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NASA confirms that a powerful unstoppable meteorite is coming and will destroy the entire Earth in one years time. A secret organisation is planning to immediately vacate the Earth and have chosen you as one of the lucky few to jump on board their spaceship. Do you accept the offer? (By Aussie_Josh MaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper StarDiamondBronze Crown 5 years ago)

This question seems to be asked a lot so I figured why the heck not. Anyways, as an afterlife, would you rather (By DarkSith66 MaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper StarDiamond 3 years ago)

DarkSith66 says for A people will spawn in a random location on a 32 mill M x 32 mill M map for both. The sky dimension is in the sky with a few islands and you can fly. There are also animals. Basically, it's like the garden of eden in the sky. The limbo (in picture A) however has you teleported on a random location 700 meters in the air then you fall to the ground and survive (there is no fall damage). There are also thin, rectangular entities with sauron eyes which teleport you 700 meters up if you stay still too long. There will be other people but they will be far apart from each other. you can starve to death but there is no food other than each other. At the bottom there are lakes filled with a grayish-black liquid where really evil people are kept. For both of the afterlives, 8 million meters from the center, there is a massive wall with holes encircling it. In 4 places, there is a stack of 5 layers with the bottom 2 being filled with liquid (water in the sky land and that gray substance in the limbo). In the center of the sky dimension, there is an island which is the size of the united states where the purest of heart live. For the limbo however, it's a city 10,000 meters out from the center. On the outskirts, there is a 50 M high wall 10 M thick. Behind the wall, there are many tents with an occasional orthanic tower with a barad dur top. As it gets closer, it looks more like a city but with mordor architecture. In the very center, there is a mile high tower which looks like barad dur (the eye of sauron tower) but has an orthanic top with a beam of light shooting out. The devil and the demons live in the mile high tower, the satanists live in the mordor skyscrapers, and the orcs live in the tents and small towers.

Would you rather (By DarkSith66 MaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper StarDiamond 3 years ago)

DarkSith66 says Sad satan is a horror game on the deep web. You'll be hearing screams and for the end part with the small space, the walls will ever so slowly close in and it'll close after an hour. For B, in the 1st year, nothing will happen. In the 2nd year, clouds will become solid (that doesn't mean they can't rain liquid though) and the Earth will be cooler. In the 3rd year, the Earth will recieve less sunlight to a point where some plants are dying. In the 4th year, the atmosphere will be almost like a mirror causing the sky to go green and by this point, most plants have died out; from this point, oxygen will be produced by bacteria. Also, the clouds are gaseous again but they're dark brown. In the 5th year, the sky will turn yellow, the clouds will dissapear there will be hands which come out of the water and grab unfortunate passersby. Also, the animals which survived the previous year will mutate and become hostile towards humans. In the 6th year, the sky is orange, there are more sinkholes, and the mutated animals are 50% faster. In the 7th year, the sky will be red, rock monsters will appear, and the mutated animlas will go up another 50%. In the 8th year, the sky will become purple at day, black at night, there will be eyes which look at passersby, there will be plants again but they're all curly and twisted, and it will stay like this forever, twisted and evil. Similar question: