Who/what created the world?  By jomarc FemaleSite Owner's Wife  

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    guest from Iowa, United States
    we already live in a world with feuding religions so i'd like to see one with out that
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    guest from Ontario, Canada
    So the world right now, or a better world...
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    Well, in some parts of the world religion isn't the cause of the wars and attacks and stuff. But it would be nice if there were less wars.

On the first date which would you rather discuss?  By wuzzup969 FemaleGold MedalSilver TrophySuper StarDiamondGold Crown  

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    guest from Tennessee, United States
    Id make bets, such as "I bet you 1000 dollars I can jump off that building and live "
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    I actually did not think it'd turn out this way. I can think of so many more uses for quicksaving, you can relive and retry any choice you made. That seems much more useful to me than invulnerability. How often in life are you in a life threatening situation? Now how often do you think retrying something would benefit you. Including picking lottery numbers again, trying to talk to your crush, writing a test again already knowing the answers. Even if you get wounded - as long as you stay conscious you can reload and avoid the situation.
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    guest from Kansas, United States
    I just dont want to take an arrow to the knee..

Would you rather have a world with  By xxxleah8954 FemaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper StarGold Crown  

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    guest from California, United States
    If nobody feared going to hell, think of how much the crime rate would rise
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    guest from Illinois, United States
    I'm sorry but, if the only reason why you don't commit any crImes is because of a threat of hell....then i feel EXTREMELY sorry for you...so sad.
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    guest from California, United States
    ok im religious but.......... no ISIS no terrorists less racism less insults more WORLD PEACE

What was the origin of humans ?  By blue3dog Bronze Crown  

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    Nymeria FemaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper Star from Massachusetts, United States
    The bible was written by random idiot men! The only proof you have of your "god" is a freaking story book! And to everyone who's like, "Why aren't we monkeys, then?" it's because we EVOLVED into HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS.
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    guest from United States
    lmao...y'all are going to hell.
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    guest from Florida, United States
    religion because why arent minkeys evolving into humans now in zoos duhhh

Which fictional thing would you rather be real..  By shadowsora Silver MedalBronze TrophySuper StarGold Crown  

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Is there sufficient evidence to believe in a God?  By ZachKlever MaleGold MedalSilver TrophySuper Star  

Would you rather  By Ekzymore MaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper Star  2 months ago