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Which combiner wars transformers G1 would you rather be (By cashmoney Bronze MedalGold Trophy 2 years ago)

Would you rather choose (By iridescentinheaven  2 years ago)

Would you rather (By Sanara Gold MedalGold TrophySuper Star 2 years ago)

Sanara says You could choose to be any of the characters, but only choose once (sorry couldn't think up a better picture for option1...)

North American Country Tornement R1 PT2 (By Enzwarrior123 MaleGold MedalBronze TrophyBlue Star 2 years ago)

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Which comeback post-it is funnier? (By The_Owl MaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper Star 2 years ago)

The_Owl says Note: Dupe decks (not for moronic people) were big in the 80s and were used to duplicate audio cassette tapes. In the 90s, they duplicated DVDs.