Stairwell by NealCaffrey

You wake up on the concrete of a new york sidewalk. You sit up and see that you have no shirt on, and no shoes on. Everybody that walks by does not seem to notice you laying there on the ground. You stand up and you notice that there are two stairwells. Through one, you can see a bright light. Through the other one, it is pitch black. You check around the rest of the area for a way out of there. Apparently, the two stairwells are the only way out of that area. You ponder and you think. What stairwell should you take? (By NealCaffrey MaleGold MedalBronze TrophySuper Star 4 years ago)

NealCaffrey says Once you go down one set of stairs, you cannot come back up. Choose wisely.

Stairwell #2 You decide to take the bright stairwell. As you begin walking down, you hear a loud SLAM! behind you. You turn round and see a big brick wall. You realize that you cannot get back out. You start towards the bright light. Gradually, you start to hear sounds. Over time you start to hear the sounds clearer and clearer. They sound like cars. You continue to walk. What really is minutes, feel like hours. You take a breath, and you close your eyes for a second. However, that second turns into minutes. When you open your eyes, you are on a street. You blink again, and you can see a bright light. It is getting closer and closer and closer. You jump out of the way, into another lane with another set of cars driving at high speed towards you. You dodge roll onto a sidewalk and stand up. However, you notice that you are surrounded. 10 guys around you with guns and knives. There is no way out. It seems that this is the end. You close your eyes in fright awaiting your death. However after a few seconds elapse, you open your eyes to find all of the men on the ground dead. Behind you a girl stands and introduces herself. "Hi, My name is Alexis. You are here to save us right?" She says. "Ummm... I...I..." You stutter. "Say no more, just come with me, you must meet the headmaster. You stare at Alexis. Do you... (By NealCaffrey MaleGold MedalBronze TrophySuper Star 4 years ago)

Stairwell #3: You decide that since this woman is the only woman whom you have met so far that has not tried to kill you. "Smart choice." She says. "What did you say your name was again?" you ask. "Alexis." She replies. "And you?" She continues. "Alex." You reply. Alexis simply nods her head. From that moment on you and her walk in silence. After a while, it seems like the two of you have been walking for hours. However, before you ask where you exactly are going Alexis stops. She motions for you not to move. Then in the far distance you see 3 maybe 4 men... er wait...WOmen walking towards you. You think that they are friends with Alexis, but then you see her take out a knife. She hands you a knife also. Do you... (By NealCaffrey MaleGold MedalBronze TrophySuper Star 4 years ago)

NealCaffrey says Notice that for the name I used Alex, that is a girl and boy name.

Stairwell #4: "What will she think of me if I chicken out and dont fight?" You think to your self. You grab the knife abd instantly start trying to figure out what to do with it. Suddenly you see a small lady runnig towards you. She is a very beautiful lady with blonde hair. However she is bviously dangerous. She comes at you with a swrd, and then your instincts kick in. You take the knife in your hand and shoot it towards her hand. Then you punch her multiple times in her stomach, and then do a swirling kick knocking the ladyback a few feet. "So it is true." the lady says. "Don't trust anyo-" she starts. You look around and see all of the other women laying on the ground. You and Alexis continue walking until you come to a Castle. What that lady said to you is still rattling in your brain. "Here we are." Alexis says. As you motion towards the door, you hear a sound of a gun clicking inside. You stop. Is this what the lady was talking about? You look at Alexis and... (By NealCaffrey MaleGold MedalBronze TrophySuper Star 4 years ago)

Stairwell #5: You stop. You look at Alexis. She stops walking and turns around and looks at you. "Is something wrong?" she asks. "No, its just that -" you start. Then you tell her what the lady said. "She was just messing with me right?" you ask. Without answer, you see Alexis hurling her fist towards your face. "I'm sorry." "Ahhhhhh!!" you scream. You look around and you see white everywhere. Your clothes, the bed, the walls, even your skin looks white as paper. Suddenly you see someone walk in. It takes a while, but you realize that it is Alexis. You jump up. "You! You punched me in the face!" you scream. "That lady was right!" you continue. "No, you don't understand." Alexis says. "No I understand plenty!" You reply. "Please just let me explain." she says. You look at her. After at least 10 seconds you (By NealCaffrey MaleGold MedalBronze TrophySuper Star 4 years ago)