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    Lightly tap my eye 10 months ago  
    Lightly tap my eye. 10 months ago +1
    One push and I'm out of the ring and he wins 10 months ago  
    Doesn't say I die 10 months ago  
    Feminist? Why can't they be equal? Many more men go to war as well. 10 months ago  
    If I'm innocent and I surrender, I'm basically admitting to guilt 10 months ago  
    Doesn't say how many hours, maybe it means 1 million hours at a time 10 months ago  
    Money hoarder 10 months ago  
    Water filter plus boil 10 months ago  
    Already done it 10 months ago  
    The roots 10 months ago  
    I am Batman 10 months ago  
    Fireproof pants 10 months ago  
    You don't know that, what if it's a small single pilot plane? 10 months ago  
    Van Helsing FTW 10 months ago  
    MAGA 10 months ago  
    Hunt, Fish, Assassinate Redcoats? 10 months ago  
    Who cares about the economy if your just visiting? 10 months ago  
    The dog get's sick or wounded and needs to be put down. 10 months ago  
    Nerf Gun 10 months ago  
    Just cause you are alone doesn't mean you aren't loved. 10 months ago  
    What the hell is the rest of the world gonna care? 10 months ago  
    So this is asking: have no internet and live the rest of your life or, have internet but you are dehydrated and will die within 2 weeks. 10 months ago +1
    Never said it couldn't be gummy cockroaches either 10 months ago  
    New bathtub after being cleaned 10 months ago  
    My own belly 10 months ago  
    Doesn't say finger or toe nails you could just rip the nails of the walls 10 months ago  
    Extract all teeth 10 months ago  
    Do you know how long it would take to poop out 400,000 gallons of anything? That's like 10 swimming pools. 10 months ago  
    Could be a super clean and large dumpster 11 months ago  
    They could lightly tap me 11 months ago  
    Nobody would listen to her after no proof came forward 11 months ago  
    In space no one can hear you scream 11 months ago  
    I could just whisper "eh" or something when I don't wan to say anything 11 months ago  
    Applesauce 11 months ago  
    Micro sized hot dogs 11 months ago  
    Rick rolling would be so much fun 11 months ago  
    One bite and your dead compared to a thousand bites and your dead 11 months ago  
    I could modify that cruiser with parts from other cars and add nitrous and I'd be well off 11 months ago  
    Saying its racist to have an Asian as a ninja is like saying its racist to have a Greek person as a Spartan 11 months ago  
    Just says im a suspect not that I am a terrorist, Just prove im not and go on with life 11 months ago  
    I could deal in legal drugs... AKA be a pharmacist 11 months ago  
    Live forever in heaven 11 months ago  
    I could kill evil people only, work as military assassin but not be under military jurisdiction 11 months ago  
    If you sat for 3 years you wouldnt have a life afterwards 11 months ago  
    I could out wrestle a single piranha just no a snake that big 11 months ago  
    Punt a baby.....a baby doll 11 months ago  
    Fight him in super smash bros, using no gloves makes it easier to use the controller anyways 11 months ago  
    Just lightly tap him with your car 11 months ago  
    Not Gay 11 months ago  
    Closer to home 11 months ago  
    No one notices me anyhow, I like to keep a low profile 11 months ago  
    What if the test is something fun like obstacle course? 11 months ago  
    Not gay 11 months ago  
    A whale will likely be gone in a few seconds but you can look at a toucan for several minutes 11 months ago  
    shave my head 11 months ago  
    The ultimate driving machine 11 months ago  
    The best movies are based on books. 11 months ago  
    As badly as US is going downhill I can't name a better country 11 months ago  
    Abducted by predators who teach me their ways :) 11 months ago  
    I could visit my loved ones 11 months ago  
    If everyone cared about you you wouldn't be a bum for long 11 months ago  
    There are many things I love doing. Do I get 20k a year for each? 11 months ago  
    Without being special in any way one would feel depressed over time. 11 months ago  
    Dreams mean nothing in real life and they don't last forever 11 months ago  
    It doesn't say how bright. So you could get super bright hands that blind people or that could light many square miles. 11 months ago  
    You can always write your thoughts 11 months ago  
    Just says important. This could mean being the president during the zombie apocalypse. 11 months ago  
    But what if you find out your son overdosed using drugs he bought with your money? And you knew about all that? Homelessness isn't permanent either 11 months ago  
    Doesn't say it can't be extremely quiet for 10 hours 11 months ago  
    What if your birthday is Christmas? 11 months ago  
    What if the gift is hundreds of pounds of gold or silver? 11 months ago  

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