1 year ago  
what the heck 1 year ago  
yay less working time 1 year ago  
what? eating sushi 1 year ago  
use the money cut it then you got 2 billon 1 year ago  
rather risk the way i look or they figure out my secrets 1 year ago  
more funner 1 year ago  
dude its less pain full 1 year ago  
never said you would die 1 year ago  
its painless 1 year ago  
do so all ready 1 year ago  
you cant die in heven 1 year ago  
tornado LOVE!!!! 1 year ago  
dude i do that all the time! 1 year ago  
give them some cloths that you dont use 1 year ago  
i wanna know if aliens egsist 1 year ago  
who wants to not know the truth??? 1 year ago  
dude something called a ipad and if will not fall in your poop when yoi drop it its too big 1 year ago  
get a new one you cant replace keys 1 year ago  
ITS YUMMYER 1 year ago  
my grandma is not ennoying, well one of them is no- OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE??? 1 year ago  
sell the car/clean the car/use it on your new bat 1 year ago  
never said anything about useing ps on the tv 1 year ago  
YOU CAN BE BOTH 1 year ago  
uhg... meat gut ohhh 1 year ago  
both... god created the big bang 1 year ago +2
SHUT UP your too genours 1 year ago  
murder them then eat thing. WE ARE GOOD ON FOOD HEHE 1 year ago  
something called a shovel 1 year ago  
uhh this was hard 1 year ago  
that would be a dream 1 year ago  
god will take you to hell, or he will hire that girl from the rings will. depends on how ennoying you are hehe 1 year ago  
whi to pick mount everst sulotion: jump off cliff fame: high ( un forgotten ) pain: no pain tempture: cold BUT better than being hot 1 year ago  
something called a washing michine and a mom 1 year ago  
more friend, cake, and presents and a step in mutureity 1 year ago  
if you are deaf you can sleep peacefully 1 year ago  
i have no sighificent other. and no friends... besides my neigbors 1 year ago  
dude it will not feel the same 1 year ago  
im now RICH!!!! 1 year ago  
this was a idiot questen 1 year ago  
i can predecit the future so i sort of already have reading minds. 1 year ago  
uhg! i should have been smart... oh wait i love rain. anyway if i chose snow i would not see the snow becuase i live in florida. it would be in coulds... uhg!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 year ago  
rather die of starvation than freeze to death 1 year ago  
other is pain ful 1 year ago  
whaaaa 1 year ago  
i just relized it might kill me if its a stray doberman 1 year ago  
what... 1 year ago  
not even close 1 year ago  
this is a rasist questen 1 year ago  
gross 1 year ago  
omnhg 1 year ago  
gtg sorry 1 year ago  
we are on right now 1 year ago  
lets talk 1 year ago  
hello 1 year ago  
hi 1 year ago  
lol 1 year ago  
its tru 1 year ago  
there both real 1 year ago  
if you choice date her you are cheating 1 year ago +1
i did it before... its not bad. 1 year ago  
hate useing money!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 year ago  
the 1 one may be ghost and they all may pay me :) 1 year ago  
im scared of hieghts 1 year ago  
the sharks are babys that nibble your feet and eat dead scin :) 1 year ago  
i never readed. 1 year ago  
whatever 1 year ago  
looks so good 1 year ago  
its so normall. 1 year ago  
ant have a favorite. if i did i would already play it every day at the party. if love it, every one does 1 year ago  
clicked random 1 year ago  
would you rather an ipad 2???? what the 1 year ago  
im a kid 1 year ago  
ima lady 1 year ago  
im a kid! 1 year ago  
it does not hurt. i do it to get free wishes!!! 1 year ago  
lol 1 year ago  
i got a fugina 1 year ago  
lol 1 year ago  
who cares 1 year ago  
who the hel* cares 1 year ago  
both the same 1 year ago  
my ex is a man and woman? 1 year ago  
like he or she would care 1 year ago  
nether man. 1 year ago  
im going to throw up 1 year ago  
lol dart fart hahahah 1 year ago +1
i got the boot 1 year ago  
love is horror 1 year ago  
quikert 1 year ago  
im hungry 1 year ago  
not genoise 1 year ago  
lol 1 year ago  
i do that anyway 1 year ago +1
just buy the real plant with the alien thing 1 year ago +1
hitler blew up f*cking hiwiie 1 year ago  
i learned nothing becuase im on spring break 1 year ago  
more peaple die in theme parks than water parks. and im hot 1 year ago  
td is to fat! i would drown in his a*s 1 year ago  
is the other one even a unicorn 1 year ago  
safer and less likely to die! 1 year ago  
sireisly, i dont remember 1 year ago  
some games you cant lose or win like sims 1 year ago  
nethier 1 year ago  
my friend ate paper 1 year ago  
it never said it was not trained 1 year ago  
who cares 1 year ago  
in sientific reserch, zombies cant egsest 1 year ago  
my grandma has a face of iron 1 year ago  
frog legs taste like chiken 1 year ago  
i would totally rape him 1 year ago  
creepy lown 1 year ago  
in the head. easy death 1 year ago  
baby shampoo 1 year ago  
late to what? ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 1 year ago  
they are the ones in trumble 1 year ago  
never said with out a helmant. wo ho! 1 year ago  
never said without shoes 1 year ago  
that kid lol 1 year ago  
trump is rasist and is ennoying and HATES america 1 year ago +1
lol 1 year ago  
this guy is a butt head! dangit... im tyiping the things i say!!! shilt 1 year ago  
no pirods 1 year ago  
go around the crickets 1 year ago  
ONE time 1 year ago  
i had it before, its not bad if you get water to soften it 1 year ago  
the human sentipede is so bad!! when you poop, you know what happens 1 year ago  
poor thing 1 year ago  
peaple eat it raw 1 year ago  
im pregnant! 1 year ago  
im 9 so its perfect for me. but im a girl. what if the 9 year old is a boy!!! does not say the gender like sister was pisific 1 year ago  
what is pube 1 year ago  
im a girl 1 year ago  
what is abortion? 1 year ago  
the guy you date may be your true love 1 year ago  
the people who love me will give me money. 1 year ago  
if I have a boyfriend and your rich, he is using you. rather use your boyfriend, then him use you. 1 year ago  
who the fulck likes Justine bebei. rather be lesibien to a girl with boobs! 1 year ago  
say hes mine and walk away. meh best friend would break up with him if he was my crush. 1 year ago  
I love only three people in my life. my gradma and papa are rasist. I love mom and dad and kevin meh brother. that's all 1 year ago  
what if the next person I see is a creepy Ahole 1 year ago  
its for my mom. my mom would love it with dark vator 1 year ago  
im useing windows right now 1 year ago  
im useing crome right now its less laggy 1 year ago  
im sorry 1 year ago  
awww 1 year ago  
true facet 1 year ago  
nether 1 year ago  
??? 1 year ago  
im lazy 1 year ago  
true fact! 1 year ago  
and then have a nother one 1 year ago  
i just learned how to pick up chiken babys n the photo 1 year ago  
better 1 year ago  
cool 1 year ago  
yum 1 year ago  
gross 1 year ago  
they both gross 1 year ago  
i have a iny one 1 year ago  
im nine 1 year ago  
i used this to get to this place 1 year ago  
which one you perfer?? 1 year ago  
fix it 1 year ago  
i got friends 1 year ago  
he is a fuicking champion 1 year ago  
what if i already found my true love? 1 year ago  
be rich and find true love 1 year ago  
he is in winter so sorry shreak 1 year ago  
this is hard becuase im allergic to cats but foxes will eat me. hmmmm. neither! 1 year ago  
10. dont tikle me or i will die of laughter 1 year ago  
im a girl. 1 year ago  
them boobies 1 year ago  
heaven forever 1 year ago  
i love tornadoes 1 year ago  
its gone so whats the point? 1 year ago  
buy an new cell phone for 300$ then buy a new car for 908,23$ 1 year ago  
it tastes better 1 year ago  
i have a snake in my boot 1 year ago  
ill the annoying grandma 1 year ago  
no one knows where i live!! 1 year ago  
youtube 1 year ago  
maybe im the most popular AND smartest. A+++ wooo 1 year ago  
icarly lives here 1 year ago  
im a girl. 1 year ago  
never give up, never give up! 1 year ago  
i love god. he is the creator of space and everything. hopfully a cure to cancer to in the future 1 year ago  
biuld friend ship! duhhhh 1 year ago  
i can breath right 1 year ago  
kids are fun!!! 1 year ago  
drowning is panful - mom months ago 1 year ago  
i wash it! its not permanat!!! 1 year ago  
yay! early b day!! 1 year ago  
the tonge is the most fastest healing part of your body 1 year ago  
no one crys 1 year ago  
do you know what to do when you are in a situation like this? MOMMY!!!! ' runs away UN POISONED ' 1 year ago  
i can fly away from school! 1 year ago  
i love rain. let it rain! let it rain! " computer dies from water " 1 year ago  
freeze to death in other one 1 year ago  
i have no fear! OHHHHHHH 1 year ago  
your photo 1 year ago  
i can save them 1 year ago  
video games 1 year ago  
EVEN 1 year ago  
NETHIER 1 year ago  
??????????????????????????????? 1 year ago  
what are those BETCH 1 year ago +1
normall. what if you talking to a murder and the last text from the murder is " i hate you so much im coming to kil you! " 1 year ago  
why not. 1 year ago  
skip. 1 year ago  
he is my favs caricter. WHY DID HE HAFT TO DIE? when i was little i watched all the movies in a row. my mom sold harry potter movies sothats how 1 year ago  
so pretty 1 year ago  
would you like a cup of tea? 1 year ago  
yum barbe q sose! 1 year ago  
i hate sex so jokes on you baby! 1 year ago  
INCE CREAM! ( like if agree ) 1 year ago  
arg! i have nowhere to bathroom so i poop meh pants and poop on the sharks head. ' to the nikja ' hey ladys lets save peaple together under the covers! : walks awaky withlady :P 1 year ago  
im baaaaad 1 year ago  
no more messes in the kichen 1 year ago  
i need meh privatcy and i just play games all day. what to watch? 1 year ago  
10 % thats little 1 year ago  
both old. both power ful. gandoh cant see and gandoh pooped his pants when on top of me and thouht i was a tolet. 1 year ago  
IM SO HAPPY 1 year ago  
i will be happy 1 year ago  
for sake of the world and me 1 year ago  
haha this will be funny 1 year ago  
WE GOT TWERKING YO 1 year ago  
PUPPY 1 year ago  
oh yeah! moon walk 1 year ago  
im heathy thats all that maters 1 year ago  
they are smarter 1 year ago  
i can adopt and i hate sex and if you never find true love you cant have sex 1 year ago  
what is liberty 1 year ago  
fancy mother flucker 1 year ago  
you can buy wishes 1 year ago  
what if i love someone and weget married and he wants to divorce and i dont haha he is stuck with me 1 year ago  
SNEAKY NINJA and ninjas have powers 1 year ago  
xd 1 year ago  
UNICORNS 1 year ago  
im not a bad person 1 year ago  
what if you have a night mare 1 year ago  
imangen walking around in 80s cloths in public XD 1 year ago  
a aby pengiun becuase baby monkeys are ugly 1 year ago  
i am a kid and i wonder what it would be like to be a boy so jokes on you 1 year ago  
i could buy a jet 1 year ago  
this is like be in vacation or be poor 1 year ago  
i would be a bad @ss if i could talk like him 1 year ago  
it would be good to be death becuase you get pecie and quit 1 year ago  
you can learn all langueges and i wonder what animals say and if you get catched with 9 lions you can tell them you mean no harm 1 year ago  
what is that 1 year ago  
i dont like music 1 year ago  
it would be fun to raise a faimly. and its your opionan. you might get like 2 dollars a year 1 year ago  
i bet that united states would not get hit. but the whole world will get hit bye zombie appocalypse 1 year ago  
1 verses one hundred. i chocie the baby becuase what if the baby is a devel that will kill millons. and the puppys are innicint uless its going to be a german shepor that is stray 1 year ago  
what if someone says that ' im going to the libary to read a book about befoire the universe ' then i will die. but what if they say ' im going to a cliff ' then you will die. i pick quick death 1 year ago  
it might be in another state 1 year ago  
my friend chika is so poor 1 year ago  
SAVE THE POOR KIDS 1 year ago  
HARRY PATTOR! 1 year ago  
life wold be happyier with animictronics. 1 year ago  
at least the world is perfect 1 year ago  
if you can pause the world you can walk around and rob banks and you can also stop life threntning things! 1 year ago  
you get more money 1 year ago  
tattos are bad @ss 1 year ago  
what if im a giant 1 year ago  
im a girl jokes on you 1 year ago  
gimmy them boobys 1 year ago  
I don't sit down all the time. just never sit again 1 year ago  
they will heal. 1 year ago  
what is sperm 1 year ago  
grandma is creepy 1 year ago  
I will be my dauters only friend 1 year ago  
free pudding 1 year ago  
only one time, only one of them 1 year ago  
i will find a nother best friend to date 1 year ago  
have friends 1 year ago  
well, this is asking would you rather do something hard for a long time of or for a day 1 year ago  
i always wanted to do this with my puppy. come here duck 1 year ago  
i would not rather die! i will find someone else 1 year ago  
i love my son no mater what 1 year ago +1
i am loved at least 1 year ago  
i may have geer 1 year ago  
i hate being stressed 1 year ago  
i dont know who this guy is but i bet he is better than justine beber 1 year ago  
at least im the one who can trust 1 year ago  
OMG KATY PERRY!!!!! 1 year ago  
i like being normall 1 year ago  
i dont like sex and we could always adopt 1 year ago  
why would i get dumped in public!!! 1 year ago  
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