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    dudes if you had two dads you would be stuck with all the dad jokes 10 months ago  
    SOVIET RUSSIA 10 months ago  
    dudes self employed = youtube 10 months ago  
    im bi and i have a crush on her so I WIN 10 months ago  
    guys you can lose that fat and be smart 10 months ago  
    a waltz pefect 10 months ago  
    well akward 10 months ago  
    i would kill trump with poision >:) 10 months ago  
    i would help her and make her feel good about herself 10 months ago  
    im bi and i already lean mostly twords girls 10 months ago  
    guys if you are an owl you can see and work for hogwarts 10 months ago  
    i couldn't get you anything so i got you this box 10 months ago  
    POTATOES 10 months ago  
    I would help him find a boyfriend 10 months ago  
    why not both 10 months ago +1
    WHY JUST WHY?! 10 months ago  
    guys losing a arm = getting a bionic one = starting your journey to become a cyborg 10 months ago  
    i want to hold a koala bear 10 months ago  
    i have a family here in the comment also BISEXUALS FOR THE WIN 10 months ago  
    Enjoy all the gay fan fiction 10 months ago  
    YOU ARE A PIRATE YAR HAR 10 months ago  
    MORE CUDDLES 10 months ago  
    Well i already have a crush on my (female) best friend and i'm a bi female so 10 months ago  
    If you have Infinite Power you can find a person with Infinite Knowledge 10 months ago  
    GO TO LONDON 10 months ago  

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