Would you rather have abortion  By rachelm FemaleSilver MedalSilver TrophySuper Star  

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    Forget about religion and all that bullsh*t. Imagine a little human being inside of you, you are FUC KING KILLING IT! Biatch.
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    When you do abortion the baby is not alive he dosent feel the pain.... For all girls who say no to abortion i hopw you get rape and be stuck with the baby. For all boys who say no o hope you girlfriend get rape and you get stuck with the baby.
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    guest from Virginia, United States
    I wouldn't be able to have an abortion and be okay with myself, but people should be able to make their own choice.
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    being pro choice doesn't mean you're for abortion. it means you're not going to stick your nose into other people's business
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    guest from Oregon, United States
    What about women that get raped? They have to live with that? You sick pigs.
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    guest from Ankara, Turkey
    Just let people decide what is good for them. Shall we?