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    If you chose your birthday.. you are a swine who is nothing but greedy 1 year ago  
    Climb out of the top of the elevator shaft... Dumbasses 1 year ago  
    Hell yes! A gamer girl!!! 1 year ago  
    Think of the person you like very much of someone you hate... BAM! PROBLEM SOLVED 1 year ago  
    Thats an upgrade since people call me shy and a ugly-ass 1 year ago  
    God Damn TWILIGHT!!!!! 1 year ago  
    Leap of Faith! ~Eagle~ 1 year ago  
    I got rejected once... never doing it again 1 year ago  
    Lets 3 way 1 year ago  
    Cheer her up and she's ready to mingle 1 year ago  
    Doesn't matter 1 year ago  
    Had Sex :D 1 year ago  
    Either way I die 1 year ago  
    Hah GAYYYYYYY!!!!!! 1 year ago  
    Had Sex :D 1 year ago  
    Hah GAYYYYYYY!!!!!! 1 year ago  
    I could smoothe her over 1 year ago  
    Had sex :D 1 year ago  
    Did it already 1 year ago  
    I already do this 1 year ago  
    My sister is foking hot as hell 1 year ago  
    I already have contipation 1 year ago  
    What kind of question is that???? 1 year ago  
    Fok this question 1 year ago  
    Anime IS Life!!!! 1 year ago +1
    Sore throat wouldn't bother me cuz i dont talk that much 1 year ago  
    I'd throw a rock through their window and then be like batman and fly through their window 1 year ago  
    I love all Japanese food! 1 year ago  
    "ARNOLD, IM COMING FOR YOU!" Arnold: "I'll be back!" 1 year ago  
    IDK!!!! 1 year ago  
    NOTICE ME SENPAI!!!! 1 year ago  
    Cool 'H'wip 1 year ago  
    I beat Super Mario Land 1 year ago  
    Hey Squidward, Im skinny dipping..... At night. XD 1 year ago  
    Srry Spooderman... I gotta go with wolverine on this one! 1 year ago  
    MY DAD BEATS ME!!!! @[email protected] 1 year ago  
    I am a guy that likes romance but my god ppl. 1 year ago  
    Im a virgin 1 year ago  
    Im free fallin'!!!! 1 year ago  
    #TeamJacob 1 year ago  
    I am a shy person anyway 1 year ago  
    I dont leave the house, but when i do, i go across the dtreet to a walmart 1 year ago  
    You all have dishonored your families 1 year ago  
    Im a shy person so I wouldnt change 1 year ago  
    I dont wanna get bombed by terrorists 1 year ago  
    I AM A BOY, WHAT DAFUQ IS THIS!!!??? 1 year ago  
    Lightning Fingers BITCHES!!!! 1 year ago  
    Honestly I would rather have Ale than beer or wine 1 year ago  
    I have no friends because im shy 1 year ago  
    Your a wizard harry! 1 year ago  
    there is only a certain amount of clothes you can take off before you are naked, but you can always add layers 1 year ago +1
    you could potentially sufficate yourself 1 year ago  
    Crocodile jumping 1 year ago  
    SEX!!!! 1 year ago  
    6 foot and 4 inches of complete b*tch! 1 year ago  
    Im shy anyways 1 year ago  
    I already have a masseuse 1 year ago  
    I can join a gang!!!!!! 1 year ago  
    Im 13 so a woman 23 years old equals sexy af 1 year ago  
    I already have OCD 1 year ago  
    I am shy so nobody would gossip about me. 1 year ago  
    I love futball 1 year ago  
    What happens in vegas stays in vegas 1 year ago  
    #TeamJacob 1 year ago  
    Bilbo Baggins, Its been ages... 1 year ago  
    You need both to have a nutritious diet 1 year ago  
    SPOODERMAN!!!!! 1 year ago  
    Im a shy person anyway... 1 year ago  
    Better graphics b*tches!!! 1 year ago  
    It's a me, Mario! 1 year ago  
    LEAP OF FAITH!!! *Eagle* 1 year ago  
    neither, im into gaming tournaments 1 year ago  
    either way I'd be gay ._. 1 year ago  
    FOK DIS SHIT 1 year ago  
    My GF is what I love so Wooooooo 1 year ago  
    I would print the 100$ 1 year ago  
    F*CK CLOTHES 1 year ago  
    Let them touch my body!!! >:D 1 year ago  
    Selfish A- holes 1 year ago  
    I can always make more >:D 1 year ago  
    I could kill my arch-enemy 1 year ago  
    If they have a dress on >:D Pantie Shot! 1 year ago  
    *Puts down scratching post* I win 1 year ago  
    Really, *Facepalm* 1 year ago  
    All criminals shall be executed on site 1 year ago  
    Only Child BIATCH 1 year ago  
    The milk tastes like a$$ 1 year ago  
    God damn Terminator image on right 1 year ago  
    You could die instantly if you go into space 1 year ago  
    FOOD!!!!!! 1 year ago  
    JB is a gay a-hole with a dildo up is a$$ 24/7 1 year ago  
    I could be light yet be fat at the same time 1 year ago  
    OMGItsFirefox 1 year ago  
    I am in a dark room with no window and no door. 1 year ago  
    Just go through the overhead door 1 year ago  
    I would just go home 1 year ago  
    If you drink coke you can do coke 1 year ago  
    Or you could simply be a ninja and use the skills you learn to become a pirate 1 year ago  
    Cant watch what you dont see 1 year ago  
    At least i could have sex 1 year ago  
    Average is good! 1 year ago  
    It poops on your lawn 20 times per 10 minutes 1 year ago  
    How does on go about choosing between a hoe or a pickaxe? 1 year ago  
    If you are a prostitute you could get STDs 1 year ago  
    look at the author's note 1 year ago  
    Fok monkeys they throw poop at yo face 1 year ago  
    Dang it guest below me that's what i was gonna say 1 year ago +1
    Good Edumacation is key! 1 year ago  
    Wish for infinite wishes 1 year ago  
    DUBSTEP CREW!!!!! Join Now! 1 year ago  
    Ok so, if you were a nobody in a perfect world, then you can become somebody 1 year ago  
    This is the stooooopidest question evaaaa 1 year ago  
    I have deja vu 1 year ago  
    Ive been there done that 1 year ago  
    Nope not answering 1 year ago  
    If I was a wizard i could make myself a ninja 1 year ago  
    I could be a weirdo who does bathroom pranks with nobody seeing me 1 year ago  
    HELLYEAH, YODA FO DA WIN 1 year ago  
    Agreed 1 year ago  
    you have a gun and you shoot a apple off someones head with it 1 year ago  
    what kind of question is this?!?! 1 year ago  
    WTF kind of question is this?!?!?! 1 year ago +1
    same here 1 year ago  
    More time equals more time to make money or more time to spend with loved ones 1 year ago  
    But if it is your dream vaction you can take that person there 1 year ago  
    Ok, first of all, If you want to find the 10,000,000$. You are one greedy bastard 1 year ago  

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