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Would you rather sacrifice your crush who also likes you back or sacrifice 2 of your bffs 1 year ago 64 votes 10 comments 0 likes

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Bald guys are sexy 1 year ago  
i do surf lol im rank #1 girls u14 in NYS lol i have a contest tommarow 1 year ago  
i didnt mean to pick religoun i think if people werent a religoun they wouldnt be racist, escpecially muslims, jews, and christians 1 year ago  
i met lady gaga 1 year ago  
there is a girl online on youtube who doesnt have bones and she is living 1 year ago  
blogger its for blogs 1 year ago  
does anyone else notice the author of that question? 1 year ago  
yo these days you gotta look cool af 1 year ago  
If someone had a problem i would try to fix it 1 year ago  
im SKIP 1 year ago  
i only do it on and nothing else 1 year ago  
i picked sky fall becuase it sounds cooler 1 year ago  
science.. no oofy goofy 1 year ago +2
i feel horrible but i think if these ten guys are let free they will make more inncocent people suffer 1 year ago  
guys its says RANDOM POWERS not powers you can choose so stop saying you can bring them to life 1 year ago  
i dunno what a human centipede is 1 year ago  
its either not be remembered or have people hatefully remember you... so easy choice 1 year ago  
i would live more then them, so if i die, they can have a good future 1 year ago  
if i pick a way to die i just will avoid it when i know 1 year ago  
Im an all around water athlete i surf, swim, paddleboard, etc. and i can to some close encounters to drowning and its very painful so they never said dying in the woods painfully, maybe just peacefully 1 year ago  
wtf a blackberry? 1 year ago  
I will die is fleas infest me 1 year ago  
i know living for ever is bad but knowing ur gonna die TOMMAROW... not next year or etc is worst 1 year ago  
my friend who is 11 is a jew so there this thing where every friday you celebrate some holiday i forget its name and kids drinks small amount, or a small glass ofm wine 1 year ago  

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