You wake up in a mental hospital. You can only remember some facts about yourself - your name, age, address, etc. A doctor explains to you that you violently attacked a random person on a street and were hospitalized because of that. You're visited by a couple who claim to be your parents, however, you're sure you've never met these people before. The doctor tells you that you're mentally unstable which is the reason why you don't recognize anyone and can't remember what you did before the hospitalization. You're sure you're completely sane and there's no need for you to be in this institution. What would you do? Believe the doctors and take the medicine they give you. If you're in a mental hospital, there must be something wrong and if you think you're ok, it's because your sanity is damaged. or Not believe the doctors, not take the medicine and try to escape. You know better if you're sane or not.

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