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Sophisticated Pig says: "If you don't know what group you fit in, make your own. And that group will be the best group. Don't go to the Popular group, or the Gamer group, or even the Goth group. Go to YOUR group. Then you won't have to worry about fitting in! That's why I'm in the Sophisticated Pig Group! Now, the real question is, what group are you in?"

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Hey everyone, I'll be leaving Rrrather for a pretty long time... I don't know when I'll be back but, yeah. If you don't know me and already dislike me because I'm a "noob" then please just leave and don't say anything if you have nothing nice or decent to say. Damn, this is long (thats what she said :3). But, yeah, I'll miss ya guys and see ya later ;P You will be remembered or Please be back soon 6 months ago 51 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be a Brony or Be a Furry (There is no fickin' way I'm putting a picture) 6 months ago 75 votes 12 comments 0 likes
*VEGGIES VS. FRUITS TOURNAMENT* ~Edible Combat~ Round 5, FIGHT! Orange or Maize 6 months ago 83 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Most hyped game? Battlefront II or The Last of Us: Part 2 6 months ago 85 votes 7 comments 0 likes
*VEGGIES VS. FRUIT TOURNAMENT* ~Edible Combat~ Round 4, FIGHT! Orange or Lettuce 6 months ago 114 votes 24 comments 0 likes
*VEGGIES VS. FRUIT TOURNAMENT* ~Edible Combat~ Round 3, FIGHT! Orange or Potato 6 months ago 146 votes 13 comments 0 likes
*VEGGIES VS. FRUITS TOURNAMENT* ~Edible Combat~ Round 2, FIGHT! Apple or Potato 6 months ago 127 votes 12 comments 0 likes
*VEGGIES VS. FRUITS TOURNAMENT* ~Edible Combat~ Round 1, FIGHT: Tomato or Potato ( I know this is a root, but many people classify this as a veggy, so why not?) 7 months ago 18 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Hello there, potato knight, I will be doing a tournament of fruits vs. vegetables. Do you think this is a good idea? Yay or Nay 7 months ago 25 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have thumb-sized arms or Arm-sized thumbs? 7 months ago 24 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Become a potato god or Become a sophisticated Pig 7 months ago 42 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Get one wish in a month (READ EXPLANATION) or Get three wishes in a year READ EXPLANATION) 7 months ago 165 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Pick option B? or Pick option A? 7 months ago 29 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Become a god or Potato 7 months ago 40 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Click me! or Click me! 9 months ago 96 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Three frogs are sitting on a log, on a lake. One decides to jump into the water and leave. How many frogs are there? Comment: I CAN BEAT THIS QUESTION or Don't care, going to look at memes 9 months ago 96 votes 24 comments 0 likes
You are stranded on a island with nuthin but palm trees, and two pigs. You have no tools and no knowledge to make any, so if you were to kill these pigs you would have to do it with your bare hands. Would you live off of coconuts to save the pigs? Yes or No 9 months ago 79 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Get to be a pig with a great owner or Be a dog with an (50 being average) 40 rating owner 9 months ago 69 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be a pig to the slaughterhouse, saving many other pigs, cows, chickens, etc. or Be the butcher, having to kill 100 of these: 9 months ago 61 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Save your family from Hell and eternal pain or GET UNLIMITED FREE COD POINTS!!! 9 months ago 104 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Run a teacup pig farm or Babysit kittens 10 months ago 75 votes 8 comments 0 likes

Porkling101 has posted the following comments:

Everything 4 days ago  
P-p-p-ORN THO 5 days ago  
Buried alive in money! (It's a good loophole I swear) 5 days ago  
Orange juice ;D 5 days ago  
You guys do realize that your parents won't be around for your entire life, right? 5 days ago  
Finally 1 month ago  
whateves 1 month ago  
Oh, phew 1 month ago  
Shhhhh... 2 months ago  
There we go 2 months ago  
Like, physically hurt them or mentally hurt them, also, how bad? Plz answer so I can choose... 2 months ago  
Chocolate and... uh... well, everything... 2 months ago  
So... what's the downside here? 2 months ago  
A little too afraid 3 months ago  
Trump 3 months ago  
Unless they can pull a wheelie in a truck, motorcycles all the way 3 months ago  
Guys, the wishes don't repeat 3 months ago  
Touché 6 months ago  
This is why I lock my gun from me. 6 months ago  
You can cough almost anytime, sneezing though... 6 months ago +2
Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope noooooooooooooope. 6 months ago  
I'm surprise nobody said my name. Huh. That's the first. 6 months ago  
Muhahahahah 6 months ago  
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 6 months ago  
Thats just screwed up 6 months ago  
WhaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? 6 months ago  
It? 6 months ago  
Wudda bout an outhouse? :l 6 months ago  
Jeez, sorry, I didn't know. 6 months ago  
That's one way to think of it 6 months ago +1
Mmmm... doughnuts... 6 months ago +1
Heh, you can make a penis, heh. 6 months ago  
Because the present effects the future. Duh. 6 months ago  
Idk, I could care less about dates, just as long as they're good games. 6 months ago  
What the heck is this? Oh. Nevermind, just the internet. 6 months ago  
A couple of blinks so... 15 seconds? 6 months ago  
How to not be a noob at videogames 6 months ago +1
That pic tho 6 months ago  
It's not rape if you like it 6 months ago +1
Oh god 6 months ago  
._. 6 months ago  
Im not the only one 6 months ago  
Remember: you can always put butter on maize ;P 6 months ago  
Why use a bag if you have a backyard and a shovel? 6 months ago +1
Happy D-day :D 6 months ago +1
Depends how bad 6 months ago  
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 6 months ago +1
What if I make a sandwich carved as "This"? 6 months ago  
58°F . California sucks. 6 months ago  
Oh no! I'll never be able to see/hear the last second of the video/song! Oh noooooo! Nobody like the one-second cliffhanger 6 months ago  
What if I put a diamond up there? 6 months ago  
Same goes for youtubers. But, I guess they are therapeutic...? 6 months ago  
Why not 6 months ago  
Well... aren't those part of the Meat, beans, and nuts category? 6 months ago  
Oh dang, fruits are too op with them sugars and sweets. HURRY, SOMEONE GIVE ME A GOOD TASTING VEGGY 6 months ago  
Tastes like chicken 6 months ago  
If I had a gun on me 6 months ago +1
About 128°F 6 months ago  
Its about the numbers... sorry... 6 months ago  
Wot 6 months ago  
I'm coming for whoever killed me. If I was murdered :l 6 months ago  
Orange may finally end Potato's streak! 6 months ago  
I love Bo3 and Fallout 4 too much to choose 6 months ago  
It could be a 50/50. And I admit, I'm pretty lazy... But I'll start that because I got a lot more votes than usual. 6 months ago  
Too many reasons to list 6 months ago  
A lot 7 months ago  
Because derp 7 months ago  
Don't be surprised if Trump doesn't come back out of the room... and don't mind the ketchup... 7 months ago  
It is like every mexican song. There are always a bunch of women in bakinies. (Or is it spelled "bakinis?"). Btw, I am somewhat latin so its not racist. I think... 7 months ago  
Who wants to go camping? :D 7 months ago  
But you would have no nail and your stump would probably be very sensitive. But meh, whatever floats ya boat mate. 7 months ago  
I will never get jumpscared in videogames now 7 months ago  
More moneys as an assassin 7 months ago  
I want a solid ten votes opinion before I start 7 months ago  
Dark Souls is just a game where you hit a bunch of huge creatures in the crotch (becaise that is where their hitbox is) while Limbo is a deeper meaning game. Thoses who liked Limbo, I advise playing a game called "Inside". Really cool and unique. 7 months ago  
Not really, just depressed 7 months ago  
Only if its the bubblegum toothpaste :3 7 months ago  
Well, you could be murdered by a sniper, therefor, no pain 7 months ago  
Already do ;P 7 months ago  
Neither, Under the Bridge will be the best no matter what. Musically, and economically. 7 months ago  
Thaaaaaaank you 7 months ago  
Bro, do you even potato? 7 months ago  
Why u guys so SALTY? Hahahahahahahah kill me 8 months ago  
Why is the leprechaun giving me a creepy stare? XD 8 months ago  
B is basically mini Chip's Ahoy 8 months ago  
But, there are so many different types of Cherrios to choose from... 8 months ago  
I could be a "sorcerer" >:) 8 months ago  
For their own good :( 8 months ago  
Final Fantasy. The swords are incredibly more large than the people wielding them 8 months ago  
Words can't physically effect me so, no. 8 months ago  
The mirror 8 months ago +1
Trick question, there is no such thing as weird and disturbing sexual dreams |:) 8 months ago  
Beep beep I'm a sheep, beepbeep I'm a sheep 8 months ago  
Anyone else getting a feminist vibe? 8 months ago  
Looks more badass 8 months ago  
I would fit so easily in both of theses 8 months ago  
Trix is a liar about having different flavors for different colors... how could they...? THOSE HEARTLESS BASTARDS! 8 months ago  
I do crave those crazy squares... 8 months ago  
They're not grrrrrreat! Apparently 8 months ago  
Cherrios ftw 8 months ago  
I am a professional potato hunter, don't worry 8 months ago  
Lmao 8 months ago  
On rrrather apparently 8 months ago +1
Me, inside... 8 months ago  
Open the window 8 months ago  
What if they're across the other aisle, does that still count as next to me? 8 months ago  
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 8 months ago  
I am disappointed by humanity 8 months ago  
Undefined 8 months ago  
Cherrios FTW 8 months ago  
If I actually had money 8 months ago  
They're grrreat! 8 months ago  
Me, Myself, and I 8 months ago  
Why u so salty ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 8 months ago  
*kick-flips and whispers* skateboards 8 months ago  
Misclick 8 months ago  
I like oranges. Yum. 8 months ago  
MISCLIIIIIICK 8 months ago  
That seems more like a life lesson than anything 8 months ago +1
The Queen piece is the most powerful... #girlpower 8 months ago +1
Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch younger 8 months ago  
Death to Trump 8 months ago  
I shall survive on syrup for the rest of my life 8 months ago +1
What...? Internet? Never heard of it. Now read your books, dammit. 8 months ago  
Bros before... uh... cancer? 8 months ago +1
Derpness 8 months ago  
Oh okay, because it just ticks me off when vegans say they are vegan because they "don't eat living things". A vegetable used to be a living organism... 8 months ago  
Not really evil, just don't give a crap about other people 8 months ago +1
Me 8 months ago +1
One question, why are you vegan? 8 months ago  
Isn't it just murder? Unless you have sex with the dead body... 8 months ago  
Them earlobes though 8 months ago  
I usually use other rubber toys... 8 months ago +1
I would be the boss of the company 8 months ago  
Mouth wash b*tch 8 months ago +1
I can make people look stupid. Lol, I'm so evil... 8 months ago +2
I would be bungee jumping over a lake/pond/river, therefore, I have a better chance of survival 8 months ago  
Time is money ;) 8 months ago  
This is literally my dream 8 months ago  
I could have home-made Twinkies. Every. Single. Day. 8 months ago  
-3 8 months ago  
I would like to be a human and not a Barbie 8 months ago  
Purple :P 8 months ago  
It's sad to think America is lead by... that... 8 months ago  
It would be incredibly satisfying to itch it 8 months ago  
Pee my pants in the bathroom 8 months ago +1
Rollin down the street on my lawn mower... 8 months ago  
PROXY ERROR CODE: CODI3856:)/;&JDIJ487JDOVH24-JFOFJ7IDJ73837 8 months ago  
Wait... what if I have a slice of pizza and it cools down... would I be able to eat it still? Also, what if my food is lukewarm? 8 months ago +1
ITS A SPORT, OKAY?! 8 months ago  
Put your damn pants on 8 months ago  
Doesn't say I have to teach skiers (Did I English that correctly?) 8 months ago  
I woke up in my front lawn with a black eye once. Does that count? 8 months ago +2
*puts Poptarts in toaster* 8 months ago +1
NASCAR is just driving fast in a circle. Not very fun watching people go round and round... 8 months ago +1
Oh my god it's SENPAI 8 months ago  
Sex. Just, sex. 8 months ago +2
Just having one of these is better than already having both 8 months ago  
Be honest everyone 8 months ago  
Baby Tiger sharks aren't that deadly 8 months ago  
Oh, I was told they're Irish, but we can all agree they're not French 8 months ago  
If someone laughs at you just be like: "Its because I'm purple, isn't it?" 8 months ago +1
*Says "Panda" over and over in public* 8 months ago  
I heard he's got better candy than Alex 8 months ago  
Aids 8 months ago  
*looks at comments* 36 and 9, IM SO SMERT 8 months ago  
Do you wanna build a snowman...? 8 months ago +1
Trick question, it's neither. 8 months ago  
I'll have an excuse 8 months ago  
Gotta go fast 8 months ago  
For those of you who said immortality is a curse, you are somewhat wrong. Yes, it is a slight curse, only because you see everyone you love die, but when you're immortal with someone else, it can be a whole lot better. 8 months ago  
The memes must live on 8 months ago  
More fun 8 months ago  
It's good luck! 8 months ago  
A just looks like Sanfransisco 8 months ago +1
Pancakes. Enough said. 8 months ago  
French fries aren't French, they're Irish 8 months ago  
Tree + house = AWESOME IMAGINARY ADVENTURES 8 months ago  
I'll never have to worry about skin cancer, won't age faster, no traffic at 3 in the morning, and might see a vampire, what's not to like? 8 months ago  
What was so awesome of him was that, when dueling Burr he threw away his shot. And, actually, he threw away his shot in almost EVERY duel. He wasn't scared of death. Ha... I'm such a history geek 8 months ago +1
Hamilton was just awesome because he was a badass and had 13 duels and got shot in one, and kept the bullet in his chest. 8 months ago +1
I'm not racist, okay? 9 months ago  
I'd be saving people's/a person's life. I think. Maybe... 9 months ago +1
The fact that this question includes The Shining, I give you a round of applause *applauses* 9 months ago  
Maybe I can't, but I can make you read these words that you are currently reading. So yes. Yes I can 9 months ago  
Yes. :) 9 months ago  
With your BARE HANDS 9 months ago +1
Jokes on you, I only have $-6 huehuehuehuehue 9 months ago  
Or just the derpy side 9 months ago  
SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT. If you're wondering what the answer is it is the following: (just to make sure) SPOILER ALERT. There are still three frogs because one DECIDES to jump in the water, that doesn't mean he did it right away 9 months ago  
The sentence said "jump into the water and LEAVE" but good guess 9 months ago  
Can that Dino swallow anything and spit it into a bottomless pit? No. 9 months ago  
We are number one though... 9 months ago  
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 9 months ago  
Onex is Onex. Enough said. 9 months ago +1
Cookie, when I said make more questions, I meant easy questions. Not impossible ones. 9 months ago +1
Watch out watch out RKO RKO!!! 9 months ago  
An artist is a bright person. *drops mic* 9 months ago +1
I'm very curious to see the percentage... 9 months ago  
I'm pretty sure the corn wore it better... 9 months ago  
I thought it was the unicorn horse... 9 months ago  
Why did you answer this question? 9 months ago  
Why not both? 9 months ago  
Both 9 months ago  
Yummy 9 months ago  
*opens mouth to say something* ... *closes* 9 months ago  
Kinkeh 9 months ago  
They're... both... so... DERPY 9 months ago  
Americans, be honest. 9 months ago  
My answer is very obvious 9 months ago  
Both 9 months ago +1
Boobs. Enough said. 9 months ago  
I was aiming for 100% on B 9 months ago +1
Lol, that makes the two of us 9 months ago +1
What's the difference? 9 months ago  
Troll C: 9 months ago  
I do have a foot fedish... 9 months ago  
Just say "I really like the month March" 9 months ago  
Already am 9 months ago  
He's innocent! I mean, c'mon. Four deaths isn't that bad, when we get to the triple digits, THEN we should worry... 9 months ago  
I'm pretty disappointed that this is 50/50 9 months ago +1
Kirby + Jigglypuff = black hole 9 months ago  
Either way, Justin Bieber will die 9 months ago  
*opens mouth to say something* ... *closes mouth* 9 months ago  
Wow, that's a lot of words 9 months ago  
"Oh I'm a sour cherry, oh I'm a sour cherry! I'm a sour sour sour sour cherry, oh yeah!" :D 9 months ago  
What's "a life"? 9 months ago  
You mean Xcocks? 9 months ago  
Myself count? 9 months ago  
Okay, so, in one of the stories, God tells one of his followers the good things on Earth. God then says "...since the world is flat..." But. But. But. If God created the world... how did he not know it was round? 9 months ago  
Man, those poor stuffed animal kittens... 9 months ago  
Which kind of sausage are we talking about here? *wink wink* 9 months ago  
They said I could be anything when I grow up, so I is doughnut 9 months ago  
Why Club Penguin? - (jk XD) 9 months ago  
*boat door drops an inch* "YEAH LETS DO THIS!!!" *gets shot in head* 9 months ago +1
Potato potato potato potato potato Cookie potato potato potato potato potato Verzani potato potato potato Sierra potato potato Alexm potato potato potato Neither potato potato LemonOfPower potato potato potato. Oh, and the best, Potato 9 months ago  
Cookie, make more questions! I'm running out of ppl's questions to answer. O_o 9 months ago +2
It happened because the potato gods gave you the power of Potatokidus Leonidus. Use it well, potato warrior 9 months ago  
God could be a potato... 9 months ago +1
Wasn't planning to :/ 9 months ago  
-_- 9 months ago  
Then why did you choose option B? O.o 9 months ago  
It's a gun, I must own it. 9 months ago  
Does mental torture count? 9 months ago  
I isTrump 9 months ago  
Wait, if you turn into a transsexual, do you never age? O_o 9 months ago  
Define "help" 9 months ago +1
Myself just now 9 months ago  
Is there a difference? 9 months ago  
Hire a hit man 9 months ago  
No need to pay for electricity 9 months ago  
It's just the fan art and conspiracies that make me skeptical. But I love the way how you battle and have to dodge obstacles. The coolest thing is how the bosses interact with the buttons that you click. (Ex: *the boss destroys the 'mercy' button so you have to fight.) 9 months ago  
No horrible death pls 9 months ago  
I can already see people saying God isn't real... (I haven't looked at comments yet) 9 months ago  
Because we know the truth 9 months ago  
I am not a person, I'm a pig. 9 months ago  
100% attempt for A? 9 months ago  
Lol, joke's on you, I'm taking chemistry right now. HA 9 months ago  
Crap, now I only have -13 dollars 9 months ago  
Video games ARE how I meditate 9 months ago  
2 words: IM BATMAN 9 months ago  
And I care why? If it makes ya feel better you can PM me some roasts. Otherwise, let it go. But I will roast ya back ;) 9 months ago  
Your 10 minutes late retard 9 months ago  
Again, I care why? (I can do this forever y'know) 9 months ago  
And I care why? 9 months ago  
Lol, just thought about the Scary Movie series 9 months ago +1
Mmmm... doughnuts... 9 months ago  
Option C 9 months ago  
Ikr 9 months ago +1
Mario the Plummer eats shrooms to grow, SovietMario eats shrooms to get hi 9 months ago  
Bro, he ain't a mirror. 9 months ago  
IM LEVEL 67 PRESTIGE 20! BEST DAY EVER ON BO3 9 months ago  
My job is to derp. 9 months ago  
Don't. If you know what's good for your sanity 9 months ago  
That's how I remember the Cowboys 9 months ago  
Guess that Pokémon! "ITS PIKACHU!" It's... CHARZAR! "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK" 9 months ago +1
Boo 9 months ago +1
C'mon, otters are cool! 9 months ago  
Hungry, I am. 9 months ago  
Sorry, I like the pleasure of food. Think of the Twinkies! 9 months ago  
My destiny was to choose A, but I made a decision and chose B. 9 months ago +1
The same area can be Earth 10 months ago  
And jerking other ppl at the same time 10 months ago  
Sorry, not a bronie 10 months ago  
Why did you choose dire wolf then? Hmmm? 10 months ago  
The Chicka fan art. That traumatized me. SHE/HE IS A ROBOT PPL. YOU CANT F*CK A ROBOT 10 months ago  
He is much derp. 10 months ago  
Ppl have not seen this show 10 months ago  
Jokes actually make sense 10 months ago  
OOOOOOOOOH 10 months ago  
Why is Steve white? ._. 10 months ago  
It's obviously duh 10 months ago  
WTF 10 months ago  
The Smurfs will pay for getting that song stuck in my head 10 months ago +1
Here is proof: Potato 10 months ago  
1, it's school. Enough said. 10 months ago  
He's another YouTuber. So what? 10 months ago  
999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 10 months ago  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rd5gfPUCyQU 10 months ago  
Sexist much? 10 months ago  
Is that Huni Pop? 10 months ago  
Just eat em Yoshi, and spit him in a bottomless pit 10 months ago  
C'mon, it's not THAT bad... 10 months ago  
Lol 10 months ago  
BRONIEEEEEEEEES 10 months ago  
BRONIES FTW 10 months ago  
Does me count? 10 months ago  
My dream 10 months ago +1
Does dropping my Twinkie count? It was in the past 10 months ago  
POOOOORN 10 months ago  
Wait, the periods... oh no... 10 months ago  
Stop isis 10 months ago  
Jrob probably chose option a to make this question 10 months ago  
Think about the Twinkies guys... 10 months ago  
Define "friends" 10 months ago  
That picture tho 10 months ago  
Either way, it's Undertale. So either way, ITS AWESOME 10 months ago +1
I wouldn't survive the laser pointers. SO MANY LIGHTS 10 months ago  
This is just awesome. 10 months ago  
I just played myself there, I wouldn't HAVE to use eye drops. *slaps forehead* 10 months ago  
... 10 months ago  
Lol 10 months ago +1
Did you guys both vote on your own question? 10 months ago +1
Nice, sex with a sandwich 10 months ago  
If I had it MY way, that would be no way. Problem solved. 10 months ago  
I just remembered that if you say "watermelon" the sneeze felling goes away... probably wouldn't work tho 10 months ago  
I think it's funny how I said "let's give each other likes" and everyone liked my comment even though they actually didn't like everyone's comment XD 10 months ago  
Too late, CUTE AND CUDDLY, HERE I COME 10 months ago  
I was just trying to make a hard question, but I can do positive 10 months ago  
Stop a forest fire- or ANY fire! 10 months ago  
10 minutes late for death ;) 10 months ago  
Is it a coincidence that the green picture is for the blue voting bar, and the blue picture is for the green voting bar? 10 months ago  
Just do it, pick Nike 10 months ago  
Who else saw "coffee" and clicked? 10 months ago  
Beats are suuuuuuuuuuuuper overpriced just because of the design, not the quality 10 months ago  
Never had dragon fruit 10 months ago +1
Just need some Mtn Dew... and... THE MEME IS COMPLETE 10 months ago  
What are these cookies you call "Chips Ahoy"? I only eat Oreos 10 months ago  
Why have you done this to me. I just can't choose 10 months ago  
Is it just me or does Dr. P taste like an Icee 10 months ago  
Do the Dew, MOUNTAIN DEW 10 months ago  
An awesome one 10 months ago  
No thank you C: 10 months ago  
Where's my money bro? 10 months ago  
Did you really have do bring FNAF into this? 10 months ago +1
Kick their ass 10 months ago  
No. Just, no. F Harry Potter 10 months ago  
Already do 10 months ago  
Your profile pic doe 10 months ago +1
Actually a apple is sweet, but not unhealthy. 10 months ago  
FOR MUTHA RUSSIA 10 months ago +2
I'd be proud 10 months ago  
FLYING PIGS 10 months ago  
I'll be a Villager (yes, I brought minecraft in this) 10 months ago  
What's the point of true love if you get blown up by nuclear war? 10 months ago +1
Lol 3rd hundred vote right here ^.^ 10 months ago +1
Put me in front of my computer 10 months ago  
1 word: Hulu 10 months ago  
Gawd dang it, now I want an Earth sandwich 10 months ago  
#GTA 10 months ago  
A lot of people's lives were lost brutally, due to racism 10 months ago  
Can someone tell me what "washing hair" means? 10 months ago  
This person likes the Matrix too much, not that it's a bad movie... 10 months ago  
I GET A FREAKING LIGHTSABER!!! 10 months ago  
Is this even a question? 10 months ago  
PC games = EVERY GAME 10 months ago  
At least one survives 10 months ago  
31% don't see the obvious loophole here... 10 months ago  
I COULD SELL MY HAIR TO MCDONALDS. Or do I already? *illuminati music* 10 months ago  
Free and insane-ly handsome :) 10 months ago  
Twitter is literally Facebook, just without the pictures and videos 10 months ago  
The tiger would probably e scared of me after me trying to cuddle with the giant cat. 10 months ago  
I'd rather step out of the bomb shelter and start a new Fallout 4 game. 10 months ago  
It's kinda funny 10 months ago  
It's about SURVIVAL 10 months ago  
They'd be jealous. 10 months ago  
They better not f*cking sparkle in the sunlight 10 months ago  
A snail is much more smaller than a frog... LOGIC 10 months ago  
Who cares about society? You get to have SEX 10 months ago  
Ronald Mc Donald is a clown so... NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE 10 months ago  
After he would say you were lovin it. 10 months ago  
The dad looks like he's going to rape his son O.o 10 months ago  
The best celebrity is the greatest three people in the world, Me, Myself, and I. :) 10 months ago  
Actually, that would still be kinda lethal... 10 months ago  
I NEED INTERNET 10 months ago  
5 stuffed animal puppies :) (this is just a really messed up question and I'm trying so hard to find a loophole) 10 months ago  
Anyone herd of prosthetic legs? 10 months ago  
Notice how it says LIVE underwater not BREATHE underwater. 10 months ago  
At least I have a chance to survive the bullet and not die from pain 10 months ago  
If they got their wrappers it's all good 10 months ago  
Lol, I don't care 'bout football trolololololol 10 months ago  
Aye, we got something in common! 10 months ago  
( . )( . ) there, I put boobs now give me top comment 10 months ago  
...after I'm dead :P 10 months ago  
F*CK yeah Barbie time 10 months ago  
*eats two worms* done. 10 months ago  
Moo 10 months ago  
It did dumbass 10 months ago  
She has no friends, she has best friends 10 months ago  
Yum 10 months ago  
Finally, me and my puppy have something in common! 10 months ago  
PE excuse 10 months ago  
Does someone want to tell him? 10 months ago  
Yolo 10 months ago  
Wut? 10 months ago  
Can't download mods and steam games on IMac 10 months ago  
Like if you just clicked option A because of the little toast dude. :P 10 months ago  
Easiest question. No doubt. 10 months ago +1
Already am 10 months ago  
Never worry about bad breath again. 10 months ago  
"What the heck is mutton?" *slaps forehead* 10 months ago  
What is it you people call "nature?" 10 months ago  
What is a "cell-phone"? Never heard of them. :3 10 months ago  
We ain't in Kansas anymore- OH SH*T! 10 months ago  
Doesn't say they don't pay you 200% back :) 10 months ago +1
Ooooh! I know this one! It's... I don't give a fruk 10 months ago  
Me:"Crap!" Friend:"What?" Me:"I lost the key to your heart :'(" 10 months ago  
Either way, I can eat tomatoes 10 months ago  
*cough* Netflix *cough* 10 months ago  
I am offended 10 months ago  
Go die and see what happens, then tell me ;) 10 months ago  
What is it you smert people say "college" is? 10 months ago  
Me: "Has anyone here drank milk recently? I'm lactose intolerant." (Not really) 10 months ago  
In blankets ;) 10 months ago  
Mud is not permanent 10 months ago  
Aye, all you b*tches focus on ME. It's MY DAY. 10 months ago  
Hey, don't you guys know about sign language? It can come in "handy" huehuehuehuehue- okay I'll go die... 10 months ago  
Heil Hitlier- what? Pshhhh, I'm not hailing Hitlier... what... *says Heil Hitlier under breath* 10 months ago  
I think you speak for 41% of us 10 months ago  
Like this comment if you're reading this in 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999! 10 months ago  
I'm in California... and I just got rid of the drought with a simple tap :o 10 months ago  
Oh sh*t sorry, I meant Mia D :3 10 months ago  
I will stab you 10 months ago  
No one gives a F*UCK ABOUT EMMA WATSON! 10 months ago  
Sorry PS4, may we meet again another day... 10 months ago +2
Nope 10 months ago +1
What in the fudge? 10 months ago +2
*Jumps on table and pulls down pants* 10 months ago +1
She belongs in the kitchen (JUST KIDDING GALS, IM SORRY) 10 months ago  
Jeez, that picture is intense. 10 months ago +1
Definitely 10 months ago  
Save the cow from mellestation. (Y'know what I mean...) 10 months ago +2
Uh... wha.... WHAT?! 10 months ago +1
Everyone should buy them food cuz they might take the money for cigarettes or drugs :/ 10 months ago +2
Wait... wat? 10 months ago  
It's a free country, I don't have to huehuehuehuehue 10 months ago  
13% of people are messed up bastards 10 months ago +2
This is my first question, cut me some slack... 10 months ago  
ma gf 10 months ago  
That's just messed up... 10 months ago  
Ma sister from another mister! 10 months ago +1
Lmao 10 months ago  
Not all nerds are that bad, piped out guys, jeez... 10 months ago +1
"Pizza, we need to talk..." 10 months ago +2
"Is mayonnaise an instrument?" 10 months ago +2
I remember that episode... good times... 10 months ago  
Or use a F*CKING RESTROOM 10 months ago  
If it's the anime one, yes. If it's the realistic one, HELL NO! 10 months ago +1
She's 18 and I'm going in - Giggidy Giggidy. 10 months ago +1
Lmao 10 months ago  
Advice wise? 10 months ago  
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