Story Time Losers by onex

STORY TIME LOSERS: the year is 2039, on the deselate wastelands of mars, youre running, you dont know where to, just somewhere, to get away from them, that's when you hear them behind you, screaming "STOP!" "MURDERER" "THEIF". but you refuse. they cant catch you. if they did, who knows what they might do to you. with what youve done, there isnt any guarantees. all you know amymore is that you need to run. thats when you hear lasers flying by your head. but lucky for you, youre coming up on some very rocky terrain. you could lose them here, or you can sit down and stay quiet. (By onex MaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper StarDiamond 2 years ago)

STORY TIME LOSERS: you decide that they will just find you if you hide. so you continue to run away and try to lose them. after a couple minutes, you dont hear them amymore. you assume that you've lost them. thats when you feel a searing pain in your ankle. one of the lasers hit you. but you dont care. you need to get out of here. you continue running. you hear your ankle crunching below you. but youre too slow. you feel a blunt blow to the back and you fall to the ground. next thing you know youre eating dust and trying not to choke. one of the people picks you up and puts a coil around your wrists. "youre under arrest, come with us" you failed. damn it you failed. NO. they got you. you try to fight theur hold but its useless. they hit you everytime you try to fight. by the time you get to the capital building, youre nose and mouth are bleeding everywhere. when you get inside, a man woth a german accent takes a hold of you. "I hope zey hang you" you shiver at the mans voice. he locks you in cell in an off room. its dark, wet and cold. you can barely see. after about an hour, another guard comes in, "your trials tomorrow, you worthless piece of s***". you stay silent. "well answer me you idiot" hmm... what to say. im not sure. (By onex MaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper StarDiamond 2 years ago)

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onex says Sorry I made it so quickly, but I already knew what would have won. You would have been caught either way.

STORY TIME LOSERS: youre done with this bumbling idiot. hes getting on your nerves. "dont ask me, im not on trial yet" you say in the most snobby voice possible. he unlocks your cell "im done woth your shit" he steps in, and grabs you by the shoulder. "you need to learn some respect". you spit in his face "what? are you crazy? respect you, a big bumbling oaf". he slams you against the wall. "you disrespectful little shit". he punches you hard in the face. blood starts heavily flowing from your nose. "the only reason i dont kill you now is i want it to be public" he leaves laughing. "well f*** you too" you shout towards him from your cell. (the next day) "wakey wakey" a new guard stands at the bars of your cell. "time for your trial" he trudge slowly towards the court. when you get there, you see the stands around the room filled to the edge, with humans and aliens alike. you get to your spot, and thats when the judge enters the room. he says in a booming voice "you have been brought here for many distasteful things, haenus crimes, evil things. specifically the murder of four different people, the robbery of two banks, the vandalism of 8 houses, destruction of a lot of property and the assault of many people, too many to be named. do you pleed guilty, or innocent?" (By onex MaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper StarDiamond 2 years ago)

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STORY TIME LOSERS: you decide that maybe you can get the jury to believe youre innocent. in a loud voice you say, "judge, i plead innocent" and just then a man walks in the door, hes tall and slim, white with blonde hair he has sleeked back. hes wearing a very neat, grey suit. thats when he stops and says proudly, "you are wrong, we have lots of evidence against you" you think to yourself, who is this guy, thats when your subconscious is answered. "i am Bob Smith, highly trained lawyer"...blah balah blah...court stuff...evidence...objection...more court stuff...yelling...finger pointing... and jury decision. after hours of sitting in court, you look over at the jury worried. that Bob Smith guy really knows his stuff. after some discussion amongst the jury, one of the members stamds up and in a boomig voice, she says "we find the defendant guilty of said crimes, and should be punished by public hanging" the crowd gets really loud from cheering and yelling. not death. anything but death. thats when the judge speaks up "not death" you give a sigh of relief "banishment" what? "you will be banjshed to earth, where we will give you nothing, and you can never come back" almost anything. (By onex MaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper StarDiamond 2 years ago)

STORY TIME LOSERS: you decide being banished earth isnt so bad. its only been ten years since most of humanity left, it cant be too bad. and with only about half a billion people left (last known, nobody knows what it is since we left) it wont be too crowded. and no government control. complete anarchy. sounds fun. the judge says you have two days to pack everything you want to take. he also tells you there will be police stationed outside your house the entire time, you will not be allowed to leave. you get home, but youre not sure what to pack. so you pack just about everything. you pack 3 knives, an M-16, a hunting rifle, and a small pistol, some first aid stuff, 5 bottles of pain killers, 2 bottles of vodka, toiletries, a box of matches, bedding, a lot of food, clothes, some light explosives, and water. you look at your bags and think to yourself "how the hell did i get all this in three bags?". after two days of waiting, you go to the port, in handcuffs (you werent even allowed to go to the bathroom), you get asked one last question before youre sent off. what "city" do you want to be dropped off in?" (By onex MaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper StarDiamond 2 years ago)