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Would u like more to have sex everyday but with a ugly person or have sex ones in 2 years but with the most beautiful 1 year ago 109 votes 8 comments 0 likes

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my dead n!gga 1 year ago  
not a pussy 1 year ago  
got my fists redy 1 year ago  
move out and live em inside 1 year ago  
go to a gym 1 year ago  
chips 1 year ago  
i dont own sh*t yet 1 year ago  
1 kg over size 1 year ago  
and be famous tada 1 year ago  
ask it if it likes call of duty or battlefield more 1 year ago  
we can just have sex and make a another one 1 year ago  
take the head first 1 year ago  
freeeeeee food 1 year ago  
watermelon 1 year ago  
ammmmmmm 1 year ago  
you dont have to sitt 1 year ago  
you can not drift with a manual car 1 year ago  
28 procent are fuc!ing stupid 1 year ago  
my girlfrend 1 year ago  
talent (steal sh!t) money not poor anymore 1 year ago  
join in 1 year ago  
its cold hire but scrow it 1 year ago  
california love 1 year ago  
nope 1 year ago  
im olredy skinni 1 year ago  
water u dam ass 1 year ago  
i already have a perfect body 1 year ago  
i olredy have a friend that borows money 1 dollar 1 year ago  
geting shoot isint so bad belive me 1 year ago  
what if its a crepy pedofile 1 year ago  
i dont care 1 year ago  
kill him 1 year ago  
nope jail aint soo bad 1 year ago  
u dont feel eny pain just fall a sleep 1 year ago  
if u know how to drive no car will get you killed 1 year ago  
free watermelon 1 year ago  
drive Bayes are LEGAL 1 year ago  
i still have my bmw 1 year ago  
why live long if nothing too live for (or with) 1 year ago  
u fuuk the butt\pussy and not the titts 1 year ago  
more sex 1 year ago  
im dead dont give a f***k 1 year ago  
look they didnt sey how big i ill just fint test ones 1 year ago  
i a men and not gay sooo wont ever have a boyfrend 1 year ago  
my neighboes are noisy 1 year ago  
53 procent off the pipole are fuuking stupid 1 year ago  
fuuc u guys chocolate FTW 1 year ago  
so i can sh*t on thare dead body XD 1 year ago  
i belive i can fly 1 year ago  
my nig!a 1 year ago  
black!!!! 1 year ago  
and im back 1 year ago  
black pipole goooood at basket 1 year ago  
ima guy 1 year ago  
kill the one u have to share it with 1 year ago  
im hig and drunk all the time 1 year ago  
kill her 1 year ago  
game time 1 year ago  
u suck black power 1 year ago  
if im rich i can have a plastic surgery 1 year ago  
u guys are fuuking stupid nissan for drift 1 year ago  
u fuuk her pussy not her titts 1 year ago  
BMW DRIFT for life 1 year ago  
free food 1 year ago  
2x pussy 1 year ago  
i have money soo not a problem but u touch my fuuking car and u scrood 1 year ago  
yes fuuk gay pipole 1 year ago  
fuuk you 1 year ago  
jap 1 year ago  
im still a kid 1 year ago  
give me a gun and i will be just ok 1 year ago  
how i talk i might bicome the next 2pac 1 year ago  
soo do i 1 year ago  
every one i know is hoooooooot so dont have a problem 1 year ago  
money money money money 1 year ago  
so when i come to a street race everybody gona make funn of me but when i live them in smoke i juct whana see thare look in thare faces 1 year ago  
i have boobs and a penis yeeeeeeeeeeeee 1 year ago  
LOL i dont have a sister 1 year ago  
more funn 1 year ago  
jump off the burning bulding 1 year ago  
tupac is beck 1 year ago  
if im gona die im doing it like a G 1 year ago  
one more week and shoot my self in the heed bifore the last day 1 year ago  
dead island 1 year ago  
i can live alone in the house but my frends can move next to me XD 1 year ago  
fuuk cancer and im a guy soo i cant get pregnant 1 year ago  
i can just make a sistem for a bank and than get all the money to my place 1 year ago  
shave it off again 1 year ago  
i love cars and dont havea problem whare ever i live as long as i can drive my pimpt ass car 1 year ago  
la baby 1 year ago  
my grandma is dead 1 year ago  
the hunger games have thare hot girl just fuuking time up 1 year ago  
i can still bicome a thef 1 year ago  
i whana drive my self 1 year ago  
if the boat starts sinking im gona die slow but if the plane chrashes i ill die fast so i take the plane 1 year ago  
this one was wery hard but i can still travel to a paradice 1 year ago  
hunger games 1 year ago  
i would kill my self 1 year ago  
i dont have a son 1 year ago  
i can cook my self 1 year ago  
ajde ewery body knows pepsi is the best 1 year ago  
i would wisch for enything money can buy 1 year ago  
i have toooooo meny songs enyweys 1 year ago  
fuuk ww3 i can survive a zombie apocalyps 1 year ago  
i can just rivine back 1000000000000 times in a second so it stayes 0 1 year ago  

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