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Is disliking something for its fanbase a valid critisism of the work itself? Yes or No 9 months ago 81 votes 7 comments 0 likes
You're being chased by a killer and have a gun. You shoot. What would be scarier? The aggressor takes the bullets and carries on. or The aggressor dodges the bullets. 9 months ago 109 votes 12 comments 0 likes
More ridiculous hairstyle? Seymour (Final Fantasy X) or Kenpachi (Bleach) 9 months ago 55 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Which has been recommended to you more by other people? Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones 10 months ago 76 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Which is worse - a bad movie, or a boring one? Bad or Boring 10 months ago 76 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Justice League... is it going to be good? Yeah or Nope 10 months ago 83 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Should you/Do you vote on your own questions? Yeah, what's wrong with that? or Nah, feels wrong. 1 year ago 94 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather direct a Fundamentally good movie or Beloved and charming movie 1 year ago 80 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Who do you think should be the DEFINITIVE superhero? Superman or Batman 1 year ago 87 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Who do you think should be DEFINITIVE sword-wielding hero in video games? Link or Cloud 1 year ago 70 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Who do you think should be the DEFINITIVE face for fighting games? Ryu (Street Fighter) or Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) 1 year ago 64 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Which company's comics appear to have better artists working for them? Marvel or DC 2 years ago 71 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Who is a better rapper? RiceGum or KSI 2 years ago 117 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Do you think the whole #SaveMarinaJoyce situation is real and she needs help? Yes or No 2 years ago 97 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be Spiderman or The Russian Driver 2 years ago 113 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Which Animated YouTube Series is better? - Animation Tournament - Final Match Happy Tree Friends or asdfmovie 2 years ago 61 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Which Animated YouTube Series is better? - Animation Tournament - Round 4 - Match 2 asdfmovie or Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2 years ago 61 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Which Animated YouTube Series is better? - Animation Tournament - Round 4 - Match 1 Happy Tree Friends or RWBY 2 years ago 63 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Which Animated YouTube Series is better? - Animation Tournament - Round 3 - Match 4 Don't Hug Me I'm Scared or Llamas with Hats 2 years ago 73 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Which Animated YouTube Series is better? - Animation Tournament - Round 3 - Match 3 The Cyanide and Happiness Show or asdfmovie 2 years ago 78 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Which Animated YouTube Series is better? - Animation Tournament - Round 3 - Match 2 RWBY or Charlie the Unicorn 2 years ago 64 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Which Animated YouTube Series is better? - Animation Tournament - Round 3 - Match 1 Dick Figures or Happy Tree Friends 2 years ago 64 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Which Animated YouTube Series is better? - Animation Tournament - Round 2 - Bonus Match Oney Cartoons or Happy Tree Friends 2 years ago 71 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Which Animated YouTube Series is better? - Animation Tournament - Round 2 - Match 7 Llamas with Hats or Porkchop n' Flatscreen 2 years ago 48 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Which Animated YouTube Series is better? - Animation Tournament - Round 2 - Match 6 Don't Hug Me I'm Scared or The Misfortune of Being Ned 2 years ago 53 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Which Animated YouTube Series is better? - Animation Tournament - Round 2 - Match 5 asdfmovie or How It Should Have Ended 2 years ago 50 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Which Animated YouTube Series is better? - Animation Tournament - Round 2 - Match 4 Red vs. Blue or The Cyanide and Happiness Show 2 years ago 52 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Which Animated YouTube Series is better? - Animation Tournament - Round 2 - Match 3 Charlie the Unicorn or Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy 2 years ago 42 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Which Animated YouTube Series is better? - Animation Tournament - Round 2 - Match 2 Simon's Cat or RWBY 2 years ago 44 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Which Animated YouTube Series is better? - Animation Tournament - Round 2 - Match 1 Eddsworld or Dick Figures 2 years ago 47 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Which Animated YouTube Series is better? - Animation Tournament - Round 1 - Match 7 Bee and Puppycat or Porkchop n' Flatscreen 2 years ago 32 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Which Animated YouTube Series is better? - Animation Tournament - Round 1 - Match 6 Camp Camp or The Misfortune of Being Ned 2 years ago 33 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Which Animated YouTube Series is better? - Animation Tournament - Round 1 - Match 5 How It Should Have Ended or RWBY Chibi 2 years ago 48 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Which Animated YouTube Series is better? - Animation Tournament - Round 1 - Match 4 Red vs. Blue or Salad Fingers 2 years ago 51 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Which Animated YouTube Series is better? - Animation Tournament - Round 1 - Match 3 Bravest Warriors or Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy 2 years ago 39 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Which Animated YouTube Series is better? - Animation Tournament - Round 1 - Match 2 RWBY or The Annoying Orange 2 years ago 64 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Which Animated YouTube Series is better? - Animation Tournament - Round 1 - Match 1 SuperF*ckers or Dick Figures 2 years ago 36 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather date An anorexic person or An overweight person 2 years ago 24 votes 17 comments 0 likes
In the MCU, would you rather be a part of The Avengers or The New Avengers 2 years ago 25 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a part of The Teen Titans or Young Justice 2 years ago 24 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Which subject is better? Mathematics or English (Or whatever your own language is) 2 years ago 43 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Your last ex. Feelings? I'm like them / don't care much or Dislike them 2 years ago 16 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Leafy got hacked by Poodlecorp! Fair? Yes, make the cyberbully suffer or Nah, #goodguyleafy 2 years ago 24 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Which is better? ScrewAttack or Rooster Teeth 2 years ago 35 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Do you support CS:GO betting? Yes, it's legal and just entertainment or No, it's shady and unfair 2 years ago 30 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Which upcoming Kingdom Hearts Title looks better? Birth by Sleep 0.2 - A fragmentary passage or Back Cover 2 years ago 16 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Whose life sucks more? Kid from Limbo or Kid from Inside 2 years ago 27 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Do you think Keemstar is an asshole and deserves all the hate? Yes or No 2 years ago 168 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Who is smarter? (Death Note) Light Yagami or L Lawliet 2 years ago 74 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you say Nintendo's E3 is going well so far? Yes, it's fine or No, boring 2 years ago 112 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch a stream on YouTube or Twitch 2 years ago 130 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight? Henry Stickmin or Crazy Jay 2 years ago 100 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have An Attic or A Basement 2 years ago 78 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Which fight scene would you rather see on the big screen? Batman vs Deathstroke or Wonder Woman vs Lex Luthor 2 years ago 75 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Which is your path in Fire Emblem: Fates? Nohr or Hoshido 2 years ago 63 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Which do you hope to get when smashing pots? A Rupee or A Heart 2 years ago 172 votes 10 comments 0 likes
When travelling in the Legend of Zelda do you Run or Roll 2 years ago 77 votes 7 comments 0 likes
If you had a superpower would you Become a vigilante for justice or Exploit it for wealth and personal gain 2 years ago 83 votes 6 comments 0 likes
What is more nostalgic for you? Childhood Movies or Childhood Video Games 2 years ago 73 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Better Video Game Era? Pre 2000s or Post 2000s 2 years ago 107 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Could the Doctor kill the Marvel Universe if he were tasked to? Yes or No 2 years ago 88 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Which Rooster Teeth show is better? RWBY or Red vs. Blue 2 years ago 96 votes 8 comments 0 likes

SandEcho has posted the following comments:

Meet the Robinsons would be nice 7 months ago +1
Rey, Kylo and Snoke together and the lightspeed sacrifice made me very very happy 7 months ago +1
Good question, but Kingsmen are a bit more badass 7 months ago  
Already knew A 7 months ago  
Haven't even seen it, but plan to and strongly doubt it'll be worse than JL 7 months ago +1
B is well done, but it's way overhyped for what it does, sort of like Undertale with less depth. A is a solid return to RE roots. 7 months ago  
A is better, but would be recognised, and B is still alright 8 months ago  
Only watching for Karen Gillan 8 months ago  
Playing 1 was one of the most underwhelming experiences, 4 however was pretty good addictive action 8 months ago  
Death 8 months ago  
Caused more societal problems, although not inherently worse as far as I can tell 8 months ago  
Benevolent dictatorships are a concept, although I've never seen one 8 months ago  
I owe it to my childhood, Incredibles 1 is my third favourite film 8 months ago  
Probably going to be a more original story. I really hope A isn't the predictable Marvel formula and is actually badass like BP deserves 8 months ago  
More of my favourite songs come from this era, I don't really mind about lesser selection, there's still loads 8 months ago  
Rarely 8 months ago  
Generates a more stable income, and Mark Zuckerburg is one of the richest people alive 8 months ago  
Even if I'm not counting any Sakurai games as Nintendo, this is still a fairly easy choice 8 months ago  
Close, but experience and maternal toughness might help idk most 14 year olds are pussies 8 months ago  
OP 8 months ago  
Easily, and I have both consoles and more playtime on the Xbox One (more friends on it) 8 months ago  
Already done B 8 months ago  
Tough af 8 months ago  
I think this is objective, and I prefer DC comics 8 months ago  
Undoubtedly, but it's not at all the worst trend in cinema, and they entertain me as a comic book fan 8 months ago  
Has caused a lot more death. A LOT more death. 8 months ago  
Both are guilty pleasure games for me so I don't care too much for criticism of either. Although PUBG is better. 8 months ago  
I used to prefer A, but B is far more practical 8 months ago +1
Mega Man 8 months ago +1
As much as I prefer Joker, and he's meant to be the embodiment of chaos, this is actually true. 8 months ago +2
Every fictional murderer ever includes Cthulhu. Screw that. 8 months ago  
More colourful 8 months ago +1
Way cooler 8 months ago  
More fun, less apocalypse 8 months ago  
With A you'd go get help, with B you'd have to help yourself 8 months ago  
idubbbz is great 8 months ago  
More interesting, and I've dated A before. Not bad, but drove me nuts sometimes 8 months ago  
Probably indifferent, we would realise neither would have anything much to offer in conversation, so we'd silently study each other or get work done 8 months ago  
Everything in the UK is crime 8 months ago  
Probably more talked about idk 8 months ago  
More interesting and varied 8 months ago  
Very tough question. 8 months ago  
Less likely to backstab me, plus I could try lifting the hammer 8 months ago  
If it's classic Strange, it's definitely a close fight, but Darkseid is crazy powerful, even above Dr. Fate who is basically Strange's DC equivalent when it comes to power. Darkseid might struggle though if Strange summons or uses some of his weirder magic. 8 months ago  
Defeating the purpose of most games for yourself vs. potentially winning a mil 8 months ago  
Objectively 8 months ago  
B was really disappointing 8 months ago  
This is losing somehow 8 months ago  
B is probably underrated, but it's up against BOTW soo yeah 8 months ago  
Both are games that disappointed me, but this one did less 8 months ago  
Barely 8 months ago +1
CoS is the worst Potter film imo 8 months ago  
Used to have a real one annually but honestly this is easier. 8 months ago  
More badass 8 months ago +1
Ben solos 8 months ago +1
Both meh, but better characters and more entertaining 8 months ago +1
Easily 8 months ago  
Tough but more recognisable 8 months ago  
Better reputation although it really depends what flavour of asshole usership you want - blatant and kinda funny or toxic and deluded. 8 months ago +1
Rarely but yes 8 months ago +1
I think..? 8 months ago +2
Both are meh 8 months ago +1
Very, very tough 8 months ago  
Close 8 months ago  
Probably 8 months ago  
Thiccer 8 months ago  
So V or Batman 8 months ago  
Yeah the Darkseids the Justice League fights are avatars of him, this might have been retconned though knowing comics idk 8 months ago +1
Probably 9 months ago  
The writers for Spielberg and John Williams show more obvious contribution to the films he's worked on IMO, plus Kubrick's not quite as well known amongst non-filmgoers so I'm biased 9 months ago  
6 ish 9 months ago  
I would love this 9 months ago  
More badass looking 9 months ago  
Like a far less scary version of the creature from It Follows 9 months ago  
Slightly, these are the two scariest genres imo 9 months ago  
Scarier definitely, but B is my favourite type of horror. 9 months ago  
It's all about tension. 9 months ago  
Because I don't know the tune like the back of my hand 9 months ago +1
Probably Scots but that image persuaded me lol 9 months ago +1
Darkseid. If he's against Golden Frieza, he enters his true form and smacks. 9 months ago +2
?? 9 months ago  
B is a bit overrated imo..? Maybe the Seinfeld effect occuring 9 months ago  
Diddly door 9 months ago  
B is too vague 9 months ago  
Like 5 idk 9 months ago  
Polygon Man 9 months ago +1
Please don't bring that back again 9 months ago  
Fair enough actually, start small 9 months ago  
Stronger 9 months ago  
Tough, because RWBY is B, but this is what lasts and succeeds I'd rather just tell my story well. 9 months ago +1
Moneyyyyyy 9 months ago +1
Get a check up, just to be on the safe side 9 months ago  
Six 9 months ago  
Close 9 months ago +1
Really situational with lots of variables though 9 months ago +1
Misclick, what talcumpowder said 9 months ago  
As B, I'd like to be motivated enough to be A 9 months ago  
Can beat Strange? 9 months ago  
Strange solos 9 months ago +1
Higher durability probably 9 months ago  
Freddy's dream world can ruin him I'm pretty sure. If not for that Jason would win. 9 months ago  
In between I guess? I think it's more Christmas 9 months ago  
More useful 9 months ago +1
Already seen B 9 months ago  
..against Superman? 9 months ago  
Close, but Superman could solo after he takes down Hulk with the help of Deidara 9 months ago +2
Without Thanos having any prep, Bill solos 9 months ago +1
miyasaki intensifies 9 months ago  
holier 9 months ago  
Obviously...? 9 months ago  
Don't like abs 9 months ago  
More water than fire in the world 9 months ago  
More flicking 9 months ago  
BUT only if it splits into many different swords 9 months ago  
More original design, pretty cool 9 months ago  
Apparently WW2 is good but I still have a feeling I'll dislike it. B on the other hand I already know my entire group is going to own 9 months ago  
V is good, but a bit overrated. (I say that word a lot) 9 months ago +1
I hear good things from my friends that own ACO, but I prefer FC as a series a lot more 9 months ago  
They call me quasimodo 9 months ago +2
yum 9 months ago  
B had really cool action and absolutely nothing else 9 months ago +1
Please 9 months ago  
More facist 9 months ago  
Find out what they'd done first then judge 9 months ago +2
Used to agree but emojis are sometimes helpful to boost the irony of something 9 months ago  
Neither really, B is actually kind of annoying? Not my sense of humour anyway and it changed the character of Deadpool a lot 9 months ago  
God himself 9 months ago  
His voice is gold 9 months ago  
Don't really like either that much but eh 9 months ago +1
Instinctively, then I remind myself not to 9 months ago  
Fill up before and drink all day, from my freind training to be a police officer, being tazed is not fun 9 months ago +1
Tough 9 months ago  
I N M U S C L E 9 months ago +3
Misclick, but good question 9 months ago  
Is this a committee now lol 9 months ago +1
TK and TP is op 9 months ago  
Not fouseytube 9 months ago  
Dislike both but more entertaining 9 months ago  
yum 9 months ago  
The infamous E.T. Atari game is the worst, pretty much representative of what almost killed the industry in the 80s. Goat Simulator was fun for what it was back when it was big then I left it, simple. 9 months ago  
Ultimately yeah, although A is more unadressed 9 months ago  
Newer, and BO3 gets boring fast imo 9 months ago  
Easily. One of the most underrated shooter franchises of all time vs. the one of the most overrated. 9 months ago  
You'd need a more powerful lantern to face Thanos 9 months ago  
A is mind numbingly dull for me 9 months ago  
Because at that point it's mental illness that objectively deserves sympathy more than condemnation, but I can understand why many would avoid them anyway 9 months ago  
Tabuu solos, even Golden Frieza can't beat him 9 months ago +1
Funniest prankster I can think of 9 months ago  
Completely against what I typically like in youtubers, but for some reason I really enjoy his content. His stuff is kind of a guilty pleasure 9 months ago  
Have you seen the GTA V and IV comparison video? Because it convinced me that its predecessor was better made 9 months ago  
B feels stale now, memes are about quick, dumb nonsensical trends 9 months ago  
People hate change, especially bad change. 9 months ago  
Well if I'm forced to watch it, maybe I can try to understand the appeal while I'm at it. 9 months ago  
All jokes and videos aside, both are bad but this is a better sounding song. 9 months ago +1
Far more likeable 9 months ago  
Cooler 9 months ago  
More private 9 months ago  
More people have B but I slightly prefer this 9 months ago  
Of course your pet's called Zwei 9 months ago  
Maybe not as useful as Facebook, but not four years behind on memes 9 months ago +1
If they're literally equal in every way but appearance, then B - these days people like it when the places aren't filled with white dudes 9 months ago  
B I would get suspected given such a rise in wealth and get caught 9 months ago  
There's almost 9 able bodied women to every 1 dude here, so I think if they were co-ordinated it wouldn't be as hard as one may think. You'd have to be IP man to deter that many people 9 months ago  
Him, Nolan North, Matthew Mercer and Laura Bailey are everyone in video games. 9 months ago  
Because it's Tennant 9 months ago  
Tough, but the banter is such a huge part of Uncharted and it's great 9 months ago  
Tough 9 months ago  
Easily 9 months ago  
Easily 9 months ago  
Legendary 9 months ago  
Polygon King solos 9 months ago +1
twas alright in memory 9 months ago  
Wolverine gets smacked but Manhattan does solo 9 months ago +1
More useful 9 months ago  
Unless B comes with the force, far better 9 months ago  
Command over the multiverse > Beats pill 9 months ago  
Tough both are cool 9 months ago  
I haven't seen the left image before though wow 9 months ago  
Definitely 9 months ago  
Yeah I am 9 months ago  
But I didn't like this one too much either despite my friends loving it 9 months ago +1
B is overrated please don't hurt me 9 months ago +1
Agree to disagree? 9 months ago +1
Depends on the explosion, most are city destroying (I'd place Mereum in that tier), which are far smaller than the largest mountains. The high level pokemon trainers are casually mountain-island. 9 months ago  
Money 9 months ago +1
yum 9 months ago  
Mountains > Human necks 9 months ago  
Rip Sanara's team lol 9 months ago +1
Zilla solos if he's in a stronger incarnation, Rick solos if not 9 months ago +1
Well he managed to beat Nate while he wasn't even at his strongest, who should be able to beat Mereum, his pokemon can easily destroy mountains 9 months ago  
To each their own, but I don't think Halo stacks up to either of these 9 months ago  
Hard question 9 months ago  
My friends do though regularly, annoys me 9 months ago  
Mostly ?? 9 months ago  
More interesting to me, but tough one 9 months ago  
17 solos but I think Red could hold off Meruem 9 months ago +1
I prefer space fantasy to medieval 9 months ago +1
Ness solos 9 months ago +1
Up there amongst the best imo 9 months ago  
I mean the specific game, not the series 9 months ago  
Less amusing 9 months ago +1
Thanos lol 9 months ago +1
Of course this is losing lol 9 months ago  
More iconic 9 months ago  
Same tbh, I would have picked B a few years ago though lol 9 months ago  
By far 9 months ago +1
Spawned my second favourite show so yeah lol 9 months ago  
It's watching porn right now, want to blast? 9 months ago  
I say either humans or mankind 9 months ago  
Chance of survival 9 months ago  
Both are oddly cool looking for what seem like toddler book characters 9 months ago  
Surprisingly close fight. Goku's new form is insane, so he'd hold off Ben until Doom can finish the fight with some of his magitech 9 months ago +1
Far more entertaining and a better series, although neither are great films by any means 9 months ago  
Six 9 months ago  
Strange effortlessly solos 9 months ago +1
Elephants and Buddha ftw 9 months ago  
More xtreme 9 months ago  
I'd get depressed very fast with A 9 months ago  
I can deal with B better, and A although maybe not objectively worse, is a more asshole thing to do 9 months ago  
Bowser solos 9 months ago +1
Better storylines and just cooler. Best tv version of the turtles imo 9 months ago  
I appreciate my environment more when I don't have to worry myself over actually traversing it 9 months ago  
A I think was a little overrated, nowhere near as good as the first 9 months ago  
More fun 9 months ago  
Slightly though, both are good - not the best but good. 9 months ago  
I'd survive 9 months ago  
Yeah I swear whichever picture looks 'more badass' always wins the questions 9 months ago  
Do you think everything is cancer lol 9 months ago +2
It's a great show which has been pretty ruined by overexposure. 9 months ago  
Ichigo solos 9 months ago +1
How is this losing...? 9 months ago  
Both are cool but NigaHiga is like ice, Vsauce is like methylamphetamine. 9 months ago  
Tough but ultimately more memorable. Games are meant to be experiences and this generally puts it in a better light for me. I tend to just prefer games with great stories and meh gameplay like Until Dawn, Spec Ops: The Line, Asura's Wrath over others which are pure gameplay or even worse, opt for a weak story. 9 months ago +1
Out of fashion and it's more about business now 9 months ago  
Without plot induced stupidity, you'd stand no chance against Pennywise 9 months ago  
I questioned it like once then realised it would be bs lol 9 months ago +1
Underrated film 9 months ago  
Spawn and Super Sonic 9 months ago +1
A mix 9 months ago +1
Always preferred him massively 9 months ago  
I didn't know about the FMA movie - I hope it's good, but I doubt it. Movies already butchered by other favourite anime with Death Note. 9 months ago +1
Cipher and Bardock solo 9 months ago +1
Seems like it 9 months ago  
One of the best OPs ever 9 months ago  
Marvel is good too, but way overrated 9 months ago  
Both are amazing though 9 months ago  
Overrated but still decent 9 months ago  
The only Sandler movie I like 9 months ago  
Link has beaten star busters, but I'm still losing lol 9 months ago +1
Anybody on B solos except maybe Carrie 9 months ago  
Idubbbz is life 9 months ago  
Funniest in the group 9 months ago  
Futurama? 9 months ago  
If they're all serious, 3 women can beat one man without much trouble 9 months ago +1
It's Persona 10 months ago +1
Jiren solos 10 months ago +1
Polygon man solos 10 months ago +1
Easily better imo and more fitting for everyday tasks 10 months ago  
Slightly more interesting 10 months ago  
A is laughably awful, B at least has some merit even if it's bad too 10 months ago  
Storyline and emotion for what would otherwise be a dumb zombie game, surprised people 10 months ago  
It's basically just 'go on your own adventure' and it works 10 months ago  
Story and setpieces are nice, but it's a bit overrated 10 months ago  
Cool characters and setup in a good open world, it's just a high standard fantasy game 10 months ago  
It's like an artistic novella, its core themes of corruption and immorality are great, and its atmosphere, setpieces and soundtrack at the time was astounding. This is the best game you've posted about that I've seen 10 months ago  
Top notch fighting and voice-acting. Amazing characters played decently well. Interesting open world and pretty atmospheric. Probably the best Arkham game. 10 months ago  
How influential it was basically, it's not as good as people think now though imo 10 months ago  
Interesting concept in a well crafted, intriguing and funny setting 10 months ago  
Although I want a new set of homepage questions 10 months ago  
Eh it's basically dictated by whatever looks more interesting to people who haven't watched either. 10 months ago  
Definitely I love carpets 10 months ago  
Neither really but whatever 10 months ago  
Tough fight, it's between Kirby and Darkseid but Darkseid slightly edges out 10 months ago +1
Tough 10 months ago  
Slightly cooler 10 months ago  
Easily. Turn into Alien X and you can have almost anything you want. 10 months ago  
We're social creatures 10 months ago  
Tough. Would probably be more fun 10 months ago  
Be over or underpowered 10 months ago +1
Depends on the versions of the characters. Wally West Flash at his best against World Breaker has Flash just dump him into the speedforce until he calms down or dies. 10 months ago  
Have a rotation 10 months ago  
that would be lit 10 months ago  
Minute chance of survival 10 months ago  
Best controller ever vs worst 10 months ago  
Obviously lmao 10 months ago  
Go big or go home 10 months ago +3
ayy 10 months ago +1
Seem slightly easier to tame 10 months ago  
But in terms of comics and TV I prefer X-Men 10 months ago  
Actually has the capacity to make good music vs something almost as annoying as a car horn 10 months ago +1
Overrated, but fun enough to watch. A was pretty much pointless 10 months ago  
A lot of people don't seem to realise how important this is, it's an actual life so you owe at least a stable upbringing for it 10 months ago  
Less chance of death, more chance of fun 10 months ago  
Would feel less like eating sick 10 months ago  
Better than a moon lol 10 months ago  
Invest in random crap 10 months ago  
Misclick, I'd get way more surveillance 10 months ago  
same 10 months ago  
I alternate, but I definitely say this more 10 months ago +1
You are a toy 10 months ago  
I have a lot of friends who are A tbh 10 months ago  
Tough, but this I'd consider more 'skillful' in a sense 10 months ago  
Anyone here solos with mid difficulty 10 months ago +1
I'm sorry childhood 10 months ago  
About a third of the stuff is good material - but that's mostly due to the unfunny spams 10 months ago  
Irks me more 10 months ago  
I'd mess up time but eh I'm too curious 10 months ago  
Gone wrong* 10 months ago  
2 is alright though 10 months ago  
A is pretty much Goku meets Kratos 10 months ago +1
No contest, but I love both characters a lot 10 months ago  
Horses are badass and I don't like flapping things 10 months ago  
Omnipotence...? 10 months ago  
Obviously 10 months ago  
I really need to see Split that reminds me 10 months ago +1
Pokemon 10 months ago  
Vitas is actually a really good singer I unironically like him lol 10 months ago  
My own stuff is too informal, and I'd feel better around others in uniform most likely 10 months ago  
1, gonna get a second that isn't a rucksack 10 months ago  
I get a few but it's normally memes or streaks 10 months ago  
Lady's daughter gets murdered so she puts up billboards later on concerning how the police didn't do enough. Just a well made interesting film imo 10 months ago +1
It's dogsh*t but I actually found it ironically fun, this game is like my guilty pleasure 10 months ago  
Loads 10 months ago +1
It's already been written. Series of Unfortunate Events 10 months ago  
Less drama 10 months ago  
B is my least favourite COD 10 months ago  
Get Out, Logan, Baby Driver, T2 Trainspotting, Kingsman 2, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, It Comes at Night, Dunkirk, Spiderman Homecoming. Loads of upcoming films will probably change this. 10 months ago +1
Tough 10 months ago  
Infected with psychopathy? 10 months ago  
My hair wouldn't grow back given my luck 10 months ago  
Surprisingly still intact 10 months ago  
Tough 10 months ago  
Better outcome 10 months ago  
Both are eh, but KSI needs to be taken down a peg 10 months ago  
Misclick 10 months ago  
Tough 10 months ago  
Superman solos if it's Post-Crisis or stronger. If not then A wins 10 months ago  
Easily 10 months ago  
Don't really like either 10 months ago  
No contest 10 months ago  
Misclick, I would work in court if I had B 10 months ago  
Unless Iron Man has a sh*t ton of prep, he's done 10 months ago  
Both are good, but A is more interesting 10 months ago +1
Underrated and definitely should be winning 10 months ago  
Not many I'm interested in on either list 10 months ago  
lol why not 10 months ago  
Underrated 10 months ago  
More fun 10 months ago  
Sounds like something Satan would offer before dragging you to hell lol 10 months ago  
Middle ground 10 months ago  
Both are overrated, but Undertale was a far superior experience 10 months ago  
Both are overrated franchises imo 10 months ago  
Definitely deserves the hate more 10 months ago  
This isn't even close 10 months ago  
I doubt it 10 months ago  
Generally more interesting 10 months ago  
99% of the time 10 months ago  
Put it on my resume 10 months ago  
Neither were even in my top 10, but sure 10 months ago +1
Nostalgia 10 months ago  
Good question 10 months ago  
Depends how much ketchup I have 10 months ago  
Neither are great 10 months ago  
My squad's rolled up 10 months ago  
This is the official spelling i believe 10 months ago  
Ness solos if it's just base Star on right. Anybody on left solos with prep. 10 months ago  
Garbage Pail Kids (worst) and the Emoji Movie (most hated) 10 months ago  
Definitely. It's funny this question comes up since my dad is somewhat bipolar and this phase is far far better. 10 months ago  
I only like chill and potential on A 10 months ago  
At least I know when someone's in danger 10 months ago  
Would smash 10 months ago  
More interesting 10 months ago  
More gassed 10 months ago  
Don't have two dead loved ones thankfully, at least that I would choose to revive 10 months ago +1
Less boring 10 months ago  
Football > Handegg 10 months ago  
It's literally one universe against thousands, it's not more varied lol 10 months ago  
Less consequences 10 months ago  
More variety 10 months ago +1
Feels more grand drawing curtains than twisting the blind thingy 10 months ago  
Although B is fun 10 months ago  
Although the first Black and White are far better, probably my favourite Pokemon games 10 months ago  
D definitely 10 months ago  
360 10 months ago  
Check to see if they're legit first 10 months ago  
E lol 10 months ago  
I like episodic games, but they've got kinda old. I prefer other choice games like Life is Strange 10 months ago  
Sucks, but sucks less 10 months ago  
Definitely 10 months ago  
Underrated af, this game was amazing 11 months ago  
2 < 4 11 months ago  
Sorry Persona 11 months ago +1
Warhammer's the only good thing on right I know of 11 months ago  
Right has some overrated ass games 11 months ago  
abstain and vote someone else 11 months ago  
I'm sceptical, but hoping it'll work 11 months ago  
Used to like him ages ago 11 months ago  
was about to say this lol 11 months ago  
Didn't read the caption, thought there'd be less chance of getting caught 11 months ago  
Why is this losing 11 months ago  
Life is Strange, it's an episodic game like the telltale ones 11 months ago  
Need to play Before the Storm 11 months ago  
Probably 11 months ago  
All the time 11 months ago  
Master Hand solos 11 months ago +1
I like South Park but don't actively watch it 11 months ago +1
Easily lol 11 months ago  
Tough 11 months ago  
JEFF KAPLAN 11 months ago  
Want to try both, but there's a lot more guarantee this one will be good 11 months ago  
That lightsabre tho 11 months ago  
Stopped liking MatPat a few years ago 11 months ago  
More dead 11 months ago  
why is this losing 11 months ago  
Most Kingdom Hearts protagonists apparently 11 months ago  
The first anime ops are nearly always the best 11 months ago  
Obviously 11 months ago  
Would be better to bring along to parties 11 months ago  
Less annoying 11 months ago  
I'd feel more comfortable on solid ground, plus I love snow 11 months ago  
Can probably hold a smoke better 11 months ago  
Duh 11 months ago  
Tough 11 months ago  
Emergency services and deliveries would suffer a lot initially, then would get all terrain vehicles or just new roads 11 months ago  
(cooler) 11 months ago +1
Unpopular opinion, but I just don't think having a pet is worth it 11 months ago  
There are a lot more cons to choosing A, like there'd be a significant dropoff in population, particularly in prisons 11 months ago  
He's at punting height 11 months ago  
I prefer to sprint, and humans have good stamina anyway 11 months ago  
I'd fare better in this profession 11 months ago  
Sure, pretty sh*tty situation though 11 months ago  
Both are good, but sometimes too much of salt is nasty 11 months ago +1
More interesting 11 months ago  
Probably not 11 months ago  
Yeah I used to go here a lot, forgot about the site then came back 11 months ago  
Breath of the Wild would make a lot of sense 11 months ago  
Closest one I've seen yet, but Red should take this for them 11 months ago +1
Rick and Zilla 11 months ago +1
Tabuu effortlessly solos 11 months ago +1
Didn't like Cars 3 so probably 11 months ago +1
Of old age 11 months ago +1
And I'm from the UK 11 months ago  
Means sword in latin so more colourful AND badass 11 months ago  
Misclick 1 year ago  
Do you guys even follow comics lmao 1 year ago +1
Obviously do you even follow SF? 1 year ago  
Waaay cooler 1 year ago  
Obviously, Kingdom Hearts has some of the best music ever created IMO 1 year ago  
Both are ok 1 year ago  
Fvckin love this song 1 year ago  
If it's just your area, I see very little negative outcome for it 1 year ago  
Not even fair, Pyro's content is far funnier and far better 1 year ago  
By far 1 year ago  
Pretty much 1 year ago  
Where his dog at 1 year ago +1
Around equal but more feats 1 year ago  
Duh 1 year ago  
Unfortunately 1 year ago  
Definitely, I didn't think Bats would have so many votes lol 1 year ago  
Cooler 1 year ago  
Tough 1 year ago  
In first world countries 1 year ago +1
Awesome 1 year ago  
Far better 1 year ago  
By far 1 year ago  
MAIN MAIN MAIN 1 year ago  
Longer 1 year ago  
No. Not by far at all. 1 year ago  
Already do 1 year ago  
Daddy 1 year ago  
I love both, but this is better in every way 1 year ago  
Filthy Frank's lot are good, everyone else is meh at best 1 year ago  
Less chance of death 1 year ago  
Duh 1 year ago  
Obviously 1 year ago +1
Like once 1 year ago  
Hell yes 1 year ago  
Probably 1 year ago  
Commenting on trends probably and absurd comedy 1 year ago  
Godstomps 1 year ago  
More suited to me 1 year ago  
Fined 1 year ago  
lol 1 year ago +1
Hell yeah 1 year ago  
Moves more randomly 1 year ago  
Prefer em 1 year ago  
If it's Sherlock, I'll try it 1 year ago  
Tough one. More destruction or clinginess? 1 year ago  
My son 1 year ago  
One of my favourite actors 1 year ago  
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