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Would you rather Ride an actual hoverboard or Ride a segway with no handles? 6 months ago 100 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather, all day have to wear Shoes too big or Shoes too small? 6 months ago 75 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Religious people, if your god came up to you and said he/she is fake, would you believe them? Yes, obviously or No, obviously 9 months ago 58 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Your job be to beat puppies and kittens to death and make 60 dollars an hour. or Your job to save children and animals alike from abuse and give them great lives, but you make 5 dollars an hour. 9 months ago 63 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Eat fish Food. or Eat dog food. 9 months ago 73 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Play Dungeon Keeper. (The original not the crap mobile version.) or Play Theme Hospital. 9 months ago 36 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Raise a Trex hatchling, and if given enough love as a baby it will never turn on you. or Get a cat. 9 months ago 77 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Raise a child aging by dog years (Approximate 15 year lifespan) The child will still go through a regular Baby-Child-Teenager-Adult-Senior lifestyle, each phase will just go by fast. or Raise a dog aging by human years (Approximate 80 year lifespan) they may also be smarter than the average dog by the end. The dogs growth phases will just last longer, the dog will not look like a mutant. 9 months ago 78 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Which is the more falsely discriminated minority? Pit Bull Terriers or Sharks 9 months ago 69 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have to go through EA customer support. or Die. 9 months ago 65 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather play... Don't Starve or Rain World 9 months ago 38 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Only be able to answer questions created by me for a week. or Only be able to answer questions created by ILoveFreedom for a week. 9 months ago 57 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be the last dumb person on the planet, in a world filled with geniuses. or Be the last smart person on the planet, in a world filled with idiots. 9 months ago 71 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Is the earth... Flat or Round? 9 months ago 113 votes 25 comments 0 likes
Which site is better? rrrather.com or either.io 10 months ago 60 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be brain dead. or Be dead dead. 10 months ago 85 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Drive multiple species of animal extinct. or Just kill some people. 10 months ago 90 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be so dead you made the first corpse ever discovered look alive. or Be so stupid you made goldfish look superior to Einstein. 10 months ago 72 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have MY set of negative emotions? No anger, you cry super easily, you cannot grieve for the dead and you hate socialization. or Have my MOTHERS personality: Anger issues, control issues, stubborn, nothing is good enough, you think things through a lot though, but you really like conflicts because you enjoy fighting way too much. 10 months ago 71 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Adopt a cute puppy who has a learning disability, and will take over 3 years to train even the most basic of dog skills and obedience. or Adopt an elderly dog, which is fully trained, but heavily abused, and you will need to spend at least a year earning its trust and love, and proving you will not hit it. 10 months ago 76 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have to survive as... This seal. or This iguana. (Click the link if you don't know it's issue.) 10 months ago 59 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have a cow? or Have a giraffe? 10 months ago 91 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Cooler pack hunters? Lion prides or Orca pods. 10 months ago 91 votes 5 comments 0 likes
New mission: Refuse this mission! Okay or No. 10 months ago 79 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Eat Rocky Mountain oysters? or Eat regular oysters? 10 months ago 75 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have to chop off every finger on your hands and eat them. or Have to eat off half of your favorite family members fingers, if they are dead eat the finger bones, if they are ashes eat the ashes with ketchup and mustard. 10 months ago 56 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be sent up high in the air and be able to fly, as soon as you come down to land you die. or Be able to live, but you have to spend the rest of your life as a hawk. 10 months ago 73 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Do you follow the religion your parents followed, or tried to raise you into? Yes or No 10 months ago 131 votes 35 comments 0 likes
Which came first The Chicken or The Egg 10 months ago 116 votes 30 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Encounter this or Walk in on the act of its creation 10 months ago 76 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Save our world or Find a much better ALIEN world in need of help and save THAT one whilst ours burns to a crisp. 10 months ago 104 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Have you ever learned a skill and then realized you aren't creative enough to create anything with it? Yes or No 10 months ago 82 votes 6 comments 0 likes
The correct response when you see somebody put a tortoise in deep water is... Take it out. or Leave it in. 10 months ago 114 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have a pet turtle or Have a pet tortoise? 10 months ago 103 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat Black Oreos or Golden Oreos? 10 months ago 127 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Never be able to feel angry or Never be able to feel grief for the dead? 10 months ago 116 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have to kill the living person you love the most, and then yourself. or Have to kill 1 person every day for the rest of your life, you must deal with corpse disposal and any consequences. 10 months ago 60 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Were you breastfed? Yes or No 10 months ago 84 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Are you or have you ever went through a time in your life where you had nightmares every single night? Yes or No 10 months ago 71 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Did you go through a faze in your childhood where you did not like the opposite gender? Yes. or No. 10 months ago 104 votes 15 comments 0 likes
(Read Explanation) How do you survive the child apocolypse? Aggressively, it's kill or be killed. or Evasively, stay far away from very young minors. 10 months ago 89 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Do/Did your parents give you an allowance for doing chores? Yes or No 11 months ago 84 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be crushed to death or Be eaten alive 11 months ago 75 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be handed a goldfish cracker, and you will not be allowed to let it get eaten, destroyed, or lost until the day you die. or Be handed an ice cube and you aren't allowed to let it fully melt for at least 5 years. 11 months ago 93 votes 12 comments 0 likes
In video games, do you play with... Inverted controls or Non inverted controls 11 months ago 85 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Which is more terrifying? Birds or Fish 11 months ago 89 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Which is cuter The average dog and cat baby or The average people baby... 11 months ago 94 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer Cupcakes or Regular cake? 11 months ago 84 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer... Chocolate CHIP cookies or Chocolate CHUNK cookies? 11 months ago 106 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer? Cookies? or Donuts? 11 months ago 96 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a pet Leopard Gecko or Russian Tortoise? 11 months ago 62 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have... The most powerful gaming PC there ever was and ever will be, using alien parts that cannot be matched on earth. or True love. 1 year ago 97 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Do you support LGBT? Yes! or No. 1 year ago 100 votes 35 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have to become best friends with A cetacean or An apex predator? 1 year ago 60 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Pick one Thomas the Tank Engine or Barney the Dinosaur. 1 year ago 67 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Which creature has a cooler tail? Ankylosaurus or Stegosaurus? 1 year ago 85 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Was the first dinosaur you ever heard about tyrannosaurus rex? Yes! or No! 1 year ago 90 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer Pteranodon or Quetzalcoatlus? 1 year ago 64 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be able to observe live dinosaurs at a safe distance. or Be taken to space for a vacation by aliens. 1 year ago 84 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer. Large dog breeds or Small dog breeds? 1 year ago 84 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Is a fidget Dodecahedron (12 sides) worth it over the price of a fidget cube? (6 sides) Yes or No 1 year ago 60 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Asking this may be a mistake. Do you prefer: Digimon or Pokemon 1 year ago 66 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Do you eat breakfast daily? Yes or No 1 year ago 105 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Do you value your time in your home bathroom? Yes! or No. 1 year ago 56 votes 5 comments 0 likes
In video games, do you prefer... Boss battles which prioritize making the battle cinematic and awesome, but they're mad easy. or Challenging or difficult boss battles which prioritize boss quality over everything else. 1 year ago 69 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer... Speakers. or Headphones. 1 year ago 90 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have to sell your favorite family member for 9 million dollars. or Have to sell yourself for 90 million but the funds go to the person you hate the most. 1 year ago 64 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Do you sit on the public toilets? Yes! or Ew no! 1 year ago 85 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Do you have an irrational fear of constrictors? Nope :) or Yup D: 1 year ago 29 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Which hybrid animal is cooler? A Liger. or A Grolar-Bear. 2 years ago 92 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather take your chances with. An aggressive hippo near its river. or An angry male chimpanzee in its forest. 2 years ago 83 votes 8 comments 0 likes

Dinauriand has posted the following comments:

You know what else is natural? Ebola, cancer, death. People as a whole cannot be 100% bad as we are a natural occurrence. Doesn't make us good, helpful beings either. 6 months ago  
I complain when other people do it too. I put this here because now is when i noticed a lack of guests, bad question quality and terrible new users. Forgot to check the name on this one, sorry. 6 months ago  
Gotta love infamy. 6 months ago  
100% fool 0% proof 6 months ago +1
I've never used either. I grew up with fluorescent light bulbs. 6 months ago +1
A sounds ideal if you're self employed. 6 months ago  
Your spelling bothers me even if it was the joke. 6 months ago  
Let me guess... The removal of guest questions made tons of new users and lowered question quality? 6 months ago  
B feels weird going down. 6 months ago  
neither is possible because it's a paradox! 6 months ago  
But if you invert the colors on your phone, and see the world inverted... You'll see your phone non inverted? 6 months ago  
If you get used to it you'll forget that things are even meant to look different. 6 months ago  
Pet smart is abusive as hell and has a terrible business model. 6 months ago  
Well "Avian Dinosaurs" are pterosaurs. Which scientists consider to be NOT dinosaurs... 6 months ago  
Just say "Which one is hotter?" That makes sense, is it overrdone? Yes, but it makes sense! This makes NO SENSE! I would never kill myself for random hot women I've never met! Period! I would actually vote if it didn't say "Who would you sacrifice your life for." 6 months ago  
Meet terrible people, or meet people who don't exist because I'm getting a vasectomy to take away my ability to impregnate women. 6 months ago  
Anything natural isn't "bad" per say. As the ecosystem has always evolved past them. But bad people aren't exactly natural in that way. Hell, maybe it wipes out the guy who beat solar panels with coal power at that one historic science fair that RUINED THE PLANET! 6 months ago +11
You can't avoid it. That would be a paradox. If it said "You will die of a car accident." You'll avoid cars right? So lets say you walk to work or school. A drunk driver might swerve into you, killing you. Now if you had kept driving or riding cars, you would not have been in his path, however, the fact that you acted upon this knowledge sealed your fate and led to your demise. Thus a paradox. 6 months ago  
You can't, it's a paradox. 6 months ago  
That's a paradox. 6 months ago  
That's a paradox. 6 months ago  
You act like you chose the one everyone should've. 6 months ago  
Yeah, you'll live alright. But the date of your death doesn't take into account if you're going to spend the last 2 years of your life in a hospital bed. Or if every bone of your body will be broken before then. Meaning it's not immortality per say, you may be messed up beyond repair days ahead of time. 6 months ago  
Stop 6 months ago  
I can't stand myself 6 months ago  
Anyone self respecting wouldn't go the entire LP without killing themselves. 6 months ago  
B is dangerous A is just idiots. 6 months ago  
gyjgfckhgghcjjhkjgh;kljbnlnjhuiohnbkjbh - And oops I actually clicked one. 7 months ago  
I literally take my achievements and knock them down 2 levels so that I don't seem like a bragger. So I think I might be slightly humble. Not too much though. 7 months ago  
lghkgtuio;ltgfjydefoiyluhj[p;ljhgfydujhkil4 7 months ago  
hukjrdikledfliukiuyuhtdfkuykdjdfcbgvhmbnjhf 7 months ago  
dfggfy8oituyrtoiltkghjgjhfgligkhsdjkdhjy 7 months ago  
tydtgrfldej,tukhjkfjiyiyuyjyoiyiuyfhtfjfdxgthljibghj.lo,fdj 7 months ago  
hdfjs,hjcvkdshxcnvkjchdfcxkjlvnjhdfkclx 7 months ago  
STOP STOP STOP 7 months ago  
"NO CAPES!" -Edna Mode 7 months ago +2
Looks fade intelligence stays. 7 months ago +4
Everyone who thinks that all white people wanted to see black people suffer back then clearly need to go back to 8th grade history class. 7 months ago +1
First of all, your skin health is more important than your clown makeup. Because if you're wearing your clown makeup but have terrible skin, nobody is going to think you look attractive. Second of all, I already don't wear makeup. THIRD OF ALL, How do 29% of people justify giving up skincare? 7 months ago  
Because everyone sacrifices their life for random hot women they don't even f*cking know... Seriously you may as well just say "Which women is hotter #19" Oh, but that's already been done. 7 months ago +1
I can't stand babies but B is misery. 7 months ago +2
Tom has redeeming moments. Sylvester is a crazed murderer. 7 months ago +2
S A N T I A G O 7 months ago +2
I'm that one weirdo who eats soup with stuff in it with a fork... 7 months ago  
Sorry other people. 7 months ago  
Ouch 7 months ago  
B Is a super power A is guaranteed verbal harassment. 7 months ago  
Be the worlds biggest teachers pet. 7 months ago  
Human children are parasites already. 7 months ago  
I could live life without fear of almost anything. But disease. 7 months ago  
Whoops. Didn't think this one through. With a square bowl you would have issues with soup in the corners. 7 months ago  
I can imagine B being annoying. 7 months ago  
No you couldn't because that's a paradox. Car wreck? Walk everywhere. Drunk driver smashes you against the pavement. 7 months ago  
Well, this is an interesting question to rejoin Rrrather to. 7 months ago +1
But that's gay! 8 months ago  
O.O 8 months ago  
Did they reset the home page? 8 months ago  
B. The day would be spent in school, where everyone is either a Trump hater or a Trump supporter but ignorant in their arguments. And the latter is like 5% 9 months ago  
Bungee jumping seems terrifying, A would make me barf but not for too long. 9 months ago  
Sometimes I want to post a question to see people fight, but I end up not doing it. I TRY to keep my questions decent. 9 months ago  
Details. Do you mean everyone would think I, as myself am president? Or would they think I'm Donald Trump? 9 months ago  
The hell am I going to do with my eyes closed? Hide and go seek? 9 months ago +1
I couldn't say what for the life of me but technically speaking we would. 9 months ago  
Than A if I'm still living in my moms house. But if it's once I've moved out, B. Because A is way too little for a year. 9 months ago  
Eh. 9 months ago  
So am I. That's why I said religious people. 9 months ago +1
So you think your god is a liar? 9 months ago  
I thought god was all knowing. Would he not know if he was fake? Even demigods, and non all knowing gods would know. 9 months ago  
They're both creepy asf 9 months ago  
They're both creepy asf. 9 months ago  
Annually? Monthly? Daily? Details! 9 months ago  
Screw curtains -_- 9 months ago  
Something's wrong with you. V 9 months ago  
As impossible as that is, I like some old people. But the first time she shows signs of being one of THOSE old people, she's out. 9 months ago +1
Well I have a bad habit of looking at the images before I read the question. So the dog is stuck in my mind. 9 months ago +2
Thinking of growing it out again. 9 months ago  
He looks kind of creepy in A 9 months ago  
Safer 9 months ago  
I mean, I don't know much about North Korea. But at least I get human contact. And if the community is bad, I know from experience that bad communities tend to have SOME good people in them. Like rrrather. 9 months ago +1
Fair enough... 9 months ago  
Your answer would be different??? 9 months ago  
I'll use minty things to keep my breath fresh. As for my teeth, avoid most foods that would gradually eat away at my teeth. My diet would suck but oh well. 9 months ago  
Zodiac symbols aren't actually tailored to us. They use vague scenarios that we'll probably encounter that day. But there's a marketing tactic that makes us more likely to buy and like a product if they say it's special to us. Even if it's not. 9 months ago  
More practical. 9 months ago  
My mom still dresses me. If it were up to me I'd wear High waters every day to conserve resources because THEY'RE PERFECTLY GOOD PANTS! And I would wear bleach stain shirts because THEY'RE PERFECTLY GOOD SHIRTS! Therefore, the reason my mom refuses to let me dress myself. 9 months ago  
As long as people aren't killing everything on their land. That should be illegal. If you buy out a Savannah, you should not have the right to exterminate all grassland animals from your yard with death. 9 months ago +1
I agree, but I think it's referring to things like "Native Americans were savage before we civilized them!" Type of thing. 9 months ago  
Scientists: We found the cure to cancer! Poor Woman: Help! I have cancer! Scientists: We can get you the budget treatment. 9 months ago  
B Is grade A stupid. What are they going to do? Have seperate schools for every religion, ethnicity and value set? Or oppress kids with opposing values? B shouldn't even be taught at home anymore, it's 2017! Most kids GROW OUT of the morals and values their parents teach them nowadays, and I am one of them! 9 months ago +1
I feel selling pets is okay for those who don't give a crap about you, like fish couldn't. But if you have the fish that are so loved that if you stick your hand in they come and rub up against it, but only for you, obviously selling it is a dumb move. 9 months ago  
(Insert Reason Here) 9 months ago  
Boxing is such a barbaric sport. 9 months ago  
The earths creatures evolve to deal with bad non-living things. They don't for bad people. 9 months ago +1
Dolphins have been my favorite animal for almost 7 years. Too bad they're serial rapists. 9 months ago  
I have a nice dash, but I have ABYSMAL stamina! So I would always fall flat on my face in B. 9 months ago  
I've never had anything cut out of me, so yes. But what are they? (Except for my foreskin, but that's not my fault.) 9 months ago  
I don't want a child is the issue. 9 months ago  
I can program, I'm just not creative enough to make programs. 9 months ago  
I'll have to do the same thing as TalcumPowder. Killing it seems like the best way to preserve my life. 9 months ago  
Curse you for making my mouth water. 9 months ago  
BBQ sauce is gross. 9 months ago  
Another step towards the day it evolves onto land. 9 months ago  
Now I can get PAID for being a snitch. 9 months ago +2
I was the best writer in my class grades k- 6 Now I'm meh. I can't really tell, everyone else is faster than me though. 9 months ago  
I hate sports. 9 months ago  
I had a dream the other night that Walmart was getting sued/shutdown for employee abuse. They were attaching a device to their ears for communication, and another to their genitals to shock them when they made a mistake. Took me a while to realize it was just a dream. Something is wrong with me. 9 months ago  
I'm a brony and I think the concept of mechanical furrsuits are actually awesome! But when people start sexualizing them, well I lose my interest. 9 months ago  
What do you mean by time loop? You mean invite a serial killer and his hot sister to my house, grope her, get killed, and start the day over kind of time loop? 9 months ago  
FACTUALLY, yes, it is possible. Not sure why you posted a question that has a 100% factual answer. Do I recommend trying? No. But it's been proven possible. 9 months ago  
I say to be honest quite a lot to be honest. 9 months ago  
Monetize it. But they're all perves. 9 months ago  
WTF is with the picture in A I HATE it! 9 months ago  
Yeah because the green usually pops out. 9 months ago  
B is pointless, what if I want to land on a planet in ANOTHER solar system? I would get paid handsomely for curing cancer. 9 months ago  
B is pointless unless I can have a family in every race on standby for when I change to that race. For example, if I want to be Japanese for a week, I should spend it in JAPAN experiencing life as a JAPANESE person, experiencing JAPANESE culture. Not becoming Japanese, confusing my black family and then still experiencing the exact same culture. If I want to cross dress, A makes it way easier. 9 months ago  
I don't have a "freedom" need like most people, I just need basic free time to myself and my freedom need is already covered. But if dogs are illegal, yeah that's where I choose B. 9 months ago  
So are regular cats. Honestly, cats have no functions a dog doesn't also have. The only advantage over dogs is they are a bit easier for those who need time away from their pets a lot. 9 months ago  
I can tell you from experience that that isn't true >.> 9 months ago  
ARGE 9 months ago  
I've tried both. B tastes like crap. A tastes like super thin chips. Yummm 9 months ago +1
Dungeon Keeper is a game about being a villain who digs a dungeon underground to raise an army of monsters to kill the heroes, and turn nice happy civilizations into a hell where you're lucky if you don't get eaten by demon spawn. Theme Hospital is building a hospital, but the ailments are all fictional. For example, bloated head syndrome. You have to get them examined in one room, whilst people wait in the waiting chair in the other, and then send them to another room to have their airhead popped and re inflated. If your doctor's bad, you barely did any research, or you didn't fully examine them, the patient could die. I once vaporized a guy with invisible man syndrome because I hadn't discovered it yet, I tried to make him visible, 60/40 chance he would die. 9 months ago  
Both would be disgusting though. But if it's provolone, A. 9 months ago  
Cuter. 9 months ago  
A is stupid. It would encourage me to drink before bed. And if I get sexually aroused one bit in my dreams I piss the bed! 9 months ago  
As long as it was an accident. 9 months ago  
How often do you even SEE A out here? Anyway, I can find a liquid in most rooms, soak the heck out of people at school. 9 months ago  
No. 9 months ago  
But if a linear game is Left 4 Dead, count me in! 9 months ago  
I'm not creative enough for A 9 months ago  
The Sims 3. But it's not fun for me unless you have ambitions and pets. Due to ambitions taking the rabbit hole aspect out of jobs and making them interactive and pets giving you something to care for before you have a mansion and kids. 9 months ago  
I don't even like the consequences of fame in the SIMS, you think I want it irl? 9 months ago  
B isn't a good life. 9 months ago  
It better be awesome. 9 months ago  
My sister has confirmed a knee to the vagina can hurt a lot too... 9 months ago  
Love how you assume we all live the lap of luxury. What if you've NEVER been to a luxury hotel? What if you don't have it luxurious at home? Also, what if the people who chose B want to camp in the wilderness? And it's not materialism, because tents and hotels are both technologies that people made so they can travel and have a place to sleep for the night! Moron! 9 months ago  
A is pretty damn selfish. 9 months ago  
So it's a question of whether they want instant gratification or swift gratification. 9 months ago  
No. Now that you say it I must rebel. 9 months ago  
What would a heterosexual woman be dating me for if she didn't believe I had a penis? Would she just love my personality and intelligence level that much? If so, she needs NO convincing, she already has great standards. 9 months ago  
But don't people with Progeria usually develop wrong to look mutated/ unhealthy? 9 months ago  
Fluffier 9 months ago  
Well I'm an introvert 9 months ago  
I actually hate politics. Anyway, Both are TERRIBLE options. There were other people running that got no spotlight. So choose them. 9 months ago +1
Only if you have training. You have to take a bunch of classes to get a drivers license, do that for guns! And if someone uses their gun like and idiot and pulls it on someone for a bad reason, they should NOT get another chance! Also, I'm not the one using them, I hate the sound of gunshots. 9 months ago +1
Or, OR, I can go and play Spore! 9 months ago  
The journey may be fun in B, if the path is like the picture. But realistically it wouldn't be! And even if it was, anywhere in the world? Get ready to swim across the ocean if you wanted to visit Japan! And how am I going to get a hotel when I get there? Try out the local food? In B I would have to take my own food, what's the point of traveling if I'm bringing my entire culture with me? And disease! You need vaccines for some places. 9 months ago +1
Yes it is... 9 months ago  
No. 9 months ago  
The Emoji Movie. 9 months ago  
EW 9 months ago  
I don't get it, are they in my room? 9 months ago  
Because wolves have NO cares in the world... 9 months ago  
Some honest research says most of us with our current personalities wouldn't last long as a wolf after mommy stopped babying us. Most of you would be dead if you woke up tomorrow in a forest and were a wolf. 9 months ago +1
Oml stop. 9 months ago  
Speaking of which- Why do you have to call someone when your beloved family member dies but are expected to do it yourself if it's your beloved pet? 9 months ago  
You mean circumcision? Well educated don't cut their kids foreskin nowadays. Some of us are working on manual regrowth. Also, many teens give their parents a stern talking to when they realize what's been done to them as infants. It's awesome making THEM feel bad for a change. 9 months ago  
The scenario sounds horrifying but. Details please. 9 months ago  
If I can just do that, that means the law is what I want it to be basically. 9 months ago  
I would make sure my dog walked out of life smart Asf. 9 months ago  
I'm a virgin. What's the success rate of condoms? Math might change my mind on the matter. 9 months ago  
Knowledge or useless power? Tricky. 9 months ago  
Also, what poor person can afford 3 abortions but not condoms? And it's not safe sex if they use crap condoms that they've proven not to work. 9 months ago  
Of course they do. Not an excuse for irresponsibility though. If poor people tried the cheap condoms and they failed them, and they don't want kids, they need to either save or not have sex. Seriously, I have no tolerance for irresponsibility. And I say this coming from a poor family >.> 9 months ago  
The condom fails once, shame on them, if the condom fails 3 times, you're a f*cking idiot for using that brand. 9 months ago  
I'm honestly scared of sharks because they CAN kill me, not because they WILL kill me. If I was a shark behavioral expert or at least knew safety necessities for handling them, I would definitely swim with sharks. But that's easy to say seeing as I live inland and will be until after I've moved out of my parents and finished college. 9 months ago +1
Fun fact: Pit bulls scored really high on the dog tolerance board. 9 months ago  
I hate sugar. I like sweets, but straight up sugar is gross. 9 months ago  
Urinate on me than. As someone who once spent 10 minutes resizing an image to the exact right size, this cropping annoys me. However, I wouldn't have noticed if you didn't put it in the description. 9 months ago  
Only in emergencies. 9 months ago  
Vinegar is a condiment? We use it for chemical processes here. 9 months ago  
I would rather a mutt. 9 months ago  
It looks tasty. 9 months ago  
The ancient history of Greece is what intrigues me. 9 months ago  
Hard to explain why though. 9 months ago  
I'll be one of the good ones. 9 months ago  
Steak sauce ruins steak. Who am I kidding? Steak ruins steak. 9 months ago  
There's a chance we would live with B. It's 100% we'll die in A. 9 months ago  
B would mess up the tide and a few other features of gravity. A would kill us all. 9 months ago +2
PLEASE tell me that the portal gun counts? If so, can I also use the goo gun to spray the city in conversion gel? 9 months ago  
Sigh... I would rather have a nice healthy mix breed. 9 months ago +1
"I believe Hitler had the right idea!" "Well I believe white people are racists!" "Well i believe that nerds are oppressive!" That's a terrorist attack waiting to happen. 9 months ago +1
But plain is still better. 9 months ago  
Too bad pugs have terrible medical conditions and mutations breeders use to make them LOOK cute. 9 months ago  
I don't believe suicide should ever be an option. HOWEVER, send them to jail for trying to kill themselves? These poor people need help! Instead you make their life worse. 9 months ago +3
Yes, this is a joke on ethnic minorities. 9 months ago +1
It happens sometimes. 9 months ago  
So basically, papercuts will disappear but suck even more, or I'll still have the paper cuts but they won't suck as much? 9 months ago  
I want to KEEP who I am. And no, you cannot keep who you are in the Christian version of heaven. It's a lie. 9 months ago  
Snorting is terrifying. 9 months ago  
My favorite. 9 months ago  
Actually, nevermind. I was gonna say go under the ocean, but then I realized I'm a coward and that would be TERRIFYING. But if I was invincible, yeah. 9 months ago  
Depends on the woman. 9 months ago +1
Neither of them are really elements. 9 months ago  
My religion is science. 9 months ago  
You I guess. I thought you were an asshole. Now I think you're less of an asshole. So it's an improvement. 9 months ago  
I saw a huge cat bigger than my dog during a midnight walk last week. Went straight home. 9 months ago  
Do you know Javascript? 9 months ago  
Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought your eggs weren't activated until puberty? 9 months ago  
Unborn babies are parasites. And children continue being parasites until they can fend for themselves. We all are/were parasites. But the difference is with other types of parasites, we remove the parasite! 9 months ago  
That's why I said more than 2. 1 or 2 times could be an accident. What are the chances 3 condoms would fail? Rape is another story. 9 months ago  
Some of them. 9 months ago  
https://www.google.com/search?q=EA+customer+support&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiXlPiGqIvWAhUFwYMKHQAMCiIQ_AUIDSgE&biw=1920&bih=971#imgrc=_ 9 months ago  
I feel it should be legal but if you need more than 2 abortions you get your eggs taken out mandatory for being irresponsible. If it was the same guy he needs to be dried. 9 months ago +1
Faith in 51% of humanity restored! Fetus shouldn't have personhood. They're literally a bunch of cells forming tissue at the start of development. 9 months ago  
That's trendy? The hell?!? 9 months ago  
You're being surprisingly generous. Clearly everyone who picks B has an IQ below 30. 9 months ago +1
"The truth is the truth even if nobody believes it. A lie is a lie, even if everybody believes it." 9 months ago +1
Not sure what I've done to you, but okay. Glad I refreshed 5 times to get this reply. 9 months ago  
... 9 months ago  
That was 2 weeks ago. What, you just had to Control F me? 9 months ago  
I'm not going to stalk you and argue about puppies on all of your comments. Why? Because you deleted the argument we were already having to do this like a jackass. 9 months ago  
Why not tell me that in the argument we were already having? Oh wait, you deleted it. 9 months ago  
If it was pirating I wouldn't take the deal. So neither I guess. Or I would donate the price of the game. 9 months ago  
I talk about it when people bother me about it, or it becomes relevant like it is now. Last year in school someone said something about god. I said "I don't believe in god." and the fool felt the need to take personal offense to it and to argue about it. In 4th grade, it got out on a field trip that I was atheist and then my entire class harassed me. I don't ever go up to a Christian and announce "I AM AN ATHEIST!" but if they feel the need to push their religion on me, I do. 9 months ago  
I'm not everyone. I've never picked Charizard. I honestly picked Squirtle, JUST because it wasn't Charizard when I was playing the game. 9 months ago  
Terrible at math. 9 months ago  
Better life cycle, more creative attacks, more loyal, less assholish, I see no downside to Bulbasaur. (The personality ones are based off of the show.) 9 months ago  
I do it because I genuinely believe christianity is a false practice. Not because I care what others think. 9 months ago  
Why do they get special treatment just because they're closer to death than us? They already act like they're smarter than us and like they're ethics mean more. 9 months ago +1
TF is palm oil??? 9 months ago  
As long as the devs get money and it's not pirating. 9 months ago  
Under certain conditions. First of all, is she riding longer than me? If so, she may have it. If she's going across the block, I'll keep it if it's a short one. But if she ASKS me for it or looks in pain I'll give it to her. But if I'm riding longer than her she has to promise to give it back when she's done. 9 months ago  
Couldn't be messing my up psychologically any more than my mom is righ tnow. 9 months ago  
If wealth was moderate the economy wouldn't work! I come from a poor family. If everybody was middle class there goes the neighborhood. If I go and become richer than the poor people the economy will still work. However, it may still work with middle class AND rich people. 9 months ago  
TL:DR as well as didn't see the others. 9 months ago  
mmmmmm 9 months ago  
You're my hero! 9 months ago  
Maybe he just wants a hug? 9 months ago  
Because people stopped believing in dragons when SCIENCE told them it was the remains of animals that died 65 million years ago. The Mayans believed the earth was sitting on the back of a humongous crocodile. Why don't you believe in that? Because people have literally seen the round earth and the utter lack of a crocodile. 9 months ago  
I don't do it to be edgy. I did it because when I stopped believing in Santa Claus I thought they also made up god to teach kids how the earth was made temporarily. Turns out these fools were serious. And it's ironic how you're the one skipping a question for being biased. 9 months ago  
*Grabs popcorn.* I hope this turns into an epic flame war. 9 months ago  
It's their right to say something offensive, and it's my right to be offended. Part of freedom of speech is getting to trigger them back. 9 months ago  
These results hurt me. 9 months ago  
I agree with TalcumPowder. Here in Colorado, weed is legal and owning a store of it is legal. But they cannot use a bank for their profits because weed is not legal nationally, and banks are owned nationally. MEANING weed dealers have to haul all that cash around! And good luck getting a credit card. If they get mugged and they weren't storing their profit at home, or they do store it at home but a burglar breaks in they are 100% screwed! 9 months ago +1
Well I am an Atheist. So I already believe we're right. The thing is, I feel that if everyone was Atheist the world would be a better place at least in terms of technology and people. 9 months ago  
Maybe I'll come from a middle class Asian family without Aspergers with understanding parents. Basically the opposite of my life right now. Worth a shot. 9 months ago  
My gosh the cancerous things people like in the comments ;-; 9 months ago  
The women's fully capable. The teenager has a broken leg. In fact, if the old women tried to get in the seat before him I would physically block her. 9 months ago +1
Cause and effect. Name your child ass ---> Ass gets picked on in school for being called ass ---> Ass learns to hate his peers and becomes an introvert ---> Ass shoots up the school and it's all his parents fault. 9 months ago  
TL:DR 9 months ago  
Cats creep me tf out. 9 months ago  
I'll be pissed if they cry over me. I asked for a fun party on my deathbed not tears. 9 months ago +1
Rrrather isn't for tournaments... There's a reason you can't filter them. 9 months ago  
People who call people assholes and censor the world asshole are assholes, asshole. 9 months ago  
It means they didn't enjoy their life to the extent that living it wasn't worth it. 9 months ago  
It has to be with other 13-17 year olds though. 9 months ago  
Just messaged AlexW with this complaint. 9 months ago  
What's a telemarketer? From the word and picture I can infer someone who calls you to advertise. But we don't get those out here. 9 months ago  
If you're 6 and you haven't watched Cailou I PITY you. 9 months ago  
Well I'm A. 9 months ago  
Wendy's have the worlds most disgusting burgers. 9 months ago  
Because local family owned are always better than Taco Bell. Few exceptions. 9 months ago  
No actually. All terrorists aren't muslims. 9 months ago  
I don't actually give a damn. Are my neighbors hot or are they old ladies in the Muslim one? Important because I never see any middle ground with ladies in Hijab. 9 months ago +1
I've always been in Language Arts honors. I've never been in advanced math. For a good reason too. 9 months ago  
I watched it and hated it. 9 months ago  
NO NO NO! 9 months ago  
I'm ticklish. So A wouldn't be relaxing. 9 months ago  
Walk in a cool room after being hot, and you get sick of the cold in about 2 minutes. Walk in water after being hot and get miserable, cold, itchy and wet in about 1. Get under the blankets and spend 5 minutes warming up and the comfort can last hours. 9 months ago +1
"Nobody likes him." Speak for yourself. TEAM BULBASAUR!!!! 9 months ago  
A is overrated salamander trash. 9 months ago  
Save lives. My family would hate me if I chose B. 9 months ago  
It annoys me that professional athletes get what they do. I'm fine with them getting a lot of money, since the football players are shortening their lifespan and need to cram a profit in there, but you see children walking down the street talking about the game last night, but do you ever see them talking about that scientific discovery? No! "Wanna trade football cards?" What about "Wanna trade botanist cards?" Tf??? 9 months ago  
That would actually disgust me. And make me lose any attraction I may have had for them unless they have a damn good reason why there is food in their pants. 9 months ago  
Damn, Sanara is good. Both are terrible. 9 months ago +1
So now people can take hardcore drugs legally, drive with us regular people on the road and KILL US ALL? Yeah, I'll pass. If you didn't throw in the "It's legal while driving" rule I might have considered it. 9 months ago +1
Until the world ends and you're completely screwed, floating around space for eternity. 9 months ago  
Everyone in my family having died as well as any children, pets or lovers I've had would start to get to me. After the end of the world what would happen to me? Float around in space??? 9 months ago  
We already use literal sh*t. 9 months ago  
Changing yourself to out best someone else is dumb. Competitive improvement however is not. If you want to be a scientist but find out your idol is an ass who hates doing research, it's pretty fair to want to become twice the scientist he ever was. But, "Oh no, she has 2 boys with a crush on her and I have 1.5??? I need to up my game!" is not. 9 months ago  
If it can actually climb trunks like that it'll be awesome. 9 months ago  
RAIN WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9 months ago  
If we're the most advanced species in the universe this galaxy is absolutely SCREWED! 9 months ago  
Spread racist rumours against everyone and make feminazi dreams come true. That'll start some anarchy. But in the act I'll die too. 9 months ago  
What absolute fools chose B? Anybody who doesn't like The Sims is excused. But if you're a casual player like me you should know better. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU. 9 months ago  
"Memories." I have a ton of them. My destroyed toys from when I was 6, a shard from my first pet (Tortoises) glass water dish, a shoe that my mom broke at the zoo like 5 years ago, and a bunch of worthless stocking stuffers from when I was 8. 9 months ago  
Not much more onions even on food. 9 months ago  
I can play on a DS or something in the waiting room. Do that in a car and you'll likely die. 9 months ago +1
Also I agree 100% with the explanation. 9 months ago  
You shouldn't be turning to the side to see your date and staring at your friends date on the other side when you eat!!! 9 months ago  
Whichever has more rows. 9 months ago  
Whichever has more rows. 9 months ago  
I know nothing about cars. Which one has more rows? 9 months ago  
Hershey BUTCHERED their Cookies n Creme. It's my favorite ice cream, Oreo are my favorite cookie, cookies and cream is the best flavor in the world imo. But Hershey managed to ruin it. 9 months ago  
Never tried A 9 months ago  
Did you delete your original post? Asshat. 9 months ago  
Lmao Clannad is both. 9 months ago  
I'll find somewhere there'll be nobody. 9 months ago  
Run faster from cooler predators. 9 months ago  
OML they're running out of ideas. 9 months ago +1
A is Overrated. 9 months ago +2
Idk 9 months ago  
But... 9 months ago  
They don't reply to my hate replies. 9 months ago  
TL:DR 9 months ago  
That's wrong. Global warming at the scale we're observing today was never around until we were. 9 months ago +1
I would like to know too please. 9 months ago  
Spinach is tasty asf. My mouth is watering, thanks a lot. 9 months ago  
Ad for the few people who legit NEED a dog for day to day life, they're irreplaceable by anything other than a dog. Live in fox country and you have chickens? But you can't guard them yourselves? You need a dog. You suck at sheep herding and you have sheep? You need a dog. 9 months ago  
Give me some scientific evidence that people are more "VALUABLE" than dogs. Other than this stupid "We're people so they're more valuable." BS. Oh wait, you can't. Because that's an opinion! Right. 9 months ago  
You can home train a dog. It's quite easy once you've done it a few times. Obviously not service dogs, but that's an issue with the ECONOMY. Not the dogs. 9 months ago  
Species doesn't matter. Your cat would choose your life over another cat. Your dog would choose your life over another dog. A pet pig, who loves you would definitely choose your life over another pig. People are just more open with their specism. 9 months ago  
That's where your wrong. Originally all breed of house dogs were evolved to do a specific job like helping hunt. Nowadays they're each evolved with a different personality for different families. Honestly. There actually is a stray dog running around my neighborhood. It's nice asf. My 6 year old sister pets it daily. And I've been making long minded comments for a while. Not sure why you're just now coincidentally choosing not to respond to half of them. 9 months ago  
Lmao your the first commentor who didn't pick you. 9 months ago  
You're wrong. Dogs like we know them today are 100% here for us. Dogs 300,000 years ago were the wild, predator animals that we decided to befriend. In these 300,000 years some of them have morphed to fit our needs. These dogs are here for us. And if dogs would have turned into "Normal wolves." why would there be so many other canine animals than wolves, descended from the dogs we DID leave alone? Foxes, African Wild dog, Dhole. Honestly I fail to see your logic. Rescued strays tend to make great family pets with some TLC and training! And are definitely trustworthy. Obviously don't take them straight inside and expect friendship, but with time, you can definitely expect this. And animals weren't created to do anything, much like us. We aren't around to do crap either! Just because we do doesn't mean we're here to! "People help the planet and save animal species" is the argument many use. Many animal species would evolve, or not NEED saving if it weren't for us! Dogs wouldn't be in any danger because we wouldn't have domesticated them. Pigs either, as they would still be running around the forest being pigs! 9 months ago  
I never had itchy hair UNTIL I got my first haircut. 9 months ago  
Short hair exaggerates your other beautiful features. 9 months ago  
You're clearly very biases towards human children. And I'm biased towards dogs because children suck. It's 100% a serious conversation. It's not psychopathic to not be a specist prick who thinks our species of demented apes mean anything more than the rest of the animals on our planet. Me and my sister brought my mom Torment and she'll be more than happy when we finally move the hell out. And my sister, ever since she was born has been TERRIBLE to hang out with, and brings me no comfort. My dog has and I rarely find a time close to my dogs which isn't comforting. BS comparison. BS bias. BS insults. BS facts. 9 months ago  
The trailer brings in a lot of buyers. But I bought the game when I saw a 5 second clip of the AI fighting. That's all it took for me and now I have almost 40 hours in the game. 9 months ago  
Sao is more overrated. Naruto only appears more popular because the creators are still dragging it on. While SAO gets new arcs and seasons forever and ever, Naruto has like a billion episodes. Therefore, people are still watching it, and therefore the conversations on the new episodes will never end. 9 months ago  
I knew less people know B so I put 2 videos instead of 1. As it's more of a "Would you Rather experience this game or this game." So that it doesn't seem like you could only play the one you have. I like Don't Starve too though. 9 months ago  
Hell yeah! "Yoshiiii!" 9 months ago  
That's not how it works. Sometimes dogs hump to assert dominance. If not, why is it that a FEMALE PUPPY not even sexually mature yet, will hump your leg when she gets to a decent size? And yes, dogs were modified to be our companions. If not, the hell would they be around for? They wouldn't. We'd have a bunch of speedy, ripped, demon dogs running around in the wild still killing things and hating us! 9 months ago  
Babies are torture. There are so many because people WANT them. People think making a family is a necessity to be successful in life. And if you get lucky it's filled with joy. And "A toddler at 2-3 years will have learned more than any dog has ever in history." is BS. Very few of your precious infants will grow up to be Einstein. Most of them will grow up to be complete fools, or working generic jobs. Most dogs will grow up to aid the blind, help veteran soldiers, hunt, or simply bring joy to a family. 9 months ago  
Running from the police. But I'm one of those pussies who turns himself in soooooo.... 9 months ago +1
But hey, you were right about one thing. My values in this situation are PURE numbers. 9 months ago  
And if I'm to be honest. I don't like babies. This baby you're saving doesn't have ANYTHING in it's big head yet. No goals, no accomplishments, no likes, they don't even know what they are yet! The puppies definitely know, and are already living life, whilst that baby is torturing its parents. Love how you use atheist as an insult despite the fact that the god many pray to loves all of his creations the same. 9 months ago  
Rationally AND Morally? There are different moral sets and compasses. I don't know who told you that people are objectively more important than other beings, but it just isn't true. Plus, it's straight up unfair. If many people had to choose between their lovely dog and a human stranger, they would choose the human. But if your dog had to choose, one of its own kind vs you, it'll choose you without even considering. "Which in my opinion is completely insane." Because you're a human superiorist. Honestly, if I was 1 person being killed for 100 dogs, I'd be content that 100 lives were saved in my place. Same if those 100 lives were people, or whales! But I would choose the dogs over the whales because if I died, my family would grieve. If 100 dogs died, 100 families would grieve! Dogs aren't made to have sex like most animals. They were brought up and evolved alongside us to be our partners, our companions. Not simple sex machines. I couldn't really call myself an animal lover nowadays though. 9 months ago  
The irony is that Sword Art Online is the worlds most overrated trash. I haven't even watched Naruto and I voted for it. 9 months ago  
Can I do my spam email? I'll make LOADS! 9 months ago  
I predict Don't Starve will get more votes. 9 months ago  
All for having responsible individuals holding them for self defense. Never will I have one in my house. 9 months ago  
If we have children that means she lied to me to get them somehow and I want a divorce anyway. I have NO desire to have a kid. 9 months ago  
I don't like ranking myself. You guys do it for me. 9 months ago  
Jumps higher, is more humble, is less abusive, is a good brother, a bit clumsy but who isn't with feet like that? 9 months ago +4
Oh no! You have to make dinner last second! Good thing you know how to make like 50,000 dishes out of beef. 9 months ago  
Homemade? A. Store bought? B. 9 months ago +1
THE IRONY. 9 months ago  
I've watched B. I haven't watched A. Nothing could really be worse though. 9 months ago  
I waited too long to jump on the Zelda train now I can't keep up. 9 months ago  
Always. 9 months ago  
It creates subconscious bias if you do that. Don't like the girl in B? Well you probably don't like her eyes either. At least in some people. 9 months ago +1
Less common. 9 months ago  
I'm not really attracted to eyes all that much, so I'll go with what I wish I had. 9 months ago  
I'm in the minority here, but I think females look better with well managed short hair. It exaggerates their other beautiful features. 9 months ago  
It depends on the women and it depends ont he hair. 9 months ago  
I like dinner nachos. Not snack nachos. With taco cheese and meat, as well as pretty much anything else you like on your Mexican food. 9 months ago +1
Now if you said BURRITOS, my answer would be different. 9 months ago +1
I've had both. B is way less annoying. 9 months ago  
52. 9 months ago +1
I was born in 2003. 9 months ago  
It took me 2 years to stop writing 2013 on my school worksheets. 9 months ago +1
Life is good when you're 3. 9 months ago  
Milestone. Because I can criticize everyone born after for being born fter. 9 months ago  
Idgaf 9 months ago  
Hope I get lucky. 9 months ago  
Yeah, no. 9 months ago +1
Shocked by these results. Broccoli tastes good with butter or even plain. Carrots are carrots! 9 months ago  
Confession: I hate pie. 9 months ago  
No longer the worst seat. And no longer the best seat in A. 9 months ago  
But vomiting is an excuse to come home from school and diarrhea feels good. 9 months ago  
Swings help me think. I need motion. But spinning in circles with my legs is exhausting and not as vivid for my imagination. 9 months ago  
I would prefer to have a squeaky voice to my crappy current voice. 9 months ago  
Darian Pierre. 9 months ago  
I honestly couldn't care less about the damn baby. Why the hell did I pick it up? 9 months ago  
It's free right? I haven't traveled out of country in my life before. And I would like to experience it. 9 months ago +2
Not educated on either. May do some research. 9 months ago  
I could visit my family. See sea life. And we know less about our own oceans than we do the moon. Also, how is the astronaut in B gonna drink that beer. 9 months ago  
Make rrrather great again! 9 months ago  
I don't use phones. I have no candy. So really, I'm double missing out. 9 months ago  
This. Anyway, I like reading the comments on his. That's about it. But hey, it generates a lot of amusement. So I choose B. 9 months ago  
Dinaurian Darian. I made this account with my spam facebook account as a test of the websites potential. Now I'm attached. 9 months ago  
Anonymous browsing Ftw. I don't let anything explicit stay in my history for more than 2 minutes. 9 months ago  
I'll answer this next year. 9 months ago  
Not if I was somebody else looking in on myself. 9 months ago  
Forgive, never forget. Very important. 9 months ago +2
Damn that worked fast. 9 months ago  
Not when the school says "For those who wish to refrain, your right to do so will be protected and upheld..." and then half of the teachers make you do it anyway. 9 months ago  
If the roles were reversed, 100 humans vs 1 Dog, I would choose the people. 100 lives will always go first in 100 v 1 imo. Sorry if you don't agree. 9 months ago  
People are animals. Its still lives. My wording is correct 9 months ago  
RIP cookies and milk. 9 months ago  
I wouldn't be the one in the park at least. 9 months ago  
Less loud. 9 months ago  
Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh 9 months ago  
More fun. Until you have to seek out photos. 9 months ago +1
I sneeze a lot. Science class would be interesting. 9 months ago  
A could murder you. They could spit corrosive acid at us. 9 months ago  
Either way, eating in the school cafeteria is gonna be really awkward. 9 months ago  
Put them away and now I have Hexbug nanos. 9 months ago +1
Will be a cooler final sight than having to survive in a zombie apocalypse. 9 months ago  
I can imagine B. 40 subscribers earned 5 million views, 4 million dislikes. A comment section filled with "YOU MONSTER YOU SHOULD HAVE HELPED IT INSTEAD OF USING IT FOR FAME." 9 months ago +1
I tend to be really condescending with people my age anyway. Granted the majority of the people in the hallway make it way too easy. 9 months ago +1
Well now I'm definitely going to go and make a cyborg like A for my profile picture. 9 months ago  
Are you feeling it Mr Krabs? 9 months ago  
Classic. "I have no evidence for my claim so I refuse to show it to you... Oh, I mean, I have plenty of evidence but you're not special enough to see it." 9 months ago  
I don't get angry. At least not yet. 9 months ago  
C. Kill myself 9 months ago  
Oml. 9 months ago  
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terrorism_in_the_United_States 9 months ago  
Also, it's super funny how you lie and act like you just said facts when arguing. "All terrorists are Muslim though." What a laugh. 10 months ago  
Is that optimism? Yeah, I'm glad I don't support optimism if that's the case. 10 months ago  
"All terrorists are Muslim though." Show me a list of all of the terrorist attacks and where it says they were all Muslim. And yes, all religions have a Nazi side. Hell, atheism has a Nazi side! There have been terrorist organizations going under the name christian, but in school they tell us they refuse to hear us call them Christians because they weren't real Christians. I like Muslims. But I don't like them if they kill people. 10 months ago  
What kind of slug? 10 months ago  
These results have restored some of my faith in humanity. 10 months ago  
Why do my replies do that? The guest was me. Anyway, an example is Christians "I'm trying to force you to believe in my religion because it's helping you! If you were my child I would beat you and kill all of your pets!" 10 months ago  
But small creatures have big niches... 10 months ago  
Well I'm glad it says 69%. As I've read "I would kill a hundred million animals before I hurt a single human!" a lot on the internet. 10 months ago  
I'll think about it. 10 months ago  
Hmmm. What are your thoughts on if they're brain dead? 10 months ago  
They've already taken away our living right to kill ourselves due to depression. May as well at least let the suffering. 10 months ago  
Hehe 10 months ago  
Easy. Feminism is going too far. Islam is a simple religion. 10 months ago  
Oh boy this is going to be good. 10 months ago  
I don't get it. 10 months ago  
This is in response to the people who literally say they would rather kill millions of animals just to keep 1 person alive. 10 months ago  
I mean, it IS an honest days work if it's not stealing... 10 months ago  
That's the stance of so many. But I really value my intelligence, and I would rather die than be stupid. 10 months ago  
Well I can when making friends or acquaintances, but if it was my wife I can not. Different religion means different values, some of my values she would hate and some of hers I would hate. Talking to them is one thing. Living with them is another. 10 months ago  
It'll die the next month anyway fools. 10 months ago  
Well I would die in A... 10 months ago  
I'm a guy, so I could lie and say it was a medical condition. But people will seldom accept that for belly fat. 10 months ago  
Have a partner with a serious medical issue, or have a partner with a little of a natural insulating fat? Gee, hard. 10 months ago  
Thanks for reminding me of my early life nightmares 10 months ago  
Oh my god, a question on this with favorable answers because the maker wasn't biased in using stick figure girls with anorexia? We're gonna have you stuffed. 10 months ago  
Sorry, wasn't paying attention. 10 months ago  
What a relief. 10 months ago  
Is it racist to select one when I'm black? Why do this? Are you joking or are you 100% serious? 10 months ago +1
I just noticed MindlessPie is female. Or at least has it turned to female in his profile. 10 months ago  
If there were 10 people on this site maybe you would get away with this. Considering there are almost 3 million, yeah no. 10 months ago  
That would be so cool! 10 months ago +2
Misclick. Meccano looks so much cooler than lego. 10 months ago  
Mmmmmmmm 10 months ago  
If that's not a joke you're stupid. 10 months ago  
Be another race, or DIE. I'll get back to you on that. 10 months ago  
Don't assume someone else hasn't suffered. Everybody on this planet has SOMETHING wrong in their life you stupid b*tch. 10 months ago  
As long as it's not google chrome. 10 months ago  
I hope I'm a handsome 60 year old. 10 months ago  
Either way I'm screwed. 10 months ago  
It's funny. Because the child isn't the one fighting his cancer. The doctors and his body are. 10 months ago  
A fate worse than death. 10 months ago  
The difference between people and chimps though. Humans, even black ones have far less hair, they tend to have higher IQ's and they have way more advanced technology than a stick covered in fruit! You can't beat a chimp in hand to hand combat. You can beat a black person in hand to hand combat. These "massively messed up places with only black people." are the bottom of our species. However, even in Africa there are beautiful and fully developed areas, with modern tech! Chimpanzees also lack our ability for communication. They haven't the vocal capacity to have what we call language. Most animals communicate with mere signals, we can make elaborate in depth explanations about something you will never see! A chimpanzee cannot. 10 months ago  
But hey, you may be right. One of the theories is that there were our ancestors in different areas, they both ascended, there were caucasoid people and dark people. So maybe we are different species. Either way, we still share almost all of the same DNA. And our very ancient ancestors would have had to have been in the exact same place! The evolutionary difference simply isn't big enough to consider the 2 races different species. 10 months ago  
Method of letting it out/expressing. The thing is, you need to do SOMETHING. Blowing up in anger isn't very healthy. Not sure how you end up blind, you may want to see a doctor. And if you find it humiliating to cry that's your fault. 10 months ago  
Of course it is! We're all Homo sapiens! In laymans terms we're all humans. ilovefreedom failed in making this question biased towards white women by using TWO women I don't actually find attractive. Fun Fact: Our ancient relatives originated from Africa. Some of them eventually got a weird mutation that made white skin, better for the climates with less sun so they carried our species further that way. You can read books if you don't believe me. 10 months ago  
That's Unhealthy unless you have another practical method. 10 months ago  
Awww. 10 months ago  
Asshole. 10 months ago +1
I actually can't stand untrained puppy behavior. It's always the part I rush through. 10 months ago  
Being funny in class is distracting. 10 months ago  
I would have considered it if the death was painless. 10 months ago +1
Nope. Love how black people think they can but get mad when the rest of society does it. 10 months ago  
Babies shouldn't have rights. 10 months ago  
It's more messed up that you value 100 lives over 1. 10 months ago  
100 lives is better than 1 stupid ass baby. 10 months ago  
That's stupid. 10 months ago  
100 lives vs 1 life you fool. 10 months ago  
That's messed up. 10 months ago  
That's messed up. 10 months ago  
Idiot. 10 months ago  
You need to get slapped for taking 100 lives instead of one. 10 months ago +1
You can't do that... 10 months ago  
My bad, the replies to your comment weren't visible when I made mine. Or they were and I wasn't paying attention. 10 months ago  
That one was funny :/ 10 months ago  
In terms of attractiveness? In terms of personality? Details please. 10 months ago  
My science teacher did that... 10 months ago  
At the end of the day, who gives a crap if races die out? If the bloodlines are still fine? If us black people got replaced with mixes nobody would miss us. Same with white people. Same with every race on this planet. And a lot of people are black mixes because a lot of black people have standards against dating black people. For fairly obvious reasons I'll admit. Not sure how my people are safer than yours in terms of thinking mix breeding is okay driving us extinct. The thing is, the reason we tend to look like apes like stated in another of your questions is because a lot of our bloodlines are crappy, with obesity, weird faces and just straight up ugliness. However, a few of us have one of the few decent bloodlines which lead us to look good. These tend to get disrupted by mix breeding, which is usually positive. We don't need to stamp out mix races, we need to stamp out the issue where stupid people are breeding thrice as much as the rest of us. Which is every damn race. 10 months ago  
I can probably do SOMETHING with that... Maybe take cookies out of the oven? 10 months ago +1
I could go on trips to other countries and not have to worry about translation. I could just soak it in. 10 months ago  
I feel my boner is broken. I can't trigger it anymore and it's just random. 10 months ago +1
In B I can escape, only if the cage has one of those bad locks. But when I escape what do I do? I can't reach anything, do anything fun, and lets be real. What if guinea pigs are already smart, but we can't tell because they're bloody guinea pigs? 10 months ago  
OR, OR, I can pay bills and upgrade my PC. 10 months ago +1
I can live in less fear this way. But in A I risk outliving everyone. And the fact of the matter is, I'm not living long enough to see anything cool anyway, so Idc how long I live, as long as my life was fulfilling. 10 months ago  
Due to my standards, my soul mate will be stupidly hard to replace, or a once in a lifetime find. 10 months ago  
No it's healthy stupid. 10 months ago  
I don't have a masturbation drive anyway. 10 months ago  
https://dogbehaviorscience.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/04.jpg?w=475&h=222 10 months ago  
https://dogbehaviorscience.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/01.jpg?w=582&h=204 10 months ago  
Irresponsible breeding to meet "Breed standards." is pushing dog breeds with problems to double these problems for cosmetic appeal. The truth about inbreeding is: Good traits are doubled, but bad traits are doubled. That's why the English bulldog is so messed up! 100 years ago they were healthy, proud dogs that were scary and could DO something. But generations of the bad traits being stacked on top of eachother due to the rule previously stated has caused these dogs to be a JOKE. They are fat, unhealthy dogs with medical problems. We have responsible breeders working to restore messed up breeds to their former glory, but irresponsible ones continuing for this cosmetic appeal. We need to stop expecting our dogs, and people to uphold a certain look and just let dogs have babies like they would naturally. Like people need to start mating for love, not because they were decent and the same race. 10 months ago  
You guys all fail the mission. 10 months ago  
I wish I had green eyes. Or just a more exciting color :( My cousin has COLOR CHANGING eyes. That change from Green, Blue, and Gold! And they look good in every color. 10 months ago  
It's like dog breeding. Each generation of pure bred dogs becomes more and more negatively mutated, due to inbreeding. That's why all dog breeds were healthier 100 years ago. By mix breeding dogs, you avoid this inbreeding and make healthy offspring. Stop pure breeding dogs, you're ruining them for everyone else! 10 months ago  
Everybody looks better with their natural skin color... It's the reason many of the average looking black people in your photos look ugly as whites! 10 months ago  
I thought that too when I was five... 10 months ago  
What exactly are we betraying? I'm fine with white people. I see no reason to hate anybody who hasn't proved worthy of hate. 10 months ago  
As a black person, I can assure you "Black Lives Matter" is stupid and racist. We need more "All Lives Matter" 10 months ago  
Instead of "Yes!" And "No!" It's "Yes! I side with you!" and "No! I'm a freaking idiot!" 10 months ago  
I USED to aspire to be an inventor. But then I was forced to take tech design and engineering, which showed not only was I not creative, but I can't even build things already invented. So I had to change my aspiration. 10 months ago  
Segregate ourselves from the racists. 10 months ago  
At least Donald Trump saved people. Hitler was an asshole. I blame school though. 10 months ago  
Leave them alone! 10 months ago  
Love how you think "This is what Rrrather is for!" when both answers always lean towards where you want. 10 months ago  
Because it's damn annoying when they get pissed at a word that they get pissed at other races using. "But black people have been through some sh*t." yes but it was the black peoples ancestors, many of us have very nice lives nowadays! 10 months ago  
Finally, someone asks this question without being biased and putting a vastly more ugly image on one of them as a joke. For me it honestly depends on the person. Plenty of ugly black people, plenty of ugly white people, ton of beauty in both though. 10 months ago  
I'll get back to you on that. 10 months ago  
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