Would you rather give up (By jomarc FemaleSite Owner's Wife 8 years ago)

If you were in Ms.Sirois class, would you rather? (By Ownageokay FemaleBronze MedalBronze TrophySilver Crown 7 years ago)

Would you rather (By josephv MaleBronze Crown 7 years ago)

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    6 years ago
    ico +527
    guest from New Jersey, United States
    too much porn on my computer
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    6 years ago
    ico +408
    Shinigami MaleGold MedalSilver TrophySuper Star from Florida, United States
    Never use my phone. Probably wouldn't notice for days.
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    3 years ago
    ico +106
    guest from Massachusetts, United States
    I don't have a computer. Or a phone because someone stole it from my jacket at school(I haven't seen it scince February) or a tablet because my 3 year old brother smashed it into peices when he knows better, and he is turning 4 this wed.

Would you rather give up the computer or lose your friends? (By Radix Bronze TrophyGold Crown 6 years ago)

695,481 votes

Which webcam would you rather use? (By ROCKS96621 MaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper StarDiamondGold Crown 6 years ago)

ROCKS96621 says I have a option A! :P

Would you rather (By guest from the United States  6 years ago)

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    3 years ago
    ico +13
    guest from California, United States
    Already do
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    2 years ago
    ico +2
    bloempot MaleSilver Medal from Limburg, Netherlands
    me to
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    4 years ago
    ico +12
    guest from New Jersey, United States
    people who said spend your life on the computer have no life and are probaley video game nerds. just saying

Would you rather? (By guest from the United States  7 years ago)