What would you rather take on a desert island? (By verenal FemaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper StarDiamond 6 years ago)

Who would win in a fight? (By ChronicRose FemaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper StarDiamondGold Crown 6 years ago)

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    3 months ago
    flashrex MaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper Star from Illinois, United States
    The Thing because The Hulk would see him and think he's a human chicken nuget and just stare in awe at how marvelous and scruptious he'd look, while The Thing fires a laser blast at Hulk, even though The Thing doesn't fire laser blasts. Wished he did. This comment is pretty long. I'm gonna stop now.
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    8 months ago
    ico +1
    guest from Delaware, United States
    Thing would be harder to defeat
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    1 year ago
    ico +1
    guest from California, United States
    People The Thing is made of unbreakable rock he would obviously win

Is soda good to drink with? (By Datechmaster MaleSilver MedalGold TrophySuper StarBronze Crown 5 years ago)

Datechmaster says Dispute between my friend and I. I like to drink it with pretty much anything, and my friend likes it only with certain foods.