Which do you prefer?  By guest from the United States  

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guest from the United States says HERE ARE SOME PARODY VIDEOS: Harlem Shake Video: Gangam Style Video: I think Harlem Shake is the new parody for 2013.
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    guest from Montana, United States
    I love it how people hate on songs just because they're popular. This guy is hilarious, he made a video of himself singing on a toilet, but the moment a bunch of people know about him, suddenly he is annoying and awful. You only hate him because his song became famous. It's not like he's justing bieber or something. He is a f***ing hilarious, middle-aged, chubby Asian. You only dislike him because too many people LIKED him. Don't hate something just because it's mainstream. If it is awesome, just let it be awesome.
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    guest from Indiana, United States
    Neither! Today's music sucks, especially when you compare it to classic rock and classic country. This is surprisingly coming from a 14 year old boy.
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    guest from Georgia, United States
    Neither. they both suck, but considering I had to choose-

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William-Mark says Im back from the dead.Oh and also Flamingo....LAUGH NOW.

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