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    shave 9 months ago  
    stare at their ASS 9 months ago  
    soccer! 9 months ago  
    us sucks 9 months ago  
    a toothless camel 9 months ago  
    you can have sex with a bunch of other people 9 months ago  
    I am not old enough to be in the triwizard tournament 9 months ago  
    have been to both 9 months ago  
    or the hot one rich 9 months ago  
    boi if you have no true love you can f*ck whoever youi want and not care about the other guy :) 9 months ago  
    no f*cking idea what these are and blue is my favorite color, so the one where the blue guy has the money 9 months ago  
    it's spelled soccer not sicker/socker socker would be a sport about socks 9 months ago  
    boi 9 months ago  
    fame would give you wealth you retarded bi*ches 9 months ago  
    same 9 months ago  
    definitely lambo but I don't want it yellow 9 months ago  
    I am a GIRL and I know puberty sucks but I am sticking with who I am 9 months ago  
    I am an athlete so 9 months ago  
    that city looks epic 9 months ago  
    he is hot and you wouldn't have to learn 9 months ago  
    I hate chocolate 9 months ago  
    I really want to have sex so that can come after I get my dream job 9 months ago  
    I am from the US and it sucks 9 months ago +1
    you could be sick of someone 9 months ago  
    I don't want to see people naked 9 months ago  
    no one said you had to be the one wearing the things 9 months ago  
    I am 10 so what the hell 9 months ago  

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