You can earn these badges on the site

Users are awarded badges for quality contributions to the site. It helps bring visibility to reputable users in the comments. The following badges are available:

Icon Name Description Achievements
Bronze Medal Bronze Medal Awarded for posting 10 quality comments 7,449
Silver Medal Silver Medal Awarded for posting 50 quality comments 2,315
Gold Medal Gold Medal Awarded for posting 200 quality comments 1,111
Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy Awarded for posting 5 quality questions 1,882
Silver Trophy Silver Trophy Awarded for posting 25 quality questions 361
Gold Trophy Gold Trophy Awarded for posting 50 quality questions 686
Blue Star Blue Star Quality contributor, has gotten at least 10 thumbs ups on comments 2,729
Super Star Super Star High quality contributor, has gotten 50 thumbs up on posted comments 2,345
Diamond Diamond VIP, hand-selected for contribution and loyalty 242
Site Owner Site Owner The creator of rrrather 1
Site Owner's Wife Site Owner's Wife The inventor of rrrather 1
Bronze Crown Bronze Crown Awarded for getting 5 facebook shares/likes on posted questions 249
Silver Crown Silver Crown Awarded for getting 15 facebook shares/likes on posted questions 61
Gold Crown Gold Crown Awarded for getting 25 facebook shares/likes on posted questions 162
Male Male Users identified as a guy 27,827
Female Female Users identified as a girl 16,542