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    sex before marriage is good 6 months ago +1
    can i see porn? 6 months ago  
    just search rap monster dancing in youtube and its like i dance 6 months ago  
    or stupid xd 6 months ago  
    im vegetarian :/ 6 months ago  
    you voted for saver 6 months ago  
    satan is cool 6 months ago  
    beliebers are so agressive 6 months ago  
    i love vegetables 6 months ago  
    im lesbian xdxdxdxd 6 months ago +1
    not all rockstars are silly boys like you 6 months ago  
    im eating with bts 6 months ago  
    im anarchist and,for me,its an utopia 6 months ago  
    food 6 months ago  
    im lesbian xdxdxdxdxd 6 months ago  
    im vegetarian joke on author 6 months ago  
    damn my wife will be lesbian because i am xdxdxd 6 months ago  
    im already invisible 6 months ago  
    zoofilia is bad,but gay marriage...fick this,im lesbian,but i rather drugs 6 months ago +1
    im lesbian,booooooom!!!! 6 months ago  
    it hurts by the way 6 months ago  
    racist,die 6 months ago  
    just for laugh 6 months ago  
    asshole 6 months ago  
    i hate tropical islands,but i love my friends 6 months ago  
    you are retard,if a girl gets pregnant because someone raped her,she have to have that baby?or if the baby is ill and he cant live?or the mother can die birthing? 6 months ago  
    i drove high and its better than drive tired 6 months ago  
    i have nightmares and i have paranoid schizophrenia,so idgf 6 months ago  
    unicorns are already real,ok?! 6 months ago  
    i rather be called hitler 6 months ago  
    i have been cheated,and i saw my gf f*cking with a friend,it doesn't hurt that much,you only want to die and kill her when she ,2 days ago she said that she hate mens.... 6 months ago  

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