Over my 2 or 3 years on RRRather I have enjoyed my time, being told I make good questions, giving and getting insightful comments, and "getting to know" so many of you as you come and go. Getting my diamond badge and being told I am one of the most underrated users had confirmed my place in this great little community AlexW created. But unfortunately in the past few weeks, seeing so many vets leave, watching annoying users making the worst questions, and so many hateful comments I have gotten much less excited over it. I'm not as motivated to make questions as I used to, I (without thinking) stay offline for days, and I skip or skim over tons of questions due to them not being very interesting...so I've decided that if my mood towards this doesn't change by the end of the summer, I'm going to leave RRRather No JackW, not you too, don't go, it will get better or You should just leave now

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