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    guest from North Carolina, United States
    That just means he's happy :)
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    guest from Texas, United States
    Being gay never hurt anyone.
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    guest from Wisconsin, United States
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    guest from Utah, United States
    im a girl so if no girls are attracted im fine wit it
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    guest from Maryland, United States
    i'm a girl... so i'm chill with this
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    guest from Ontario, Canada
    Im gay sooo.......
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    11 months ago
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    guest from South Carolina, United States
    Neither of these things bother me at all I'm confused... And this makes me sad
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    guest from Western Australia, Australia
    Both is completely fine, wish i could pick both tbh
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    1 year ago
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    guest from Arkansas, United States
    i don'tcare as long as there happy

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    guest from Connecticut, United States
    I'm utterly disappointed at how ignorant some people can be. I am a Jew and we believe that God loves ALL his children, no matter who they choose to love. Gay people should have the EXACT same rights as straight people. For all of you Christians out there, just take a moment to stop and think, what if you were gay? Would your mind be changed then? I suppose it would, meaning your perception of gay people is completely selfish. Just tell me this, does it make sense to you that a kind, considerate man can go into a restaurant with another man as his date, and not get served, and then God will damn them both to hell later when they die? Of course it doesn't because it's insanely and inexplicably wrong. Utah is a total disgrace to the country and I know there are people there who are pro gay rights, but most aren't. EVERYONE deserves to love who they choose, no matter if that person is the same gender or not. Like I said before, God loves ALL his children and it is extremely despicable to discriminate against people who are different than you are. It is no different than segregation. I support gay people FULLY and cannot even begin to understand how people possibly think otherwise. It boggles my mind. To me, that is what I would call a real sin.
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    guest from Arizona, United States
    its their choice, so let the gays and lesbians of the world marry if god didnt want em they wouldnt exist
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    guest from Texas, United States
    This is my OPINION didn't hate on me I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. While I also believe God loves all of his children the same and beliefs are mine and you can't change them and I know that some of you will say that I'm a monster for saying these things but even though society has changed their position God hasn't.

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