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sucking the venom is one of the worst things you could do. 3 weeks ago  
EA = SIMS 4 = HELLO 3 weeks ago  
both ugly 3 weeks ago  
perfummmmme 4 weeks ago  
i'm guessing 17 or 6 4 weeks ago  
both are amazing 4 weeks ago  
I am an incredibly socially awkward 11 year old, and trick-or-treating with friends is humiliating enough, and this year, if I do it, I'll be alone... Pass. 1 month ago  
I WANT TO RIDE BEAKY 1 month ago  
That's incredibly racist. 1 month ago  
I'm practically blind so wherever I sit I am too short sighted to have the foggiest idea of what they're saying/doing. 1 month ago  
who tf purposely get's a white xmas tree 1 month ago +1
Please, red kilts are hell in schoolbag. 1 month ago  
When I was a kid I used to play that I was the Mafia of Barbie world and went around killing Barbies... sadly I was never arrested. 1 month ago  
Death or Death? idiot. 1 month ago +1
Is this a Pottermore question? 1 month ago +1
Sorry, what is this foreign lingo? Do you mean, the PHILOSOPHER'S Stone? 1 month ago  
Does that include me? 1 month ago  
I hardly talk anyway. 1 month ago  
the musical was sh*t. 1 month ago  
There is water in food. 1 month ago  
Yes, but that's because he thought dynamite would be so powerful that no one would dare fight them again, causing no wars - peace. 1 month ago  
duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. 1 month ago  
I'd love to be a hot guy. Guys have life EASYYYYYY. 1 month ago  
chips ahoy are evil!!! 1 month ago  
Thanks. 1 month ago  
one drop a day 1 month ago  
misclick... 1 month ago  
what sort of question is this? and YES, I'm a girl, NOT ALL GIRLS ARE DAMN BOOK LOVING WUSSES. 1 month ago  
Watch em for two minutes while their parents get a cuppa. 1 month ago  
Let's think.... 443 metres, or 11 kms? Hmmmmm.... 1 month ago  
just cut it... 1 month ago  
discoing. 1 month ago  
mauauahahahaha bow peasants 1 month ago  
A kid in his toy car. 1 month ago  
Turn it off and play video games together instead. 1 month ago  
WHERE'S WALLY 1 month ago  
My school uniform. So I can burn it. 1 month ago  
Just because I'm alone doesn't mean I'm lonely. -.- It's called a pet. 1 month ago  
Both a girls... 1 month ago  
I am a Harry Potter geek. 1 month ago  
So I could strangle him. 1 month ago  
One ciggie. 1 month ago  
Cross a river. In a helicopter. Five miles above it. 1 month ago  
Caffeine. She's addicted to chocolate. 1 month ago  
I can only say ten words per day please send MMMMmmMMMMmmMM!!! 1 month ago  
Break up and find someone hot who cares about you, but if you chose the other option, if your bf cared about you, you wouldn't want to. 1 month ago  
AHHHH 49 - 51 SEND HELP 1 month ago  
Already seen both tho 1 month ago  
I wouldn't go to jail for them though. 1 month ago  
UGH 1 month ago  
beaten at chess. 1 month ago  
yay 1 month ago  
The whole sh*t about China being polluted is not true. Yes, the cities are slightly cloudy, but the countryside is still beautiful. 1 month ago  
i'm bi... 1 month ago  
scuba diving gear? 1 month ago  
Maths.. don 1 month ago  
a brunette. f-ck you all. 1 month ago  
ew nutella 1 month ago  
I can still be second smartest. 1 month ago  
duh. 1 month ago  
What the hell. 1 month ago  
It's less obvious if you are in a crowd. 1 month ago  
Kill me now. 1 month ago  
Been to both, but Gelato and Pizza is amazing. 1 month ago  
Duh. 1 month ago  
Ahem, husband/wife. 1 month ago  
Actually it did, you moron. Read the description. 1 month ago  
First of all, I can't drink beer so it would be Ginger Beer... and at least I could communicate with the Americans. 1 month ago  
Then you need to go back to school, kid. 1 month ago  
New Zealand and Denmark are the most peaceful countries in the world. Plus, New Zealand has a beautiful environment and it is allied with a whole bunch of Western countries. 1 month ago  
Just a slight stomachache. I'll just sleep it off :) 1 month ago  
I'm already both. 1 month ago  
I was damn well dressed ten year old. 1 month ago  
I go alone all the time. And I get popcorn and ice cream and candy and soda instead of a salad. 1 month ago  
And you're a pedophile :) 1 month ago  
She makes terrible music, but I will listen to her song for one hour. 1 month ago  
Sexist Idiot. 1 month ago  
If I spend money on gifts, I feel bad for spending that much. 1 month ago  
Christmas is when everyone gets presents which is nicer than only you, when you have nobody to laugh at because of their bad gifts!! 1 month ago  
I'll just go to school... 1 month ago  
DUH. 1 month ago  
Um... read the description, you and those 620 seven year olds. 1 month ago  
You don't need to die saving them... 1 month ago  
Clearly you guys don't live in New Zealand... 1 month ago  
All that would see is a lazy girl in sweatpants watching sh*t on Netflix. 1 month ago  
No it isn't... How tf is it racist? Do you have any idea what that means? 1 month ago  
Already am. 1 month ago  
So you're the cunt who wrote that. 1 month ago  
What the hell. You and the 1167 racist, sexist brats who liked your comment need to go dig yourselves a hole and die in it, you moronic, ignorant dickheads. 1 month ago  
That's Thomas Edison :) 1 month ago  
WWIII is expected now that Kim Jong Un and Trump are on the loose. 1 month ago  
Duh. 1 month ago  
Physically never age = Stay beautiful forever, be smart forever. 1 month ago  
If you had infinite knowledge, your wisdom which could fix everything ever, although it wouldn't be ruling, you would still have infinte power. 1 month ago  
Anybody here see Justin Bieber and immediately click the other one? 1 month ago  
If there was no marriage, there would be no divorce... 1 month ago  
Oh, God. 1 month ago  
Also why is everyone calling Hermione Hermoine? 1 month ago  
Melanie Martinez was not in the 20th century. 1 month ago  
Read the description, moron. 1 month ago  
DUH 1 month ago  
We're expecting one any second, with Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump on the loose. 1 month ago +1
I would be a doctor. The baby would have a potential disease which could kill him slowly and incredibly more painful. 1 month ago  
Earrings. 1 month ago  
Meh, I'm already a midget. 1 month ago  
I can still be smart. 1 month ago  
Already been to Europe. 1 month ago  
I know her name because she is famous. Not because I go around stalking kids. 1 month ago  
lol 1 month ago  
Drugs = Caffeine = Chocolate is a drug. 1 month ago  
They taught me at Kindercare. (Daycare/Preschool) I was two. 1 month ago +1
I already do. 1 month ago  
Please, anything but Roblox. 1 month ago  
If my laptop is in there, bruh. 1 month ago  
so? 1 month ago  
Already am... 1 month ago  
Look, dude, Hitler isn't funny so stop joking about it. Hitler was a disgusting human being who killed thousands, millions, of innocent people. 1 month ago +1
DUH 1 month ago  
that isn't funny, dude. 1 month ago +1
omfg 1 month ago  
that was damn tough 1 month ago  
Hell. 1 month ago  
hem hem bosnia hem hem war 1 month ago  
poland 1 month ago  
I love beavers... 1 month ago  
I would like you to be able to speak english 'good'. 1 month ago  
misclick 1 month ago  
2 drops a day. 1 month ago  
Snooping time >:) 1 month ago  
Aesthetically, but I prefer carpet as I am always barefoot. 1 month ago  
Finally, I won't be in the sh*ttiest swim group. 1 month ago  
how dare they. 1 month ago  
how dare you. 1 month ago  
Temporary tattoos. 1 month ago +1
Make friends. 1 month ago  
Massive windows, natural light, good food, animals, friends. 1 month ago  
What the hell, the photo of Pimenova is just pedophilic. 1 month ago  
Verbally. 1 month ago  
I wish people would stop trying to cause drama with the whole 'God vs No God' thing. I, personally am agnostic, but everybody is entitled to there own opinion. 1 month ago  
One drop a week. 1 month ago  
Think about it - You poop more than you puke. Hint hint. 1 month ago  
yeppppp 1 month ago  
dammit you ll 1 month ago  
What if you're already both? 1 month ago  
sorry, winky, dobby, hokey, kreacher. I still love you. 1 month ago  
only some t-shirts and leggings. otherwise NOPE. 1 month ago  
Knowledge is what you know, and learn, intelligence is a natural thing. 1 month ago  
well that's ironic. also the website is www.rrrrather, it's on purpose. chill. 1 month ago  
I would kill kittens.... chocolate kittens like easter bunnies. 1 month ago  
I would share the apartment BUILDING with the whore. She would live seven stories below me, and we'd never meet. 1 month ago  
As long as we have a skylight. I don't want to die of a Vitamin D underdose. 1 month ago  
I have more of a chance of being brought back to family. 1 month ago  
22% of the world is retarded. 1 month ago  
What if I am a popular geek? 1 month ago  
Agnostic. 1 month ago  
I'd kill the people I hate. And all those internet trolls who made fun of me when I was a noob. And Trump. And Hilary Clinton. And Kim K. And Kanye West. And the entire Kardashian/Jenner family. And Justin Bieber. And Nicky Minaj. And every other annoying celebrity that ever walked this planet and was not on the cast on Harry Potter. 1 month ago  
I would die as it states in the question either way, but if I die on land I can be buried with my family. 1 month ago  
polar bears are endangered. sorry. 1 month ago  
If I had to, I would be in the front of the centipede. 1 month ago  
Making a baby 1 month ago  
I'd sleep with her. In bed. Just napping. Chill. 1 month ago  
At least it saves, then you can get a new one. 1 month ago  
I've spent six and a half years of my life wearing an itchy kilt... count me out. 1 month ago  
When you're a girl... 1 month ago  
ummmmmmmmm idk 1 month ago  
Sorry guys. 1 month ago  
I already have a small double chin 1 month ago  
You son of a non-Harry-Potter-Supporter 1 month ago  
No idea what this is, but Jessica is prettier. 1 month ago  
I'm pretty good in the music department anyway so tennis, get ready. We've got a new girl. 1 month ago  
;) 1 month ago  
It's true that a lot of cities are polluted, but the countryside is still gorgeous. 1 month ago  
That 1 month ago  
It isn't funny, dude. 1 month ago  
what's wrong with a little weight? 1 month ago  
um idek 1 month ago  
wth 1 month ago  
Then you, and the 150 people who liked your comment are uneducated, useless morons. 1 month ago  
yummmmmm 1 month ago  
baseball is not my thing, but here goes nothing... 1 month ago  
Actually, you both live in a Western society, when guest from Oklahoma, United States has a right of freedom of religion and speech, so you cannot deny them the opportunity. 1 month ago  
Sheesh!! You are going a little overboard there - chill. 1 month ago  
No they aren't, skill is something anyone can work on, whereas talent is more of a personal gift. 1 month ago  
I'm already an only child. 1 month ago  
babysitters aren't with you 30 - 40 hours a week. 1 month ago  
Sorry, but I love L&P. 1 month ago  
I'm not completely against or for abortion, but I personally would not want one. 1 month ago  
Life will be hard without those red and white gummy bones I love, but I can cope. XD 1 month ago  
UM 1 month ago  
WHAT IS THIS? 1 month ago  
Religion makes us unique. I'm not one of those mad devoted ramblers, I am agnostic, but I believe Religion defines us. 1 month ago  
really? wow 1 month ago  
life in prison - in monopoly 1 month ago  
YES 1 month ago  
I think it's bad for the environment when they dig for jewels. 1 month ago  
HELLLLLLLLLO 1 month ago  
I'm already funny. 1 month ago  
Feminism isn't about not being dominated, it's about gender equality, meaning theoretically, the ideal feminist sex is side by side. 1 month ago  
I'm a girl. 1 month ago  
Sorry Ginny. I love you, but Luna is amazing. 1 month ago  
I honestly, although I love 'Mine Craft' (hem hem Minecraft) ahem dragons ahem zombies ahem skeletons ahem creepers. Besides, Lego Friends!! 1 month ago  
I would die because a picture of a lightning bolt papercut me and I immediately died. 1 month ago  
What the hell. 37% is retarded. Marijuana can kill you. 1 month ago  
skinny isn't necessarily unhealthy. 1 month ago  
a camera 1 month ago  
wth? 1 month ago  
Just like your spelling. 1 month ago  
Good on you bitccccccch this is irrelevant you little liar. 1 month ago  
Democretin. 1 month ago  
screw royalty. 1 month ago  
Microscopic means tiny things like bacteria, macroscopic means big things like space. 1 month ago  
We've already had this 1 month ago  
I see BMW - I click. 1 month ago  
Excuse me? It's called a divorce. 1 month ago  
wtf? 1 month ago  
I can cheat on them as long as we stay together >:) 1 month ago  
Block 'im 1 month ago  
None of it to no one - That's a double negative. So what they 1 month ago  
In Singapore airport. Where there is an amazing hotel. Where you can sleep. 1 month ago  
I would smoke dandelions. Because they are weeds. 1 month ago  
it's called minecraft. so, $100,000 for logging on to minecraft for a few minutes. 1 month ago  
more like DYING room 1 month ago  
It's called a PHARMACIST. 1 month ago  
uh 1 month ago  
Try living in China, guys. 1 month ago  
Agnostic. 1 month ago  
her* 1 month ago  
Fat is a temporary caloric imbalance, but stupidity is a permanent genetic malfunction. 1 month ago  
This is so outdated... XD 1 month ago  
I would stink of roses and honey. Chill. 1 month ago  
Ah, the homeland. 1 month ago  
I'm not gonna be on my period. 1 month ago  
London has one of the largest suicide rates. 1 month ago  
HARRY POTTER 1 month ago  
Obesity is often a genetic thing you can get rid of. Anorexia is a mental health issue. 1 month ago  
Agnostics. 1 month ago  
for 2 days. 1 month ago  
cute sunglasses :O 1 month ago  
YESSSSSSS 1 month ago  
i am tiny. 1 month ago  
Oh god. Motion sickness and gross bathrooms. S.O.S. 1 month ago  
duh 1 month ago  
wtf 1 month ago  
Call the police. That's verbal abuse. It's illegal. 1 month ago  
Pencil is evil. the only thing I can tolerate drawing with is a fine tipped, dark black pen. 1 month ago  
Verbally. 1 month ago  
White middle class girl, good-looking, intelligent, loves animals. I think I'll be okay. 1 month ago  
??? 1 month ago  
You're* 1 month ago  
it could be suit pyjamas, it could be a swim suit 1 month ago  
beef is sad 1 month ago  
and have the perfect 'reletionship' 1 month ago  
It could be one maths problem less intelligent ._. 1 month ago  
You could pull over and live in a field your whole life.... 1 month ago  
um duh, it never said you couldn't be sexy/flirty if you were good looking. 1 month ago  
um 1 month ago  
I don't want to be killed by a Bosnian or whatever. 1 month ago  
Godammit, I regret this my face is gorgeous but my shoulders are too broad. 1 month ago  
French kiss = not the same as normal kiss. 1 month ago  
I'm already a midget. 1 month ago  
the word is JELLY. 1 month ago  
water fight!! 1 month ago  
The only idiot is the little kid who needs to pay more attention in spelling. 1 month ago  
I can get 'em in the big house for child abuse. 1 month ago  
wtf 1 month ago  
ouch 1 month ago  
Oh my god what has my eight-year-old self done?!!! 1 month ago  
saddos 1 month ago  
Let's face it - Everone was put off by Regina George. 1 month ago  
Read the caption. 1 month ago  
Thank god that my car's battery is flat. 1 month ago  
DUUUUUUUDE 1 month ago  
Awwwwwww 1 month ago  
Were anthonyp2's famous last words. 1 month ago  
Well... according to my mother a bunch of kids means two. 1 month ago  
Ehhhh... I'm 11. 1 month ago  
I'm a geek Harry Potterwise. 1 month ago  
At this current moment, I have a bleeding nose from my bedroom being so hot... 1 month ago  
lolololololololololol 1 month ago  
Too* 1 month ago  
Why is this so stereotypical? The guy is hitting, the guy is cheating!! #Feminism 1 month ago  
This is so stereo-typical. 1 month ago  
I won at the time 1 month ago  
China is really polluted. Actual experience, I'm not being prejudiced. The city is really grey but the countryside is beautiful. 1 month ago  
Bi pride. 1 month ago  
Oh God, I picked this when I had no idea what a totalitarian government was. Tween Problems. 1 month ago  
It's called a fridge. 1 month ago  
It 1 month ago  
You pathetic creatures. 1 month ago  
E.T!!!!!!! 1 month ago  
And you're a pedophile. 1 month ago  
you're* one* I'm ashamed that a fellow Kiwi even if they were only eight years old was that stupid. 1 month ago  
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