The War of RRRather by SatanLordofLies666

So, it seems that the guest users and the account users are about ready to go to war. I'm making it official. SuperAwesomeFunMan is general of the Account army, and guest from Nevada is general of the guest army. Pick which side you want to join. (By SatanLordofLies666 MaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper StarDiamond 1 year ago)

SatanLordofLies666 says If you don't understand what the hell I'm going on about, an increasing number of guests are p*ssing off the user SuperAwesomeFunMan (SAFM), starting with the guest from Nevada, a good bit of users are backing up SAFM, while the guests appear to be rallying together in numbers. Thus, this "question."

The first battle takes place along the Whowouldyouratherbang River. The account users are storming across the river on horseback, while the guests are defending from the other side of the river shooting arrows. Vote for which side would win, and if the previously mentioned generals see this, comment what your strategy would be. (By SatanLordofLies666 MaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper StarDiamond 1 year ago)

SatanLordofLies666 says Btw, anyone with tips for future questions in this series feel free to help, my writing skills are less then superb.

It is high noon. Having been defeated at the river, the guests have retreated to Fort Commentthread in order to rally their forces. Unfortunately for them, the Account army has set up catapults to tear down the fort. The guests must break through the foot-soldiers guarding the catapults, who are led be Lieutenant Usmanc, and torch said catapults before they are all killed. They have superior numbers over the soldiers and are nearly assured victory, but they must achieve it within an hour, or the fort will be destroyed and they will all perish. Should they succeed, however, the Account army will be temporarily setback and the guests will be able to push the offensive. Do you believe they will succeed? (By SatanLordofLies666 MaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper StarDiamond 1 year ago)

SatanLordofLies666 says I should make it clear you shouldn't vote based on whether you think they should win, but rather whether you think the odds are in their favor of winning. Be fair with how you vote, there's no point of one side wins without any trouble.

The battle is over; the guests have failed to destroy the catapults, and the Fort is soon to be destroyed. Knowing they will soon perish, the guest mages inside the fort summon up their energy and launch the spell Politicalis Argumentus, a powerful spell which causes flames to fall from the sky. The account army must retreat, but they have little time. Should they: (By SatanLordofLies666 MaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper StarDiamond 1 year ago)

SatanLordofLies666 says I know the pictures aren't the best fit, but it's really hard to find ones for these questions. Also, next question will probably be the final battle, so the account army will be affected based on the voting for this question.

The final battle is at hand, the Account and Guest army's gather at the bottom of Grossquestion Gorge. Having chosen to keep his army's equipment, General SuperAwesome has enlisted the help of his partially insane Warlock, ilovefreedom, to enchant his army's weapons and armor with increased strength. General Nevada of the Guest army has convinced a number of peasants to join, increasing his army size significantly, though they are poorly equipped. The Account army has ten groups of 100 soldiers, while the Guest army has ten groups of 1000 soldiers. Now, rather than vote over which army should win, anyone who’s commented previously gets to be commander of one of the army groups for whichever side their on, and gets to comment their strategy for winning the battle. Since responses from those on the Guest side have been fairly low, I will comment their strategies if necessary. That said, there won’t be any unfairness when deciding the winner. Oh, and anyone wishing to defect to an opposing side may do so once at the start of the battle. (By SatanLordofLies666 MaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper StarDiamond 1 year ago)