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Sophisticated Pig says: "If you don't know what group you fit in, make your own. And that group will be the best group. Don't go to the Popular group, or the Gamer group, or even the Goth group. Go to YOUR group. Then you won't have to worry about fitting in! That's why I'm in the Sophisticated Pig Group! Now, the real question is, what group are you in?"

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Would you rather Fly on a taco pooping rainbows on the way to dubstep planet where you can eat butterflies and kiwi monsters. or Own a unicorn that can turn anything into rainbow sour candy tape which creates a portal to Electro planet where you can eat strawberry monsters and pixies. 2 days ago 5 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Get one wish in a month (READ EXPLANATION) or Get three wishes in a year READ EXPLANATION) 1 week ago 7 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Pick option B? or Pick option A? 1 week ago 4 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Become a god or Potato 1 week ago 4 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Click me! or Click me! 2 weeks ago 6 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Three frogs are sitting on a log, on a lake. One decides to jump into the water and leave. How many frogs are there? Comment: I CAN BEAT THIS QUESTION or Don't care, going to look at memes 2 weeks ago 10 votes 4 comments 0 likes
You are stranded on a island that has a flourishing amount of pigs. You have no tools or knowledge to make tools so if you want to survive you must kill with your bare hands. Or you could starve to death and save their lives. Would you not slauter them and starve? Yes or No 2 weeks ago 5 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Get to be a pig with a great owner or Be a dog with an (50 being average) 40 rating owner 2 weeks ago 8 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you rather Be a pig to the slaughterhouse, saving many other pigs, cows, chickens, etc. or Be the butcher, having to kill 100 of these: 3 weeks ago 5 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Save your family from Hell and eternal pain or GET UNLIMITED FREE COD POINTS!!! 3 weeks ago 16 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Run a teacup pig farm or Babysit kittens 1 month ago 69 votes 8 comments 0 likes

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Lol, that makes the two of us 12 hours ago  
What's the difference? 13 hours ago  
Troll C: 13 hours ago  
I do have a foot fedish... 13 hours ago  
Just say "I really like the month March" 13 hours ago  
Already am 13 hours ago  
Awww, thank you 1 day ago  
Tbh, option A was a dream I once had... it was awesome :l 1 day ago  
He's innocent! I mean, c'mon. Four deaths isn't that bad, when we get to the triple digits, THEN we should worry... 2 days ago  
I'm pretty disappointed that this is 50/50 2 days ago  
Kirby + Jigglypuff = black hole 2 days ago  
Either way, Justin Bieber will die 2 days ago  
Touché 3 days ago  
*opens mouth to say something* ... *closes mouth* 3 days ago  
Wow, that's a lot of words 6 days ago  
"Oh I'm a sour cherry, oh I'm a sour cherry! I'm a sour sour sour sour cherry, oh yeah!" :D 1 week ago  
What's "a life"? 1 week ago  
You mean Xcocks? 1 week ago  
Myself count? 1 week ago  
Okay, so, in one of the stories, God tells one of his followers the good things on Earth. God then says "...since the world is flat..." But. But. But. If God created the world... how did he not know it was round? 1 week ago  
Man, those poor stuffed animal kittens... 1 week ago  
Which kind of sausage are we talking about here? *wink wink* 1 week ago  
They said I could be anything when I grow up, so I is doughnut 1 week ago  
Why Club Penguin? - (jk XD) 1 week ago  
*boat door drops an inch* "YEAH LETS DO THIS!!!" *gets shot in head* 1 week ago +1
Potato potato potato potato potato Cookie potato potato potato potato potato Verzani potato potato potato Sierra potato potato Alexm potato potato potato Neither potato potato LemonOfPower potato potato potato. Oh, and the best, Potato 1 week ago  
Cookie, make more questions! I'm running out of ppl's questions to answer. O_o 1 week ago +2
It happened because the potato gods gave you the power of Potatokidus Leonidus. Use it well, potato warrior 1 week ago  
God could be a potato... 1 week ago +1
Wasn't planning to :/ 1 week ago  
-_- 1 week ago  
Then why did you choose option B? O.o 1 week ago  
It's a gun, I must own it. 1 week ago  
Does mental torture count? 1 week ago  
I isTrump 1 week ago  
Wait, if you turn into a transsexual, do you never age? O_o 1 week ago  
Define "help" 1 week ago  
Myself just now 1 week ago  
Is there a difference? 1 week ago  
Hire a hit man 1 week ago  
No need to pay for electricity 1 week ago  
It's just the fan art and conspiracies that make me skeptical. But I love the way how you battle and have to dodge obstacles. The coolest thing is how the bosses interact with the buttons that you click. (Ex: *the boss destroys the 'mercy' button so you have to fight.) 1 week ago  
No horrible death pls 1 week ago  
I can already see people saying God isn't real... (I haven't looked at comments yet) 1 week ago  
Because we know the truth 1 week ago  
I am not a person, I'm a pig. 1 week ago  
100% attempt for A? 1 week ago  
Lol, joke's on you, I'm taking chemistry right now. HA 1 week ago  
Crap, now I only have -13 dollars 1 week ago  
Video games ARE how I meditate 1 week ago  
2 words: IM BATMAN 1 week ago  
And I care why? If it makes ya feel better you can PM me some roasts. Otherwise, let it go. But I will roast ya back ;) 1 week ago  
Your 10 minutes late retard 1 week ago  
Again, I care why? (I can do this forever y'know) 1 week ago  
And I care why? 1 week ago  
Lol, just thought about the Scary Movie series 1 week ago +1
Mmmm... doughnuts... 1 week ago  
Option C 1 week ago  
Ikr 1 week ago +1
Mario the Plummer eats shrooms to grow, SovietMario eats shrooms to get hi 1 week ago  
Bro, he ain't a mirror. 1 week ago  
My job is to derp. 1 week ago  
Don't. If you know what's good for your sanity 1 week ago  
That's how I remember the Cowboys 1 week ago  
Guess that Pokémon! "ITS PIKACHU!" It's... CHARZAR! "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK" 1 week ago +1
Boo 1 week ago +1
C'mon, otters are cool! 1 week ago  
Hungry, I am. 1 week ago  
Sorry, I like the pleasure of food. Think of the Twinkies! 1 week ago  
My destiny was to choose A, but I made a decision and chose B. 1 week ago +1
The same area can be Earth 1 week ago  
And jerking other ppl at the same time 1 week ago  
Sorry, not a bronie 1 week ago  
Why did you choose dire wolf then? Hmmm? 1 week ago  
The Chicka fan art. That traumatized me. SHE/HE IS A ROBOT PPL. YOU CANT F*CK A ROBOT 1 week ago  
He is much derp. 1 week ago  
Ppl have not seen this show 1 week ago  
Jokes actually make sense 1 week ago  
OOOOOOOOOH 1 week ago  
Why is Steve white? ._. 1 week ago  
It's obviously duh 1 week ago  
WTF 1 week ago  
The Smurfs will pay for getting that song stuck in my head 1 week ago  
Here is proof: Potato 1 week ago  
1, it's school. Enough said. 1 week ago  
He's another YouTuber. So what? 1 week ago  
999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 1 week ago  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rd5gfPUCyQU 1 week ago  
Sexist much? 1 week ago  
Is that Huni Pop? 1 week ago  
Just eat em Yoshi, and spit him in a bottomless pit 1 week ago  
C'mon, it's not THAT bad... 1 week ago  
Lol 1 week ago  
BRONIES FTW 1 week ago  
Does me count? 1 week ago  
My dream 1 week ago  
Does dropping my Twinkie count? It was in the past 1 week ago  
POOOOORN 1 week ago  
Wait, the periods... oh no... 1 week ago  
Stop isis 1 week ago  
Jrob probably chose option a to make this question 1 week ago  
Think about the Twinkies guys... 1 week ago  
Define "friends" 1 week ago  
That picture tho 1 week ago  
Either way, it's Undertale. So either way, ITS AWESOME 1 week ago +1
I wouldn't survive the laser pointers. SO MANY LIGHTS 1 week ago  
This is just awesome. 1 week ago  
I just played myself there, I wouldn't HAVE to use eye drops. *slaps forehead* 1 week ago  
... 1 week ago  
Lol, three votes on "comment" and no comments XD 1 week ago  
Lol 2 weeks ago +1
Did you guys both vote on your own question? 2 weeks ago +1
Nice, sex with a sandwich 2 weeks ago  
If I had it MY way, that would be no way. Problem solved. 2 weeks ago  
I just remembered that if you say "watermelon" the sneeze felling goes away... probably wouldn't work tho 2 weeks ago  
I think it's funny how I said "let's give each other likes" and everyone liked my comment even though they actually didn't like everyone's comment XD 2 weeks ago  
Too late, CUTE AND CUDDLY, HERE I COME 2 weeks ago  
I was just trying to make a hard question, but I can do positive 2 weeks ago  
Stop a forest fire- or ANY fire! 3 weeks ago  
10 minutes late for death ;) 3 weeks ago  
Is it a coincidence that the green picture is for the blue voting bar, and the blue picture is for the green voting bar? 3 weeks ago  
Just do it, pick Nike 3 weeks ago  
Who else saw "coffee" and clicked? 3 weeks ago  
Beats are suuuuuuuuuuuuper overpriced just because of the design, not the quality 3 weeks ago  
Never had dragon fruit 3 weeks ago +1
Just need some Mtn Dew... and... THE MEME IS COMPLETE 3 weeks ago  
What are these cookies you call "Chips Ahoy"? I only eat Oreos 3 weeks ago  
Why have you done this to me. I just can't choose 3 weeks ago  
Is it just me or does Dr. P taste like an Icee 3 weeks ago  
Do the Dew, MOUNTAIN DEW 3 weeks ago  
An awesome one 3 weeks ago  
No thank you C: 3 weeks ago  
Where's my money bro? 3 weeks ago  
Did you really have do bring FNAF into this? 3 weeks ago  
Kick their ass 3 weeks ago  
No. Just, no. F Harry Potter 3 weeks ago  
Already do 3 weeks ago  
Your profile pic doe 3 weeks ago  
Actually a apple is sweet, but not unhealthy. 3 weeks ago  
FOR MUTHA RUSSIA 3 weeks ago  
I'd be proud 3 weeks ago  
FLYING PIGS 3 weeks ago  
I'll be a Villager (yes, I brought minecraft in this) 3 weeks ago  
What's the point of true love if you get blown up by nuclear war? 3 weeks ago  
Lol 3rd hundred vote right here ^.^ 3 weeks ago  
Put me in front of my computer 3 weeks ago  
1 word: Hulu 3 weeks ago  
Gawd dang it, now I want an Earth sandwich 3 weeks ago  
#GTA 3 weeks ago  
A lot of people's lives were lost brutally, due to racism 3 weeks ago  
You guys do know that Japan's people were somewhere around 20% of the human population at that time, therefore there would be a crapton of soldiers- totally outnumbering Germany 3 weeks ago  
Can someone tell me what "washing hair" means? 3 weeks ago  
This person likes the Matrix too much, not that it's a bad movie... 3 weeks ago  
I swear, if that Emma Watson guy shows up... 3 weeks ago  
Is this even a question? 3 weeks ago  
PC games = EVERY GAME 3 weeks ago  
At least one survives 4 weeks ago  
31% don't see the obvious loophole here... 4 weeks ago  
I COULD SELL MY HAIR TO MCDONALDS. Or do I already? *illuminati music* 4 weeks ago  
Free and insane-ly handsome :) 4 weeks ago  
Twitter is literally Facebook, just without the pictures and videos 4 weeks ago  
The tiger would probably e scared of me after me trying to cuddle with the giant cat. 4 weeks ago  
I'd rather step out of the bomb shelter and start a new Fallout 4 game. 4 weeks ago  
It's kinda funny 4 weeks ago  
It's about SURVIVAL 4 weeks ago  
They'd be jealous. 4 weeks ago  
They better not f*cking sparkle in the sunlight 4 weeks ago  
A snail is much more smaller than a frog... LOGIC 4 weeks ago  
Who cares about society? You get to have SEX 4 weeks ago  
Ronald Mc Donald is a clown so... NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE 4 weeks ago  
After he would say you were lovin it. 4 weeks ago  
The dad looks like he's going to rape his son O.o 4 weeks ago  
The best celebrity is the greatest three people in the world, Me, Myself, and I. :) 4 weeks ago  
Actually, that would still be kinda lethal... 4 weeks ago  
I NEED INTERNET 4 weeks ago  
5 stuffed animal puppies :) (this is just a really messed up question and I'm trying so hard to find a loophole) 4 weeks ago  
Anyone herd of prosthetic legs? 4 weeks ago  
Notice how it says LIVE underwater not BREATHE underwater. 4 weeks ago  
At least I have a chance to survive the bullet and not die from pain 4 weeks ago  
If they got their wrappers it's all good 4 weeks ago  
Lol, I don't care 'bout football trolololololol 4 weeks ago  
Aye, we got something in common! 1 month ago  
( . )( . ) there, I put boobs now give me top comment 1 month ago  
As long as it's rape :) 1 month ago  
...after I'm dead :P 1 month ago  
F*CK yeah Barbie time 1 month ago  
*eats two worms* done. 1 month ago  
Moo 1 month ago  
It did dumbass 1 month ago  
She has no friends, she has best friends 1 month ago  
Yum 1 month ago  
Finally, me and my puppy have something in common! 1 month ago  
PE excuse 1 month ago  
Does someone want to tell him? 1 month ago  
Yolo 1 month ago  
Wut? 1 month ago  
Can't download mods and steam games on IMac 1 month ago  
Like if you just clicked option A because of the little toast dude. :P 1 month ago  
Easiest question. No doubt. 1 month ago +1
Already am 1 month ago  
Never worry about bad breath again. 1 month ago  
"What the heck is mutton?" *slaps forehead* 1 month ago  
What is it you people call "nature?" 1 month ago  
What is a "cell-phone"? Never heard of them. :3 1 month ago  
We ain't in Kansas anymore- OH SH*T! 1 month ago  
Doesn't say they don't pay you 200% back :) 1 month ago +1
Ooooh! I know this one! It's... I don't give a fruk 1 month ago  
Me:"Crap!" Friend:"What?" Me:"I lost the key to your heart :'(" 1 month ago  
Either way, I can eat tomatoes 1 month ago  
*cough* Netflix *cough* 1 month ago  
I am offended 1 month ago  
Go die and see what happens, then tell me ;) 1 month ago  
What is it you smert people say "college" is? 1 month ago  
Me: "Has anyone here drank milk recently? I'm lactose intolerant." (Not really) 1 month ago  
In blankets ;) 1 month ago  
Mud is not permanent 1 month ago  
Aye, all you b*tches focus on ME. It's MY DAY. 1 month ago  
Hey, don't you guys know about sign language? It can come in "handy" huehuehuehuehue- okay I'll go die... 1 month ago  
Heil Hitlier- what? Pshhhh, I'm not hailing Hitlier... what... *says Heil Hitlier under breath* 1 month ago  
I think you speak for 41% of us 1 month ago  
Like this comment if you're reading this in 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999! 1 month ago  
I'm in California... and I just got rid of the drought with a simple tap :o 1 month ago  
Oh sh*t sorry, I meant Mia D :3 1 month ago  
I will stab you 1 month ago  
No one gives a F*UCK ABOUT EMMA WATSON! 1 month ago  
Sorry PS4, may we meet again another day... 1 month ago +1
Nope 1 month ago  
What in the fudge? 1 month ago  
*Jumps on table and pulls down pants* 1 month ago  
She belongs in the kitchen (JUST KIDDING GALS, IM SORRY) 1 month ago  
Jeez, that picture is intense. 1 month ago  
Definitely 1 month ago  
Save the cow from mellestation. (Y'know what I mean...) 1 month ago  
Uh... wha.... WHAT?! 1 month ago  
Everyone should buy them food cuz they might take the money for cigarettes or drugs :/ 1 month ago +1
Wait... wat? 1 month ago  
It's a free country, I don't have to huehuehuehuehue 1 month ago  
13% of people are messed up bastards 1 month ago  
This is my first question, cut me some slack... 1 month ago  
ma gf 1 month ago  
That's just messed up... 1 month ago  
Ma sister from another mister! 1 month ago  
Lmao 1 month ago  
Not all nerds are that bad, piped out guys, jeez... 1 month ago  
"Pizza, we need to talk..." 1 month ago  
"Is mayonnaise an instrument?" 1 month ago +1
I remember that episode... good times... 1 month ago  
Or use a F*CKING RESTROOM 1 month ago  
If it's the anime one, yes. If it's the realistic one, HELL NO! 1 month ago  
She's 18 and I'm going in - Giggidy Giggidy. 1 month ago  
Lmao 1 month ago  
Advice wise? 1 month ago  
NACHOS. Just NACHOS. 1 month ago  
What if a option B person asked an option A person O.o 1 month ago  
Then you can go die, then tell me ;) 1 month ago  
I clicked cuz of picture, like if you did too XD 1 month ago  
Who the f*ck made this? 1 month ago  
That meme doe XD 1 month ago  
Well, how about a person named Mia, who I'm dating right now, yeah... 1 month ago  
Lol did someone choose option B and comment? 1 month ago  
Plz, with the Frozen questions, just let it goooo... ;P 1 month ago  
Not sexually, nope. 1 month ago  
I like how almost every question is about sex or love lmao 1 month ago  
HOLY SH*T ITS TINY BOX TIM 1 month ago  
PILLOW FIGHT! No? Oh, okay :I 1 month ago  
Me, and 91% of people are just messed up. I feel bad now :'( 1 month ago  
A man has needs ._. 1 month ago  
(FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE PLAYED GOAT SIMULATOR). Me: "Hey there Demon Goat!" Goat:*uses special button and rag dolls away* Me:"Oh, there he goes again..." 1 month ago  
Yeah, did homework. :3 (I know, a bad loophole 1 month ago  
What is this you athletic people call "Sockher?" 1 month ago  
Lol, just, lol 1 month ago  
//www.rrrather.com/view/161342#comment3784581 1 month ago  
Jeez, I hope this never happens to me and Mia. O_o 1 month ago  
I just clicked cuz of the meme XD 1 month ago  
74% are just waiting for the right one :D. I've been in a relationship for 7 months, and I hope nothing screws it up -_- 1 month ago  
Hater gunna hate. :3 1 month ago  
I just wanted to see the percentage. 1 month ago  
Yeah, these guys are kewl but, I'm not homo, and won't go homo 4 them *~* 1 month ago  
Wait, I CANT BELIEVE ITS NOT BUTTER! 1 month ago  
You will die tonight. 1 month ago  
God dammit, here I come Donald Trump :3 1 month ago  
It took me 5 minutes to try and understand what you meant due to ur spelling... 1 month ago  
Me: "I dare you to make fun of me." Enemy: "You're a freaking retard!" Me:*takes out $50 and slaps Enemy* 1 month ago  
Whoever picked Yandere, just killed an entire high school. 1 month ago  
Agreed 1 month ago  
IM COMING FOR YOU MAX!!! 1 month ago  
Get out. Leave. 1 month ago  
DAMMIT YOU STOLE MY COMMENT!! (Not really) 1 month ago  
Throwing, kicking, and hitting balls isn't that much greater than video games 1 month ago  
We always gunna be here 4 u. (I'm taken btw :/ ) 1 month ago  
Same 1 month ago  
COOKIES 1 month ago  
That's cold... :( 1 month ago  
Lol, I'm 13 1 month ago  
I may lose my hearing, but anything for Mia 1 month ago  
Spare their souls and don't say o.o 1 month ago  
Like if you're not lazy and can press that green thumb! 1 month ago +2
DAT (fake) ASS 1 month ago  
Death or death? Hmmm... I guess... NACHOS!!!! 1 month ago  
Trust me, there's worse O.O 1 month ago  
I'm not a jerk 1 month ago  
Lol them pics 1 month ago  
Can't lose what I never had :D 1 month ago  
Explains my life... 1 month ago +1
Who needs a girlfriend when you have a right hand? 1 month ago  
That picture, lolololololol 1 month ago  
Friend:"So are we cool?" Me:"Oh, yeah, totally!" Friend:"Good, just wanted to make sure!" Me:"Okay have fun now! *under breath* I WILL STAB YOU." 1 month ago  
Wat. Da. Faq? 1 month ago  
I'm so soddy. :( 1 month ago  
IM CHUNKAY AND IM PROUD!!! 1 month ago  
PARADOX TIME!!!!! Okay, so imagine what would happen if Pinocchio said "My nose will grow now!" Think about it O.o 1 month ago  
Why would I care? As long as I'm with my (girl)friend I can't get embarrassed:P 1 month ago  
That picture doe 1 month ago  
*flicks forehead* 1 month ago  
10,000,000 likes! 1 month ago  
Come on, don't be like that... 1 month ago  
True :P 1 month ago  
My sibling is a lifeguard, she'll be fine 1 month ago  
lol I'm a guy :P 1 month ago  
Just friends, right? RIGHT?!?!? 1 month ago +1
God dammit plz staaaaaap, nooooooooooo 1 month ago  
Plz stap with the Twilight crap. 1 month ago  
It's funny cuz ur picture says "Nope" 1 month ago  
Wtf up with the pictures? 1 month ago  
Then I'll kick his ass. 1 month ago  
I'd watch them fail XD. (They better fail or else...) 1 month ago  
Hey guys, let's see how bad you can roast me after I say... "If I had that pit bull I'd train it to hunt down pikachus. Also, I hate Pokémon and anime." >:) BRING ON THE ROASTS!!!!! 1 month ago  
Lol, good one, ;D 1 month ago  
Ooh, I just want to see the comments :P 1 month ago  
Guys are originally lesbian because we like girls:/ LOGIC 1 month ago  
Just lol 1 month ago  
Doesn't matter, had sex 1 month ago  
If she got bo3, we cool 1 month ago  
GREAT MUTHA RUSSIA 1 month ago  
HELL YEA DART VADER! What? Whose Darth Vader? Sounds dumb... 1 month ago  
Doesn't matter, had sex 1 month ago  
At least I have a CHANCE of survival O.o 1 month ago  
I think it's funny how we all like this comment, but nobody gives her actual advice XD. 1 month ago  
I'm a guy, and I admit you gals are about 50% stronger than guys. :P 1 month ago  
*cough* SHOES *cough* 1 month ago  
Lol 1 month ago  
Call. For. Help. 1 month ago  
So, I'm like a zambie? 1 month ago  
Starbucks :D 1 month ago  
*facepalms* 1 month ago  
That's actually pretty kewl... 1 month ago  
Um, TMI 1 month ago  
No, just no. 1 month ago +1
I. Am. BIGFOOT! (Or should I say Bigfeet :D) 1 month ago  
Oh. :P 1 month ago  
Just. Gross. I'm sorry for people who have either of these. :( 1 month ago  
Ikr, like if you're a pickle bro/gal 1 month ago  
TAKE IT LIKE A (WO)MAN 1 month ago  
Don't get sunburned, just tanned. 1 month ago  
Ikr lol 1 month ago  
Paper cuts are my hell. They're so tiny, but hurt SO BAD. O.o 1 month ago  
Finding these loopholes just makes these questions boring for you and everyone that sees them. So pls stap! 1 month ago  
Either way, I die. Inside :( 1 month ago  
What. The. F*CK!? 1 month ago  
Ikr 1 month ago  
The hardest choice in my life. Wife: "What about deciding wether to have kids or not?" Me: "Not even close." 1 month ago  
Damn 1 month ago  
Maybe I'll find her diamond ring on her :/ 1 month ago  
Something called suicide... 1 month ago +1
RACIST 1 month ago  
I'll save you! 1 month ago +3
Jesus Christ, ITS JASON BORNE!!! 1 month ago  
That car doe 1 month ago  
Moo ;P 1 month ago  
I can't stop laughing cuz of the walrus XD 1 month ago  
At least there are things called dentures :-B 1 month ago  
Never said how big it has to be :/ 1 month ago  
TWINKIES!!! 1 month ago  
Everyone give everyone likes so that we can all have about 1M likes! GIVE LIKES, NOT INSULTS!!! 1 month ago +188
Okay the likes stop here, there are too many ppl to like! So help me give a like to everyone because everyone should like everyone! Give likes, not insults! 1 month ago  
Time IS money 1 month ago  
CAUSE IM BATMAN 1 month ago  
Don't worry guys, they still have 8 more lives left :) 1 month ago  
Never die means you can't die from old age so, HA! 1 month ago  
I'm 13 sooo... 1 month ago  
HOLY SH*T ITS FALL☢️UT 5!!!!! 1 month ago  
If I have a PS4, I'll stay till I'm 28 1 month ago  
Oh crap! I voted at 11:36 pm! 1 month ago  
Who needs security cameras and door locks when you have a serial killer sleeping next to you? 1 month ago  
That pic doe 1 month ago  
I could bring back my mom, rip. ❤️ 1 month ago  
Crap, I only have FOUR friends... 1 month ago  
A polar bear doesn't have 9 lives :/ 1 month ago  
How would you know? Die, then tell me for sure. ;) 1 month ago  
I saw a banana and immediately tapped on it 1 month ago  
It doesn't say "would you rather have sex with..." :/ LOGIC 1 month ago  
*neither 1 month ago  
Doesn't matter, had sex 1 month ago  
Put your damn pants on! 1 month ago  
I'd like to keep my life plz 1 month ago  
At least not in your life huehuehuehuehuehue 1 month ago  
Umm... I am not legally required to answer this question... 1 month ago  
48% are selfish. And it kinda makes me think twice about humanity... 1 month ago  
No thank you, don't want aids 1 month ago  
What's a "sport?" 1 month ago  
I bet that skull's got a boner for me huehuehueheu 1 month ago  
Man, I feel like an a**hole 1 month ago  
Lindzzz I hate you 1 month ago  
YOLO 1 month ago  
Hey, it's called an IPod, not a UsPod, okay? 1 month ago  
Them pictures doe 1 month ago  
lol I'm a guy so JOKE'S ON YOU 1 month ago  
Da faq? 1 month ago  
Live in California and I F*CKING HATE THE HEAT 1 month ago  
Jeez, either way you die... 1 month ago  
Go ahead and hate me, but, anyone can bounce a ball and throw it in a hole, and yes anyone can also hit a ball with a stick but, baseball is just somehow a bit more complex than basketball... :/ 1 month ago  
lol I'm a guy, sooo... 1 month ago  
Just a biiiiiiiit sexist... 1 month ago +1
Idk about you but if I saw THAT ghost I'd go insane because she's sexy... ;) 1 month ago  
Teleport in bank safe >:) 1 month ago  
Walmart is usually bigger than target :/ LOGIC 1 month ago  
Don't worry guys, I'm pretty sure he got electrocuted by lighting by now... 1 month ago  
They don't have toilet paper. OR TOILETS 1 month ago  
Hey, Canada is good, eh? 1 month ago  
I can help them, right? 1 month ago  
SUK IT 1 month ago  
RACIST 1 month ago  
Or be a spooderman? Yes I brought memes into this 1 month ago  
Two words. Cut it 1 month ago  
Lose and lose 1 month ago  
17% of 158,856 people are weird 1 month ago  
No... just no... 1 month ago  
God no, I'm a guy... 1 month ago  
I ain't gunna f*ck with Slenderman in the dark ._. 1 month ago  
I'm too YOUNG FOR ALCOHOL!!! 1 month ago  
This basically explains my life 1 month ago  
Define "first kiss" 1 month ago  
Um... that's why there are blankets... 1 month ago  
Sleeping is for nerds 1 month ago  
I can't stop laughing 1 month ago  
But, you're a wizard Harry! 1 month ago  
FOOD. Enough said 1 month ago  
Have fun looking at my ugly face b*tches :D 1 month ago  
Oh god, sorry 3 year-old :/ 1 month ago  
Post it in the deep web 1 month ago  
I can't drive sooo... WOOOOO! 1 month ago  
Rarr! 1 month ago  
Didn't say how long, also you would pass out :/ 1 month ago  
lol I live in LA :D 1 month ago +1
PARTY BOAT HELL YEAH 1 month ago  
F*ck not the bacon! 1 month ago  
Is this even a question? 1 month ago  
You can't drink alcohol as a kid :/ 1 month ago  
Just say you hate the thing you love :/ 1 month ago  
That's a challenge? 1 month ago  
Wtf is wrong with u guys, you don't pay rent or anything! And I wuv them. ❤️ 1 month ago  
Are you cerealsly asking me this? Hue hue hue 1 month ago  
IM GUNNA FIND ALL YOU F***S 1 month ago  
"Climb with equipment..." anyone have a huge ass ladder? 1 month ago  
God, I'm mad at myself... 1 month ago  
I'm a guy soooooo... 1 month ago  
Wut 1 month ago  
I already lost the key that locks my virginity 1 month ago  
Who says you can't act like a kid? 1 month ago  
I'm a guy hue hue hue hue 1 month ago  
USAUSAUSAUSAUSAUSA WOOOOOOOOOO! No offense other country ppl 1 month ago +1
Muscle is heavier than fat! LOOK IT UP 1 month ago  
Nope nope nope nope nope 1 month ago  
I just thought about this... let ur enemy get the money and steal it >:) 1 month ago  
Do you guys even nature? 1 month ago  
Embarrassing moments are awkward moments. Case closed. 1 month ago  
Hey, now I don't have to tell everyone to SHUT THE F*** UP 1 month ago  
Does anyone know sign language? Y'know it comes in handy :D hue hue hue hue, okay I'll go kill my self 1 month ago  
Video games are movies that you can CONTROL 1 month ago  
To simplify the question: Do you choose death or death? 1 month ago  
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