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    guest from Tennessee, United States
    I was swag as hell as a 10 year old.
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    guest from Massachusetts, United States
    what if im 30...
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    guest from Ohio, United States
    I haven't turned ten yet I am nine, Boom.

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    guest from California, United States
    my dad's kind of an ass. but i'd be happy with either choice, as long as they loved me.
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    guest from North Carolina, United States
    Nether this implies a gay/lesbian marriage. Wich is wrong and un-natral.
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    coryg MaleSilver MedalSuper Star from United States
    if you have 2 moms and you were adopted could you have a legal 3 way?
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    guest from Nova Scotia, Canada
    I'm just hungry
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    guest from Saint Andrew, Jamaica
    ima girl
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    guest from Iasi, Romania
    who the f would want to be circumcised

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shady says The sign in the second picture means "Live Long and Prosper", lets pretend it just means live long. You're not going to prosper unless you get off your ass and work.
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    guest from New Brunswick, Canada
    if you won the lottery you would become selfish and rude but if you live twice as long you could make more money and love longer you could just get a new gf or bf if you agree like this comment
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    guest from Texas, United States
    All my loved ones would be gone if I lived twice as long.
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    guest from Provincie Zeeland, Netherlands
    youre best friend dies what you gonna tho then
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    guest from Minnesota, United States
    What if the guy who knows when someone is lying meets the guy who always gets away with it? PARADOX
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    guest from Maryland, United States
    I love that Romney is pictured as the liar. It's totally true!
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    guest from Washington, United States
    this site is obviously for obama-loving liberals

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shady says Telepathy is the ability to read and/or control peoples' minds. Psychokinesis is the ability to move/change objects and surroundings with your mind.

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    guest from Staffordshire, United Kingdom
    Like if u picked the same one as me
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    guest from Illinois, United States
    I'd be nervous as hell to sing in front of a crowd that couldn't fit in my shower.
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    guest Super Star from Nebraska, United States
    nude everyone would think im hot