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    Too late. 1 day ago  
    It's will is tangible? People created gods due to fear. 1 day ago +1
    The bible is a series of sick,twisted fairy tales. 1 day ago  
    He spoke this.He did not write it. 1 day ago  
    Jessie's girl is a lesbian. 1 day ago  
    Coffee 1 day ago  
    They do not know. 1 day ago  
    B was influenced by Dr .Doom? 1 day ago  
    Good point.God would not have a point.Your life is your choice,however. 1 day ago  
    A has never existed. 2 days ago  
    Did not specify human brain. 2 days ago  
    Cunt vs asshole? 3 days ago  
    Among the most stupid questions ever. 3 days ago  
    Adult child.Everyone is someone's child.At 21,25 .... 4 days ago  
    B was stolen from DC.Slade Wilson. 4 days ago +3
    MISCLICK. 5 days ago  
    The dog is old? 5 days ago  
    Learn to spell,please. 5 days ago  
    Twilight zone.Maybe. 6 days ago  
    If A did not diminish me.If B enhanced me. 6 days ago  
    Decease? Not disease? 1 week ago  
    Puck her right in the fussy! 1 week ago  
    Rather is comprised of idiots. 1 week ago  
    You did well. 1 week ago  
    The source.Of all that is. 1 week ago  
    Paint her face.With dees 1 week ago  
    Neither. 1 week ago  
    In hell. 1 week ago  
    B Whether? 1 week ago  
    The rather community is either stupid or ignorant.Both? B is over 1k more powerful than A. 1 week ago  
    ??? 1 week ago  
    What? Meet?Be? 1 week ago  
    ego? 1 week ago  
    What would these entail? 1 week ago  
    Ooops! 1 week ago  
    16 or so. 1 week ago  
    Human contact is better. 1 week ago  
    Muscle weight. 1 week ago +1
    This should be a 100% er. 1 week ago  
    Tie. 2 weeks ago  
    Puck them right in the fussies! 2 weeks ago  
    Riddance .The word is riddance.And your contribution is sh*t .Worthless sh*t. 2 weeks ago  
    Alters nothing.One man is "Him". One woman is "Her." in this context. 2 weeks ago  
    Jizz interferon. 2 weeks ago  
    You are wrong. 2 weeks ago  
    You are the reason I eschewed rather. 2 weeks ago +1
    You drank the kool aid.He favored deportation.He was racist. 2 weeks ago  
    twelve. 2 weeks ago +1
    Nothing.Have a little more time. 2 months ago  
    Scalding hot water? 2 months ago +1
    Asian vag!YUM!!!!! 2 months ago  
    Tie!Hybrid ! 2 months ago  
    Why? 2 months ago  
    I am not.The person I was had been. 3 months ago +1
    In the Little mermaid.Not the movie. 3 months ago  
    Yes.Thank you. 3 months ago  
    Bitten.The word is bitten. 3 months ago +2
    Kiss twat! 3 months ago  
    Tig bitties! 3 months ago  
    Nanotech!!! 3 months ago  
    Asian vag has a sweet tang. 3 months ago  
    Including covers, 3 months ago  
    B has powers you are not aware of. 3 months ago  
    Good query. 3 months ago  
    B is exceptional.An heroic thief. 3 months ago  
    For B Recruit Mad Jim,Wanda,Franklin Richards. 3 months ago  
    Damn!Tough choice>Among best questions ever! 3 months ago  
    Dani can heal.Great martial artist. 3 months ago  
    Neither.Bad query. 3 months ago  
    All white I am whitey white.Took no effort or skill for birth. 3 months ago  
    B is imaginary. 3 months ago +3
    Skipping. 3 months ago  
    Muck the fother muckers! 3 months ago  
    As a billiard ball. 3 months ago +1
    14 3 months ago  
    If you meant "Cultures" and past ones A.If singular B. 3 months ago  
    Say hello. 4 months ago  
    Anyway.Not anyways. 4 months ago  
    No.That is why I would like both.First A. 4 months ago  
    The bible? 4 months ago +1
    Damn! Really good query!Tough choice! 4 months ago  
    Both! 4 months ago  
    B had some of the best episodes ever.Of all television. 4 months ago  
    I just saw tig bitties. 4 months ago +1
    At most narrow point. 4 months ago  
    The Owl brought the letter...jinkies a clue! 4 months ago  
    Tough choice. 4 months ago +1
    Meet? 4 months ago  
    Skipping. 4 months ago +2
    B,please. 4 months ago  
    portal 4 months ago  
    Tuck fhem! 4 months ago  
    Vastly unfair. 4 months ago  
    Why is there anything? 4 months ago  
    My name 4 months ago  
    Garbage fairy tale trash 4 months ago +1
    I regret nothing! 4 months ago  
    Nuts 4 months ago  
    I made effort.More than them. 4 months ago  
    Maybe.If creator sent it. 4 months ago  
    Human potential. 4 months ago +1
    B. 4 months ago  
    A is good. 4 months ago  
    MK Ultra agent. 4 months ago  
    How would I know? 4 months ago  
    Toilet cleaner. 4 months ago  
    The Koran is a bad book.No one hated. 4 months ago  
    0.000 4 months ago  
    New low. 4 months ago  
    Good query.Near tie. 4 months ago  
    E! 4 months ago  
    I like this more than vast majority. 4 months ago +1
    Write,patent inventions,love,win lottery..change world. 4 months ago  
    Tie! 4 months ago  
    No soda or fries. 4 months ago  
    I need more proof. 4 months ago  
    Screaming fighters? 4 months ago  
    Garnished with hundred dollar bills. 4 months ago  
    Damn.....Kansas investment? 4 months ago  
    Me? 4 months ago  
    Solemnly vowing is an option. 4 months ago  
    A? 4 months ago  
    D? 4 months ago  
    B? 4 months ago  
    Not bad.Funny. 4 months ago  
    a range of questions.B.Stupidity. 4 months ago  
    A. 4 months ago  
    Complex. 4 months ago +1
    B. 4 months ago  
    Above average. 4 months ago +1
    I have both and more.Nose,ear lobes..etc 4 months ago  
    Many. 4 months ago  
    Tie! 4 months ago  
    I am one. 4 months ago  
    D. 4 months ago  
    The Fly. 4 months ago  
    D. 4 months ago +1
    Waves crashing,thunder 4 months ago  
    C. 5 months ago  
    911? 5 months ago  
    D. 5 months ago  
    TiE! 5 months ago  
    Trick query.Neither. 5 months ago  
    E. 5 months ago  
    E. 5 months ago  
    A. 5 months ago  
    F.... 5 months ago  
    C... 5 months ago  
    Gold medals!Endorsements! 5 months ago  
    B Wyoming 5 months ago  
    Very. 5 months ago  
    A,I hope. 5 months ago  
    C Prob 5 months ago  
    B Ariz 5 months ago  
    D Just 5 months ago  
    E OD 5 months ago  
    B Billie 5 months ago  
    D Cran 5 months ago  
    A Army 5 months ago  
    B..... 5 months ago  
    E is my hope. 5 months ago  
    To safe? Maybe save? 5 months ago  
    Hi,you also Cerebral Atrophy Syndrome.You have diminished cognitive function. 5 months ago  
    Nowhere man? 5 months ago  
    Earth! 5 months ago  
    There are many unemployed college graduates. 5 months ago  
    Tie! 5 months ago  
    Tie! 5 months ago  
    A is both? 5 months ago  
    Books 5 months ago  
    7 8 9 5 months ago  
    Nonsense. 5 months ago  
    Which ones? A twelve yo genius? 5 months ago  
    Trouble,debt 5 months ago  
    Ground Hog's day,Butter fly effect,Caveman's valentine.....many 5 months ago  
    It should not be.Fat is a choice. 5 months ago  
    Maybe. 5 months ago  
    Poor diets kill. 5 months ago  
    "Cuss' is not a word. 5 months ago  
    I will never "Fall in love." 5 months ago  
    B Two? 5 months ago  
    Tie 5 months ago  
    Tie! 5 months ago  
    A is nourishing food. 5 months ago  
    Google :Clone,please. 5 months ago  
    Tie. 5 months ago  
    The real name of the holy ghost:Booda! 5 months ago  
    Whether climate change is a hoax,entirely man caused or partially. 5 months ago  
    Misclick!Neither! 5 months ago  
    Maybe. 5 months ago  
    Neither! 5 months ago  
    Nam meyoho rengai keyo.Google Daimoku. 5 months ago  
    Tie. 5 months ago  
    Life. 5 months ago  
    Both can be good. 5 months ago  
    By whom? 5 months ago  
    Trust the force! 5 months ago  
    Both,please. 5 months ago  
    Both are gay. 5 months ago  
    B is not the right name. 5 months ago  
    A caused B 5 months ago  
    Two. 5 months ago  
    I eschew fagfest. 5 months ago  
    Freezing on a tropical island? 5 months ago  
    It is a hoax. 5 months ago +1
    Thank Forest J A ckerman for "Sc-Fi." He coined it. 5 months ago  
    Could go either way. 5 months ago  
    Books,movies,tv.... 5 months ago  
    Scarlet witch wins. 5 months ago  
    I do not have a favorite. 5 months ago  
    Style of music is not my preference . 5 months ago  
    Skipping. 5 months ago +1
    Do not diminish me,augment everyone. 5 months ago  
    Fixed. 5 months ago  
    A would be funny.B depending on distribution would change all life. 5 months ago  
    Better than most.Among best. 5 months ago  
    Your life is finite.You can not earn eternal reward or torture. 5 months ago  
    5 or so. 5 months ago  
    Supplement.Expand alternative energies. 5 months ago +1
    The brain is largely electrical. 5 months ago  
    No. 5 months ago  
    Was proven. 5 months ago  
    Most are.Democrats, anyway.Not democratic. 5 months ago  
    Why? 5 months ago  
    "got"? 5 months ago  
    Tie 5 months ago  
    The ds is a deal breaker. 5 months ago  
    How do these objects attack? 5 months ago  
    Neither.Both died years ago.Buried and/or cremated. 5 months ago  
    Cameron is a thief.He paid Ellison $400,000.Google it. 5 months ago  
    B could be good.Bets,safety..etc 5 months ago  
    By or in? 5 months ago  
    Rather?What? 5 months ago  
    Everything I write in chosen journals comes true. 5 months ago  
    I am not the same person i was two years 5 months ago  
    Me. 5 months ago  
    B is fake. 5 months ago +2
    If you can not control it,it is not a power. 5 months ago  
    B is dubious. 5 months ago  
    The mother of B. 5 months ago  
    Luxury cars 5 months ago  
    Neither.They do not approach top 1000 5 months ago  
    B would impact more. 5 months ago  
    At least 100 x stronger. 5 months ago  
    Clint is better trained and armed. 5 months ago  
    I would do this non-stop! 5 months ago  
    Pitchers do not catch. 5 months ago  
    How is this a "Would rather?" question? 5 months ago  
    You made me with a discerning mind.So,I sought to truly know you.Not the lies. 5 months ago +1
    Many are shallow and gross. 5 months ago  
    Or Islam. 5 months ago  
    Bicycle. 5 months ago  
    They both were warmongers.Rare for republicans. 5 months ago +1
    No,that was the excuse. 5 months ago +1
    Logan could and would kill Banner. 5 months ago  
    Use commas,please. 5 months ago  
    Many thousands of gods. 5 months ago  
    At a strip club. 5 months ago  
    And yet,you took time to comment. 5 months ago  
    Skipping. 5 months ago  
    Indenticle ? Identical ? 5 months ago  
    Why? 5 months ago  
    Close. 5 months ago  
    B is midget,nutcase homo. 5 months ago +2
    Both.My parents are dead. 5 months ago  
    There is not one. 5 months ago  
    Olive oil. 6 months ago  
    Really? JD was a prostitute and bi sexual. 6 months ago +1
    B is diverse talent. 6 months ago +1
    Tough choice. 6 months ago  
    Maybe. 6 months ago  
    I am both! 6 months ago  
    AL did not free slaves.13th amendment was passed 12=06-1865 months after his death. 6 months ago +1
    Are you still active ? 6 months ago  
    B Muscle! Two hundred is not obese. 6 months ago  
    A is false.Vast resources untapped. 6 months ago  
    I like both. 6 months ago  
    Zero. 6 months ago +1
    Whatever is left would collapse quickly. 6 months ago +1
    Hawaii,maybe. 6 months ago  
    10 at least. 6 months ago  
    I understood your question. 6 months ago  
    Blame God! 6 months ago  
    There are vast resources untapped and renewable energy is abundant. 6 months ago  
    Keys and money. 6 months ago  
    I deserve more.Vastly more. 6 months ago  
    Trophy:Most random. 6 months ago +1
    A is trash. 6 months ago  
    Close. 6 months ago  
    But,how many tried to stop him? 6 months ago  
    Left to right? 6 months ago  
    B A lesbian? 6 months ago  
    Skipping. 6 months ago  
    A. Broken. 6 months ago  
    I have neither and never will. 6 months ago  
    No idea really. 6 months ago  
    Neither. 6 months ago  
    Not Hil,however. 6 months ago  
    Are you still active? 6 months ago  
    A is for overcompensation,wastes gas,would entail vast expenses.... 6 months ago  
    Damn! I voted w/o reading.I was wrong! 6 months ago +1
    ???? 6 months ago  
    Why? 6 months ago  
    B lady clowns? 6 months ago  
    Good deal. 6 months ago +1
    A,If muscle. 6 months ago  
    Both are stupid. 6 months ago  
    Die.You would die. 6 months ago  
    $250 6 months ago +1
    Buy? 6 months ago  
    Each year or each election? 6 months ago  
    You can not earn infinite reward in finite life, 6 months ago  
    A easily concealed.B More deadly. 6 months ago  
    Neither. 6 months ago  
    Among best questions I have found. 6 months ago  
    China,USA,UK,Canada......most others. 6 months ago  
    Win lottery. 6 months ago  
    A part of.Is irony intended? 6 months ago  
    Dexter's lab. 6 months ago +1
    A is menatlly ill.B is sociopath.Misclick. 6 months ago  
    Misclick.The machine.e has no choice. 6 months ago  
    B slaughtered a monkey carelessly and cut himself. 6 months ago  
    B.Can be muscle? 6 months ago  
    No.Wrong again. 6 months ago  
    Win lotteries . 6 months ago  
    A indi movies? 6 months ago  
    If six is big I am huge. 6 months ago  
    Better written.Bettero contradictions. 6 months ago  
    Hitler could lose.Others could have won. 6 months ago  
    Funny. 6 months ago  
    Twelve orifices.Eight fun bags.Yes,please! 6 months ago  
    Nam meyoho ren gai keyo 6 months ago  
    Dye and use color contact lenses? 6 months ago  
    Just sleep? 6 months ago  
    B Everyone else moved? 6 months ago  
    For A:What if I travel? Or live on an island? 6 months ago  
    Neither. 6 months ago  
    A would bestow b or kill you. 6 months ago  
    Nonexistent.Reincarnation and redemption. 6 months ago  
    I aggree that you do or I am.also? 6 months ago  
    B women's prison? 6 months ago  
    Reality warping.probability tweeking. 6 months ago  
    Quasi ,proto chicken. 6 months ago  
    Neither. 6 months ago  
    Falsely arrested.Mistakenly arrested.Not accidentally. 6 months ago  
    Me! I am! 6 months ago  
    Money,Real estate and stocks. 6 months ago  
    I do not know. 6 months ago  
    Ad ult. 6 months ago  
    Gods or God's? 6 months ago  
    Neither.The franchise sux. 6 months ago  
    A is me.B DK 6 months ago  
    A is fantasy,not science fiction.Zero science. 6 months ago  
    Try zero. 6 months ago +1
    Continent. 6 months ago +1
    Skipping.Google :Clone. 6 months ago  
    2.4 million compared to the 6 million claimed.And they ignore everyone else.Disease killed many. 6 months ago +1
    Misclick. 6 months ago  
    I am diverse. 6 months ago  
    Tie. 6 months ago  
    Wish to fulfill heart's desires. 6 months ago  
    Misread. 6 months ago  
    Worst?Least favorite?Most hated? 6 months ago  
    "I shal punish the gods of Egypt." "I am A jealous god." Other hints of other gods.All fairy tales. 6 months ago  
    Winter. 6 months ago  
    Crated?What? Created? 6 months ago  
    How could that be an accident? 6 months ago  
    What would these powers entail? 6 months ago  
    A among most over rated . 6 months ago  
    No one is "accidentally." arrested. 6 months ago  
    Be killed by? 6 months ago +2
    Internment saved some from lynch mobs. 6 months ago  
    Villains . 6 months ago  
    Both! 6 months ago  
    Misclick.Lex exposes his head and Tony has killed before. 6 months ago  
    DSL! 6 months ago  
    A tiny bottle? 6 months ago  
    DR Strange,Thor,God.Superman,ReedRichards,Scarlet Witch and Owen Reese. 6 months ago  
    ????? 6 months ago  
    No.Spend as you will w'o fear of exhausting supply. 6 months ago +1
    Be friends? 6 months ago  
    Maybe the most diverse group ever. 6 months ago  
    Lucky enough to get rich! 6 months ago +1
    A clone would start as an infant.And age as all other humans age.Just a younger identical twin. 6 months ago  
    Be killed by? 6 months ago  
    Poor grammar precludes answer.What is a "Harm"? 6 months ago  
    Not his best.Listen to "With a little love." 6 months ago  
    I must be older than I knew. 6 months ago  
    Skipping.Poor grammar. 6 months ago  
    TIE! 6 months ago  
    TIE! 6 months ago  
    18. 6 months ago  
    All the money of George Soros. 6 months ago  
    BLM is racist. 6 months ago  
    Killing brings peace. 6 months ago  
    Able? 6 months ago  
    B Thick? 6 months ago  
    Inspired by Yellow submarine movie? 6 months ago  
    Regret/sadness. 6 months ago  
    Should be 100% 6 months ago  
    Neither. 6 months ago  
    A part.Apart is away from. 6 months ago  
    They saved lived.Alternative was invasion. 6 months ago  
    A clone would start as an infant.It would not be an instant duplicate of you.Just a younger identical twin. 6 months ago  
    In past lives. 6 months ago  
    Will? 6 months ago  
    N/A 6 months ago  
    Platonic relationship. 6 months ago  
    Fly off int space? 6 months ago  
    Neither.Spiders are small, 6 months ago  
    Change mine.I would rather teleport. 6 months ago  
    Mexico,NK,Muslim nations....not the people. 6 months ago +1
    Deaf? 6 months ago  
    A witch can cast a spell! 6 months ago  
    B has shelter. 6 months ago  
    Beautiful .I always wanted to go there. 6 months ago  
    For B: spend more efficiently. 6 months ago  
    Anyway. 6 months ago  
    B is dead. 6 months ago  
    B would appoint the unqualified. 6 months ago  
    In NY? 6 months ago +1
    Hypnotic! 6 months ago  
    The force is lame! 6 months ago  
    Hotel California! 6 months ago  
    Star wars. 6 months ago +1
    For B :Use dumbbells! 6 months ago  
    Provide temptation (candy ,cartoons,toys..etc) and tell them the supply ends if adults are threatened, 6 months ago  
    5-5 6 months ago  
    A could be a few highly valued. 6 months ago  
    Misclick> Jan 22 6 months ago  
    Martha Washington was on a coin? 6 months ago  
    Germany could have won w/o AH. 6 months ago  
    Have does not mean buy. 6 months ago  
    It has. 6 months ago  
    God? 6 months ago  
    A can lift 100 tons 6 months ago  
    Buy ten. 6 months ago  
    New level reached. 6 months ago  
    B was an abject failure. 6 months ago  
    Not a free country. 6 months ago  
    Nothing. 6 months ago  
    All of them. 6 months ago  
    No one sees the irony. 6 months ago  
    It vanished? 6 months ago  
    Again. 6 months ago  
    New most stupid query. 6 months ago +2
    Choose carefully. 6 months ago  
    Forever? 6 months ago  
    Can B consist of muscle? 6 months ago  
    A was impeached.Amoral sociopath. 6 months ago  
    Reality,warping 6 months ago  
    The reverse is true.Die and stop breathing. 6 months ago  
    Google:Evil bible.I dare you. 6 months ago  
    No.Neither are possible. 6 months ago  
    You are born.. 6 months ago  
    A book in which a character writes songs. 6 months ago  
    Trick question. 6 months ago  
    Money. 6 months ago  
    A would call b. 6 months ago +2
    Mistake.I was seeking another site. 6 months ago  
    Half of the impeached presidents. 6 months ago  
    Tie 6 months ago  
    You have no understanding of cloning. 6 months ago  
    Just grow the organs. 6 months ago  
    B if I could negate it. 6 months ago  
    Drrive a car? 6 months ago  
    Tie!I want both! 6 months ago  
    LOL 6 months ago  
    B is real,Rare and real. 6 months ago  
    A would be nigh impossible.Discounting multiple births,there are not enough fertile women to mother 3G. 6 months ago  
    Illicit drugs only. 6 months ago  
    Polar opposite of my favorite. 6 months ago  
    ??? 6 months ago  
    That would not be a UFO.It would be a specific craft.Identified. 6 months ago  
    William James Siddis is prime example. 6 months ago  
    Skip this bizarre query.Those two are unrelated.A is stupid .B is sick. 6 months ago  
    By what standard? 6 months ago  
    There was a glitch earlier..Choices were different. 6 months ago  
    Telekinesis wins! 6 months ago  
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