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    What 7 months ago  
    On the cheek 7 months ago  
    On my tongue 7 months ago  
    What are you 7 months ago  
    Its legitimately tasty 7 months ago  
    Insanely slowly and the nails are bluny 7 months ago  
    We found the 5 year old... 7 months ago  
    Nah 7 months ago  
    Oh its overrrr 7 months ago  
    Humans are a type of animal ;) loophole 7 months ago  
    Zombies can't blow up the world 7 months ago  
    So much rape hehh 7 months ago  
    I'd keep the money 7 months ago  
    Like if you hate both but was forced to choose one to comment 7 months ago  
    So much money 7 months ago  
    Roses are red I'm an asshole I don't care about kids 7 months ago  
    Roses are red 7 months ago  
    Roses are red 7 months ago  
    I'd rather be smarter then Einstein and look like a sentient pile of sh*t 7 months ago  
    A 200 year old man would be a terrible and painful life 7 months ago  
    Make a world where you're rich and there's no problems thshehehehe 7 months ago  
    I wouldn't care I'm already dead at my funeral 7 months ago  
    I don't have one anyways 7 months ago  
    By my closest friends who truly know me 7 months ago  
    I don't wanna die 7 months ago  
    I am already seriously retarded 7 months ago  
    god is a lie 7 months ago +2
    LSD is acid 7 months ago  
    Like if you don't believe in god 7 months ago  

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