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(Ablew city: 1)Your name is Jogen, you just moved into Ablew city, a city where everything works differently, because some cavemen hundreds of years ago heard of this cool new idea called "civilization". Eventually this cultural anomaly of a city became so big that the government just rolled with it and not much changed, other that they now have more advanced technology and are official citizens. You are starting with your first day at a new job as a scientist, where they hire people in bulks or "teams" and have them all work on the same project. A new dillema arises however, how will you travel to your new workplace? (By Nintara FemaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper Star 11 months ago)

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(Ablew city: 2)Jogen comes over to the bikeholepaths and puts his motorbike in the path of the corresponding wheel size. He then proceeds to take off and takes the shortcut through the bridge, which connects two of the many hills above one of the many valleys. The bridge has a really nice greeting for those who cross it, a stunning view of a yellow sunrise illuminating the clouds and buildings below. You also hear the valleys addition to this beautiful atmosphere, the chanting moralebuses, the soft wind, the doors opening to dozens of people going to work just like you. But one sound seems a bit off, that sound is the sudden "STOOOOOP!" that he can hear in front of him, but alas, its too late and he crashes into a musclebike, launching him off the bridge and into his doom. (By Nintara FemaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper Star 11 months ago)

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(Ablew city: 2.1)As Jogen falls to his death, tears swell up, thoughts like "i cant die now" and "I only just got here" start forming by the hundreds within a few seconds of his fall, however those seconds seem to extend into minutes, a lot of minutes, before he finally lands into the busy streets below. However, through sheer willpower to stay alive, he can feel an energy flowing through his veins, through his bones, through his organs, through everything he has, he wont die. When he wakes up, he finds himself surrounded by police tape and several figures, some of these figures dont feel natural though. A woman wearing some super-stylized uniform notices his conciousness and comes over to him, an abnormal figure besides her, whatever it is, it isnt human. "Excuse me sir, can you see it?" The figure waves its hand in front of your face to signal for your attention (By Nintara FemaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper Star 11 months ago)

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(Ablew city: 2.2)The figure becomes more clear now, you can see that its muscluar and faceless, yet soft and pastel, its eyes are replaced by four pink circles on its green face and body, with a variety of pink crosses of all kinds scattered across its body, its wearing a medical helmet. The woman starts talking again "I can tell from your lab coat that youre working for the local research centre, but youll need to come with me, i will explain it to your boss later, for now you need to come with me" she shows you her badge of sorts, then you get in a van. "This entity that you see before you is called a stand, theyre the physical manifestation of their users mind" she tells you "I work for an organization whose goal it is to register stand users, teach them how to utilize their stand and make sure they dont use it to commit crimes and since you can see it, that means you are now a stand user" she places a pen on a table in front of you "concentrate with all your brainpower on this pencil" Jogen does as hes told and suddenly his stand comes out, but what is his stand? (By Nintara FemaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper Star 11 months ago)

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(Ablew city: 2.3)So thats Jogens(your) stand, |Virtual insanity|, without a doubt a utility-based one, with the power to change the basic movement of anything as if it was a videogame. The woman introduces herself to you as Cannella Dolce, makes you sign a few papers and sets you up for a stand user social network, she also tells you the name of her stand, |Intensive care unit|. Jogen waves a quick goodbye to go to work, but just as he steps out, he realizes that he doesnt have a single scratch, what should he do? (By Nintara FemaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper Star 11 months ago)

Nintara says in case you missed the rest of the series: // STAND NAME: Virtual insanity STAND USER: Jogen, a newbie scientist who likes videogames ABILITY: can focus on anything to make it move and/or change direction with its buttons APPEARANCE: a PSP STATS: destructive power: E | speed: E | range: infinite | durability: D | precision: A | development potential: A

(Ablew city: 3) Jogen figures his lack of wounds is probably caused by |Intensive care unit| and picks up his motorcycle to go back to work, however hes running way late and hes only halfway there, so he uses his stand, |Virtual insanity|, to make his motorbike go faster than normal, when he arrives he finds who appears to be his boss yelling at a group of people, he looks old with a skull-like face, along with a gigner goatee accompanied by messy hair, which has a receding hairline and goes down to his buttoned bussiness shirt with around five ties with patterns ranging from psychedelic to satanic. He looks over at you "Ah, there you are, i got the email from Cannella about your accident, these people are your coworkers, the young one who smells of weed is Daggy, the old one is Rasta and the tiny manthot is Boiell. Now there is no time for introductions so get to work." He hands you a paper containing all the info about your project and storms off. You procceed to work until its lunch break, Daggy and Rasta seem to be talking about school, while Boiell runs off somewhere with a few older, bigger coworkers. What about Jogen? (By Nintara FemaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper Star 11 months ago)

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