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How do you say "either"? Eye-ther or E-ther 1 year ago 102 votes 15 comments 0 likes
What would you rather love? Exercise? or The taste of every existing food in the world? 1 year ago 120 votes 28 comments 0 likes
If school/your job started at 2 pm instead, would it be an advantage or a disadvantage for you? Advantage or Disadvantage 1 year ago 52 votes 5 comments 0 likes
What would you rather see happen to your worst enemy? That he get killed, so that you don't have to see him anymore? or That his life gets destroyed, so that you can get pleasure of his suffering? 1 year ago 66 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Is the tastiest food you've ever eaten from a resturant? Yes or No 1 year ago 92 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Do you think that children in non-english-speaking schools should be taught about United States before Canada, or do you think the order doesn't matter or that they should be switched (Canada first, then United States)? United States is a more relevant and more powerful country, therefore the children should be taught about it first. or The order doesn't matter. / They should be switched. 1 year ago 48 votes 10 comments 0 likes
You're in class. You have 2 pens on your bench, one slightly worse and one slightly better. You accidentally drop your worse pen on the floor and your crush picks it up for you. Would you rather Write with your slightly worse pen, only because your crush touched it? or Write with your slightly better pen? 1 year ago 69 votes 23 comments 0 likes
Tomorrow, would you rather... Have a sunny day that is insanely hot, way too hot in your opinion. or Have a thunderstorm lasting 12 hours. 1 year ago 99 votes 28 comments 0 likes
What is worse? When you have a speech in front of your class, but a major itch on your crotch at the same time? or When you have a conversation with 2 guys and 2 girls while a guy suddenly pulls down your pants and underwear from behind, making everyone you had the conversation with see your genitals? 1 year ago 68 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Do you find it awkward to watch a romantic kissing scene in a movie with your parents? Yes or No 1 year ago 83 votes 12 comments 0 likes
What would ruin your weekend more? If someone at your workplace/school stole 20 bucks from you and managed to escape? or If you broke one of your feet? 1 year ago 89 votes 15 comments 0 likes
When does summer vacation start for you? Before July? or July or later? 1 year ago 81 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Would it be uncomfortable for you to have a conversation with your parents while nude without covering your private parts? No. or Yes 1 year ago 102 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Imagine that you're a teenager. Your parents arrive to your bedroom while you're there naked. How would they more likely react? Like nothing happend? / They'd look away because they know/think that you don't want them to see you naked? or They'd look away because they feel disturbed to see their teenagers naked? 1 year ago 100 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Be able to slow down time by 2 to 10 times and change it back to normal time speed? You won't be affected by the time deceleration. or Have a built countdown timer in your head that counts down any future occurrences of your choice? When it is 10 seconds left, you'll be aware of it. 1 year ago 47 votes 8 comments 0 likes
If you were a black world wide super famous celebrity. Would you do the same as what Micheal Jackson did; make your skin white? Yes or No 1 year ago 60 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Do you enjoy modern American pop music? Yes / Most times or No / Most times not 1 year ago 59 votes 12 comments 0 likes
You're going to visit your friend by taking the bus. Would you rather... Find out that you're 30 minutes early by the time you arrive to the busstop and have to wait there until the bus arrives? or Find out that you're late for the bus and have to "torture" yourself in able to catch the bus in time? 1 year ago 60 votes 9 comments 0 likes
You and your partner decides to have you perform cunnilingus/felliato on her/him. What would be the closest reason to why you would agree to this decision? Just to make her/him satisfied? or Because you find it kinky and you would like/love to do it/to try it out? 1 year ago 45 votes 20 comments 0 likes
You are given the chance to meet one celebrity of your choice. Is the celebrity you will pick either from United States or Canada? Yes. or No. 1 year ago 56 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Do you use or have you ever heard someone else use the word "seldom"? (excluding being taught about it or talking about the word) Yes or No 1 year ago 61 votes 8 comments 0 likes
A person does something really horrible to you with the intention to disgust you / make you really angry / humiliate you, but unintentionally creates the best moment of your life. Will you forgive them? Not completety / Not at all, since they had the intention to disgust me / make me angry / humiliate me. or Yes. Since they improved my life. 1 year ago 58 votes 14 comments 0 likes
There is one person in school you're interested in to begin to hang out with, suddenly your friends arrives and tells you to not hang out with him because they all claim that he is a really weird person. Will you listen to your friends? No. I don't judge people by what others tell about them. or Yes. Since they are my friends, they are supposedly right. 1 year ago 54 votes 10 comments 0 likes
What would be more gross? To make out with a dog of your choice? or To perform anilingus on a person of your choice? 1 year ago 61 votes 27 comments 0 likes
If you were a dog and had an extremely lovely and caring owner, would you likely enjoy to get petted by him? Yes or No 1 year ago 77 votes 12 comments 0 likes
What would you rather do? Dress up as a killer clown and trick and treat everyone in your closest suburb, even though it isn't Halloween? or Dress up as Santa, visit the closest city center and say "ho ho ho merry christmas" to every child crossing by while constantly making noise with a bell for two hours, even though it isn't Christmas? 1 year ago 53 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Which country do you think have more beautiful women? United States or Sweden 1 year ago 84 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Imagine, the reason to why AlexW has been so inactive lately is because he is currently preparing a one week-lasting party in his hometown Ottawa, Canada that'll be completed next summer 2018. 150 of this site most popular and currently active users (pretend you're one of them) will be invited there and everyone will get a bedroom filled with yummy food, free wifi ect. The admission will cost $100. Will you go there? Yes or No 1 year ago 62 votes 14 comments 0 likes
What is worse? When someone tells a joke about someone who has cancer, but had no intention to harm or insult anyone? or When someone tells a person that he is the ugliest person he've ever seen with the intention to harm the person's feelings and also manages to? 1 year ago 75 votes 6 comments 0 likes
You are the most popular kid in school because of something you like to do in your freetime that everybody loves. Will this likely make you care less about your grades in school? No? / Only a slightly bit? or A lot? 1 year ago 78 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Which dog do you find more adorable? This Swedish Elkhound? or This East Sibirian Laika? 1 year ago 72 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Do you often start to cringe or feel embarrassed whenever watching movies made for children? Yes / It depends or No 1 year ago 83 votes 15 comments 0 likes
In a scale from 1 to 5, how good is your english? For native english speakers, use the language you're second-best at. 1 - 3 (Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced) or 4 - 5 (Near native - Professional) 1 year ago 71 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer... Scrambled eggs? or Fried eggs? 1 year ago 78 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Imagine that you were a black person and a white person unintentionally yelled an offensive word for black people at his phone he accidentally dropped on the ground. He notices you and suddenly becomes terrified. What would you rather say to him? "It's alright! Calm down, mate! I know you meant your phone :)" or "You better watch your mouth unless you want to get beaten up some day, kid!" 1 year ago 35 votes 6 comments 0 likes
There is this guy in school you've been hating for a couple of months now becuase of his weird behaviour, but he has never intentionally attempted to annoy you. You eventually find out that he thinks you're really cool. Will you likely quit hating him because of that? Yes. or No. 1 year ago 44 votes 7 comments 0 likes
You have a one week-lasting vacation. Do you prefer to... Stay at home the whole week? or Travel and sleep somewhere else for a few days or the whole week? 1 year ago 54 votes 5 comments 0 likes
In school. Would you rather... Have two of this week's classes get canceled? or Have no homework this week? 1 year ago 98 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Which school would you rather go to? 5 minutes away from home. Less students. Ignorant and lazy teachers that are too nice. Worse education. or 25 minutes away from home. More students. Better, but stricter and more demanding teachers. Better education. 1 year ago 80 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Do you currently live... (remade) Either in the wilderness, countryside or a village? or Either in the suburbs or in a city? 1 year ago 118 votes 15 comments 0 likes
What is the least amount of sleep you've ever got but still went to school/work? Less than 3 hours? or More than 3 hours? 1 year ago 121 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Always have to use a plasticbag instead of a toilet everytime you need to take a dump and throw it in a bin without lid outside your house? or Always have to go outside your house whenever you need to pee and always get caught by a person or more? 1 year ago 60 votes 7 comments 0 likes
(Pretend that you do both) What would you rather admit while holding a speech in front of your class? That you enjoy watching porn? or That you masturbate a lot? 1 year ago 105 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... (read explanation for more details) Have your legs replaced with a really long and really strong snake-shaped tail? or Be able to fly like a bird but have your arms, hands and fingers replaced with 2 giant feather wings. 1 year ago 49 votes 10 comments 0 likes
A really attractive person in your sexual orientation gropes you on purpose. Are you more likely to... Feel offended? Be upset? Don't care? or Like it? Love it? Think it was awesome? 1 year ago 89 votes 25 comments 0 likes
Would you rather want... Every human in the world begin to grow fur all over their bodies like animals? or Females usually become bigger, taller, physically stronger and more muscular than males? 1 year ago 86 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Your partner farts right next to you at your direction. Are you more likely to... Leave the place? / Cover your mouth and nose to prevent the smell? or Don't mind it? / Just wave away the smell? / Like it? 1 year ago 100 votes 11 comments 0 likes
When was the first time you've ever saw a REAL erect HUMAN genital? Relatives and your own doesn't count. When I was 12 or younger. / I haven't seen one yet. or When I was 13 or older. 1 year ago 103 votes 29 comments 0 likes
Do you say... Pants? or Trousers? 1 year ago 119 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Are the best movies and TV-series you've watched mostly made in United States? Yes, obviously. or Actually no. 1 year ago 107 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... A few times everyday cringe to random thoughts about weird and embarrasing moments you can cause but REALLY don't want to cause? or Always get upset for wasting time on something you didn't want to do in the first place, even for coming 5 minutes later home after school/work? 1 year ago 66 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Are you popular or much known anywhere else than in rrrather? Yes or No 1 year ago 90 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Do you think boobs are slightly oversexualized? Yes or No 1 year ago 112 votes 28 comments 0 likes
Which false rumour do you think would be worse for a heterosexual teenage boy? That he is gay? or That he sniffed his sister's used panties? 1 year ago 118 votes 37 comments 0 likes
Do you most times think that it is okay or badass to do some things underage according to the law? No, that is just immature and it could be bad for their health. or Yeah, obviously! 1 year ago 104 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Are most of your questions on the site... Mostly based on movies, music, games, internetsites and (comic) books or/and on random ideas? or Mostly somewhat based on your life outside the internet with maybe some own modifications? (excluding option A) 1 year ago 66 votes 11 comments 0 likes
What is more annoying? When someone else puts you a bad mood right before you come home from a friday where you can be isolated from everyone at will. or When you waited months for a game/movie and are just about to play/watch it for the first time when something else completely random prevents you from doing it in 1-2 days. 1 year ago 87 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would rather always unconsciously start to... ...sing and move your body along with the beats whenever listening to a song, and sometimes even pretend that you are singing the song while holding a microphone? or ...talk and move your body along with whatever you are fantasizing about whenever you are fantasizing? 1 year ago 82 votes 26 comments 0 likes
Which school-/workday do you hate the most? Either Mondays or Tuesdays? or Either Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays? 1 year ago 104 votes 16 comments 0 likes
You're at school and are currently in a lesson. You are sitting at the back of the classroom with no one else behind you while using your school-laptop for your work. Would you likely be secretly do something else on the laptop? Yes or No, I gotta get those A's. 1 year ago 105 votes 22 comments 0 likes
What would be more embarrasing? To have everyone in school know that you have the smallest penis/boobs of everyone in your grade? or To have everyone in school know that you are the only guy/girl in your grade that HAVEN'T started to get pubic hair and to produce sperm/periods yet? 1 year ago 102 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Which cartoon logic would you rather want to exist in the real world? You don't fall down until you notice that you're not standing on any ground. And you can't die by fall damage. or You can't die by being crushed, but your bodypart(s) will become really flattened (you won't break any bones and organs by that). 1 year ago 59 votes 8 comments 0 likes
What would you rather want the schools to change? Pretend that you have neither already. That all students get to use private changingrooms with own showers. Every student gets to borrow a padlock with a key from the school so that you can lock the door outside the room during P.E. lesson. or You will never have to sit next to and/or work with classmates that makes you feel uncomfortable in school ever again. 1 year ago 64 votes 12 comments 0 likes
When wanting to take revenge on people that are horribly rude to you, do you prefer them knowing that you were the one that revenged on them? Yes, I will not be satisfied until they know that messing with me was the biggest mistake they've ever done! or No, doesn't matter. Seeing them suffer from the revenge is all I need to get satifised. 1 year ago 74 votes 9 comments 0 likes
You live 30 minutes away from school/work and don't have a car yet. Would you rather... ...always have to wait 2-3 hours for the bus to come and take you home after you have finished school/work, unless someone else bring you home of course? You can wait inside the school/job building. or ...never have time to stay after school/job, or else you will miss your bus and not be able to get home on your own? Also there are no busses at your home during weekends and holidays, while in option A there is. 1 year ago 61 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather...? ...always say something inappropriately dirty and perverted everytime you speak? Everytime someone starts to talk to you in person you will be forced to say something. or ...become insanely oversensitive? Even if someone asks you to join in a activity but don't want to you will feel offended and feel the need to cry 1 year ago 70 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Have you ever been at IceHotel in JukkasjÀrvi in Sweden? Or thought of visiting it? Or are you there right now? Yes or No 1 year ago 106 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Better Swedish law? The age of consent is 15. Everyone that are 15 years and older are allowed to have sex with each other. or When you're 15, you are allowed to drive cars called "A-" and "Epa-tractors". They are normal cars with a speed limiter to 30 km/h (18.6 mph). But you can unfortunately only bring one person with you and you obviously need a license first. 1 year ago 102 votes 13 comments 0 likes
You are 60 years old and are about to get executed through decapitation while having a bag covering your face. Are you likely to be more scared of... Death? or The apparently torturous and insanely disgusting feeling of getting decapitated, and that you don't exactly know when it will occur (because of the bag)? 1 year ago 113 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have everytime you want to say... (Read explanation) ..."avalanche" turn into "ambulance" and vice versa? or ..."asian" turn into "agent" and vice versa? 1 year ago 72 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Roast me? Yes or No 1 year ago 85 votes 64 comments 0 likes
If you were a 10 year old male and you woke up with a 100% real thick beard, would you rather...? (Read explanation for more details) Keep it? / Modify it to make it look better for you? Maybe even brag about it... or Shave it before someone else notice? 1 year ago 119 votes 20 comments 0 likes
In school, would you rather have... (Pretend you have neither) (Read the explanation for more details) Totally free, usually healthy lunch every day where you can eat how much you want? or The school buy school supplies for you? 1 year ago 102 votes 16 comments 0 likes
If you knew afterlife existed and that everyone who dies goes to heaven to eventually become reborn (except for the most pure evil-minded people, they go to hell), would you still want to become immortal? Yes or No 1 year ago 115 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have everytime you talk or trying to talk...? Sing instead? Whispering is prohibited. (Read explanation for slightly more details) or Whisper instead? Singing is prohibited. 1 year ago 96 votes 17 comments 0 likes
You come home from school/work excited to start off with a new project (that requires electricity and internet) you couldn't stop thinking about while at work/school. Almost immidielaty when you come home a 12 hours-lasting power outage occurs. Will you commit trauncy (maybe call for sick) tomorrow for the sake of your lost time on working on your project? Yes. or No. 1 year ago 90 votes 12 comments 0 likes
More interesting fact about the english language? If you remove the "S" from the word "slaughter" the pronuncement of the word will completely change. There will be an F-sound in the middle of the word and the "A" will be pronunced differently. or Words like "bastard", "bird", "nerd", "word", "turd", "heard" and "plastered" all ends with an "urd"-sound, yet somehow have 7 different spellings. 1 year ago 87 votes 7 comments 0 likes
The fire alarm activates during a lesson in school and everyone must leave the building immidialety, it is most likely just a fire drill, but you don't know. It is winter and freezing cold outside. Would you rather... Leave the building immidialety. There is 50% you'll get sick and a really hoarse voice by tomorrow morning. or Get your jacket first before you leave. You will get caught of several teachers for not leaving immidialety but you won't get sick. 1 year ago 98 votes 23 comments 0 likes
Would you perform together with your schools first grade class with singing children songs in front of everyone in school to see for $10? For 10 bucks? Sure. or Hell naw... 1 year ago 87 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer... ...a girl/boyfriend older than you? or ...a girl/boyfriend younger than you? 1 year ago 101 votes 30 comments 0 likes
More interesting fact? The distance between Earth and our Sun is about 150 000 000 km/93 205 679 miles big. or Our sun is about 109 times bigger than Earth in diameter. Earth is about 12 740 km/7 916 miles big in diameter while the sun about 1 391 400 km/864 575 miles big in diameter. 1 year ago 80 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... ...have everytime you say "peanuts" turn into "penis" and vice versa? or ...have everytime you say "funeral" turn into "urinal" in vice versa? 1 year ago 116 votes 19 comments 0 likes
How would you rather spend the Christmas day? In a power outage lasting in 24 hours? or With a high fever. You'll be back 100% healthy again by tomorrow morning, somehow. 1 year ago 113 votes 21 comments 0 likes
A really attractive person you know in real life (gender depends if you're straight, bi or gay) asks you to take his chewgum he is chewing right now and chew it instead. Would you do it even if you knew you wouldn't get sick? Yuck no, still disgusting! or Yes, that would be hot! 1 year ago 120 votes 42 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in a country where... (remade) ...you are not allowed to play more than 1.5 hours of video games every day and where you have to be at school/work 2 more hours than usual everyday from monday to friday? or ...portable and batterypowered electronic devices are banned? Exluding button phones and MP3-players, but games on the phone are prohibited. Every day it occurs a two-hour-lasting power outage at a irregular time, sometimes even two. 1 year ago 77 votes 11 comments 0 likes
A small UFO lands on the ground right in front you and a ten inch alien walks out and threats to kill you. Would be more likely to...? Laugh at his size. or Don't underestimate small aliens! You don't know what secret powers they could have! RUN! 1 year ago 118 votes 26 comments 0 likes
Would you rather always say... "Sexbox" instead of Xbox? or "Penis" instead of PS. You can't say "PlayStation" either. 1 year ago 112 votes 25 comments 0 likes
If cooking for dinner was as easy as making breakfast, would you rather...? Still make normal breakfast? or Eat dinner for breakfast, maybe forever. 1 year ago 96 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Which animation style do you prefer? (Read description) Everything that isn't anime or Anime 1 year ago 84 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be able to control your dreams while sleeping and EVEN have the sense of smell, taste and feeling in every dream. You will always wear an arm clock that tells you the real time outside your dreams, you have an alarm clock built inside the arm clock and you can wake up whenever you want. or Not have the need to sleep. 1 year ago 107 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Which superpowers would you rather have? invisibility, gravity direction change, go through fixed obejcts and choose which objects you will not be able to go through, touch people without them feeling anything, change your size. or teleport your mouth, nose, eyes and ears where ever you want, x-ray vision (you can choose everything you want to see through), zoom in and out with your eyes. 1 year ago 79 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Which mermaid who you rather go on a date with...? Ariel (from The Little Mermaid) or Marina (from Zig & Sharko) 1 year ago 321 votes 7 comments 0 likes
On Friday you will only have one lesson in school. It starts 1 pm and ends 2 pm. You live pretty far away. To get there you would need to arrive at 11 am, and take the bus home 3 pm. Are you going to commit trauncy or come to school? School's important! Also I have nothing better to do at home... or I have a life outside school, you know? 1 year ago 70 votes 9 comments 0 likes
It's monday and you wake up. You are pretty tired and it is time to prepare for school/work and eat breakfast. Would you rather notice plate with...? Sandwiches on the table ready to eat? or Burgers and fries on the table ready to eat? 1 year ago 234 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? Name something you think this world/country needs more of? (It could be anything at all, even things other people would find stupid or unneccesary, unless it is offending to other people). or Not do the first option and move on? 1 year ago 53 votes 23 comments 0 likes
Do you usually use rrrather during breaks at school or work? Yes or No 1 year ago 88 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather (Read explanation after the options) Have everytime when you say "racer" turn into "racist" and vice versa. "race" will be changed to "racism" and vice versa. or Have everytime when you say "condor" turn into "condom" and vice versa. 1 year ago 58 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Which rockgroup do you prefer? Linkin Park or Three Days Grace 1 year ago 122 votes 12 comments 0 likes
You work on your computer in school while listening to music on Youtube with your earphones, you get caught by your teacher who thought you were wasting time watching Youtube and closes the tab for you. Would you rather? Wait until she leaves and then open a new tab or Listen to your teacher 1 year ago 42 votes 4 comments 0 likes
You have a day off tomorrow from school/work. You are allowed to choose if you want to stay home or still go to work/school, would you rather? Go to work/school tomorrow for 8 hours or Stay home and have an 8 hour long power outage 1 year ago 53 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Which one of my minecraft modern houses is more better looking? This one or This one 1 year ago 314 votes 18 comments 0 likes
If a shorter person at your school/job comes up to you and starts shouting and being rude to you. Would you be likely to..? Don't care/Feel humiliated or Be rude and shout back/Punch the person 1 year ago 57 votes 15 comments 0 likes

Rass has posted the following comments:

Very easy to get. 11 months ago  
D 1 year ago  
*idiot 1 year ago  
B would just be perfect. 1 year ago  
Cuddlier 1 year ago  
Would imagine it feel less uncomfortable. 1 year ago +1
lol 1 year ago  
Would have been Chester Bennington, if he was stlll alive. 1 year ago  
English and Swedish. 1 year ago  
Much more useful. I could make anyone leave me alone and use it to revenge others. 1 year ago  
I don't think I would actually care. 1 year ago  
There's a pizzeria right next to my school. 1 year ago  
*hundred thousands 1 year ago  
Teleport... somewhere 1 year ago  
Misclick. I could play two musical instruments at the same time. 1 year ago  
thx 1 year ago  
First I would be extremely reliefed, then I would be extremely mad at them because I got extremely upset for nothing. 1 year ago +1
Since a child is less likely to do any harm. 1 year ago  
It is a lot more comfortable to eat chocolate that way. 1 year ago  
Too lazy for B. 1 year ago  
B is cool. 1 year ago  
C 1 year ago  
Misclick. Sandwiches, meh. 1 year ago  
B 1 year ago  
D 1 year ago  
Not only do I dislike ketchup, but in B, I always end up fries that has too much condiment on them and they are annoying to remove. 1 year ago  
Honestly, B is really useless. 1 year ago  
Pulse measurements, dunno why, just feels gross. 1 year ago  
Peter is excessively stupid. 1 year ago  
Already have 1 year ago +2
Everyone from where I live seem to have it. I'd have the app right now if my stupid phone would have been capable of using it. 1 year ago  
Will most likely not hurt as much. Well yeah, the glass will shatter all around my body but I don't care. 1 year ago  
In B you wouldn't even notice, so why did y'all pick A?!? 1 year ago  
That's none of my busniess. 1 year ago  
Have seen neither so why would I want to watch the second part? 1 year ago  
Better animation 1 year ago  
manw 1 year ago  
More money and a lot more free time, it's the free time I care about the most though. 1 year ago +1
Association football 1 year ago  
No offense, but is this really a thing now where you let other guess about you? I've seen other users do the same. By the way, I guess Iowa. 1 year ago  
Same as what you said in the explanation. 1 year ago +1
I don't care about the art. Like they will never be seen again if they would've vanished, there are thousands of pictures of them in the internet. 1 year ago  
Just tested and it was 48. 1 year ago  
Maybe, but that's not my problem. 1 year ago +1
Accidentally ran into another girl during P.E. and almost got my nads unintentionally crushed by her knee. Even though she missed, it still hurt like hell. Can't imagine the pain if her knee actually would have hit them. 1 year ago  
A 1 year ago  
A 1 year ago  
Closer to the US. 1 year ago  
No, you don't get the joke; since everyone on the boat got married, there are no people who are SINGLE on the boat anymore. Although, it doesn't make any sense to why they would get married that quickly though. 1 year ago +2
Have never tried B, but I know for sure that I hate A. 1 year ago  
They all jumped out of the boat, duh. 1 year ago +1
Never heard of B, but A is funny. 1 year ago  
Honestly, I don't really like ketchup. And I enjoy soy sauce, but it depends on the brand because I only like them from Kikkoman. 1 year ago +1
Nissan Skylines are my favorite. 1 year ago  
Definitely, got that game when I was 10 years old, Has 1 200 cars based from existing cars irl. 1 year ago  
All the classmates doesn't have to know what the student who's asking is going to do. 1 year ago  
That name is not weird at all compared to mine! 1 year ago  
In both songs, Chester's voice is epic af. 1 year ago  
Love both! 1 year ago  
I'll be at home for several more days before school begins again. 1 year ago  
No more thunderstorms! 1 year ago  
Is 2 years younger, they are both about 70 years old. 1 year ago  
I'd be less vulnerable. 1 year ago  
I'd sneak up to her closet and prove her that there is no one. 1 year ago  
Me too 1 year ago  
I like the red color and because of it has a spoiler. 1 year ago  
"Time travel doesn't exist. Alright. End of class, have a good day", 1 year ago  
Rest in peace, Chester Bennington- He inspired me to begin singing. 1 year ago +1
RIP Chester Bennington, the man who inspired me to begin singing. 1 year ago +1
Uh? 1 year ago  
Love them. 1 year ago  
The thing below the TV, I can't tell what it is. 1 year ago  
Have it already. 1 year ago  
What?! The world can't burn up by constant daylight! 1 year ago +1
Shut up. 1 year ago  
How I met Your mother 1 year ago  
Dodo 1 year ago  
A) 3-4 years B) About 9 years. 1 year ago  
Congratulations :D 1 year ago  
A chinese resturant doesn't necessarily have to be in China. There are lots of resturants all over the world who makes chinese food. I know you knew this already but you didn't think about it. 1 year ago +1
Because using wheelchairs are blocking my way to an awesome future life. 1 year ago  
JackSepticEye 1 year ago  
I don't need legs! I'll remove them and walk with my hands instead. 1 year ago +2
Space has always fascinated me. But the ocean, never. Also you wouldn't want to visit a part that hasn't been discovered yet, visiting another planet in our solar system is fascinating enough. 1 year ago +1
https://youtu.be/xcUOTrlpSuI?t=39s 1 year ago  
ffs 1 year ago  
Already knew both :D 1 year ago  
Maybe, since I just searched up the word "ditzy" in Wiktionary. 1 year ago  
But I usually play games that doesn't have them. 1 year ago  
In the head. 1 year ago  
It would be portable. 1 year ago +1
Because I don't want to look adorable and I want to be a male. 1 year ago +1
I'd rather not be a cute little female pony. 1 year ago  
I answer my own questions. 1 year ago  
Not because I doubt, but I still wonder, what stuff? 1 year ago  
It really depends on which of my children I'd pick depending on their age, but I'd most likely pick my youngest child, since my youngest child would have prepared for the future the least. If I'd kill my oldest child all that preparation he'd been through would have gone in vain. 1 year ago  
I usually feel the need to do something productive to get satisfied, and not just anything at all, the process has to be fun, voluntary and lead to something cool and awesome. 1 year ago +1
But if she would be gay then why would she get a boyfriend in the first place? 1 year ago  
Since she is gay and still got a boyfriend (me), she would have to be bisexual, meaning she would likely want a threesome with me and another girl which I'll gladly say "yes" to. 1 year ago  
Is where I'd rather live, I guess. 1 year ago  
My neighbourhood consist of only about 10 people. 1 year ago  
So that you can rape the rapist instead, ear rape. 1 year ago +2
B is possible to heal immidielaty if a satisfying thought has come up while A takes time to heal no matter what. And A can sometimes lead to B, but it depends: 1 year ago  
In A, I can't sing at the same time. 1 year ago +1
//www.rrrather.com/view/222405 1 year ago  
I'm sick of sandwiches and I love bacon. 1 year ago  
You made those? Cool! 1 year ago  
If that ever happend to me by someone I disliked, I'd beat them up merciless. 1 year ago  
Don't exaggerate this. I wouldn't do that either. The point in A was to just do it for fun since it is simple, not because you're so desperate in having female physical contact that you're willing to get her bacterias on you on everywhere she touches. 1 year ago  
Something that is "slighty worse" doesn't make it useless. For instance, the better pen could have been a mechanical pencil while the worse one just a regular pencil. 1 year ago  
Apparently a lot less physically strong. 1 year ago  
I wanted to wear them when I was a lot younger. My parents told me that those were for females only though, making me chance my mind. I'm unsure if that is true though. 1 year ago  
But if you had one....? 1 year ago  
I like broccoli. I dislike avocado. 1 year ago  
Getting eaten while struggeling for air seems more tortureous. 1 year ago  
Something that is "slighty worse" doesn't make it crappy. For instance, the better pen could have been a mechanical pencil while the worse one just a regular pencil. 1 year ago  
They were actually going to release Spider Man 4 if Tobey and Sam Raimi wouldn't have left the project. I'm still disapointed over that. 1 year ago  
Is english speaking and personally slightly better. 1 year ago  
Misclick. Either Onex or Verzani. 1 year ago  
Yes, by using the force from Star Wars. 1 year ago  
Is still enjoyable after repeating it a lot of times. 1 year ago  
Might be a computer virus and I can't afford that. 1 year ago  
Misclick. 1 year ago  
She looks really tall. 1 year ago  
Misclick. 1 year ago  
If you've begun to get chased by a bear, then you're garanteed going to die since you can't run away from a bear, they are fast af. Also, I'm 6'2 feet tall. I'd walk up on the beach in seconds depening on how steep it is. I believe I'd even be safe from the shark from halfway up the beach, since great white sharks are pretty big, they'd be prevented to continue up to the beach since the water isn't deep enough there. I'm just assuming this though. 1 year ago +1
My arms and hands are stronger than a lion's jaw. 1 year ago  
The worst thing I've ever done in Sims was to somehow make me unable to access the game. 1 year ago  
I think if I did A; not only would I lose my finger, but I believe the rest of my hand would light up with fire quickly. In B; I at least have a change to continue use my hand and fingers properly eventually after I've removed the nails. 1 year ago +1
No! 1 year ago  
I love Looney Tunes. 1 year ago  
In singing. 1 year ago  
I might be working on creating a band as well in the future. 1 year ago  
But only if I'll be the singer. 1 year ago  
B would make me have to shut down my internet and the majority of my electronics (which I have to do anyways during any thunderstorm), which I find is a huge waste of time. 1 year ago  
Only becuase of I have a feeling that they will begin to think about my penis, which I find embarrasing. 1 year ago +1
I'd rather live in the present. 1 year ago +1
I mainly use my phone to be able to contact my parents and I have summer vacation in a few days, meaning I won't have to be as concerned about being unable to contact my parents. Even if I still had school during those two weeks, I'd still pick A. 1 year ago +1
I prefer brunettes than blondes. 1 year ago  
Already do. 1 year ago  
Never to take a dump though. 1 year ago  
Stare while changing for P.E. lessons. 1 year ago +1
I find it more useful since I'm already pretty powerful, big and tall. Because of my length, I can run really fast, but I have a poor stamina. 1 year ago  
I usually don't watch movies and TV-shows with other people nor on public places. And my parents wouldn't get bothered. 1 year ago  
I even think that someone might be secretly watching my internet history. 1 year ago  
That is HIGHLY unlikely though. There are almost 100 000 existing accounts on this site. 1 year ago  
Less far away. 1 year ago  
Only during weekends and vacations. 1 year ago  
I've never heard of B. But GradeAUnderA is really cool. 1 year ago +1
I actually think I managed to learn myself. I think I was 6. 1 year ago  
Not at all. It is more fun to speak english anyway. I never get to speak english with anyone in person anyway. 1 year ago  
Just the auricle? 1 year ago  
No. I made the question, smartass :D 1 year ago  
I don't understand. Why are guests so hated? 1 year ago  
No haha xD 1 year ago  
No, I do not consider B a "life". Death > Eternal servant against my will. 1 year ago +1
Misclick. Was to lazy to answer before. The book is called "Let The Right One In". 1 year ago  
Not only do I like the band better, I also know HattyTheHat better than GoldenMoon78. 1 year ago +2
Because he has a life outside rrrather to take care of. 1 year ago +1
A: Between 4-5 am. B: Between 12 am and 1 pm. 1 year ago  
If you'd been born without sight, you won't miss it. 1 year ago  
I'd just wear jeans and a belt. 1 year ago  
No money wasted. 1 year ago  
Misclick. I already am B. 1 year ago  
I'd stop wearing clothes without any doubt right away :D 1 year ago  
Was actually something I really wanted to do as a kid. I'd still would enjoy to do it, but only if I get to play characters where I have to distort my voice. 1 year ago  
Lion 1 year ago  
That will be the last time I ever click on a link on this site whenever I'm in school. Thankfully, I didn't get caught. 1 year ago +1
It's not waste if you love to be here. 1 year ago  
I think of Jaguar XJ220. 1 year ago  
Yeah, I know. But it would be another kind of weirdness. 1 year ago  
Had it a few years ago, probably 5th grade. 1 year ago  
It would even be even less strange if you'd have been passed out. 1 year ago  
The main point in A was to get in a really bad mood afterwards. But we all react differently to happenings. I personally believe that I'd be in a worse mood if I'd been treated badly than if I'd been damaged on a body part of mine that doesn't affect any of my favourite activities, which neither are physical, except for singing but feet aren't required to be able to perform it. 1 year ago +1
About 8 or more. 1 year ago  
Eh, not really. According to the Wikipedia page I gave you the link to; some countries have summer vacations starting in July. 1 year ago  
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Summer_vacation 1 year ago +1
Less likely that I'll ever ride on self driving car. 1 year ago  
Sight is a lot more important than being able to walk. 1 year ago  
I personally think it is less strange. 1 year ago  
I have tried neither. But the cover looks more appealing. 1 year ago  
I tend to imagine horrible things against my will. 1 year ago +1
Hopefully, the majority are females. 1 year ago  
They might be richer, but I have a loud professional singing voice which I bet no other GUY in that school have. 1 year ago  
The architecture on B looks a lot more modern, but the house in A is much bigger. 1 year ago  
Finally I can write on Google Drive with my Tablet properly. 1 year ago  
I partially agree with you. But I find it wrong for parents to be aware of the development and appearance of their teenager's sexual organs, even though they don't think about it. This is just my opinion though or maybe it's just a pet peeve. 1 year ago  
I love bacon. It's delicious af. 1 year ago  
You can't torture yourself. 1 year ago  
Rarely. Now, whenever I'm on the TV, I either watch YouTube or Netflix through my PlayStation 4. 1 year ago  
Fun Fact: The singer in Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl, was the drummer in Nirvana before, he created Foo Figthers after Curt Cobain's death and after Nirvana quit. 1 year ago  
I don't watch manga so I can't tell. 1 year ago  
Yummy! I'd eat 10 for breakfast, 10 for lunch and the rest for dinner. 1 year ago +1
Since I'm a singer. And it usually only catches my attention if the singing is loud and/or rough. 1 year ago +1
Does your parents know that you're poor? 1 year ago  
Nausea/Stomach ache 1 year ago  
"Maybe I should just go back to sleep, I don't have school anyway" 1 year ago  
Are you stupid or yes? 1 year ago +3
Finally I can play video games and eat at the same time. 1 year ago  
In a hole? 1 year ago +1
What HattyTheHat said. 1 year ago  
B looks hideous. 1 year ago  
One of my favourite hats. 1 year ago  
As long as I have access to YouTube, then I'm fine. 1 year ago +1
Bigger chance that you'll survive, since there is water garanteed. 1 year ago  
Some of it would be a huge advantage for me though. 1 year ago  
Done. 1 year ago  
I don't have the guts for A and I only like waterslides when they are simple and peaceful since I need glasses because of near-sightedness and don't want them to break, and if I went on a violent waterslide without my glasses I'd panic because I wouldn't be able to see properly what was happening. 1 year ago  
B is actually really useful while A is completely worthless! 1 year ago  
Bigger 1 year ago  
Takes almost no damage when you fail to stay on the board, while A does. 1 year ago  
Because they are tasty AF. 1 year ago +1
I've never played it. 1 year ago  
B would be a lot less manly. While A would just give the perfect hair in my opinion. 1 year ago  
Has different colours. 1 year ago  
Better than having my parents know how my penis looks like. 1 year ago  
I actually find her cuter in the picture in option B 1 year ago  
I'd rather not eat dog meat. 1 year ago  
Actually, misclick. If I'd had younger siblings, I wouldn't be able to become a singer. 1 year ago  
Many children, especially the older ones, depreciate their parents most of the time. Also, not only does the man and women love each other, but they are a lot more intimate, which parents aren't with children. 1 year ago  
Less to eat. Also, I hate bananas! 1 year ago  
Congratulations. I agree with Mindless Pie and Golden Moon, but your questions are most times decent. However, I think you're a cool user in general. 1 year ago  
What Sanara said. 1 year ago  
I think only twice, but it quit quickly because of the thought that I will never be able to interact with them. 1 year ago  
This is actually the first time I've seen a picture of Donald Trump with glasses. 1 year ago  
I wouldn't be able to live happily the rest of my life knowing that I'm banned from using internet properly, I would just constantly feel like I've missed out something awesome in my life, which would make me depressed. My familly currently has 2 dogs, but I'm unsure if they count since I don't really "own" them, it is my parents that do. Either way, I'll still pick B. 1 year ago +1
Already knew A, since I am one of them. 1 year ago +1
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiaYDPRedWQ 1 year ago  
Unless it is a hot chick, I'd just run away. And no one would help him to stop me or help him bring me to him, everyone would just think he is crazy. 1 year ago +1
The last question I answered was this: //www.rrrather.com/view/63426, and I picked option A. 1 year ago  
yo 1 year ago  
Good thing that my username is a made up shortening for my real first name :P 1 year ago  
United States, instant choice. 1 year ago  
No sh*t. 1 year ago +1
A is so unnecessary. 1 year ago  
That would include getting an erection, and if I can't get an erection then I don't think I can be horny. 1 year ago  
Great and cute actor. Have played characthers in a few movies I enjoyed. 1 year ago +2
Would be epic to see how it would look like if my penis transformed into a vagina an vice versa. 1 year ago  
Less likely that the woman just got along with me just because of the money. 1 year ago  
Yeah, I understood that :) but still... 1 year ago  
I have a life outside school, you know? 1 year ago  
Kinky 1 year ago +1
Also aren't you a female, according to the gender you identified yourself as? 1 year ago  
Changing your skin color won't include that your penis will shrink/grow. 1 year ago  
According to Swedish Wikipedia; some newspapers said that he made himself white because he didn't want to be black. 1 year ago  
I don't live in United States. 1 year ago  
Embarrasment > Heart break 1 year ago  
I'll come back to this question when I don't need get more educations anymore. 1 year ago +4
As a musican and singer. 1 year ago  
Misclick. It would be kinky if I saw one of my best friend's crushes naked. And he wouldn't get bothered, just jealous. 1 year ago  
Didn't say that everyone hates me. 1 year ago  
I'd use my tounge. 1 year ago  
I do it almost every free period in school. 1 year ago +1
Looks cool, while A looks ugly. 1 year ago  
Have the movie on DVD at home. Great movie! 1 year ago  
I wasn't even born. 1 year ago  
As an actor or experience everything that happend in movie in real life? 1 year ago  
All the water would turn into vapor in seconds. 1 year ago +1
I'll still have my chrome book so I'm fine :) 1 year ago  
Wasting time in A would make me in a worse mood than I'd be exhausted. 1 year ago  
I'd rather not live in a city with high drowning risk. 1 year ago  
Honestly... 1 year ago  
I hate bananas. 1 year ago  
Better feeling 1 year ago  
Probably, unless you're staving and need to kill and eat them for survival. Killing chickens, cows and pigs for food should be the slaugherhouse's job only. 1 year ago  
I've never been asked for my name in a restaurant before, but if they did, I'd most likely use "Rass Cunningham". 1 year ago  
Yeah, I hate being tired all day, especially when I come home. 1 year ago  
Midnight or longer on weekends and vacations, 9 and 10 pm whenever I have school tomorrow. 1 year ago +1
B would ruin this site in my opinion, since one of my favourite parts of this site is that everyone knows everyone. But better to have it exist than to not have it exist. 1 year ago  
Azure blue 1 year ago  
Six years old. 1 year ago  
Only if the child refuses to stay with me whenever it has to. 1 year ago  
I'd prefer to not get hurt. Also soccer is a really fun sport in my opinion. 1 year ago  
Usually lasts MUCH longer. 1 year ago  
I can't even do one push up properly. 1 year ago  
Because they caught you having sex? 1 year ago  
Misclick. You'd obviously have a poor stamina if you're going to run that fast, since being able to run in that speed is not normal. But since I would already have the strength to reach that speed in A, should running in normal speed (3 times slower) have a lot more stamina since it requires a lot less muscle strength to what I already can use, meaning that I'd maybe be able to run in normal speed really far without exhaustion. 1 year ago +1
See ya. 1 year ago  
During the time the place has been closed, they've probably made the location where the tragedy happend a lot safer. Accidents and tragedies are normal, they happens all the time and are almost unavoidable. 1 year ago  
How?! Why?! 1 year ago  
Less responsibility 1 year ago  
Constantly paying attention to countdowns makes time seem to go slower. If you're doing something else that is fun to do while waiting for the countdown to end, time seem to go faster because you don't pay attention to it. 1 year ago  
I've only been punched between my legs, and I was still able to walk. 1 year ago  
And I've been here for precisely a half year today. 1 year ago  
I'd be able to revenge my enemies and I'd even make them keep away from me by threatening them with this without consequences, since no one would believe them if they told someone else that I was the cause of this, they'd only believe he is hallucinating and sh*t. I find A useless. 1 year ago +1
Both are really cool users. But I've never heard of TechN9ne. 1 year ago  
The thing you forgave. 1 year ago  
Given Up - Linkin Park 1 year ago +1
That would mean that you'd be able to kill your enemies by forcing the water out of their bodies. 1 year ago  
I've never had problems with fires in my home, neither with tordados either. But fires are stopable, tornados not, and tornardos causes a lot of destruction and death really fast while fires does it MUCH slower. 1 year ago +1
Misclick. 1 year ago  
Why wouldn't I want to hire a tattooed person? 1 year ago +1
Both. According to Wiktionary; A is used in brittish english and B in american english. I personally prefer B though since I like United States more. 1 year ago  
Doesn't take a whole day to do. 1 year ago  
I love when it is slightly cold and windy outside. 1 year ago  
Since I can eat it. 1 year ago  
That would mean that everyone that have been on the same sites as me have been told a lie as well, which makes me slightly more satisfied since I won't be alone with this and since it is not directed at me. In option B, it might have been just me who have been told the lies, which would most likely make me feel depressed and worthless since everyone lies to me but everyone else. 1 year ago +1
Lol 1 year ago  
Done! Now look at the top of the list of your comments. 1 year ago  
Only because I'm currently restless. 1 year ago  
Wearing those pencil socks would give me an false expression that I enjoy school, which I don't. Also those sharks socks look really cool, I'd love to have them. 1 year ago  
I'm sorry for the late reply. I've checked out. It's a cool song, but not a favourite. 1 year ago  
Please... call me RButtVagina instead. Also the guy in my profile picture is Chester Bennington from the early 2000's, he is the singer in the band you call "Linkin Crap". 1 year ago  
Haha xD Good one, neighbour! 1 year ago  
Oh, I see. Because if you had big boobs, guys would constantly try to grab them, making your life worse. 1 year ago  
You wouldn't even want to try it out either? 1 year ago  
I thought you said that you were difficult to offend. 1 year ago  
Or me 1 year ago  
Do you have big boobs? 1 year ago  
Rass 1 year ago  
It really depends. If I'd dropped it on a dry floor and if it was in my home, then yes. If I dropped it on a street, on a moist ground or inside another building with a lot people, then no. 1 year ago +3
Grandma does. Once or twice every year, she sends a big cartboard box filled with clothes and some other stuff to my family. 1 year ago  
Misclick. I've already heard the pronounce joke before. 1 year ago  
I've never ever been clothing shopping. 1 year ago  
"y'all" isn't a slang word, it is just an abbreviation for "you all". 1 year ago  
No, it makes me seem less mature, or at least seems to make my seem less mature. 1 year ago +1
http://www.maidmarian.com/ClubMarian.htm 1 year ago +1
You don't pronounce "you" in "jaguar". 1 year ago  
Then why do you want to send them to me then? Why make me upset when making him upset would be better for you since you hate him? 1 year ago  
Obviously not, I wouldn't go this far to attempt to save an animal. I'd risk losing my job, mess up my career, losing money or losing a rare opportunity I want to achieve to save an animal, but not losing my life for one. 1 year ago  
500 + 860 + 6692 + 800 + 0 +19500 + 1790 = about 30142 1 year ago  
Instant choice. I get sick of chocolate pretty easily. But it takes a lot time to make me sick of ice cream. 1 year ago  
Cool user. Also I'd like to go to a Queen concert, especially since their current singer is Adam Lambert who has a lot of own songs I really like. 1 year ago  
I know him a lot better. 1 year ago  
B usually isn't really an issue, at least not from my perspective. 1 year ago  
A lot more useful, running would also become a lot more fun. I'd run back and forth from school and home everyday, since I think that it would be faster than taking the bus. 1 year ago  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4bBe8lQXcE 1 year ago  
B isn't bad at all. If you're drunk while riding a horse, you might fall off, knock your head and die, or at least have to get to a hospital. 1 year ago  
By the way, welcome to Rrrather.com. 1 year ago  
Femdom 1 year ago  
Verzani 1 year ago  
Have cooler users and more users I know. 1 year ago  
Why not Adam Gontier? 1 year ago  
Who? 1 year ago  
On my neck. 1 year ago +1
No. 1 year ago  
But the word is still spelt wrong. You spell it "disappear", with two P's and one S. Not "dissapear" 1 year ago  
For some reason I only get carsick in my parents' car. But never when I'm traveling with bus or in someone else's car, except for one time in a cab. Weird. 1 year ago  
Your welcome, neighbour! :) 1 year ago  
It is decent. 1 year ago +1
You know that you can edit your questions, right? 1 year ago +3
I can't wait to visit a british one with free breakfast included. 1 year ago  
You do know that you're actually contributing to increase her profile views by asking this question? Since you make her get more attention by new users, making them check out her profile anyway despite your command. So nice failure. 1 year ago  
Less noticeable. 1 year ago  
Better movie and cuter main characther. 1 year ago  
Hair makes me appear more manly. 1 year ago  
Since I am not wishing for lots of money anyway. 1 year ago  
At least I/we didn't kill it. 1 year ago +2
More colorful. 1 year ago  
More rock. 1 year ago  
Option A is a waste of time in my opinion. 1 year ago  
A few 1 year ago  
By judging those pictures you used in this question, I assume that the topic in this question is sex; I'm kind of both, but I am more into giving. I'd love to perform cunnilingus on a girl rather then have her perform felliato on me. But when it comes to my fetishes, I am more into receiving. 1 year ago  
I love energetic people for some reason. 1 year ago  
Not only because I can't but I also don't understand why she wants me to. 1 year ago  
Yeah, I know. I was just being slightly ironic. 1 year ago  
I'd rather not get A yet. 1 year ago  
I don't need condoms when I have a tounge. 1 year ago  
Only an hour or two. Rarely three. 1 year ago  
Less dangerous, less deathrisk. 1 year ago  
Instant choice. 1 year ago  
Probably through a spiral staircase under ground. 1 year ago  
Looks less ancient. 1 year ago  
B is so unnecessary. 1 year ago  
I don't like shorts, because they either helps the annoying mosquitos to get to your legs or are too inappropiate to wear because it is too cold outside. 1 year ago  
I don't really like Simon. He is sometimes unnecessarily rude to the auditioners in my opinion. 1 year ago  
"in a normal sized how" lol. But I know you meant house. Privacy is one of my most important desires. 1 year ago  
My favorite meat. 1 year ago  
And I have a feeling it makes me seem more mature. 1 year ago  
Your comment made me change my mind. 1 year ago  
Since it is most likely to die of old age anyway. 1 year ago  
Nice! What an awesome way to creep your enemies out. They wouldn't be scared of a stupid bat. 1 year ago +1
Why camp when you already live in a forest? 1 year ago  
I know. But I think "anilingus" is a nicer and more original word to use in my opinion. 1 year ago  
Then I would get a driving license right away. This would improve my life so much more. I would never have to wait an hour for the bus to arrive to take me home after school's over ever again. 1 year ago +1
It isn't even beastiality, really. Making out is just kissing each other passionately. 1 year ago  
Not if you act like a normal person on a street. If you would have stood and stared at people with a knife in your hand, then you would. 1 year ago  
I totally agree, but the majority thinks that it is gross. This is actually the main reason to why I made this question, to figure out how many actually likes B. 1 year ago +1
Already am. 1 year ago  
I agree. 1 year ago  
I edited option B and changed it from one hour to 2 hours since I feel like option B is a bit too obvious to pick. Everyone that has answered before this edit won't get affected or bothered. 1 year ago  
Had problems to make this question show up in the newest questions-sort. Apparently because of I had the word "piss" used in the question when I posted it the first times, I wrote "piss you off" instead of "make you angry". 1 year ago  
lol 1 year ago  
I've been here for half a year (meaning I'm not a noob) and still overdue badges. 1 year ago  
I'm also overdue Gold Medal, Gold Trophy and Super Star. 1 year ago +1
Well, it isn't really bestiality, since making out is just kissing each other passionately. 1 year ago  
Then I guess you should have picked B. 1 year ago  
Yes, and hopefully it continues to be that. 1 year ago  
Even though humans are more relevant than animals, 100 animals is way too many vs one human baby. 1 year ago  
I have nothing against tattoes, but I dislike belly piercings. 1 year ago  
Misclick. 1 year ago +1
It is most likely that you will die from old age anyway. 1 year ago  
Instant choice. 1 year ago  
Vacations are a waste of time. 1 year ago  
Misclick! 1 year ago  
I wonder what number the newest PlayStation consoles will have... 1 year ago  
Why would I arrange a wedding in the first place? 1 year ago  
What can I do with a fricking lightsaber? Go to jail for killing people? Hell nah! 1 year ago  
Anything that is about United States is interesting. 1 year ago  
Has a lot of different colors, making it more colorful and more beautfiul. 1 year ago +1
This is the oldest I could find, 6 days after I joined this site: //www.rrrather.com/view/209390 1 year ago  
Finally someone who agrees with me. 1 year ago +1
Tough. 1 year ago  
Great characther; Great show. 1 year ago  
A3 1 year ago  
A3 1 year ago  
Would never use either of them though since I'm a humane person. 1 year ago  
Since I'm still a kid and don't drive a car yet. Option A would be a huge advantage for me though, since there is a pizzeria about 60 feet away from my school. 1 year ago  
Instant choice. 1 year ago  
Instant choice. Because I don't know how humane the slaughterhouse will be and I wouldn't be able to torture an animal. 1 year ago  
I have seen A on a children's channel on TV before. But I've never heard of B. 1 year ago  
If Barney Stinson would have died in the show How I Met Your Mother. I'd probably not continue watch it. 1 year ago  
I can imagine them being more comfortable. 1 year ago  
What an username, lol. 1 year ago  
I don't know. I've completely forgot about the song(s), because they weren't my favorite. 1 year ago  
Yes, but I've unfortunately forgot the name of the songs. Last time I ever listened to a song without lyrics was probably a year ago. 1 year ago  
For a half year, and I still love this site. 1 year ago  
I'd actually love to do option A if I knew that I wouldn't get caught or get in trouble with the cops. I have a life and I don't want risk it getting messed up. 1 year ago  
The music would just distract me becuase I don't like to read books. 1 year ago  
I'd love to get one of those steering wheels. Those are only good if you love car games and I am one of them who do. 1 year ago  
More comfortable to show off. 1 year ago  
Cuddlier 1 year ago  
I feel like A is worthless. 1 year ago  
There is one song from Justin Bieber I actually really like, Let Me Love You. 1 year ago  
More american, I think. 1 year ago  
Since I know that it won't cause any side effects for my health, but I am unsure about B. 1 year ago  
I somehow find it less cringy. 1 year ago  
This ability can save my life one day. 1 year ago  
Instant choice. I've never done anything mentioned in option A and I probably never will. 1 year ago  
Option A is just hunger, the children are still allowed/able to roam freely, find food and has at least a chance to get a better life without hunger or starvation in the future. B is most times unescapeable torture. 1 year ago +1
It is Alyson Hannigan. 1 year ago +1
Instant choice. I'd love to, unless she doesn't want to. 1 year ago  
Yes, I still think we humans are able to pull that through. Except for alien invasion, but thats the least likely thing that could happen. 1 year ago  
What HattyTheHat and American_Jedi said 1 year ago  
Micheal Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Curt Cubain and rest of them would be babies and young kids. 1 year ago  
Keyboard, because I own a professional keyboard that can play up to 200 different sounds and even has drum sounds. Basically, I will be able to play any instrument. 1 year ago  
You should have said "AW", then I would have understood you. 1 year ago  
No. Option B is more browncolored. 1 year ago  
Gran Turismo 3, 4, 5, 6, Test Drive Unlimited 1, 2 and The Crew. 1 year ago  
I don't think that humans will ever die out. Since we have enough technology, intelligence and craft capacity to be able to prevent, prepare or/and protect us from dying out, and it just increases everyday. 1 year ago  
Unless they would turn on my tablet and look through my history which I find very unlikely that they'll do. 1 year ago  
The word "ah" is an expression for relief, comfort and understanding ect, meaning it was completely innappropiate for describing your feelings towards the dogs. Because of that, and also because of both letters were written in uppercase, I thought it was an abbreviation, I searched it up and found out that it is a shortening for the word "AssHole". Also thank you :) 1 year ago  
No, not this again! 1 year ago  
Since I already live in a forest. 1 year ago  
I've already seen B and it didn't make me laugh the first time I saw it, but A did, meaning I find it weirder. 1 year ago  
I'd rather not torture myself 1 year ago +1
It would either be about if aliens exist or if any girls in school have a crush on me. But I think I'd go with the last one. 1 year ago  
Tough. Had to think for a minute. 1 year ago  
Thank you :) 1 year ago  
What gtc26 said. B wouldn't be a big issue, not even if I would have worn socks, because I can still wear shoes. Option A would just cause me problems with school whenever we visit our local bathhouse in PE. I don't even think the staff would allow me to jump in the pool while wearing socks which sucks too. 1 year ago  
What? 1 year ago  
No, I am not an asshole. I love my dogs equally. The only reason to why I picked one of the options was to be able to see the vote result. 1 year ago  
Same. 1 year ago  
What's making me cringe the most is the way the characthers act and what they do in the movies. Because I always begin to imagine about me acting or doing the same. 1 year ago  
But I don't think you are likely to be that so I think you should have picked option B. 1 year ago  
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