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Would you rather only eat at Mcdonalds or KFC(Kentucky Fried Chicken) 7 months ago 74 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in a igloo for a year or a penthouse in New York for 2 months 7 months ago 84 votes 11 comments 0 likes

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Im a woman 7 months ago +2
i love this movie but i wanna be sharkboy, and Im a girl his powers are just... better 7 months ago  
is that even possible? 7 months ago  
id be friends with it 7 months ago  
taking doesnt break your eardrums 7 months ago  
i have an ex, im 11 and we r just friends now 7 months ago  
14 kids? NO 7 months ago  
haluncination.... 7 months ago  
at least i could go 7 months ago  
ew... thats gross...(lizzza)' 7 months ago  
car crash... in a videogame! 7 months ago  
my grann would be ticked and id get in deep trouble 7 months ago  
uh dumb question! 7 months ago  
hockey pucs dont hurt AS bad ok? 7 months ago  
id eat the snail shell 7 months ago  
who? 7 months ago  
yay no pain, i experience a lot of pain god let this be a blessing!! 7 months ago  
me too 7 months ago  
clowns... scare the HECK outta me! 7 months ago  
moms r nice but dads r too 7 months ago  
no it has obama so I say OBAMA!!! 7 months ago  
shot with a camera 7 months ago  
heck no 7 months ago  
neither 7 months ago  
neither 7 months ago  
neither 7 months ago  
i accidentally hit no water:( 7 months ago  
if i freeze i could be preserved in time 7 months ago  
umm I dont know 7 months ago  
i dont have any... yet 7 months ago  
burned alve because u can breathe and u can use wter 7 months ago  
i dont want either im not answering 7 months ago  
white shirt cuz u could wash it off! 7 months ago  
ps its darth vader 7 months ago  
cant decide but i have to say red apple 7 months ago  

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