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    never smoked it never will 4 years ago  
    banning sex would destroy the human race 4 years ago +4
    old miley is in the pic i think sooooo 4 years ago +1
    the great sex will lead to a baby 4 years ago +6
    i hate muffins anyway..... 4 years ago  
    umm i could stay 22 forever 4 years ago  
    indiana doesnt get a lot of tornados 4 years ago +1
    machine gun to the crowd 4 years ago +1
    i dont care, wich ever one has deadpool 4 years ago +1
    CUTENESS OVERLOAD 4 years ago  
    ima guy so if im a lesbian im straight 4 years ago  
    because im a, heartbreaker, string shaker!! 4 years ago  
    my worst enemy so i could kill him 4 years ago  
    ummm my other is my friend 4 years ago  
    GOOD BYE CHINA! 4 years ago  
    save momey and get the hell out 4 years ago  

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