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Would you rather only eat at Mcdonalds or KFC(Kentucky Fried Chicken) 11 months ago 75 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in a igloo for a year or a penthouse in New York for 2 months 11 months ago 87 votes 11 comments 0 likes

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Im a woman 11 months ago +2
i love this movie but i wanna be sharkboy, and Im a girl his powers are just... better 11 months ago  
is that even possible? 11 months ago  
id be friends with it 11 months ago  
taking doesnt break your eardrums 11 months ago  
i have an ex, im 11 and we r just friends now 11 months ago  
14 kids? NO 11 months ago  
haluncination.... 11 months ago  
at least i could go 11 months ago  
ew... thats gross...(lizzza)' 11 months ago  
car crash... in a videogame! 11 months ago  
my grann would be ticked and id get in deep trouble 11 months ago  
uh dumb question! 11 months ago  
hockey pucs dont hurt AS bad ok? 11 months ago  
id eat the snail shell 11 months ago  
who? 11 months ago  
yay no pain, i experience a lot of pain god let this be a blessing!! 11 months ago  
me too 11 months ago  
clowns... scare the HECK outta me! 11 months ago  
moms r nice but dads r too 11 months ago  
no it has obama so I say OBAMA!!! 11 months ago  
shot with a camera 11 months ago  
heck no 11 months ago  
neither 11 months ago  
neither 11 months ago  
neither 11 months ago  
i accidentally hit no water:( 11 months ago  
if i freeze i could be preserved in time 11 months ago  
umm I dont know 11 months ago  
i dont have any... yet 11 months ago  
burned alve because u can breathe and u can use wter 11 months ago  
i dont want either im not answering 11 months ago  
white shirt cuz u could wash it off! 11 months ago  
ps its darth vader 11 months ago  
cant decide but i have to say red apple 11 months ago  

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