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When you see the same question posted twice, would you rather Pick the same answer or Pick the other answer 5 years ago 350 votes 7 comments 0 likes

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I already live in the Caribbean... 5 years ago  
forever alone... 5 years ago  
then everything i do would just be offset by 20 mins... 5 years ago  
Controller for GTA type games and racing but keyboard and mouse for FPS like COD And BF... 5 years ago  
money 5 years ago +9
drybite 5 years ago  
it's the same as a town's population. if someone dies the number of people living there will go down... 5 years ago +4
lol same here... 5 years ago  
talking about movies here... 5 years ago +2
fried rice is awesome! 5 years ago +2
i love snorkeling... 5 years ago +1
neither 5 years ago +4
I'll take the Five-Seven 5 years ago  
SMG! 5 years ago  
16%! 5 years ago  
football 5 years ago +2
in a way, it's both... 5 years ago +3
i don't want to lose my soul 5 years ago +3
which one is still being made? 5 years ago +5
It's not would you rather risk getting struck by lightning, it's would you rather BE struck by lightning! As in it actually happens... 5 years ago  
NO! You are just less likely to be hit by lightning. It reaches temperatures of up to 30,000°C and being bitten by a nurse shark can never be as harmful as being struck by lightning! 5 years ago  
it's the money i'm working for anyways... 5 years ago  
from one of the less harmful sharks obviously!! 5 years ago +3
they'll break naturally... 5 years ago +3
you will get used to smell after a day or so... 5 years ago +12
more money! 5 years ago +2
endless! 5 years ago  
I never really saw a fat woman in skinny jeans though... 5 years ago +7
just get a hair cut... 5 years ago +4
Yh a laptop is a type of PC but a PC is NOT only Microsoft though. 5 years ago  
neither are hoes 6 years ago +1
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