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Which video game is better Five NIghts at Freddy's or Undertale 1 year ago 130 votes 33 comments 0 likes
Would you rather get killed by this thing or get killed by this thing 1 year ago 62 votes 7 comments 0 likes
If you were in the Hunger Games would you rather kill someone you love or have the person who you love kill you 1 year ago 103 votes 11 comments 0 likes

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yea that's how I feel, well slightly more fnaf :) 1 year ago  
do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do BATMAN 1 year ago +1
more sleek 1 year ago  
oops wrong one....wait can't I have both I want a cute husky aand a killer robot in my house :) 1 year ago  
probably I Got No Time by The LIving Tombstone 1 year ago  
I always eat alone 1 year ago  
my dad has B and I love it sooo ......well did he sold it and is saving up for a hellcat, now my uncle has one :D 1 year ago  
im goin house jumping tonight :D 1 year ago +1
the bees are dying 1 year ago  
yea totally for the gaming side 1 year ago  
from what I've heard no condom is better 1 year ago  
I'd probably die in the pre 1800 but YOLO 1 year ago  
well it wouldn't be that bad, it's just a name 1 year ago  
I'd rather grow with knowledge than to grow with my friends 1 year ago  
ok for all of you who can decide I'll put pros and cons for BOTH sides FNAF has a good storyline and FNAF World gives personalities to them, it also has the suspense of mystery and horror at the same time and is acutallly not milking the community, think about it long and hard, but it has overused jumpscares, not a wide variety of gameplay, Undertale has amazing character each given its own personality, fun gameplay, makes you have feelings for the characters, but the story for some isn't that good, the fights get repeatative and there's no backing out of a wrong mistake. 1 year ago +1
but f**k school 1 year ago  
I've already been mountain climbing in Washington and in Hawaii oh and Utah 1 year ago  
I don't really like star wars 1 year ago  
none 1 year ago  
i dont like world of warcrap 1 year ago +1
ah hell nah 1 year ago  
other one reminds me of 123 slaughter me street 1 year ago  
you can't cause you technacly irl are already dead when you do this or rather in a coma 1 year ago  
i mean for halloween the one on the left replaces the one on the right 1 year ago  
because one of them is only in the Halloween special and for Halloween it replaces the one on the left 1 year ago  
my keyboard is a piece of crap so the i in Big must have switched * create* 1 year ago  
Hulu has more things 1 year ago  
don't do B it'll be an akward situation if you do 1 year ago  
im am de ILLUMINATTI 1 year ago  
i though it came out in like 2010 or 11 1 year ago  
is he a pirate? well he does own a spaceship :b 1 year ago  
ambidextrouse but I use my right hand slightly more 1 year ago  
B looks like the 2004-2009 Opening theme for Doctor Who and A looks like the 2014-2015 theme for Doctor Who 1 year ago  
healthier 1 year ago  
my dads family they're Jews so I celbrate Honicka and Christmas 1 year ago  
I'm on a swim team and about to go to a swim meet so it would suck not knowing how to swim especially in Hawaii 1 year ago  
i prefer fit average boys 1 year ago  
wrong one ya lasagne all the way 1 year ago +2
Honolulu, Hawaii 1 year ago  
HERE'S JOHNNY 1 year ago  
haven't seen Halloweentown in AGES 1 year ago  
my dad already has a Challenger and a Cheverolet 1 year ago  
KINGDOM HEARTS CAME OUT IN 2005!!!!!! 1 year ago  
i'm supposed to be doing meh homework and cleaning my room right now 1 year ago  
oops wrong thing I thought it said would you rather smoke or have $50 1 year ago  
i've already done that 1 year ago  
what about 6 :( 1 year ago  
I love them it's my 2nd favorite paper 1 year ago  
dont know 1 year ago  
cleaning meh room 1 year ago  
on computer 1 year ago  
at school out side 1 year ago  
umm have any of you guys seen Smile HD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqVVtaWd8Pw 1 year ago +1
i only have A but if I had b it would be a living hell 1 year ago  
small animals but I like Megalondons 1 year ago  
i'de win in swimming 1 year ago  
when i'm in the cold i'll be very hot cause i'm like never cold 1 year ago  
they're suicidal Muslims oops wrong answer 1 year ago  
we had a chicken in my neighborhood it crossed the road to get to the pizza on the other side but someone ran our only chicken over :( 1 year ago +1
we both like eachother we know it too cause our swim friends told us but we're to scared to tell eachother face to face 1 year ago +1
I'll be River Song/ Melody :) 1 year ago +1
B was on an MLP episode where the little girl almost caught on fire and was almost bit by the snake 1 year ago  
all my watches are broken mostly cause i cant find anymore watch batteries 1 year ago  
Disneyland took me 3 hours to ride Space Mountain 1 year ago  
bathroom have you seen the things i find in there 1 year ago  
chop sticks 1 year ago  
chop sticks are hard to eat 1 year ago  
Break My Mind and You Can't Escape Me, and Follow, Greet, Wait, Repeat 1 year ago  
i don't like Star Wars but only Star tours the ride at disney Land 1 year ago  
mine aren't a problem :) 1 year ago  
never that would be just weird well this one girl at my school last year when she was in 7th grade she had sex in the bathrooms 1 year ago  
sometimes when the person is being a d**k 1 year ago  
i'll use it on my sisters bedroom cause we share one and I rarely slleep in mine 1 year ago  
yep 1 year ago  
dutch, french,japanese, german 1 year ago +1
mermaids? 1 year ago  
I'll tell my mum I was trying on some old pants 1 year ago +1
I'll be Doctor who :D 1 year ago +2
sounds intresting 1 year ago  
already had one of those, knocked down our van 1 year ago  
Verizon's better but more expensive 1 year ago  
I HOPE YOU DIE IN A FIRE sorry i just had to do it 1 year ago  
it's kinda impossible not to surf where i live 1 year ago  
well I've had no blood before 1 year ago  
im sorry I hadt\ to chose Luna 1 year ago  
NOOOOOOO wrong person oops 1 year ago  
my dream is being a swimmer and baker so i kinda had to chose this one 1 year ago  
i'd just sleep all the time 1 year ago  
hahaha your so funny my sister looks anything BUT a model 1 year ago  
one of my talents if having skill 1 year ago  
got to do a 6 page essay bye 1 year ago  
i love spinach especially with scrambled eggs 1 year ago  
i was a little bit of both 1 year ago  
what if your both, im good at the cello, piano, viola, trombone, ukelele, swimming, tennis, baseball, track but ill have to go with instrements cause i dont have to worry about meh asthma 1 year ago  
have you seen how many surgery scares I have i cant even wear a bikini cause of them 1 year ago  
when im at a buffet I wait until fresh food is out so im the first to get it so I know no one else touched it 1 year ago  
I already have 5 hours of home work so :( 1 year ago  
my work would be swimming and making cakes 1 year ago  
I would take it in to a repair sjop 1 year ago  
i chose this one casue it looked like Doctor Who and i have a ton of things wrong in my past 1 year ago  
well im that 12 year old so im both :D except im not bratty 1 year ago  
her name would either be Bonnie Angelina Rose or Rachel 1 year ago  
Even though im American she one fair and square 1 year ago  
none of you want to see my sisters underwear 1 year ago  
a Dodge Challenger by dad used to have one but he sold it now he's gonna get a Hellcat 1 year ago  
Dutch. Japanese, German, French, and English :D 1 year ago  
sorry i got to stick with one of my home countries 1 year ago  
TELETUBBIES 4 LIFE 1 year ago  
oops wrong one 1 year ago  
i like playing with Playdoh 1 year ago  
I will sleep with my daughter when she's like 2 and is scared to sleep by herslef 1 year ago  
wtf 1 year ago  
sh*t wrong one yea i use cheats all the time in minecraft 1 year ago  
I will kindly put sleeping gas on the polar bear sending it nicely to sleep 1 year ago  
i'll be in front so i can sh*t in the others mouth >:D 1 year ago  
god created the Bg Bangi 1 year ago  
my aunt 1 year ago  
if you love to sail the seas YOU R A PIRATE 1 year ago  
i will be Katniss 1 year ago  
if someone killed hitler then I wouldn't exist 1 year ago  
if Hitler died then that means I wouldn't be alive cause one of my relitives met another of my relatives when he was working for hitler then they got married 1 year ago  
I HOPE YOU DIE IN A FIRE sorry i had to sing that 1 year ago  
one less jerk in the world :b 1 year ago  
XD i think that guy REALLY loved bacon 1 year ago  
i'd still love them it doesn't change the person they are but it may lower their courage 1 year ago  
i'll probably go phyco killer in the woods >:D 1 year ago  
that tombstone says that Some Name died when they were 50 years old 1 year ago  
die so i dont have to turn in a 6 page essay on tuesday 1 year ago  
well i'm almost into the Jr. Olympics in Swimming, maybe just 4 more years of swim and i'll be good enough sooo 1 year ago  
sorry its everyone for themselves 1 year ago  
no one unless i was a boy 1 year ago  
ill die from eating to much today 1 year ago  
its says you can still die if you never age 1 year ago  
if i die tomorrow its cause i ate to much on thanksgiving today 1 year ago  
whovian high five 1 year ago  
bow ties are cool 1 year ago +1
well A would be worse cause im a swimmer 1 year ago  
oops wrong button i though it said which nation 1 year ago  
wow that show sweet life on deck is like centuries old 1 year ago  
to be honest I'de just show them horrifying .....stuff over and over and over >:D MWHAHAHAHAHAHA 1 year ago  
fine i'll walk on clouds 1 year ago  
:( 1 year ago  
i would love that name in school :D 1 year ago  
wrong button 1 year ago +1
that's what we had for 10 years up untill 3 years ago 1 year ago  
but food is meh friend 1 year ago +1
i love fantasia even though there was some racial content 1 year ago  
ikr plus i just cant leave it be cause the longer i wait the more i think about how much im missing on 1 year ago +1
:D 1 year ago +1
If i cursed then teleported it would save me a lot of time... example 1st curse word teleporting to school 1 minute before the bell, 2nd time coming back from school casue my instrument is heav, 3rd time coming back from swim cause its cold at 7:00pm kinda 1 year ago  
how aften do you see a meteor shower and how often do you eat pizza......exactly 1 year ago  
HA we aren't that fat although i do question Hawaii 1 year ago  
i will only eat mashed potatoes unless they are sweet potatoes 1 year ago +2
according to Doctor Who never dying would be miserable 1 year ago  
oh ok i figured it out 1 year ago  
i forgot what a whore is let my google it 1 year ago  
ok i know exactly who im gonna kill 1 year ago  
im sorry but i just had too its better than being in jail 1 year ago  
well im 12 and i already like this 13 year old so 1 year ago  
that's how i wonthe costume contest i was best Foxy but there were like 7 other fnaf costumes 1 year ago  
I couldnt think of a better question to ask though 1 year ago  
ill climb it with meh jetpack 1 year ago  
well im part german and im a girl so 1 year ago  
buffets for life 1 year ago  
NOOOOOO i picked the wrong one 1 year ago  
well i've never been on a cruise but have flown 15 times on a plane in the 12 years i've been alive :) 1 year ago  
trop to disneyland/world with friends would be THE BEST 1 year ago  
yep that happened to a lot of things and it's sad 1 year ago  
i kinda like america 1 year ago  
if i lost an arm i'd replace it with a hook, get my eyepatch and sing U R A PIRATE at the top of meh lungs for hours 1 year ago  
I BELIEVE I CNA FLY 1 year ago  
who doesnt pee in the shower 1 year ago  
if im sick then i can stay home from school a go on meh computer 1 year ago  
i want to have my career BEFORE i start a family 1 year ago  
well a gain muscle almost everyday 1 year ago  
im a girls so sucks 4 u >:D 1 year ago  
i've already done the one i picked but cant exactly remember any of it cause i was 6 i just remember standing on the Eifle Tower 1 year ago  
then you'll have negative 1 year ago  
I BELIEVE IN GANDALF oh wait thats not what it said oops 1 year ago  
the girl on the far left of the popular group looks like she rolled in tomato juice 1 year ago  
NOO the hardest question of life 1 year ago  
well im 12 and when i was 10 it was minecraft, video games, black, blue, purple, hot pink, red 1 year ago  
MY BIRTHDAY cause i dont have to share presents with meh siblings and yes i am sounding selfish right now thank you for noticing 1 year ago  
embarrassing moments are awkward moments :) 1 year ago  
if i spoke everything on my mind lets just say i wouldnt be allowed to go to school, take showers by myself, be around kitchen tools, lose all meh friends ect. 1 year ago  
female casue i feel so weird when I get examinations by male doctors so im female so it makes sense 4 me 1 year ago  
i hate dogs, well most the time 2 years ago  
COMAS 4 LIFE but according to FNAF 4 when your in a coma chuck-e-cheese characters will have 5 rows of razor sharp teeth and will eat u 2 years ago  
i've already lost a ton but I have a lot of friends online so 2 years ago  
girls can like games too so GAMES GAMES GAMES 2 years ago  
i hate singing i cant sing high or low 2 years ago  
well i'm already in Hawaii and IT SUCKS for the most part the schools suck the houses, the only thing that hawaii puts their money towards i tourists but now they are doing fundraisers to help the schools get air conditioning 2 years ago  
i've already done it for 10 hours its called putting it on before you go 2 bed 2 years ago  
gives me more time to masterbait :) 2 years ago  
smoke weed everyday 2 years ago  
:( i love rain but haven't seen snow in 2 years most of the people in my class have never seen snow 2 years ago  
this would help me when I go to Europe 2 years ago  
well i'm a brown haired with pale(ish) skin 2 years ago  
do what u want casue a pirate is free U R A PIRATE yar har fiddle de dee being a pirate is all that u need 2 years ago  
we should do this for school 2 years ago  
but what if i go to hll 2 years ago  
watch me as i punch u in the face or watch me as im just surfing the web and watching tv 2 years ago  
;-; forever alone 2 years ago  
already been friendzoned by meh crush 2 years ago  
the only things i can play are a cello, viola, piano,partially trombone, and recorder 2 years ago  
i dont know if i look good but already have a bunch of things wrong with me so thats a start 2 years ago  
we have macs at school and lets say that they suck 2 years ago  
PAJAMAS EVERYDAY 2 years ago  
i'de watch all of my fav shows crossover 2 years ago  
well im already a kid :) well kinda im more of a teen 2 years ago  
come on people who hasn't wanted to breath like Darth Vader 2 years ago  
was this a trick question, well me mum might have chosen Twilight 2 years ago +1
according to Doctor Who being immortal would suck watching all your frieds die in front of you while you still live on 2 years ago  
if there was no problems then i would get all As in meh homeowrl :D 2 years ago +1
I seriously dont mind my last name being Hitler it doesn't mean I'm a bad person 2 years ago  
well i'm already in Hawaii so XD 2 years ago  
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